It would be nice to make an apple pie.

Dinner time!

Dinner time!


I was planning on making an apple pie or perhaps a mixed fruit pie this afternoon but I feel it’s a bit late for that now and the fire in the stove isn’t even close to what I need. I could of course make it in the electric oven but It’s still cold outside and I have my principles 🙂 Never use the electric stove unless it’s warm outside or there’s no fire wood 🙂

I wonder if the coast is clear?

I wonder if the coast is clear?

Oh! here You come.

Oh! here You come.

But the food is over there. Hmmm.

But the food is over there. Hmmm. I know You’re not dangerous but dogs are dogs if You know what I mean.

I'll come back later.

I’ll come back later.


My new neighbors said that Rune and Longhorn has been fighting hard on the field outside my garden and it looks as if Rune won. Longhorn comes here still but I can see that he’s very afraid and runs away as soon as he hears something. One eyed Rune seems to be very fit even if one eye doesn’t work 🙂 I actually feel a bit sorry for Longhorn but he did get some food before he was running away agin.


I've just finished dinner, can You put out some more for later?

I’ve just finished dinner, can You put out some more for later?

DSC_0017 (800x531)

DSC_0025 (800x532)


The weather predictions says that Friday night will be the first night with temperatures above 0C (32F) but it also says it will snow that night. Super duper, so fun! because I will have new summer tires by Friday so it will be loads of fun to drive to work 🙂 🙂 But after that temperatures will stay above freezing point so I’ll accept the bad weather that comes with spring. But we all know how great they are predicting weather so it might just stay cold all the time 🙂


DSC_0023 (532x800)

DSC_0027 (800x532)

DSC_0030 (800x532)


It finally sounds as if the fire in the stove burns alright, still no heat in the oven though so I’ll make that pie tomorrow instead 🙂 I’ll start the fire as soon as I come home tomorrow so the pie will be ready as soon as I’ve written a post here 🙂


DSC_0032 (800x532)

DSC_0033 (800x532)

DSC_0031 (800x532)


Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “It would be nice to make an apple pie.

  1. Hi Christer,
    The photo vignette of the deer outside the garden was funny and cute. Which doe is it?
    So Rune is the big buck in the neighborhood. Longhorn, like many bullies, isn’t able to take a bit of his own medicine.
    There are now 5 clumps of chionodoxa blooming in my yard. It must be spring. I chopped a lot of ailanthus and winged euonymous out of the middle of the quince bush this morning. There are still some huge trunks of both in there but I like having eyes and skin and I would have lost them to the thorns if I tried to get in that deep. Perhaps a long pruning pole for trees will do the trick. Or I could hire someone which is a better idea. 🙂
    The nyponsoppa arrived. Thank you very much. It was a surprise again. 🙂
    Now I want apple pie, too. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I couldn’t see who it was, she was a bit too far away. I think she’s one of Longhorns ladies.

      I actually thought Longhorn was the big boss of the two so I was a bit surprise to see how Rune chased him away the other day. I guess Rune is older and a bit wiser too 🙂

      Especially eyes are nice to have, skin grows back after all 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wouldn’t have tried to remove the rest either but mostly because I’m lazy 🙂 Hiering someone sounds like a good idea 🙂

      So the nyponsoppa already arrived?!! I don’t think I remembered to write down instructions to how to mix it. It’s easy though, boil half a liter with water and wisk down one of the bags in it. One liter if You want to use both bags at the same time. Wisk quickly, otherwise You’ll get lumps in it and it isn’t nice 🙂 I hope You like it!
      Apple pie is always right 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. hi christer! how long do you think the deer will stay? we were in the 70’s the last 2 days. you should try that bread pudding recipe i posted. i think you would love it. i am going to work in the gardens again tomorrow! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I think the hinds will stay until it’s time to deliver and the bucks will most likely leave earlier. They will all come back every now and again to see if there’s anything nice to eat though 🙂 But soon my dogs will walk in and out of the cottage all day so the deers will have less time to spend here and it will most likely feel safer out in the forest.

      70’s!! That’s what we usually have in summer 🙂

      I will try it, especially since there’s banana in it 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Jättefin bildsekvens på rådjuret! Och klurigt kommenterat!! *fniss’
    Aprilvädret är som vanligt upp och ner, men…än så länge känns det mer som ett februariväder. Jag hoppas verkligen att det kommer lite värme framåt helgen. Först så var våra utsikter att det skulle vara 11 grader PLUS(!) på fredag, nu är dom utsikterna flyttade till lördagen! Så man vet ju inte…..
    Dom träd och buskar vi i entusiasterna har beställt från Holland skulle ha kommit i fredags eller igår, men dom dök inte upp. Vilket helt klart inte gör något precis! Men…nu har vi fått besked om att dom ska komma idag. Så dom får åka in i verkstan´ så dom inte blir alltför chockade. 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      tack skal du ha 🙂

      Vissa dagar känns dock riktigt vårlika, men de senaste två har varit i vintrigaste laget. Men det går åt rätt håll 🙂

      De verkar ju inte ens kunna säga vad man har för väder just nu 🙂 Så jag litar inte speciellt mycket på prognoser längre bort än en dag 🙂

      Hoppas att de vattnat växterna som ni beställt! Hade problem med det när jag hade handelsträdgården. Tack och lov hade jag en bra leverantör som skickade nytt om något dog. Håller tummarna för att allt skall gå bra med dem!

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hei Christer –
    It’s good to see that you are getting some sunny days and other sign that Spring is not too far away for you. A shame you could not make the pie. I have principles too, but I love apple pie more. I would have used the electric stove if that what it took to make a pie happen. But I guess a guy who loves sour milk can easily resist a craving for a something sweet. Sometimes a principle is just another way of describing our stubbornness. I think you are just too stubborn to turn the electric stove on in colder weather. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if the pie happens at all.
    I am glad that Rune is fending off Longhorn. Rune will just have to turn his head a lot to compensate for the bad eye. He needs to make sure no one sneaks up on his blind side. Is Tiny still coming to eat her share? Dot should be having her baby pretty soon. I don’t think Longhorn will make sure he manages to get some food even if Rune is getting into fights with him. From what I have read, males fight a good deal, some serious, some as practice & to show the other that he is top deer. If there is reincarnation, I would rather come back as a fat house cat than a wild deer. What would you come back as?
    Hope the snow misses you this weekend or you will be skating to work in your little car with no snow tires. You could always harness the dogs to the front bumper & they could pull you to work in a car sleigh ride. That might be fun, and save gas too.

    • Hi Ellen!

      🙂 🙂 🙂 So true, I do try to hide my stubbornness 🙂 But there is actually another reason I don’t want to use the electric stove when I already have a fire in the old stove. I’m not sure how well the cables in the electric ones manages all the heat from the fire heated one at the same time. My cottage is over 100 years old and I think it would burn quickly 🙂 🙂 🙂 The pie happened though 🙂

      It’s fun really, I too rather see Rune winning against Longhorn than the other way around 🙂 But he never walks alone, he always have two hinds with him, Lotta and another one I haven’t given a name yet. Longhorn comes early now to get something to eat, not much but enough to manage to survive until the new grass comes.

      I would also come back as a fat cat 🙂 or a dog. I’m more of a dog person after all.Or a bear that sleeps through the winter 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’ve seen an old sled so I might borrow that one and let my dogs pull me over the bog, soo much closer to work that way 🙂 🙂 I do hope the snow stays away from now on, or I’d rather stay at home if it comes. Not especially fun to drive on snow with summer tires 🙂 even if they are new and good ones.

      Have a great day!

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