Reading the morning news.

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It’s 8 am when I write this and the village is quiet, only a few birds continues to sing and I guess the villagers still sleeps. It’s cool outside but not cold as yesterday morning was. We’ve eaten our breakfasts and I could read in the morning paper about a young immigrant we’ve been following for some time now. He fled from Afghanistan with his best friend and he saw his best friend drown when the boat they were travelling with over the mediterranean sank.


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He was rescued and transferred to a refugee camp in Italy where he was raped by the other refugees all the time, he managed to escape and came to Sweden. Even though the authorities (government) knew about what had happened to him in Italy they still wanted to take him back there because according to EU law he must seek asylum in the country he arrives to. Now I know authorities can’t have a heart when deciding these things but they really should!!! Send him back to a place where he was constantly raped???


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But the authorities hadn’t expected how we would react and when they realised they had lost their face they tried to repair their reputation by letting him stay. New information they claimed made it possible to let him stay. It was the same information they’d had all the time but there’s no use in arguing about that. Today I read that the now young man had died. He said he was followed with bad luck and I guess he was right. He and some other immigrant children had gone to the beach to have a picnic and a boy only 16 years old pushed him during an argument about a slice of pizza. He fell so badly that he hit his head on a rock. They tried to save his life but yesterday he was pronounced dead.


One of the fantails in one of my water barrels.

One of the fantails in one of my water barrels.

I found this completely black moth yesterday. I've never seen any moth or butterfly that black before.

I found this completely black moth yesterday. I’ve never seen any moth or butterfly that black before.

DSC_0013 (800x531)

DSC_0007 (800x531)


This is so sad in so many ways really. Finally he felt safe and was just about to start a new life, the boy who pushed him had no intention what so ever to kill him but will now be prosecuted for assault or manslaughter and if he lose the trial he will most likely be kicked out of here. Only because of a slice of pizza. It’s things like this that make me realise how lucky I am in life. Yes I have rheumatism and yes I wish I had more money or my little business had actually given some income when I had it 🙂  I have a job and an income and I live in a village at the outskirts of the world where almost nothing happens. It’s time to appreciate that a bit more.


Back to Skara again. I like how they have saved the old gate even if it never ius used any more.

Back to Skara again. I like how they have saved the old gate even if it never ius used any more.

Modern Townhouses in a British style I think.

Modern Townhouses in a British style I think.

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DSCF1021 (800x600)


Have a great day!


Finally I reached the building that looked interresting from a distance, it turns out that it's a school. I wonder if it always has been the architecture is a bit unusual I think.

Finally I reached the building that looked interesting from a distance, it turns out that it’s a school. I wonder if it always has been the architecture is a bit unusual I think.

DSCF1025 (800x600)

DSCF1026 (800x600)

A big park is neighbor to an old grave yard and they sort of melts together even if they are devided by a road. I've been to this chapel once. One of my best friends died of breast cancer and they had the funeral there.

A big park is neighbor to an old grave yard and they sort of melts together even if they are divided by a road. I’ve been to this chapel once. One of my best friends died of breast cancer and they had the funeral there.



14 thoughts on “Reading the morning news.

  1. Hi Christer,
    How very sad about the young man.
    I expect that his story is not unique but that we are not hearing what is happening to other young men in those camps.
    Assuming the EU has any power to do anything, what are they doing to control the living conditions in these camps?

    Is there a rule that says Swedish country cottages have to be red while Swedish houses in town have to be painted yelIow?
    I can see the logic of yellow houses in a country where it gets dark so early and there is so much snow.
    Besides, my house is yellow and I like it that color. 🙂

    If they don’t want that gate, I’ll be happy to take it off their hands. 🙂

    Something is destroying a small black walnut that I want to keep because it will provide shade on the east side of the porch. The tree is maybe 12 feet tall. At the very top the leaf stalks are being partially detached so that they hang down around the vertical leader. There is a male English sparrow that sits in that spot a lot. I suspect him of being the culprit. Perhaps he doesn’t understand that the things he is bending over are leaves, not branches, and will fall off instead of providing him with a frame for his thatch house.
    I need to get some mylar streamers to discourage him. Or maybe I will just spray him with the hose every time I see him there.

    It’s 5:30AM here and it looks like the sun is not going to shine this morning.
    Yes, I’m typing in the dark. 🙂
    I’ll roust Rocky out of bed in an hour or so. We’ll go to the lake for a walk and a visit to the farmer’s market and then breakfast afterwards.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      yes it is sad, for both of them but especially him that had gone through so much. I think it’s up to each and every country to give them good living conditions, the EU mostly seems to slap the country on the fingers as most. Especially now when the finances of most European countries are worse than ever.

      No, no rules like that 🙂 We just love our red homes 🙂 But many have painted their homes in other colors now days too, especially yellow. But one can’t just change the color of ones house to anything, it must fit with the other houses colors in the neighborhood. The rules used to be extremely strict but thankfully they changed that.
      I guess they still want the gate even if it never is used 🙂 I like it too but it would look odd in front of a small red cottage 🙂

      I guess that sparrow looks for insects and it so much easier to just break the leaf 🙂 I guess spraying him with the hose is most effective, just make sure he doesn’t drown 🙂 🙂

      It’s still long days here so at 5:30 the sun was high up in the sky here 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • I just checked the tree. Whatever is doing it is being very systematic about which branches are being broken. It has broken the leader branch.
        Research says English sparrows don’t make nests like that but I will keep watch.

        Many places here have rules about house colors, too. It’s un-American. 🙂 One should be able to paint one’s house whatever color one wants.
        If the city or town decides that the neighborhood is “an historical district”, the property owners are screwed. They can’t do anything to the exterior of their property unless the historical commission approves.

        Historical Commissions have a very limited idea of what is historically correct even in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Mostly they want houses in historical districts to be painted white. So wrong.
        Originally those houses were painted all kinds of “unseemly” colors.

      • I don’t know too much about Americam birds but my guess is that it’s a Blue Jay 🙂 Brittish sparrows are weaver birds if I’m not misstaken so they use mostly straws and things that bends easily.

        Much the same rules here. But they tend to try to find the original color to get it as right as possibly. I don’t mind white houses but not too many of them 🙂 I think that Bjurum castle originally was painted in same kind of yellow so I guess that might be its future color as well because they are renovating it at the moment.

  2. En mycket tragísk berättelse! Så sorglig!!
    Och det är precis som vanligt, myndighetspersoner rider på sina lagar och bestämmelser och ingen vågar ta egna intitativ!
    Sen kan man ju undra vad det är för fruktanvärda män som gör så här mot sina medmänniskor. Man kan naturligtvis skylla på att dom upplevt så mycket hemskt i sina hemländer att dom inte längre kan skilja på rätt och fel, men hallå!? Någon gräns måste det väl finnas, annars skulle ju alla flyktingar våldta allt dom ser hela tiden. Och så sker ju inte…..hoppas jag!
    Och det kanske inte är så konstigt att vi “vanliga” människor blir rädda för att få hit just sådant folk och får en massa fördomar!? Det är ju uruselt av den italienska flyktingmyndigheten att inte kunna stoppa det hela!!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Visst är det sorgligt.
      Visst borde de kunna använda hjärnan lite mera, trots allt skall ju barnkonventionen gälla men det skiter de fullständigt it!

      Tyvärr finns sådana män överallt, tänk bara på alla pedofil arresteringar av svenskar de gjort numera. Så det spelar ingen roll var man åker i världen, svin som dem finns överallt. Våra pedofiler åker ju gärna till sydostasien för att våldta barn där!

      Italien har så mycket andra problem så jag tror de skiter i vilket tyvärr.

      Ha det gott!

  3. hi christer! that is such a sad story. we are all waiting to hear what the jury says about the george zimmerman trial. will he walk free of go to jail? he shot a young black kid and killed him. the trial is in florida and they have their whole police department ready to control rioting. i hope that does not happen. i notice teddy getting stomach problems during the summer. does this happen to your dogs each summer and why do you think it does? joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes it is so sad, when he finally could start too look forward in life.

      I am verey interrested in the Zimmerman trial! From what we’ve been able to find out via media I think he should be guilty but then again, can we trust the media?

      Yes the summer stomach illnes, every year the same here too. I guess there’s just so many more things to eat out there now and lots of it should have been left alone 🙂 I guess the pond water also contains stuff that should have stayed in the pond 🙂 ( not forgetting all creeks and ditches my dogs drink from) All kinds of things thrive in that warm water I’m afraid.

      Have a great day!

  4. Hi Christer! Such a sad story…this world is simply filled with sadness. My heart just breaks when I read the paper or watch the news. As the saying goes – live each day to the fullest. May you have a day filled with joy and happiness!

    • Hi Deanna!

      So true, Too bad they so rarely report on all the good and fun things happening in the world. I’m afraid that doesn’t sell as good.

      So far I’ve only been bitten twice by deer flies so I can say that my day has been filled with joy 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. The story you have shared is heartwrenching. Such a waste.
    But you have shared glorious photos, and that is a comfort. I love the photos of the spiderwebs, the moths and flowers. The Skara photos are great to see. Gives us a good idea of what your part of the world is like. Thanks for that. Happy Saturday.

    • Hi Robin!

      I feel sorry for both of them. Two lives destroyed because of some pizza, he never intended to harm him at all but that doesn’t help much now when he’s dead I’m afraid.

      I was lucky to find those webs because the dew was almost totally gone when we finally went out for our walk.
      More photos of Skara comes tomorrow 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. so very sad.
    sometimes I get so incredibly depressed, listening to the news or reading it on the Internet and OMG, sometimes Facebook just leaves me in tears.
    and then…like you said, I thank my lucky stars that my life is so good.

    I don’t know why but this post looks so vibrant. Not that others don’t also look great but…is it the same camera?
    anyway, loved the “photos”

    • Hi Cindi!

      It is!
      But FB is the worst place to be honestly! People there just loves to share bad news and most of them are actually lies! Never believe anything written there until You’ve checked it out! Many times it just takes a minute or two to find out the truth.

      Yes the same camera but perhaps the light was a bit different, it varies much here in the north. I think it’s time to show how far north I live again 🙂

      Have a great day!

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