One of those days when nothing happens.

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This has been one of those day when I’ve done almost nothing. We’ve walked our walks and we’ve napped our nap. The tv has been turned on most of the day but I haven’t watched anything to be honest.


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I have made pancakes though but that’s it. The day has been grey and dull and it has snowed on and off. I heard a moose running through the trees when we were out walking and the tracks were big so I guess it was an old bull. To bad I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it.


DSC_0012 (800x532)

The big tomb. I wonder if it is a chief buried there or if several have their last resting place in it.

The big tomb. I wonder if it is a chief buried there or if several have their last resting place in it.

There are several smaller tombs just beside it and by the looks of it one rather big behind them all.

There are several smaller tombs just beside it and by the looks of it one rather big behind them all.


It feels like the day will continue much like this 🙂 I’ll keep the fire in the stove burning and I will watch Ski Biathlon on tv but that’s it. Naturally I will make at least one pot of tea, the kettle is already placed on the stove.


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Have a great day!


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10 thoughts on “One of those days when nothing happens.

  1. hi christer! it is nice to have days like this. we are so hot here i could scream. it just isn’t right to have this in the middle of winter. i am in my bare feet and shorts! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes it has been a very nice day 🙂

      I heard on the news that scientists predict even hotter weather over at Yours the years to come. Stronger winds too so I think You better get used to it or move north 🙂 They didn’t say anything about this part of the world though but I guess we’ll get even more rain here, we got double the amount of rain than usual last autumn. So I better get used to that or move to the USA 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    It started out a do nothing day over here. Later in the morning I decided to go to the post office. Then I took Rocky to the lakeside where I did some photography and he sniffed and peed on things. We came home all muddy footed because it was rather wet and messy there. It’s not too cold and there is no wind. No sun either. Murky is the weather word for the day. 🙂
    Has anyone ever excavated those tombs? Could be a golden horde hiding under those rocks. Or are rock tombs a common thing and everyone just goes “Oh, ho hum, yes, another one of those things.” 😀
    Nice action shots of Sonic Sune in motion. 🙂
    Yesterday’s batch of chicken stock turned out rather well. Today I might make soup out of it. Groceries came yesterday so I have the all the things to do it with. Soup is good on a day like today.
    Enjoy your do-nothing day. We don’t have them all that often.

    • Hi Caryn!

      The day continued much the same for me and I went to bed early too 🙂 It was a rather good day to be honest 🙂 Your day sounded rather nice too despite it’s murkyness 🙂

      No, they haven’t been excaveted from what I’ve read but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are looted, most of them are to be honest. They are very common in this area (Skaraborg) but not so otherwise. But the place to be if one wants to find treassures is the island Gotland, there it seems they find gold and silver things as soon as they dig in their gardens 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I think today will be a soup day here, I do have some chicken in the freezer 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Dom här gråtrista dagarna är inte bra! Eftersom man inte kan göra så mycket så tappar i alla fall jag all geist att göra någonting över huvud taget!! 😦
    Så istället för att göra något nyttigt som att städa eller rensa ur skåp eller liknande, så började jag dekorera om inne i gästrummet. Tvättade fönster – på insidan – bytte gardiner samt tvättade dom gamla och la undan, ställde fram nya prydnassaker och gick igenom överkast, kuddar och sånt. Visst – det är visserligen att göra lite nytta det med, men vi väntar inga hit förrän i maj! *fniss*
    Däremot så får jag alltid “nya vilda idéer” när det är trist, så igår började jag tjata lite på gubben att vi skulle göra om i vardagsrummet – igen! Han blev inte glad!! 😦 😦
    Antagligen blir det inte av, men jag skulle gärna vilja ha en ny hylla där inne….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Inte är de roliga inte, men jag njöt rätt bra av att inte göra något alls 🙂 Det behövs sådana dagar också, det gör egentligen inget om de dessutom är lite långtråkiga 🙂
      Fast jag plockade ned julgranen i kalla källaren, den hade börjat skjuta nya skott och behöver ljuset och kylan där nere 🙂

      Det som brukar hända dagar som igår är att jag beställer fröer 🙂 Varje år tänker jag dra ned på det och så kommer en sådan dag och så blir det som vanligt 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Lycka till med övertalningsförsöken 🙂
      ha det gott!

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