To bad we have a strong wind.

I still had some time left before I could fetch my car at the garage so I followed a small, tiny, road that also is a pilgrimage.

I still had some time left before I could fetch my car at the garage so I followed a small, tiny, road that also is a pilgrimage.


It would have been a rather nice day if it hadn’t been for the strong, cold, raw biting wind. It seems to reach everywhere so there’s no place to hide. But the sun has been shining most part of the day but now dark, thick clouds are gathering up in the sky. But the predictions says they won’t stay for long and that tomorrow will be sunny and cold  again.


DSC_0054 (800x536)

DSC_0057 (800x536)

DSC_0055 (800x536)

DSC_0058 (800x536)


I talked to a neighbor that rents their cottage from the castle and they haven’t even been informed about the municipal water and sewer. I know they really can’t say no to this if they don’t want it but I think they at least should be informed since their already rather high rent will be even higher later on. And, if they eventually wants to buy the cottage the price will be higher than now, not because it’s so much more worth on the market but because the castle wants all the money back that they’ve spent on the cottage.


They have put up signs like theese here and there  to show wath way to go when one reached a cross road. The text tells some v´wice words and it ends with some text from the bible.

They have put up signs like theese here and there to show wath way to go when one reached a cross road. The text tells some v´wice words and it ends with some text from the bible.

DSC_0060 (800x536)

I had to turn back when the road got too icy :-)

I had to turn back when the road got too icy🙂

DSC_0068 (800x536)


My nose is stuffed and I’ve started coughing so I guess I’ve caught another cold again. Cold germs really love me and since I always say that it’s nice if someone loves me I really should be happy about that, shouldn’t I🙂🙂🙂 I’ll drink lots of tea with lots of ginger and honey in it and hope that it will help.


DSC_0064 (536x800)

DSC_0069 (800x536)

DSC_0070 (800x536)

DSC_0071 (800x536)


It’s time to feed all the animals both indoors and outdoors🙂 I’ve already been out once today with deer food (or as it is this time horse food) and the deers doesn’t seem to mind that it’s something different than usual.


Theese last photographs comes from this mornings walk.

Theese last photographs comes from this mornings walk.

DSC_0027 (800x525)

DSC_0028 (800x536)

DSC_0033 (536x800)


The fire is burning in the stove and has been all day, it’s time to make that tea and later tonight it’s the grand finale of the Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest, 28000 people will see it live at Friends Arena.


This is the one everyone believes will win tonight.


But I’m sort of hoping this one will win.


Or this one.


Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “To bad we have a strong wind.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Okay, what is making webs at this time of year in your neck of the very cold woods?🙂 I shouldn’t wonder, though, because while I was sitting out on the front steps with the dog I saw a housefly land on the snow. Granted it was sunny out there but the wind is very biting and the snow is not warm either.
    Lovely road with nice properties along it. I like the yellow house. My house is yellow so that’s probably why. Also, not many yellow houses over there. Lots of red.🙂 I still think red is for barns. It’s my New England roots.
    What is the pilgrimage to?
    Our storm ended late yesterday afternoon and was followed by a lovely red sunset and clear night sky. I think I have about 18 inches of snow in my yard. Today is very sunny and above freezing so it’s all starting to melt. It will be mostly gone by mid-week. March snow doesn’t last long.
    I liked the second video best. The first one is too 80’s hair band. The third one would be okay but the lead singer has an odd expression on her face that puts me off.
    Enjoy your evening and I hope your choice wins.🙂

    • Hi Caryn!

      I’ll start with the woman in the third video and why she looks like she does. She has multiple sclerosis and had problems walking to the stage at all. The week before her semifinal she couldn’t leave bed at all. But I agree, even when I knew that the expression did annoy me🙂

      The boy in the first video is star in Japan, his style is called Visual Kei and I’m not especially fond of that. But I have to admire the kid, he learned Japanese by himself when he was ten years old🙂

      I think there are spiders sort of hibernating in cracks on the bark of the trees and since it was rather pleasantly warm lately I think they started making webs. Too bad for them that it’s way below 32F here now🙂

      I have no idea where the pilgrimage goes in the end but I know it goes between Gudhem and its ruins and Varnhem that also has a monestary ruin.

      All our houses are red so I automatically likes houses that has another color🙂 But I wouldn’t like any other but red color on any home I would own🙂
      Here March snow can last till the end of April if we’re unlucky🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. hi christer! why are so many houses red in sweden? it seems odd to me though i do like how they look. i just wonder why everyone wants the same colored house? joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      It all started when it became popular to paint castles red. We didn’t have that pink stones they used down in Europe so they painted them red here instead. The paint is really good and also cheap so it didn’t take long time until even the smallest of cottages also were painted red. The fascion of having a red castle soon died out but it stayed on our smaller homes. Now this is so deeply inbedded in our souls that most swedes dreams of owning a red cottage in the countryside🙂 What’s even more fun is that even immigrants have that dream now days🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Loved all the pictures of the area around your car repair garage. And a YELLOW house!!
    Did not like the first video at all, the second one was much better; The third video was good, though “only the dead fish follow the stream” is an unusual theme! The group reminds me of some of my Celtic favorites, though the lead singer didn’t seem “friendly” to the audience. But I will vote for the third video as my favorite.

    • Hi Robin!

      Yes a yellow house🙂 There are actually some areas where they have yellow houses instead of red ones but they are few🙂

      The singer in Only the dead fish follow the stream suffers from multiple scleroses and only a few weeks ago she couldn’t leave her bed. Today she didn’t need support while walking to the stage🙂 But the these is right, isn’t it🙂 I guess it’s a very swedish expression🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. I really like the State of Drama, they are all good but its my favorite , in the first group Heart break Hotel, is that a boy or girl singing, I’m not sure,

    • Hi Laurie!

      That is a boy🙂 The style he has is called Visual Kei and is extremely popular in Japan where he is famous. Over there he also has skirts and the more feminin a man is the more beautiful he is. I don’t get it but others do🙂 The result of the competition was a surprise, I’ll tell You all more about i in todays post🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Fantastiskt tjusig bild på spindelnätet!🙂🙂🙂
    Här har det också varit fint väder men isande kallt så det är bara att välja; gå i skugga och halka och frysa, eller gå i sol på barmark och frysa ännu mer. alltså blir det inga långprommisar just nu!😦🙂
    NATURLIGTVIS höll jag på Louise Hoffsten, gillar hennes sång och munspelslirande fast låten kanske inte var den allra bästa. Men å andra sidan var det ingen av låtarna jag gillade, så det spelade egentligen ingen roll vem som vann för mig.😦

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Vinden är så bitande kall att det gör ont, men kommer man bara i lä är det nästan skönt där ute🙂

      Spelade ingen roll vem som vann för mig heller, men det är ett konstigt system när vi har utländska jurygrupper. Om grabben nu misslyckas blir det bråk igen för det var ju trots allt inte han vi i Sverige röstade på.

      Ha det gott!

  6. well, I think #1 reminded me of Duran Duran from the 80’s
    and #2 was ok
    and I guess I pick #3 but really, none are my real taste.
    I prefer Adele or Pink or Katy Perry.🙂

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