The storm is approaching.

The walk after work was rather short because of the wind but I always have some deer photographs to show :-)

The walk after work was rather short because of the wind but I always have some deer photographs to show 🙂

The wind is roaring through the trees and it sounds like we’re having a big storm, but I don’t think we’re having more than gale strength yet. But every now and again a gust hits my cottage so hard that it trembles. I like sitting indoors listening to the sound but this will continue for a couple of days and I can’t say I like driving around in it. The wind tosses around my little Mazda as if it was a toy 🙂 🙂 🙂

It looks like Rune's eye is iopening up again. Still it doesn't lookr pretty.

It looks like Rune’s eye is opening up again. Still it doesn’t lookr pretty.



But, thankfully, it seems that we’ll miss most of the snow 🙂 At least one good thing now when spring seems to be delayed for over two weeks. Further south though they are now warning for both strong winds and heavy snowfall. This is the time of year it’s easy to go insane when hoping for spring that never arrives 🙂 🙂 🙂

DSC_0012 (800x532)



It seems I have deers in my garden all night now 🙂 New ones arrive as soon as other goes 🙂 But the oddest thing just happened. It was a doe that just had eaten and slowly was walking away. Suddenly she stopped and started shaking her head and  then she suddenly had lots of foam at the mouth. This kept on for a couple of minutes. I’m glad we don’t have rabies here because I would have thought it was that 🙂 None of the other deers reacted like that so it’s nothing in the food. It could be some kind of lung worm though. But I read that our Roe deers (the species that comes to my garden) is very healthy and that predators usually kills them before they get sick. A deers life is usually never a long life.

DSC_0014 (800x532)

DSC_0015 (800x532)

The wind is slowly turning towards the only direction where nothing protects my little cottage. Even though it never really get cold in here when I have a fire burning in the stove it actually feels much colder when the wind comes from that direction. Thankfully my bedroom is on the other side of the cottage, behind the warm chimney 🙂

This must have been one of "mine". She didn't care to move even if my dogs were only 20 meters (much the same in yards) away from her.

This must have been one of “mine”. She didn’t care to move even if my dogs were only 20 meters (much the same in yards) away from her.



It’s time to make something to eat. I’ve bought three different kinds of sour milk (this is the promised land of sour milk 🙂 ) and I think I’ll have a sandwich or two with it. Naturally I’ll make a pot of tea as well 🙂

DSC_0033 (800x532)

It's the one to the left that just after I took this photograph started to shake her head and foaming. I have a photograph of that too but I won't show it here.

It’s the one to the left that just after I took this photograph started to shake her head and foaming. I have a photograph of that too but I won’t show it here. She’s one of Longhorns ladies.

Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “The storm is approaching.

  1. hi christer! sounds like quite a storm. i hope the white stuff misses you. what is sour milk? is it like buttermilk? i can’t imagine what it might be! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      The storm is nice as long as I don’t have to go out 🙂

      Sour milk is milk that has been turned sour with the help of good bacteria. Usually great for bad stomachs. It’s a bit like ytoghurt but at the same time not 🙂 We love it over here and I think You once mentioned Kefir? that is Russian sour milk. Some love having it with fresh strawberries but I’ve never tried that. I think that the not too big grocery store I was in today had over 10 different kinds of sour milk but we have lots more to chose from in the super markets 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. The other day when I went to pick up my niece very early in the morning, there were deer everywhere in her neighborhood. Some deer were actually on the front steps of one of the houses and as we drove down her street I had to go so slow that my van was barely rolling and deer where on either side of my van staring at us. They were as close as 3 feet away. This neighborhood is in a very upscale part of town but is situated between a huge old cemetery and also a State Park. Those deers don’t even run, just leisurely stroll through the yards munching on whatever they find! 😀

    • Hi Cindi!

      Something like that rarely happens here, my gardens doesn’t count since I feed them 🙂 But there’s always plenty to eat in the cities so I guess that’s why they were there. But it is surprising that they didn’t run away from Your car?! It’salways nice to see deers close up 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. I love to see the velvet on the antlers of the deer, they look quite ealthy for this time of winter, no doubt to your generosity.That sour milk will help your stomach replace the good bacteria maybe you lost when ill.The wind raged here as well today, grey cold, and 60 kilometer wind, snow tonight, 10 centimeters, YUK! I wonder what happened to make the deer act that way,

    • Hi Laurie!

      I hope I’m helping some anyway.

      Yes sour milk is perfect especially if they add even more varieties of good bacteria 🙂 It’s nice that it actually tastes good too 🙂

      The wind was very strong yesterday evening and night but it has calmed down some now and it comes from the right direction too 🙂

      I have no idea what it was that made the deer do like that but perhaps Caryn is right, perhaps deers can’t vomit? Sounds better than lung or brain worm anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Christer,
    I love the sound of the wind howling when I am inside the house warm and cozy. I just hope, though, none of the spindly pine trees fall. I have some huge branches all over the back yard from the two storms.

    Sour milk here is what happens when you keep it too long. It is never sold. Usually it goes down the drain.

    Stay warm and dry and have a safe trip to work tomorrow.

    • Hi Kat!

      Me too, especially if I know I don’t have to get out into the storm 🙂
      The only tree I’m worried about here is the old crabapple tree beside the dogyard/ house. It’s slowly falling appart as it is and a big storm migh flip it all over the dog yard 🙂

      Sour milk is the best 🙂 I think that if You like yoghurt You will like sour milk too. But few things are as nasty as sour sour milk 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The wind had calmed down this morning but now it grows in strength again.

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer,
    You do have lots of deer at your place, now. Maybe that doe just accidentally got something bad tasting in her last mouthful of deer food. I’ve seen my horse do that whenever I gave him worming paste. Horses can’t vomit but they’re really good at foaming at the mouth. I don’t know about deer.
    Winter has been hanging on really tight this year. We are waiting for a pile of snow to be dumped. I took Rocky to the lake to do some photography. The wind was very brisk and I froze my fingers because I was not wearing gloves. Or a hat. Or a jacket. I had a heavy sweater and figured it was enough. 🙂 I hate jackets.
    Enjoy the sound of the wind and keep warm.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I think I had eight in my garden and around the same just outside it one evening 🙂 But either some have given up or they just comes in shifts 🙂

      I have no idea if deers can vomit or not but it sounds as if it might be right. I hope there’s nothing wrong with the food I’m giving them. But then again, it’s just her that behaved like that so far.

      It looks as if we’ll miss most of the snow 🙂 it is snowing every now and again but not especially much. I think I would call our wind biting and eaw 🙂

      I love the time when a sweater is enough but thankfully I do like my jacket 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • I googled some more. Deer are ruminants so they can vomit.
        I couldn’t find anything on brain worms that mentions foaming at the mouth or drooling. White Tail Deer in this country appear to be immune from the effects of brain worms but I couldn’t find anything about European deer.
        The most common lung worm in your area is D. viviparus. It doesn’t list foaming at the mouth as a symptom but it does mention standing in a stretched out position and drooling. Apparently it is easily treated with any of the oxybendazoles or with ivermectin which is the same stuff we give to dogs for heartworm. It’s also common in horses, donkeys and cattle. For some reason horses can get it from donkeys very easily so they should never be pastured together. I remember my barn owner telling me that many years ago.
        Here ends this installment of stuff you really didn’t need to know. 😀

      • Hi Caryn!

        You have found way much more info than I did. I couldn’t find much about diseases except for that most deers here rarely gets any since predators takes a lot, hunters takes a lot too and winters takes even more so they never live long enough to get any 🙂 🙂 Itä’s a miracle that we have any at all 🙂 🙂 🙂 It did however say that Roe deers can get brainworms, sounds really nasty! Thankfully we don’t have heartworms here, we don’t have the right mosqitoes for that.

        She did not droole though, this looked as if she had rabies 🙂 I’ll see if I can find more about that but I doubt it.

        Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen horses and donkeys together here either.

        Lots of interesting stuff!


  6. Låter som om du har samma väder som vi har här; Blåsigt och kallt! 😦 Man får trösta sig med att vi tydligen slipper det “utlovade” snöovädret. 🙂
    Det låter ju som om rådjuret ätit något den inte gillade, Caryn verkade ju ha en bra förklaring – hästar och rådjur är kabnske inte så olika i det hänseendet. 🙂 🙂
    Vi har varit ute på en massa prommisar, men det är inte kul när det blåser så hemskt. Dom minus 2-3 grader det varit förvandlas genast till minst minus 12-13 och då vill man inte vara ute alltför länge. T.o.m. vi har haft blåsigt eftersom vinden kommit från det enda håll så kan jäklas med oss, utmed vägen! 😦 😦 😦

    • Hesjan Susie!

      Vi får lite snö då och då men inget som egentligen märks på marken, i alla fall inte än.

      Jag har inte en aning om rådjur kan spy men det kan nog stämma det som Caryn säger.

      Visst är det irriterande när vinden hittar just det håll den skall blåsa för att träffa stugan 🙂 Här blir det bara en kort promenad efter jobbet i detta vädret, vi får ta igen det till helgen istället 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  7. All I found on brainworm in Roe deer was a couple of abstracts on using oxybendazoles for treating domestic deer herds in New Zealand.

    • Why do You get more info than I do 🙂 I’m thinking of searching the agricultural univesity’s database to see if I can find anything there.

      • It’s hard to find out things relevant to other countries. USA sites come up first for me even if I put the country or continent in the search line. But I keep trying different search phrases until I get what I want. If I get something that’s close, I use their phrasing and change the subject word. If all else fails, there’s Google Scholar but it’s often hard to understand what those people are saying. 🙂

      • It’s actually easier for me to find facts from the US than from here 🙂 It seems any search engine I use always look up the texts in English even if I wrirte Sverige or svenska in the search sentence 🙂 I wonder why?


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