Two weeks of vacation :-)

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The yule ham (3,6 kilo or 7,9 pounds) is on its first round in the electric oven, there’s a fire in the stove, Doris and her daughter are eating outside my cottage and Sune is sleeping close to the stove. We came home an hour ago and the fire stove isn’t warm enough yet, that’s why I’m using the electric one for a change. The surgery went well and even if the stitches are on the inside he still needs to wear the cone of shame poor thing.


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He doesn’t seem to care about the cone especially much but he gets a bit angry when he can clean himself up. The vet said that he can play as wildly as he normally does with Nova without risking the stitches to break. But after eating the only thing he wants to do is to sleep 🙂  The vet gave me four pain killing pills so I’ll give him one around 9 tonight or if he shows any signs of feeling pain.


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The vet station I go to is very laid back and totally stress free, well not if one is in a hurry, it always takes much longer time than one have expected 🙂 There’s no reception to go to, if one has an appointment they just call when it’s time. The vets and the rest of the personnel are always in a good mood and laughs a lot. If there’s an emergency case they’ll take that immediately and the rest of us will just have to wait 🙂  They also always remember my name when I go there. They are rather cheap as well and that doesn’t hurt 🙂


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It’s already smelling like ham in my kitchen but it will take around two hours before it’s done. After that I think I’ll put in lots of liver in the oven, I had to take out quite a lot to get place for the other things I’ve bought 🙂 It’s for the dogs, they love it when I mix in liver in their food 🙂 Well the cats doesn’t complain either 🙂 But first I’ll make a pot of tea and a couple of sandwiches and then I’ll see if there’s anything worth watching on tv. Two weeks vacation ahead and peace and tranquility descends upon the little cottage in the village at the outskirts of the world.


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Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Two weeks of vacation :-)

  1. I can smell your ham baking!! Wonderful!! Hope Sune makes a quick recovery so he is rid of that Cone. Enjoy the peace and quiet and all the celebration. Happy Holiday!! Big Winter storm heading our way tomorrow night…yikes maybe it IS the end of the world!!!

    • Hi Robin!

      It still smells of ham here in the kitchen even though it was yesterday I had it in the oven 🙂 Today I’ll toss it in again to grill it with a coating of mustard, egg and breadcrumbs 🙂

      I guess he must have the cone all the time for a week or so but after that I’ll let him walk around on our walks without it.

      They had predicted a snowstorm for yule but now it seems it will be a little bit more than a dusting 🙂 Yes today is the big day 🙂

      Have a great day!


  2. hi christer! your two weeks off sounds idyllic! poor sune, i hope he feels better soon. we have a snow storm on the way! perfect except my daughter has to drive through the mountains to come home for xmas so i might have to drive and meet her and drive the rest of the way if the storm gets too bad. hope you enjoy your ham! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I do hope it will be idyllic but I’ll be happy as long as it’s just calm 🙂

      He was anything but a happy camper yesterday, there’s a pad over the stitches that has to stay there until tomorrow night and he really hates it. It drove him slightly mad yesterday when he couldn’t remove it. He’s in a much better mood now though.

      Why do these storms always come during big holidays? I think it’s a good idea that You drive to meet her, I hate driving in snowstorms, that’s why I refuse to drive anywhere during yule.

      Have a great day!

  3. Inser att jag totalt missat varför stackars Sune har opererats:( Ibland när tiden inte riktigt räcker till blir det inte av att jag läser din blogg eftersom det tar lite längre tid att läsa på engelska SORRY;( Hoppas inte att det var/är något allvarligt. Låter underbart med skinkdoften! Hoppas att du och dina fyrbenta vänner får en härlig julledighet. Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Jo han har ju kastrerats igår, det var dags för han började gå Nova på nerverna och hon började redan bli riktigt hård mot honom, fast där emellan lekte det ju som tokiga 🙂

      Jag blir inte alls upprörd över att du inte läser här varje dag 🙂 Jag hinner själv inte med att läsa alla bloggar jag vill, man måste hoppa över en del och dessutom läser jag en del bloggar men sällan kommenterar i dem just för att det tar en väldans massa tid. Min svenska blogg skriver jag ju bara i på helgerna så där händer det ju inte så mycket heller 🙂

      Luktar fortfarande gott av skinka här i köket och idag skall den griljeras 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hi Christer,
    Mmm, ham in the oven. I bet it smells wonderful. I don’t like ham that much but I love how it smells when it’s cooking.
    Poor Sune, having to wear the Cone of Shame. Glad that everything went well at the vet and he seems to be dealing with it equitably. I wonder how long it will take for him to find out how much havoc he can create with the cone. 🙂
    The last photo is cool. It seems to be defying gravity. Should have broken off by now.
    The weather is grey and blah. I’m cooking chicken stock in the small crock pot. It will get reduced so that it gels nicely and I’ll put little cubes of it in Rocky’s dry food. He loves that. I call it Chicken Jello. 😀
    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      It does, even today the day after 🙂 I’ll put it in the oven one more time to grill it with a coating of mustard, eggs and breadcrumbs. No Christmas without a ham 🙂

      There’s a pad stitched on the stitches and he really wants to remove that so last evening was quite tough but it seems he has accepted that he can’t remove it. I’ll do that tomorrow evening and then life will get much nicer for him.

      Now snow left on that roof but it sure looked cool as long as it hanged there 🙂

      They do love some extra in the food 🙂 I’ll ground down the cooked liver later today so they’ll get some in the food every day this vacation 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer, we will be cooking a ham, but not until the New Year. This one was a holiday gift from the local auto place whee we have our Jeeps serviced…seems theybdonthisnfor all their loyal customers. It’s the second year we have received the ham. It will surely make the house smell wonderful on a wintry day, even if we don’t have as much snow as you. Enjoy the first weekend of your vacation. Glad to read that Sune is doing OK.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      What a nice thing to do! I don’t think I’ve heard anyone doing that here. Loyal costumers aren’t worth that much here I guess, it’s the new ones they give things here.

      I’m enjoying my vacation to the fullest 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Hmmm. We always tell clients to keep their dogs calm and restrict rough playing and running for a few days, more if it’s a female. But I guess they know.
    Enjoy your ham. I don’t eat Pork anymore. I’m sure you know why so I won’t drag out my soapbox.
    I mailed your Yule card yesterday, the day before the world ends just in case it didn’t and so here we are!
    I hope you receive it. I kept having images of the mailman opening the drop-off box and my cards blowing away in that awful wind of yesterday.
    Jeez, I really DO worry about everything.

    • Hi Cindi!

      No restrictions here 🙂

      🙂 I do eat pig but rather not cow. I pass them by all day and talks to them so …. 🙂

      Christmas cards has a tendency to vanish in to the air 🙂 But I’ve been lucky this year, it seems all cards I sent to the US has reached their addresses 🙂

      Have a great day!

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