Somethings wrong with Nova!


All photographs today was taken yesterday.

All photographs today was taken yesterday.


I worked today even if we have a holiday here today but I’m at home tomorrow instead. We couldn’t take Friday off like we normally can because we just have too much to do. To stay at home a Thursday and work a Friday is anything but good, the work morale would be rather low that Friday to be honest 🙂


DSC_0002 (800x530)

DSC_0004 (530x800)

DSC_0006 (800x530)


Everything was like it always is when I left for work this morning, they all ran to the dog house and everyone was happy. It was a totally different thing when I came home though, Hector, Orvar and Sune came running like always but Nova walked very slowly. The tail between her legs and she sort of had problems with her hind legs.


DSC_0008 (530x800)

DSC_0009 (800x530)

DSC_0014 (530x800)


She made it indoors but went to lay down beneath the kitchen table. She had and still has problems standing up but can walk even if she prefers not to. She has no fever and she eats too so I think it might be problems with her back, even if one of all the vets I called thought it could have to do with her stomach problems. Everyone said I shouldn’t worry yet but wait until tomorrow to see if she’s better or worse.


DSC_0015 (800x530)

DSC_0017 (530x800)

DSC_0018 (800x530)

It looks very much the same as when old Erna got problems with lumbar paralysis, She could still walk but her hind legs were really wobbly. I thought she had had a heart attack the first time I saw it 🙂 The next day she walked without any problems again and I hope this will be better tomorrow too. It could also be a herniated disc or dehydration if it has to do with her stomach problems (at least that’s what one of the vets said).


DSC_0019 (800x530)

DSC_0020 (800x530)

DSC_0021 (530x800)


My vets office is closed until Monday so if things get worse I need to go to the bigger animal hospital in Skara. I don’t like that place but it really doesn’t matter what I think, if she needs to see the vet that’s where we’ll go. She still farts evil but it had turned to the better yesterday. No walk today, I really can’t leave her here at home and walk away with the others, beside it rains on and off and they have been warning for thunder later today.


DSC_0023 (800x530)

DSC_0024 (800x530)

DSC_0012 (800x530)


Keep Your fingers crossed and hold Your thumbs for good luck!

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Somethings wrong with Nova!

  1. OMG! I hope she gets better quickly. I wonder if it’s a slipped disc? My Jimmy had that and he walked very slow and hunched over. I had to get him a harness to replace his collar so nothing pulled on his neck. They gave him muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. He also had several chiropractic adjustments. If you massage her back does she seem to be more painful in spots? I also was shown how and where to pull on Jimmy’s head to create traction on his neck. Oh, I hope that it’s just something simple…a relatively easy fix? You and Nova are in my thoughts! Sending positive energy and healing thoughts out to you. I know how scary this can be when you know that they are hurting but they can’t tell you where. 😦

    • Hi Cindi!

      I think she’s a bit better now, not much but some. She can’t walk stairs though so we’ll all sleep on the bottom floor until she’s better.

      She doesn’t seem to have any pain if I massage her or press some towards her back or stomach. She already have a harness just because I was afraid her neck would get damaged since she did pull the leash in the beginning. She’s really bad in her stomach but it works and she farts something evilishly 🙂 🙂 🙂 My guess is that Sune and she played like they always do and since they have dug big holes in the dog yard she might have fallen badly in to one of those holes and injured her back. She walks much like You described how Jimmy did. I doubt it’s her stomach problems creating this though. We’ll know better tomorrow.

      Thanks for the well wishes and positive thoughts 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hoppas verkligen att allt går bra och att Nova snabbt kryar på sig! Tummar och tassar (både hund och katt) hålles här!

    • Hejsan Monaxe!

      Tack skall du ha!
      Hon verkar lite bättre nu, även om det är långt från bra. Men hon följde med en kort runda i trädgården nyss och svansen är inte längre mellan benen, alltid något 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  3. it’s so hard when furkids get sick because they can’t tell you what hurts. I hope she is doing better tomorrow.

    • Hi Deanna!

      It’s so frustrating! I left a happy healthy dog this morning and met a dog that barely can walk. She’s a bit better so I’m hoping a nights rest will help even more. She can’t walk stairs so we’ll all sleep in my livingroom tonight. Thankfully my couch is very comfortable 🙂 I do hope she dopesn’t fart too much, it’s a foul smell 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Laurie!

      She’s a little bit better but far from good right now but any improvement is good 🙂 We’ll all sleep in my livingroom tonight, she can’t walk stairs at all.

      Have a great day!

  4. Hoppas verkligen inte att det är något allvarligt;( Stackars lilla Nova:( Jag vet hur det känns när ens älskade djur blir sjuka eller/och gamla. KRAM på dig och jag håller tummarna!

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Tack skall du ha!

      Hon är lite bättre just nu, men långt ifrån bra. Men hon följde med ut i trädgården en stund i alla fall och svansen är inte längre konstant mellan benen. Alla små positiva tecken är ju bra 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. I feel bad for you and Nova. Our little Yorkie started out favoring one of her legs. The vet x-rayed and said it was her knee cap slipping in and out and put her on anti inflamitory meds and said she needed surgery. A couple weeks later both her legs seemed to give out. The vet thought it was just the stress on her back from walking favoring the one leg. He put her on steriods. That really helped after awhile. She is now walking on both legs……wobbily but not favoring either. We have postponed her surgery. She also has a collapsed trachea and only weighs 10 lbs. I worry about her being put to sleep more than the surgery itself. I hope that maybe this helps somehow. It just hurts to see them not up to par. I slept on our sofa for several months. She would sleep on the back of the sofa. I called it our bunk beds. Butu we are back in a real bed now. Good luck.

    • Hi Debby!

      It is better this morning 🙂 She can walk down those steps from my kitchen door to the garden and she’s wagging her tail again 🙂 But she’s still wobbly in her back legs but I think she will improve more during the day. We’ll just take small and slow walks instead of the long rather fast we usually do (not my choise, my dogs decides what speed we’re walking at 🙂 🙂 🙂 ).

      I have no idea what caused this though so I’ll get an appointment at my vet next week, they have closed for the holiday right now.

      I’m sorry about Your Yorkie! I do understand Your worries, I’m never worried about surgeries both my dogs and I have had way to many of those 🙂 but it’s tha day when I have to take that decision I fear. But just being back to the real bed is a big step forward 🙂 I do hope she will be fine again soon!

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi Christer,
    Sorry to hear about Nova and hope it is nothing too serious. It’s worrying when they come up with mystery injuries. It could be weakness from no water and all the vomiting and diarrhea she had. I hope so anyway because that is something that is easily fixed.
    My old dog Tegan liked to play basketball with my nephew. One time he bounced the ball very high and Tegan went up after it. When she landed, she was 3-legged lame and refusing to put any weight on one hind leg. I took her to the vet and, after hearing my story and examining her, he thought it was probably a pulled muscle. He gave me some muscle relaxers and told me not to let her go in for lay-up shots anymore. 🙂
    Enjoy the evening as best you can. Spending the holiday at the vet’s is no fun.

    • Hi Caryn!

      She’s better this morning 🙂 She can walk around slowly and she is wagging her tail again 🙂
      I just happaned so fast! I have no idea what caused this so I’ll get an appointment at the vet next week, it’s just so early in her life getting back problems.
      But all vets also said it could be her kidneys failing so I must know!

      I’m used to Orvar and Hector having all kinds of problems, they always limp around 🙂 But Nova was the last dog I thought would have any problems until she was really old 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. hi christer! i hope it is not nova’s back! teddy does this sometimes when she is constipated. she tucks her tail between her legs and moves slowly. it is so hard to wait and see what happens. i wish you and nova all the best! let us know what happens as soon as you know! take care christer! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      She’s better now, the back legs ars still wobbling some but she can walk around and she is wagging her tail again 🙂 The vets I was talking to also said it could be her kidneys and that would be even worse. I’ll get an appointment at my regular vet next week so they can check her properly! I hate to just wait and hope for the best but this time it seems to have been the right thing 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  8. Hi Christer –
    I ope Nova symptoms disappear as quickly as they came on. Sounds like a pinched nerves or something similar as you said. A friend had a dog with the same symptoms and he bought a pet heating pad for his dog. Whatever the origin, sometimes much of the pain leads to spasms & knotting of the muscles in the back. The mild heat relaxed the muscles and took away much of the pain. Sometimes the vet can try a short term injection of corticosteriods (Prednislone) and if the dog improves after a couple of days it indicates an inflammatory the source of the problem. An MRI is likely the only way to try & accurately diagnose poor Novas problem. I hope it does not come to that because MRIs for animals cost just as much as a humans does. Lets be phatositive and hope t she rests and it eases up on it’s own.
    I had a cat who had inflammatory bowel disease. The vet had me feed him some canned pumpkin puree every day and it really calmed his stomach/colon problems down. Luckily he loved the pumpkin & yogurt. The pumpkin is also given to dogs with constipation or the opposite problem. It wouI know how nerve racking it is to have an animal feeing bad and there is no instant cure. It’s especially hard when your pets are like your children & your helpless to make them feel better.
    It stinks that you are having to work on Friday and didn’t get to take a 3 day weekend. I hope they pay you overtime for not getting the Holiday off.
    Your photos today really show that Spring has arrived where you live. We had a beautiful week of sun & 84 degrees. It will rain again this weekend, but they say we will have sun all next week and 72 degrees. My kind of weather. I am going to the nurseries this weekend to buy some flowers/plants for all my large containers. I want to find a new variety of blueberry bush that is made specifically for container gardening. I would love to be able to pick my own. They are supposed to have lots of berries, even the 1st year. They only cost about $8 USD so I can afford to give it a try.
    I turned 56 today and am trying not to feel too ancient. hard to do when I see the tabloid magazines at the grocery store check-out with headlines about the “Retro 70’s” or the furniture from the 60’s being “antique”. I probably own socks that are older than most 30 yr. olds. Oh well, old or not, it is better to keep aging than the alternative.
    Have a good weekend and I will check in to see how Nova is doing. Think about putting something warm over her when she is sleeping, the low heat may really give her some relief.

    • Hi Ellen!

      She is better this morning 🙂 She’s still a bit wobbly in her hind legs but she can walk and she is wagging her tail again 🙂 Her apetite is healthy too 🙂 So this time it was best to just wait and see but I’ll get an appointment at my vet next week. The vets I was talking to yesterday all said it could be her kidneys failing so I must let my vet check her properly! My guess however is close Toy what You say, a pinched nerv in her back.

      Our health care is much cheaper than our pets healthcare. I’ve had two hip surgeries (getting implants worth more than my cottage 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) and together those surgeries and medicines didn’t cost more that $300. We all know what a vet costs 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Over here we give pets with bad stomachs boiled rice and boiled fish/chicken. So that’s what Nova has been eating now when her stomach is like it is.

      We haven’t even reached 70’s yet 🙂 64,4 is the highest so far and that’s summer temperature up here 🙂 We crarely reach the 80’s and once in a decade we can reach up to 88 but that’s very rare. Summers here are usually cool and rainy but we normally only rem,ember those few times it actually gets real hot (that’s around 80F 🙂 )

      We have a couple of low growing blueberry bushes adapted for our climate and containers and they give delicious berries. But we prefer to buy those we call American Blueberries. They aren’t as hardy as our own but it’s so much easier tyo pick berties from those high bushes 🙂 I have four different in my garden and I’ll get some more 🙂 They aren’t as sweet as the ones in our forests though but that’s the reason to hbuy honey or sugar 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I didn’t explai especially well how we worked this weekend 🙂 We did swap our holiday on Thursday so we could stay at home today on Friday, normally we have a four day weekend this holiday but we just had too much to do but a three day weekend isn’t that bad either 🙂 In a way I should be happy that we have lots to do, many don’t even have a job.

      Hapy Birhday 🙂 It’s strange that the 70’s and 80’s are cool again 🙂 Retro? it feels like it was just yesterday 🙂

      Have a great day!

  9. Oj, oj, oj – det där låter inte bra! Även om det “bara” är något som hänt under lek, så kan det ju medföra allvarliga och kroniska tillstånd – vilket vi verkligen inte får hoppas!!
    Den enda tjejen i gänget kan ju inte heller vara den som är dålig. Men med tanke på att Nova varit som ett kvicksilver tidigare, så bör det förmodligen vara något riktigt ont som påverkar henne. Alltså gör du helt rätt att ta henne till vetten nästa vecka!
    Här hålls alla tummar och tassar och allt annat vi kan tänka på!!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nej jag blev riktigt orolig, men hon är bättre idag 🙂 Vi har varit på en promenad till mossen och det gick riktigt bra 🙂 För en gångs skull gick hon riktigt fint kopplad 🙂 🙂 🙂 Men till veterinären skall hon, som du säger det kan vara något som får följder längre fram.

      Ha det gott!

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