Today was even better :-)

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I didn’t believe it could be a nicer day today than it was yesterday, but it was. I woke up a bit late though, 7:30 am but to be honest we have just changed to summer time so I wasn’t that late waking up 🙂 The Black bird was quiet by the time we went out but instead I heard a couple of cranes flying by 🙂


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Longhorn isn't especially brave and runs away as soon as he se us on the road.

Longhorn isn’t especially brave and runs away as soon as he se us on the road.

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It felt nice even when walking in the shadows so the jacket was open most of the walk, today really felt like a spring day. I had decided to cut down the old plum tree if the weather was ok so there was no excuse not to do it. I felt a bit sad because it has given many fine plums but it had become a danger. The few big branches that still were left could give up at any time and fall down on either me or my dogs.


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Big parts of it had rotten in the middle but I have to say that I was surprised about how hard the tree was, the chain saw chain needs to be sharpened or replaced and this chain had only been used once before! But now it’s done and I will plant another tree but not on that spot because I’ll build that green house I’ve been talking about for ages just beside that place and  a green house needs all the sunshine it can get 🙂


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Rune and his ladies were lying in the sunshine just waiting for me to give them their food 🙂 As soon as I had poured it out on the ground I called for them and they came jumping over the fence as soon as they heard my entrance door closing 🙂 Soon they will be able to see me close the door because today I had the kitchen door open for hours. Nova was a bit annoyed at me because I had placed lots of twigs around the bird feeders, She and Sune tends to eat loads of sunflower seed shells and their stomachs doesn’t agree with that I’m afraid.


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Later in the day we walked to the bog and I saw something that I thought was just another deer. Too late I realised it was a fox! So all I could get was theese two photographs of it running away!

Later in the day we walked to the bog and I saw something that I thought was just another deer. Too late I realised it was a fox! So all I could get was these two photographs of it running away!

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It’s time to make a pot of tea and perhaps something to eat. It’s amazing how fast four days away from work passes by, but I think it’s a good thing that I’ll start working tomorrow. Hector’s legs is worse than usual, we’ve had too many very long walks during these days and he needs the rest now. I think he will enjoy one walk in the afternoon for a while  🙂


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He looks so serious :-)

He looks so serious 🙂


Have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “Today was even better :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    Wow! Longhorn is getting some seriously long horns, I mean, antlers. 🙂 Running away is a good thing for him to do. He’s a marked deer, poor guy.
    The day was lovely and sunny but now it’s gotten cloudy. We’re supposed to get more rain and then some cold weather. But spring is here so it won’t last long. I got some new birds at the feeders; White Crowned Sparrows. I haven’t seen them around for several years. They usually come in the winter. These must be migrating back north. It was good to see them.
    Sorry that Hector is sore from too much walking. I hope he recovers quickly with rest.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes his horns are really long but Rune’s looks much more impressive now.

      What a beautiful little bird! We too have a few rarely seen down here in the south of Sweden that looks very cute but I haven’t seen any of those this year.

      I’m pretty sure Hector will recover rather quickly as soon he gets the chance to rest all day long. We’ll start with a new bottle of his medicine tomorrow and that usually helps a lot. I shake that bottle every time but still it seems that medicine gets less effective by time.

      The holiday is more or lessover now I’m afraid, I’m six hours ahead of You 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. oh no…i hope hectors leg improves. we had snow here today but it will warm up by next weekend so it will be gardeing time for sure. glad you are getting some good weather christer!

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’m pretty sure his legs will improve, we have walked so much these days that he never really had a chance to rest long enough. And we’ll start with a new bottle of his medicine and that usually helps a lot toois medicine and that usually helps a lot too. I shake that bottle every time but still it seems as if the medicine is lesseffective when it’s near iots end.

      Spring might be just around the corner here, it all depends on which weather predictor one listens too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Det lät somm om ni har haft riktigt skönt vårvinterväder, för någon riktig VÅR är det ju inte ännu! Inatt t.ex. hade vi -5 och nyss när jag var ute med Santos så var det -2 fortfasrande TROTS att solen är uppe. Näe, nu MÅSTE det komma lite värme!!! 😦
    Jag köpte 14 små frosttåliga penséer i lördags och i natt stod dom ute på altanen. Visserligen under tak och under två hyllor, men dom ser lite medtagna ut. Hoppas dom överlevt för idag ska vi till Visby och inhandla material till att göra en “penséeteater” (alltså en “aurikelteater” fast med penséer). Om du inte vet vad det är så kan jag berätta att det är en speciell hylla med massor av primula på. Hade tänkt mig en sån från början, men dom är alldeles för törstiga, skulle behöva springa och vattna dom stup i kvarten. Inte så bra – så nu blir det alltså små penséer istället! 🙂 :_).

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jo det har varit riktigt skönt, fast igår och idag tror jag faktiskt dygnsmedeltemperaturen varit över 0C 🙂 Fast visst är natten kall!

      Jag väntar med inköp av penséer ett tag till, några blir det nog ändå på trappen 🙂 Men inte skam har jag energi till att ha en penséteater 🙂 🙂 🙂 Aurikler skall vi inte ens tala om 🙂 Jag har ju nästan inget i krukor eftersom jag alltid glömmer av att vattna dem 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

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