I took a look at the statistics.

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Not a single deer showed up yesterday as long as it was light outside, they didn’t show up until late at night and all the food was gone. Today one deer has shown so far and it was Tiny that was here for a few minutes. That’s a good sign because that means the grass is growing again, not a good sign for us who doesn’t like mowing the lawn though 🙂 🙂 🙂

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I took a look in the dog yard after our walk and realised I had to do something about it today. Sune, because I think it is him, has spread the filling in all the blankets all over the dog yard 🙂 and someone of the four has also dug two huge holes by the wall to the garage and I have seen signs in there that someone of them also have been walking around in there 🙂 That however can be Nova, I have found here in the garage many times unable to crawl back the way she came 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are a few photographs of Sune and Nova playing, some are a bit fuzzy though.

Here are a few photographs of Sune and Nova playing, some are a bit fuzzy though.

DSC_0019 (800x536)

DSC_0020 (800x536)

Every now and again I look at my blogs statistics and it’s always looking a bit strange. For instance one of the days I have most visitors is on Wednesdays when I don’t write anything 🙂 It took me some time to understand why but then I realised that most of You that read this live on the other side of the ocean (more than two thirds of You actually), so You are six to nine hours after me. So when You read my blog after 6 pm I’m already on the next day 🙂 The statistics also tells me that You come back to read my post at least three times every day.

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I have some troubles believing that though, but I guess that many of You click on links on other blogs or Facebook and then You’ll be counted as one and the same person. The five countries that most people, that reads my blog, comes from besides the USA and Sweden are Canada, Untied Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Germany. But I have the occasional visitor from for instance Brazil, Ghana, Malaysia, Palestine (not Israel) and Namibia. All in all have people from 69 countries one or several times read my blog 🙂


I think these piles are made by water voles, they are really big!

I think these piles are made by water voles, they are really big!

DSC_0030 (800x536)

DSC_0031 (800x536)


The wind is blowing quite strong but it has a warm feeling to it, last night was fairly warm and it will be the same tonight. Rain will arrive sometime tomorrow and after that spring will arrive too 🙂

Have a great day!

P.S. Beatrice and Grenville! I can’t comment on Your blog because I have no Google account nor will I get one. I have too many accounts as it is already.


12 thoughts on “I took a look at the statistics.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I come back to the blog every time my computer tells me someone posted a comment. I like to read the comments and answers. It’s supposed to tell me when you write a new post but it seems to have stopped that lately.

    If those mounds are made by voles, your voles must be the size of cats. 🙂 Our voles are wee tiny things.
    The woodchuck is eating my grass at the moment. I found him sitting by my front doorstep this afternoon. He ran off to his bolt hole very quickly. This means any vegetables I grow this summer will have to be hanging up high.

    It was raining this morning but now the sun is trying hard to shine through the clouds. It’s a little cold, too, and will get even colder tomorrow. No snow is forecast. Yet. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      So it’s You that brings up my statistics 🙂 🙂

      A water vole can become up to 7,3 inches long and then the tail is around 4 inches too. The water vole is definetaly an animal one doesn’t want in the garden because it eats everything! I guess our water voles are like Your woodchucks in that way.

      Depending on what weather site I’m looking at we’ll get either lots of snow or lots of rain tomorrow 🙂 But if that means spring will arrive I’ll accept it 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Always happy to add to your stature in the blogisphere. 🙂
        I’ve been mystified by the Stats on Flickr. Someone looks at my stuff nearly everyday but it’s hardly ever sourced from Flickr. And the photos they look at don’t seem to be ones that would be all that interesting. The photos don’t have titles, just file numbers. I figure they must come up on an image search.
        Water voles look a bit like our muskrats. They don’t make dirt piles, though. Just reed houses in the water.

      • 🙂
        Statistics can be a bit strange sometimes 🙂 I guess they see one of Your photographs when searching for something on Google and then keeps on looking while they are there. Sometimes people like photographs I’ve taken that I don’t like at all 🙂 Perhaps it reminds them of something nice back in the days?

        We do have muskrats here in Sweden too, refugees from fur farms. Not too common in this area though but further north I’ve heard.

  2. Christer – It looks like the dogs are having a great time playing outside in the Spring weather. Apparently they are having a different kind of fun in your yard when you are not looking. Tearing up the bedding and spreading the filling all over the yard is something they really enjoyed doing behind your back. Now you get to do the no fun part which is the clean up. Good puppies.
    My condominimum looks out on a beautiful pond & wildlife refuge. The leaves are out on the trees and by next week my view of the pond will disappear until next Fall. This morning there were lots of holes dug up along the banks of the pond that looked like your water mole holes (say that 3 times fast). Then I saw that the Water Nutria couple was taking a walk with their new babies. The father is pretty scary looking. He is the size of a medium [pig with 2 long yellow bucked teeth like a beaver only longer. His female companion is slightly smaller, but just as ugly. They look like a giant rodent with the rear end of a pig. There were 6 babies and the whole family was busy ripping all the new grass up for breakfast. They are destructive beasts and spend all their time stealing eggs from the dicks and Canadian geese that summer here. All Spring into early Summer, I will be hearing the birds screaming off & on during the night as their nests are attacked and the eggs or the babies taken by the nutria. The fish & Wildlife will pay $50 for each dead one that you can bring in. Older kids used to do that to make money, but I don’t think anyone bothers with it these days so they are multiplying at a crazy rate. I feel badly for the ducks & geese through. I would hate to be on the lovely walking path and run into one of these things.
    I read where you did make your pie, but the persimmons where not to your liking. I like almost every kind of fruit, but every time I see persimmons in the store or farmers markets they just seem like they would not taste very nice. I baked scones last week. They were pumpkin spice with pecans & dried cranberries. I freeze them individually, stick them in the freezer so I can have one with coffee when I am craving something slightly sweet. I cannot remember if you have a freezer in your cottage.
    Take care – Ellen

    • Hi Ellen!

      They have so much fun together when I release Nova from the leash. That field is the only place I can see totally so no hare surprises us 🙂 Hares are evil and must die according to Nova, she’s never even close to get one they are just too fast and smart for her 🙂

      I wonder if it is the sound of tarinbg fabrics that puppies love? Nove never does this and the old boys are just too old and usually only take a blanket with them outside in the dog yard. I guess it’s nice to sleep on even on hot summer days 🙂

      I do like how voles and mice look 🙂 I’ve even had a tame rat for many years 🙂 We have nutria here too, they come from fur farms and like it here rather well but they are hard to find, a bit shy and I’ve only seen one once and thought it was a baby beaver until I saw the tail 🙂

      Persimmons are one of my favorite fruits but it just didn’t do well in a fruit pie. I have even two tine persimmon trees in my cold cellar at the moment, I’m not sure that they can survive here though so I’ll have them in pots for as long as it goes before planting them in my garden. Most people over here doesn’t understand when it tastes as best, so as soon as it gets a bit soft they throw it away 🙂 I can usually buy a lot very cheap when they are at their best 🙂

      Scones are perfect that way! Bake a lot and just take out as many as one wants 🙂 Yes I do have a freezer but it’s soomn time to buy a new one, this one is a biyt old and use a lot of electricity now.

      Have a great day!

  3. you have no snow! We are still with lots of snow, and a huge storm coming his way, I come to your blog everyday, I have for several years, before I started blogging actually, I found you through Joyce, I always forget you don`t do a Wednesday post, I enjoy your blog, its one of my most interesting reads of the day,

    • Hi Laurie!

      We have some snow left on places the sun doesn’t reach but it’s very little now thankfully 🙂

      Lots of people come here via Joyce 🙂 I’ll write more about that in todays post 🙂

      We’re haveing a sort of storm right now, it’s either raining or snowing but it’s enough warm to melt the snow quickly 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. hi christer! those pups sure have fun together! do they ever bite each other? it is still very warm here. we are supposed to get really bad storms tonight. we need the rain! i guess the deer will do what deers do at this time of year. it will be fun to see who returns in the fall! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      They play for hours, sleep a while and then continue to play 🙂 but they never bite each other.
      Cold and damp here today, not nice at all!

      yes they are out doing deer things now and we’ll see who has survived the hunting next autumn.

      Have a great day!

  5. many times I “try” to read your blog at work and then someone comes walking in and I have to click off. So I end up visiting later. Yeah, I try to stay current, not always easy and it’s hard for me to comment because I might be at work.
    I also find that your blog loads really really slow for me so that by the time it’s completely there, I have to click off again.
    Sigh, but I always have to come “peek in” on what’s going on.
    That, and I need my Bertil fix!

    • Hi Cindi!

      It’s all the photographs that makes my blog slow to down load but I have to say it is fairly quick in my mobile phone 🙂

      Have a great day!

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