Happy Halloween!

Even though I’ve never celebrated Halloween I thought I should contribute with a little story I just made up.

His father had finally died, well he had to help him fall down the stairs three times before the old fart finally broke his neck. He had planned it so well, he had persuaded his father to give the staff the evening off, something he wasn’t too happy about and then he had filled him with liquor. He didn’t need much, he was so cheap that he never bought anything for himself, just for visitors. He had hated his father for as long as he could remember, everything was to expensive or he just didn’t need it was his standard answer. The old bugger was rich as a troll with lots of forest he could cut down to make some more money. But oh no! One must have respect for nature and all its creatures he said and he could forget hunting too, just enough for them to last the year. The superstitious fool always talked about the beings living in the forest and the bog. He was a fool and nothing else.




But he hadn’t counted on that one of the servants had stayed at home and he had seen it all. So what to do? He had brought him out to the bog, saying that he now would be his personal servant with a big raise. The dimwitted fool had believed him and when they finally arrived at the big swamp he simply hit him in the head and drowned him. So easy. Naturally rumors had started and he told the police that the servant perhaps was guilty of his father’s death and that he had run away? The police had been suspicious about all the injuries his stupid father had after just one fall down the stairs and was happy to get an explanation.


The first thing he did after his father had been buried was to cut down almost the entire forest ad he had also hunted down every single animal he could find. Tonight he was out celebrating because the money for the logs had finally arrived. It wasn’t much of a celebration since most people avoided him, even though the police had excepted his explanation about the servant people in the neighbourhood didn’t. So he sat mostly by himself only accompanied by the village drunk. A village drunk accepts anyone that gib´ves away free booze. Finally he decided to walk home again and the full moon was on its way up on the night sky. The air was chilly and he wrapped his coat tightly around him. That was when he saw the beautiful woman on the other side of the road.



_Hello dear Lady, he shouted to her. May I invite You to mu humble mansion for a late nights supper?

She only answered with a sort of giggle and showed him to follow her. He thought she was just teasing him and a hunt, no matter what ever it was, always was a fun thing. He crossed the road and followed her. Every time he thought he had caught up with her she still was some distance ahead of him. He followed her over fields and in to the forest that still stood.

– My dear Lady, where do You bring me he asked when he came close enough. But she only giggled and kept on luring him deeper and deeper in to the forest. He wondered if it was she who lived in the cottage by the bog on the neighboring estate. It was something about her that forced him to follow. Suddenly he found himself standing somewhere on the bog. He couldn’t see her but the giggle came from all directions.

– Damn You woman! He shouted Where are You?



Then he saw the lantern some distance away, He tried to follow but his feet just sank down in to the mud and the more he struggled the worse he sank. He reached for a small bush and managed to drag himself up on firmer ground. He still saw that lantern but now the giggle came from his left. What was going on he thought. Suddenly he remembered something his father had told him when he was young. “Never follow the lantern, the Lantern man will just try to drown You if You do!” He tried to go back the way he came but something very big came running towards him when he tried. It smelled like rotten flesh and he thought he had seen a tail?! What had his father told him about big creatures with tails? Trolls he said are big, smelly and have tails keep away from them.



He ran as fast as the bog let him too, at the same time he tried to get away he still followed that tempting giggle. Every time he tried to flee something stopped him. He could hear growling and hissing and things tried to grab his feet. Suddenly he realised where he was, this was the place he had killed that stupid servant. He stopped for a while and suddenly something rose from the swamp. Big parts had rotten and fallen of but he could still recognize the man. He tried to run but his legs just didn’t want to obey him. The walking corpse came closer and closer and he could hear the wheezing breaths from somewhere on the chest. He screamed and finally his legs did what they were supposed to and he ran like mad. The only thing going on in his mind was the thought of getting away from all this.




Suddenly he saw a small ruin and thought it might be a good place to hide at. He stopped when he realized it was the place the old executioner had lived. He had been the most evil man ever living and used to laugh when he missed with the ax and the poor prisoner screamed of pain. He could hear something moving around in the old ruin and the sound of an ax being sharpened. Suddenly an insane laughter roared out of the ruin and he thought he could see how the ax glistened in the cold moonlight. He started to run again in to the forest. Had the old man been right about the creatures in the bog? Suddenly he stopped again to see if he could recognise where he was. This was a strange place. The trees were old and it didn’t look as if something had happened there for centuries. But still, he could see lots of old rotten tree stumps. Then he saw it, the petrified tree stump that was called The wood-nymph’s judging table.




He looked around and got surprised, all the old trees were gone and only the tree stumps were still there and it looked like they came closer too. Slowly they started to turn around and lots of beautiful women surrounded him. He couldn’t move at all and realized that the smell of rotten flesh had returned. Something tied his hands behind his back and for the first time in his life he saw a troll, his knees buckled and he fell down. The women weren’t that beautiful any longer, they had claws instead og fingers and fangs bigger than anything he’ d ever seen. His mouth was dry and he couldn’t talk even if he tried.



One of the creatures that once were so beautiful came closer and started to talk.

– We know what You have done to Your father and Your servant. You have raped our forest and hunted our herds. Judgement day has come for You!

– What do You mean? he answered with a broken voice. I’ve never killed any cattle and the forest will grow up again. You can have half the money if You just let me go again. My father was insane not to use what he had and the servant was just too nosy!

– Your father showed us respect and never did anything without permission. He once helped one of us and in return he could bring what he needed from OUR forest. We know he told You this but You have always been arrogant and self-centered and never cared about anything but Yourself, she shouted. Your servant came back because we knew You were about to do something evil but unfortunately we couldn’t help him when You killed him. Judgement day has come for You!

Her claws came closer to his chest and slowly she dug her way in to his heart. He had never felt such pain before and started to scream.

– Please don’t kill me! You can have all the money and the mansion if You like!




– We have no intention to kill You, she said and we have no use of the things You call money. She started to laugh loudly and suddenly he saw her holding his heart in her claws. One of the other creatures walked to her with a golden box in her hands and she placed the heart in it and locked it.

He couldn’t understand that he didn’t fall down dead on the ground?! The wound in his chest healed itself slowly and he screamed from fear.

– Please let me go! I’ll leave this country an´d You’ll never see me again, I promise!




The creatures just looked at him, someone whistled and he could hear something running towards them. It stopped right behind him and he could feel the warm breath towards his neck. Suddenly the creature started to howl. Even though he now panicked he still could hear that it wasn’t a wolf. It sort of sounded human. He slowly turned around and even if he never had seen a werewolf before he still knew what he had in front of him.

– You will have Your heart back and die the day we decide You have paid Your penalty, the wood-nymph said. Until then You’re our slave. You’ll never walk amongst humans again.

The last thing the man saw before everything went black was the huge fangs coming towards his throat.

Even to this day one can hear a sorry howling if one walks to a ruin after a once beautiful mansion during full moon, but I wouldn’t recommend going there any time of the day.



Happy Halloween!


12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Hi Christer,
    Very good tale.
    I recognize that Bog Lady.
    Amazing how all those places that look so lovely in the sunlight can become creepy and foreboding in black and white.
    Great shot of the teeth. Whose were they?

    • Hi Caryn!

      I started to think about doing something like this when I waited for an hour in my car this morning, a lorry had slid down in to a ditch due to black ice and the trailer blocked the entire road. I had lots of fun writing this but I didn’t check how I spelled 🙂 🙂 🙂

      All these photographs were taken in sunlight and I wanted them to look as if it was the cold moonlight, I’ve never done this much on my photographs before 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Orvar allowed me to take some photographs of his teeth 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Jag hoppas den blev bra 🙂 Inte lätt när man måste skriva den på engelska 🙂

      Det var Orvar som tillät mig att fotografera hans tänder, de andra bara sprang iväg 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’m not so sure about that but I had fun writing it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yes it was Orvar that allowed me to take a photograph of his fangs 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Christer,
    I so loved the pictures in black and white. had I lived there, I would never have gone into the woods. I’d have walked miles around them if I had to!

    Great tale!!!

    • Hi Kat!

      I love walking around by the bog and in the forest after the sun has sunk behind the horizon but when there still is some light left. But I avoid the bog when it is dark 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Glad You liked it 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. That was a VERY good story! Perfect for Halloween.
    I love how you talked about the Forest, logging, the Bog and Hunting.
    and then your photos! Awesome.
    Thanks for this Halloween tale.
    Happy All Hallow’s Eve!
    🙂 – Cindi

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