What I could have done if I had my car :-)

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It feels a bit strange to look outside and not seeing my car standing by the garage. It will go through some repairs this weekend so I don’t get too many problems next week on the annual vehicle inspection. I’ll most likely get some remarks anyway but I hope they aren’t too serious.


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My new driver’s license has arrived and must be picked up at the post office in town, I could have done that today if I had my car 🙂 But I’ll fetch it on Monday instead because I got another letter, telling me that the tripod I bought at the Pawnshop’s internet auction also has arrived but at another post office closer to home 🙂 I could have fetched that today as well if I’d had my car 🙂 It would have been fun since the night sky will be clear and most possibly nasty cold and I do want a couple of photographs of the night sky. I have nor problems knowing what stars I’ll be looking at after getting star maps and a stella scope from Joyce this Yule 🙂


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The deers were on their way to my garden already before we came home from our walk after work. It was Doris, Lotta and Rune jumping in the snow towards my cottage. They returned as soon as I had placed the food on the usual spots and it was then I realised that Rune might be very cautious for a special reason. It looks like he’s blind on his right eye. It looks very strange on the photographs of him, the left eye looks very good though.


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Lotta stayed for quite some time after the others had walked away, she seems to be very hungry now. As soon as they all had left Tiny arrived instead, it’s a good thing that I brought double the normal amount of food 🙂 they all eat much more now when the nights are nasty cold and the food is hard to reach on the ground.


DSC_0026 (800x536)



Rune. Look at his right eye! It doesn't look good.

Rune. Look at his right eye! It doesn’t look good.


The fire is burning in the stove but I don’t think the heat is spreading fast enough, I want it warm and I want it to be warm now 🙂 There’s a new program on tv tonight but if it isn’t any good I can watch a dvd I bought the other day, Hotel Transylvania. It’s an animated movie where Count Dracula runs a hotel for monsters that wants a vacation 🙂


DSC_0001 (534x800)

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “What I could have done if I had my car :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    Yes, Rune’s eye looks bad. It could be serious as several infectious diseases of deer show symptoms in the eyes and some of those diseases can be transmitted to people or other mammals. I enlarged the photo several times and it looks like the cornea is cloudy. Well, time will tell, I guess. If it’s just an injury, it’s no problem for anyone except Rune.

    If your car were sitting in the driveway, you wouldn’t feel a pressing need to get in it and drive around in the cold and snow. It’s only when the car isn’t there that we find all these errands that we want to do NOW. I’ve been heading out to post office for the last 4 hours and I haven’t left the couch yet. 😀

    I like the photo of the little tree with the frozen things on it. They look like frozen berries of some kind but probably not. Your winter has been tough so the edible things should be gone.
    The creek looks very lovely as well. Cold but lovely.

    It’s sunny, cold and windy here. We are awaiting another big snowstorm for Saturday night. Hooray. Not. I need chocolate, chips and pizza. I better get in the jeep and get moving. 🙂

    Enjoy the day. Hope the cottage gets toasty warm very soon.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I do hope its just an injury, I didn’t know that we could get diseases from deers! I’ll have to look in to that. But he looks fit in any other way and has a healthy apetite.

      Naturally You’re right. I wouldn’t care about any of it until Monday if the car was here 🙂 Well perhaps the tripod, I’ve been waiting for it for a couple of days now. I thought they would send me a text message when it arrived here and it arrived yesterday.

      It’s ice drops on those branches and it is cold here 🙂

      Finally it’s warm and nice here 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Just so you know how dangerous it is to go out and do errands in the car, I went to the post office and ended up at the camera store. I am now the owner of a Sony a57 DSLR primarily for the specious reasoning that it felt better in my hands than the Olmpus, the other Sony and the two Nikons I played with. It was also $150.00 USD more than I was planning on spending.
        Now to figure out how to make it work. That should keep me busy during the snow storm. 🙂
        But, yeah, driving around is dangerous. For the bank account. 😀

      • Nice camera!
        I took a look on comments about it and it has a high rating amongst users! I think that for us happy amateurs it’s the feling when holding the camera that makes us decide which one we wants 🙂
        Looking forward to see photographs from it then 🙂

  2. Oh poor Rune…I too hope it is just an injury that will heal, although he may end of being blind in that eye because of it! 😦 I wonder if you could get a cheap bale of grass hay anywhere for them? Maybe your neighbor would sell you one once in awhile?? Deer really like orchard grass or grass hay, especially in the winter months!!

    • Hi Chris!

      he will manage well even with only one eye so I hope that this just is an injury and nothing else.

      My neighbors give them silage and hey so I can keep on giving them the deer food 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Christer
    The rule is when you need the car the most you won’t have it! Rune’s eye does look bad, and I do hope it will heal on its own, but but at least Lotta seems better.

    You still have so much snow it almost makes spring seem too far away. I have a bit of hope as the snow expected this weekend will be the least amount down here than the last two weekends.

    I stayed in today-too cold to tempt me out. I even did my grocery shopping on line. I do have to go out tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe I’ll even do a bit of shopping as I’m in the mood as I have to go to Hyannis on Sunday anyway. I’m thinking a griddle.

    Staying in too long makes me want to shop!
    Enjoy the evening!!

    • Hi Kat!

      That’s true 🙂 So I guess thisis the last clear night for ages because when I finally have my tripod the clouds will come 🙂

      Rune does look fit otherwise so I think tyhat it only is an injury and he will manage to live a good life with only one eye. He’ll be a bit more cautious though.

      Still this is nothing when it comes to snow, my friends further north has over a yard with snow :-)But it seems the storm over at Yours might be more like a slight case of bad weather 🙂

      Cold but no wind here right now so the morning walk was quite pleasant 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Jaha, nu tycker man naturligtvis synd om Rune – så “tjejerna” får allt bli lite snällare mot honom! 😦
    Håller med om att bilden på det lilla trädet med iskristallerna var väldans snyggt, men man är så vansinnigt trött på det härt med is och snö. Du får ta fram lite gamla gröna och skönare bilder! 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nja, det vet jag inte direkt. Han jagar allt bort dem från all mat när han kan så än är det inte speciellt synd om honom. Vi får väl se hur det utvecklas dock.

      Ja vad skönt det hade varit om värmen kommit redan nu, men det är allt en månad kvar minst innan våren visar sig här.

      Ha det gott!

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