A lazy day, rather perfect actually :-)

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Depending on what weather forecast maker one looks at its either snowing a lot here now or it won’t arrive until Wednesday 🙂 So far no snow so I hope it will wait until Wednesday or even later. They did predict that it would start already yesterday early morning but then they changed their minds and predicted it to come early this morning. Then they changed their minds once again and said it wouldn’t come at all so I’m pretty sure it will arrive sometime tonight 🙂 🙂 🙂


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This would have been a rather nice day if it hadn’t been for the bitterly cold wind. The sun has been shining rather much and it has been fairly warm, well not that awfully cold might be a better name for it 🙂 Doris and her daughter weren’t here this morning when we woke up but returned after we had come home after our morning walk. She had to fight with lots of small birds when she wanted the last of what I gave them yesterday 🙂 Believe me, birds can be nasty aggressive even if they had food of their own 🙂


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I’ve met my new neighbor! Well there might be more of them but I have spoken to a young woman. We didn’t say much but I said hi and told her who I am and where I live. Are You the one with the dogs she asked 🙂 she couldn’t see my dogs from where she stood. She had a somewhat strange accent when speaking, I can’t place it anywhere and she might even come from another country, perhaps Germany? Doesn’t matter, I’m glad that there’s someone living in that cottage again 🙂


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I’ve done nothing today except for taking a couple of walks with the dogs and I’ve been looking at ski biathlon too but that’s it. I couldn’t even decide what to have for dinner so I skipped it 🙂 But I really need something now and once again I couldn’t decide what to have. I was thinking about either pancakes or rice porridge. Pancakes demands my attention so I started making porridge instead. As long as it doesn’t boil and I stir it every now and again I really don’t have to care much about it 🙂 I’ll save some for breakfast tomorrow 🙂


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Either I’m getting a new cold or it might be the old one that never left me. My throat is hurting all the way up to my ear, when I cough it feels and sounds as if my lungs will break down in to pieces 🙂 I bought those multi vitamins since I couldn’t find pills with only vitamin D in them. The problem is that they contain lots of vitamin C as well and when I get too much vitamin C in my body my nose starts to bleed, so now my nose is dripping too 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now I’m not suffering especially much to be honest but it’s there and I’m tired of it now 🙂


DSC_0032 (532x800)This is the scarf I got from Joyce, very warm and nice. Perfect to have on our walks. I can’t write anything when posting the photograph?!


DSC_0056 (800x532)

DSC_0041 (800x532)


I’ve just fed the deers and poured sunflower seeds in the bird feeders. Doris walks around just outside my garden waiting for something. I don’t know what but it takes forever until she decides to jump in to get the food. Guess what? I just saw some tiny snow flakes 🙂


DSC_0046 (800x532)


Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “A lazy day, rather perfect actually :-)

  1. I was just trying to think how many winters I have followed you now. I think …three? Maybe this is the fourth..anyway..the winter months in Sweden is something I really look forward to. I must have lived in a tiny cottage out in the woods at sometime in a past life, because I never tire of looking at that little red cottage and the surrounding wooded area.
    Homes used to be so much smaller when I was a child.
    There is something to be said for living alone with your dogs. I did it for four years and realized that it becomes very addictive. You can do exactly what you want..clean if you want to clean, cook if you want to cook..no one to answer to and it’s really very nice. No one changes the TV channels on you either! 🙂
    Love the photo’s today..just plain gorgeous!! Flakes you say?? 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      I think this is the fourth one, You is one of the early ones to follow me 🙂

      I wish I looked forward to them as well 🙂 🙂 🙂 But It does look pretty here with our red cottages, forest and snow. A typical Christmas card look 🙂

      Homes have grown here too but more and more people want these small cottages, they are cheaper in every way, especially heating during winter.

      Yes I love living alone with my dogs and cats. I can do what ever I want when ever I want as long it has nothing to do with long distance traveling 🙂

      Just a few flakes and then it stopped, I do hope it will stay like that 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. hi christer! the pups look so cute in the snow! now you have another colorful scarf. not as loud as the last one though and i think this was is a lot softer. i love the candles in your window and the pics of doris! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Especially Sune looks extra cute 🙂 Funny how he came to look with his background 🙂

      The other scarf I got from You is a life saver. I have it with me in the car all winter, if something would happen I know there won’t be any risk that I will freeze 🙂 and as You say, the new one is much softer.

      Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful moon and sunset(sunrise?) photos, Christer! And I love the dogs romping in the snow!! I am happy Doris and her daughter have found a safe haven with you. The scarf Joyce made is great, lucky you! So funny how you talk about the weather people..they are the same all over. Imagine getting paid for being incompetent at your job!

    • Hi Robin!

      Sunrise 🙂

      That scarf is so warm and nice 🙂 Yes I am lucky. I’m spoiled and I like it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It’s strange that they all have the same problems predicting the weather, I can’t remember them being this wrong before!

      Have a great day!

  4. Hi Christer,
    Beautiful scarf. Does Joyce knit them herself?
    It was a do-nothing day here as well. Actually, I went with my youngest brother to visit my mother. That was good. Then my brother offered to pick up a few things at the grocery store seeing that I am still somewhat lame. 🙂
    Now I’m just on the couch, reading and watching tv. All in all a good day. 😀
    The weather was cool enough and not raining. There was even a bit of sun now and then.
    Lovely photos of the dogs and the does.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes she does knit them herself, how she gets the time to do it though I have no idea 🙂 She’s a busy lady.

      Sounds rather nice sitting on the couch watching tv 🙂 So Your foot is still that bad! I do hope it gets better soon!

      We too did get some sun and we only got those few flakes of snow 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Här hade det kommit massor av snö inatt och nu har det satt igång igen! Synd, för vi fick plogat på infarten och parkeringen i morse. 😦
    Härlig halsduk, den får du som går ut med doggisarna så ofta stor nytta av. Har en sån där jättestor också som jag med fick av en god vän, men har hitintills inte behövt använda den. Vi har haft fint väder och bara +-0 gradigt. Men nu har det tydligen slagit till ordentligt! Usch!! 😦 😦
    Är nya grannen rädd för hundar, eller….. !? Vore ju ett tragiskt öde att hamna bredvid någon med fyra stycken. Men när hon väl lärt känna dom så lär hon ju upptäcka hur snälla dom är.

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det är en riktigt skön halsduk och den följer med på varje promenad nu. Fick en riktigt lång av henne för något år sedan, den följer med i bilen hela tiden. Finmns absolut ingen risk att man fryser om man använder den 🙂

      Tror inte de är rädda för hundar, det var bara ett konstaterande från henne. Måste nog varna i alla fall att Orvar har en tendens till att vandra ned dit då och då 🙂

      Ha det gott!

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