Living on the border.

It isn't the super moon but one can never have too many photo's of the moon :-)

It isn’t the super moon but one can never have too many photo’s of the moon πŸ™‚


My cottage lies on the border between sunny and nice weather Β and cloudy and rainy weather. Sometimes the clouds give me rain at the same time the sun shines towards me :-)Over here we say that it will rain the next day if the sun shines at the same time it rains. This time it seems to be true because all weather forecast businesses says it will rain tomorrow πŸ™‚


DSC_0004 (800x532)

DSC_0005 (800x532)

DSC_0006 (800x532)


So I brought home the second barrel for rain water just in time it seems. It’s plastic and I have sawn the lid off and I also bought one of those blocks made from concrete pellets, we call them lecablock but Google couldn’t find any translation for that word πŸ™‚ I’ll place one of the plants that has grown in the pond on that block and when I’ve done that I think I’ll buy a couple more goldfish to put in it. They’ll eat any insect larvae that might start its life in there πŸ™‚


DSC_0009 (800x532)

DSC_0010 (800x532)

DSC_0011 (800x532)


I also bought something I usually never do, I bought three small bushes to plant by the fence so that it will be a bit more difficult for the dogs to jump over the fence in a year or two. The small bushes now stands in quarantine for at least two weeks just in case they also have some spanish forest slugs in the soil. That slug is so slimy that no other animal will eat it and therefore they multiply enormously. I know people who kill over a thousand every day in their gardens. They’re not just slimy, they also have an appetite bigger than most animals have.


DSC_0013 (800x532)



DSC_0016 (532x800)


It’s time to make something to eat and a pot of tea of course. It’s Grimm time tonight and that’s one of the very few programs I really don’t want to miss. But I have one question for those of You that follows this series, what happened to his mother? I missed the second season because they showed it on Sunday 10 pm and the reruns on Monday morning at 5 am!!!!! I so wonder what she did with those coins and if she might come back again πŸ™‚


DSC_0019 (800x531)

DSC_0021 (800x532)

DSC_0020 (800x531)


Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Living on the border.

  1. hi christer! i sure hope you don’t get those snails! slugs are bad enough! we might get more rain today. there are storms all around me right now. some have hail so i hope we don’t get them. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Me too! They are just awful and that slime is almost impossible to wash of what ever it has touched.

      I do hope You don’t get the hail, it just destroyes everything. But I guess You still eed more rain though since it’s been so dry. Our predictions are different in all sites so we might get rain but then again we might not πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi!

    I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now. I like hearing about your life and the animals, your stories and, of course, all the wonderful pictures. If I may make a small suggestion? Fewer smiley faces. Not that I’m a curmudgeon–I like smiles as much as the next person. I just find them the number of them to be… distracting…especially when I read the email version.

    Thanks so much! Kerry

    • Hi Kerry and welcome to my blog!

      ll try tio rem,ember that but I know how my brain works and I can remember things about the space and books I read as a child but I can forget what I was going to do in a second πŸ™‚ I do know what You mean when reading the mail version, doesn’t work at all with lots of smileys.

      Have a great day and welcome back!

  3. Hi Christer,
    The Spanish snails sound gross. We have slugs which are also gross and don’t even have an interesting shell. Fortunately, or not, the skunks take care of the slugs in my yard.

    What kind of dog-proof bushes did you buy?
    I’m told the old fashioned thorny quinces make a good animal barrier if they are planted closely and kept well trimmed. Having received many a stab wound from the one in the garden, I can believe that nothing would want to try to push through a thicket of those things. Well, maybe a Jack Russell Terrier but they feel nothing when they’re concentrating on what they want.

    The day started out foggy and rainy. Now it’s sunny and windy but I’m guessing some bad weather is on it’s way here from the west. Feels like it anyway.

    Enjoy Grimm and the rest of your evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      They are gross but lately some starlings that spends winter in Spain has shown how to do it. They take the slug up in the air and drops it on the ground, it bursts open when hitting the ground and then they can eat it without getting all slimy. Now we can only hope other animals starts to do the same πŸ™‚

      They had no thorny ones but the Beauty bush is so dense that it will stop any dog for a while (unless it’s a small one, they might pass through it πŸ™‚ ) I also bought a forsythia that with time will be thick enough too (a long time :-)) But my neighbor has put up an electric fence just outside mine so that if nothing else will stop them from jumping over πŸ™‚ Especially since they are afraid of cows πŸ™‚ I have a quince in my garden but it’s on the border to what it can manage here, otherwise that would be a great choice.

      Absolutely still here right now. I would call this half sunny because there are some clouds covering the sun half the time πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!!

  4. Peonies, columbine and iris! gorgeous. Sune has gotten to be such a grown-up dog!
    We finished the third season of Grimm; Nick’s mother was not in that season at all, but he does get an email from her (or maybe it was text) near the last episode.She will probably will be in next season. I thought this season was the best. When you are finished this season, we can discuss a few of the interesting developments. My husband and I love this show!!
    Have a good weekend. Love to the family.

    • Hi Robin!

      My garden starts to look like a typical Swedish cottage garden now days πŸ™‚ despite my efforts to not let it become that πŸ™‚ but I like it.

      He just got that e-mail in yesterdays episode πŸ™‚
      It is a really good season but I have no idea what the second was like but this channel usually send a lot of popular programs as reruns during the summer so I’m hoping they’ll show the second season so I can see it!

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer! About time I got over here and checked to see what you’ve been up to. I’ve been up to just exactly nothing. Except playing in the yard when it’s cool enough. Your flowers are gorgeous. The pink one is just wonderful!
    Beautiful cool green photo”s and I love it! Doesn’t Joyce’s blog make you crazy? I go there and leave starving for whatever she has cooked OR I want to rush out and plant something!! πŸ™‚
    I have never heard of that program..does it only show in your country? Sounds like something I might like.
    Take care and enjoy your tea! :):)

    • Hi Mona!

      I’ve been lousy when it comes to comment in Your blog lately, I’ve been there though reading it via my mobile phone but it’s just too much work correcting my phone all the time if I’m trying to write via that because it tries to change every English word to Swedish ones

      I do get a lot of new dishes to try after visiting Joyce πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and it’s impossible to even try doing something like her garden so I just enjoy seeing it instead πŸ™‚

      I know that show is shown in the states and if You like fantasy and sometimes really nasty, but good, fantasy You would love this one. All the characters from the old Grimm tales are there and some a lot worse πŸ™‚
      Have a great day!

      • I will give You this much, the main carachter is a Grimm and that’s something few are born to be. All those strange creatures in those books (and lots more) live amongst us but we can’t see them for who they are. But the Grimm can. It’s really good!

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