First thunder of the year.

This mornings moon.

The moon this morning.


We went out just after six this morning, it was still way below 0C (32F) and there was a thin layer of frost on most things outside. But the sun heated up the air rather quickly so the walk was very nice anyway. I could hear a few cranes from the lake, this has been a bad year for those following cranes here, the spring came too late so they passed quickly to get to their nesting places further north. There are still some Black Grouse out on the bog and when they stopped for the day the forest doves took over.


DSC_0004 (800x531)

DSC_0005 (800x532)

DSC_0008 (530x800)

DSC_0011 (800x532)

I started picking up all plants that have spent winter in my cool cellar. I do that with plants that either are too young and small or at the border of what they can manage climate wise. They spend their first three winters in the cellar and after that I’ll plant them in the garden. It’s a bit tricky to let them stay in the cellar during winter, I either give them to much or to little water. Both are wrong and will kill the plant. Most things seems to have survived this year though except for all small Magnolia kobus plants. It looks like all of them are dead but on the other hand all Magnolia acuminata has survived instead.


DSC_0015 (800x532)

DSC_0016 (800x532)

DSC_0017 (800x532)

DSC_0020 (800x532)

The Black Walnut does look good too so that one I’ll plant somewhere in my garden this year. I also moved one of my Osage Orange trees in the garden. The deers had walked on it, my dog had too and I had also stumbled over it a few times 🙂 But it is alive even if the stem and all twigs were broken. Now it’s placed in a much better spot so I hope it will like it there.


DSC_0021 (800x532)

DSC_0023 (800x532)

DSC_0029 (800x532)

DSC_0032 (800x532)

We hadn’t come far on our second walk when thick heavy clouds came but since they only drizzled some we continued out in to the forest. I have to admit that I got a bit surprised when I heard thunder. So we turned homewards again even if that one rumble was all we heard. It’s never a good thing to wander around in the forest if thunder arrives.


DSC_0037 (800x532)

DSC_0039 (800x532)

DSC_0044 (800x532)

DSC_0033 (800x531)


It’s time to make a pot of tea and then I’ll head upstairs to see the last (for the season I hope) episode of Merlin. After that I think I’ll get outside again doing some things in the garden. This is how spring should be, not too cold at night, not too warm during the day and I like it if it continues like that for quite some time 🙂


DSC_0002 (800x532)

DSC_0004 (800x532)

DSC_0005 (800x532)

DSC_0006 (800x531)

Have a great day!


DSC_0013 (800x521)


16 thoughts on “First thunder of the year.

  1. I love Merlin too and hope it is not over, other than for the season. It seemed to end at an odd place though.

    • Hi myroseindecember!

      I just saw the last episode, ever. It was the fifth season and ended so that one knows there won’t be any more, so I guess You will have more episodes to watch still 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE this post.
    Because of Bertil of course.
    that’s always been my problem…love those bad boys 🙂
    it’s 63 degrees right now and I’ve been outside all morning working in the yard
    (taking a break for a bit) but plan on working on that “hill” of mine.
    The tree guy comes Friday while I’m on vacation and is cutting down my HUGE Weeping Willow.
    I’ve hauled stuff to my curb and people have already stopped to take my junk.
    Feels good to be rid of it!
    OK! Break is over!
    Later. – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!

      He’s used to the camera now days so he isn’t bothered by it and therefore easy to photograph 🙂
      I think we reached 50 but that’s it. But I like it when we get a chance to get used to the temperature instead of having winter one day and boiling summer the next 🙂 🙂 🙂

      So You’ll have vacation early before the heat comes! I usually think the month of May to be the best to have the vacation at, but we usually have it in July because many factories close down then.

      Here people just would add more junk on what I would leave 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer,
    We’ve had thunder during snowstorms this year. Snow thunder is weird because it’s so unexpected. Makes you do a double take wondering what the noise is.

    I know you’ve said Bertil is a tiny cat but somehow the picture of him on the tree made me realize how small he is.

    I’m trying to decide what to do about the very large bare spot in my lawn. It’s on the North side of the house, under two trees so it gets little sunlight when the leaves are out. It used to have stonecrop, moneywort and some grass growing in it but most of it died off. I might just throw some grass seed on it and see what happens.

    It’s sunny and cool here, today. Nothing much is going on, though. Slacker day, I guess. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I’ve been through two thunder/snow storms and it was weird 🙂 No wonder people back in the days thought it was the gods that were very angry 🙂

      Bertil really is tiny 🙂 Teodor isn’t especially big either to be honest. But Bertil sort of makes it even because of his aggressive behavior 🙂

      There are some geraniums that could be worth trying in that bare spot, like Geranium phaeum. I use the scientific name because every flower usually have at least ten or more popular names 🙂 That one usually thrives in darker spots and is rather beautiful.

      Another sunny and cold morning here, I’ll soon be out on our morning walk 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Thanks. I’ll look up the geranium phaeum. I love the little wild geraniums and wouldn’t mind having them in the yard.
        I discovered that ajuga will work there and I already have that growing elsewhere so I might move some or save the seeds. I also found a deer feed lot mix that might do very well and can be walked on, too. It’s high sugar perennial rye grasses, white clover, birdsfoot trefoil and purple top turnips. Interesting mix. If I don’t mow it, I might get turnips! 🙂

      • Hi Caryn!

        there are lots of different geraniums You can have in shadow, so talk with a garden center about it. Many have strong blue colors but there’s anything from brown, red, blue to white.

        Those sugar perennial rye grasses sounds interesting! But white clover is a weed extraordinaire 🙂 Have it all over here and they tend to smother the weaker plants I have. Like it otherwise though.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to have a garden filled with turnips 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. that bertil sure is something! we need rain so bad! i was planting today and the ground is bone dry. i sure hope we are not in for another drought!

    • Hi Joyce!

      I wish we could send over some of the water in our ground to You 🙂 No risk of drought here the coming six months 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Christer,
    It is a chilly night here. The sun was out all day but it never really got warm. I didn’t care: just seeing the sun for two days in a row is enough. The plants in my front garden have begun to appear, and many of then have spread. I have a baby forsythia or two which have to be moved and also another bush too large for the garden. My landscaper who lives next door came over and told me where he’d like to move the bush. He said it is already a bad year for tress: too many weeds. One the flowers are up, I’ll know how much room I have for new ones. I need the flowers for the deck, herbs for the side garden and vegetables for the small garden I started last year. That won’t be for a few weeks yet though-still too cold.

    Have a wonderful evening!

    • Hi Kat!

      This night was just as cold as the one yesterday. I don’t mind if the day becomes sunny and warm though.

      I would need to move a couple of bushes too but at least one of them is so big that I think I might kill it if I do it now, I better wait until autumn. More bulbs are showing here now but it’s still too early to buy plants for pots yet, well pansies will make it now but that’s it. I’ll take it easy with potted plants this summer, I always forget to water them anyway 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi dq!

      I haven’t watched it yet, I was too tired both on Friday and Saturday evenings. But I’ll let You all know as soon as I’ve watched it 🙂

      Have a great day!

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