It’s a cold Easter.

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Easter eve, the big easter day here in Sweden has been sunny and windy. It’s rather nice where the wind doesn’t reach  but truly nasty where it does reach and that’s almost everywhere :-)I was running out of deer food so I had to go to the store in Falköping this morning, I went out early when there was little traffic because Easter is one of the worst times when it comes to traffic accidents.


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I was planning on walking around taking photographs in the town but the wind just made it too nasty. So I drove homewards and stopped by the lake to see if I could see any cranes but had no luck with that, lots of geese but no cranes at all. Normally we have several thousands of them here by now.


I took some photographs while driving through Falköping this morning. This is the ski slope and normally lots of people ski down that hill but I could only see a few this morning.

I took some photographs while driving through Falköping this morning. This is the ski slopes and normally lots of people ski down that hill but I could only see a few this morning.

There's an old health resort up on the mountain and this is a lookout tower they once bouilt there. I've never been there myself but I'll go there this summer and bring my camera with me.

There’s an old health resort up on the mountain and this is a lookout tower they once bouilt there. I’ve never been there myself but I’ll go there this summer and bring my camera with me.

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I did see a few Easter witches, or Easter Hags as we really call them in Swedish. Easter hags are children, both boys and girls dressed up as witches (boys sometimes as wizards though) walking from home to home begging for candy. Some give away easter cards they have made themselves as a thank You. In a few places it’s the other way, it’s the witches that hands out candy to those they visit. It’s no surprise that those witches are very few in comparison with the ones begging🙂🙂🙂 This tradition is believed to have started in the late 18th century.


Down by the lake.

Down by the lake.

Bjurums Castle.

Bjurums Castle.

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The old village school. Now days they use it as a café during crane season.

The old village school. Now days they use it as a café during crane season.


Every easter the witches flies to Blåkulla (an island on the east coast of Sweden) to have a sabbath with the devil.  They usually start late at night on Wednesday before Easter and return home on Easter day. So that always make me wonder why we start the huge bonfires at Easter eve🙂🙂🙂 The bonfires are meant to scare the witches and make them turn around back home. No use really if they already have arrived at Blåkulla is it🙂🙂🙂 The traditions with bonfires almost only exists here in the south-west of Sweden and now days it’s only allowed if the grass isn’t too dry and the wind isn’t too hard. Usually fireworks are used too but no use in having that when winds are too strong either.


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One tradition we have here is to decorate our homes with twigs from mostly birch tree or willow and dress the twigs with colorful feathers and tiny easter eggs and tiny easter hags. Sort of like a miniature Jule tree isn’t it🙂 The food is very much like the ones we have at Jule with the exception of no ham but lots of eggs instead. Pickled herring in loads of different variations of course and for the few of us that don’t like herring there’s of course meatballs and prince sausages🙂 and instead of Julmust we’re having Påskmust (Easter must), it’s just the same but they change the name🙂🙂🙂


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I’ve always loved cows and these Scottish Highland Cattle is absolutely impossible not to love🙂

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Only a few days old.

Only a few days old.


My easter cactus has lots of buds but they won’t open up for yet another week. The fire is burning in the stove and I’m about to make my dogs their dinner and a cup of cocoa for me.


A Pheasant walked across the field when I came home. I haven't seen one here in a few years.

A Pheasant walked across the field when I came home. I haven’t seen one here in a few years.

Can't have a post without any deers in it, can I :-)

Can’t have a post without any deers in it, can I🙂

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Happy Easter!

10 thoughts on “It’s a cold Easter.

    • Hi Joyce!

      I had hoped to find more variations in our way of celebrating easter but it looks like most of us do it the same way.

      Happy Easter!

  1. the photo of the creek flooding is beautiful, I really enjoyed the story of the witches, I’m so glad that they still keep the tradition alive, its so important to keep things going!I have been cooking for Easter dinner tomorrow, today I made Pullah and baked ham, have a great weekend!

    • Hi Laurie!

      I like that one too! but I love the ones with the highland cattle🙂

      The Easter hag tradition was slowly dying out for a while but I actually think that Halloween helped it back. People tend to love the old traditions more when a new one comes🙂

      I won’t make anything special for dinner, just pancakes tomorrow🙂

      Happy Easter!

  2. Hej Christer! Du kommer att bli ruinerad på all rådjursmat du måste köpa i år, vintern lär ju aldrig ta slut:( Inte ens tranorna verkar ju ha fattat att det ska vara vår;( Vilken fantastiskt gammal fin byskola! Tur att sådana byggnader blir sparade för eftervärlden:) På Tjörn, Orust och Stenungsund råder totalt eldningsförbud, här är så torrt att det skriker om det:( Så kul att dina påskkaktusar ska blomma, mina är inte ens knoppar på:( Däremot blommar novemberkaktusarna som galningar:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Ja det kostar en liten förmögenhet🙂🙂🙂

      Du skulle se hur litet själva klassrummet är! Barnen fick gå i skift för att alla skulle kunna gå i skolan, mer än halva stugan var nämligen lärarens hem och källare🙂

      Här är det ingen större risk för gräsbrand, det finns för mycket snö och is kvar för det. Men det blåser lite för mycket så jag tror inte det bleb någon brasa i år.

      Mina Novemberkaktusar dog för längesedan🙂 men det är nog dags att skaffa nya i år🙂

      Glad Påsk!

  3. Hi Christer,
    It may be cold there but it sure is pretty.🙂
    Maybe the folks who start the bonfires on Easter eve (after the witches have gotten to their sabbath) didn’t really want to stop the witches. Maybe it was just an excuse to burn something in a big way.🙂 The Swedish seem to like bonfires a lot.
    The Highland calves are so cute. I’ve seen plenty of Highland cattle but never any calves. They look like baby bison except they come in colors.
    Today is beautiful here. Sunny and high 50’s with a bit of wind but not uncomfortable. My brother and I went to visit my mother in the nursing home. After that I went and bought myself some yellow pansies because it’s about time for some yellow pansies.🙂
    Tomorrow I go out for breakfast with the other brother. I may or may not cook a pork roast. It depends on how I feel about cooking.
    Enjoy your Easter eve. Maybe light a tiny bonfire to keep the witches away.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes even I have to agree, it does look pretty🙂

      You might be right there, perhaps everyone only wanted to get rid of all stuff they had collected during the year🙂🙂🙂

      I’ve never thought of us like bonfires espoecially much but I think You’re right! We tend to have them rather often🙂 We’ll soon have them again on April last and then some have them during Midsummer’s eve too :-)and naturally many have them during New Years Eve as well🙂

      I was actually thinking that they looked like bisons when I saw them yesterday🙂 This was the first time I’ve ever seen that young onbes too.

      Pansies are tough but not even they can survive our nights now, but they do try to seel spring flowers already now but almost no one bought any🙂

      I only had my usual fire in the stove, it might not keep witches away but it wiill keep the Jack daws at some distance anyway🙂🙂🙂

      Happy Easter!

  4. Christer,
    The sun makes everything look warm even though I know it isn’t. I love the stone buildings in the town. We have few of them here: ours are mostly wood with clapboard backs and sides greyed by the salt air.

    I lik the idea of the tree. One year my mother left up her Christmas tree and decorated it for every holiday. I was thinking a small, dead tree in a vase I could decorated with small ornaments each holiday.

    Tomorrow the Easter Bunny will come and fill all the baskets. Unlike Christmas and Santa, good and bad doesn’t figure into it. You get your baskets regardless.

    I really enjoying hearing how your traditions differ from ours!

    Happy Easter!!

    • Hi Kat!

      The few time I found spots where the wind didn’t reach it felt even better than it looked🙂 This morning seems to be a fine one, the sun is just about to rise, no wind and 14F🙂

      This looks more like a bush to be honest but I do like that tradition🙂 Lots of bright colored feathers and the witches of course🙂 I like to use apple twigs and when it’s time to remove the feathers the twigs usually start to flower🙂

      It is fun to learn about the differences in our tradition🙂 I’m a bit surprised that the Easter Bunny never made it here, we tend to use any tradition they have in Germany🙂

      Happy Easter!

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