I’m glad I didn’t meet her in the morning.

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Another summer day here, a bit cloudy from time to time perhaps but warm and nice. The morning however as very foggy and I have problems understanding how it could be since there’s no water on (or in) the ground and the humidity is very low. I love walking around in fog so even though we had just a short time before I had to go to work we still took a little walk. We could of course have started earlier but it’s impossible to enjoy fog when it is pitch black 🙂


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Just as we were turning back homewards again I heard a moose cow calling for her calf not far away from us. It’s never a good thing to be close to a moose cow and her calf when You can’t see them 🙂 But it sounded as if they were somewhere in the other direction than we were walking. It was rather warm this morning and lots of insects were very active even that early. I don’t know if the Moose fly had stayed in my hair all day or if it was on my fleece sweater in the car just waiting, but it didn’t take seconds until I felt it crawling around on my neck. I hate those flies!


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From this week and forward we now stop working early on Fridays and I have really looked forward to this 🙂 It’s not the generosity of my employer that allows us to do that, we simply work half an hour more all the other work days. So even if I stopped at the grocery store on my way home (I won 100 swedish kronor, around $15,4 US) I still was at home before 2pm. The sun was shining so we walked down to the creek to see if the beavers are still around.


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They are 🙂 Even though we haven’t gotten especially much rain the water level now is even higher than before. As soon as the rains starts it will be impossible to walk down there 🙂 I saw one beaver for a second or so and I could see lots of signs of their activities too. Just as we were walking in to the forest something in the corner of my eye caught my interest, a moose cow and her TWO calves 🙂


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It was here that I heard the moose calling for what turned out was her two calves.

It was here that I heard the moose calling for what turned out was her two calves.

So we turned to the other direction in to the forest instead.

So we turned to the other direction in to the forest instead.


If she stays around in this part of the forest she will be sort of immune when the hunting season starts. The group hunting here is usually allowed to shoot one moose bull or moose cow or a moose cow and one calf. This lady has two calves so they can’t really touch her 🙂 because they aren’t allowed to shoot her if she still have calves 🙂 I like moose’s but that doesn’t mean I want to meet them especially close, they are dangerous and wouldn’t hesitate to kill me and my dogs if we came to close.


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It’s time to make a pot of tea and something to eat. Tonight is SciFi night at channel six again, they used to have that before but suddenly they just stopped and so did the viewers watching the channel too 🙂 It’s nice that tv-companies can learn something, like that they need viewers if they want any income from commercials 🙂


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I don't think it will be enough with rubber boots if the water rise any higher :-)

I don’t think it will be enough with rubber boots if the water rise any higher 🙂

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Have a great day!


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8 thoughts on “I’m glad I didn’t meet her in the morning.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Wow, yes, the creek is high. I don’t think I’ve seen pictures with the water that close to the underside of the log bridge. Those beavers must be working diligently.

    Interesting rule about not shooting moose cows with two calves. First you have to know that the cow has two calves. I can see someone explaining that they only saw the one. Apart from that, it selects against cows that only produce one calf. If it continues long enough, you will only have cows that produce twins and no one will be able to shoot any of them. 🙂

    The fog is probably radiation fog that is common when the seasons change. Radiation as in heat radiating off the ground, not geiger counter radiation. The ground absorbs heat from the sun. The air passing over it absorbs heat from the ground. The warm air collides with cooler air and fog happens.

    We had big thunderstorms last night and rain this morning. Now it’s sunny and cooler than it has been. Yay! My mums won’t fry on the doorstep. 🙂

    I always loved my early release days. It may have been only an hour but somehow it managed to feel as if I had half a day off.
    Enjoy your early release day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I’ve never seen it even close to this high during those thirteen years I’ve lived here and we’ve had years when we’ve had rain almost all sunmmer.

      It all depends on how big area the hunting team has. This area is rather small so that’s why they get this kind of rule. Bigger areas have different amounts of moose they are allowed to hunt. So as long as the moose and her calves stays in this area they’re safe but if they walk over to the huge neighboring area they are doomed.

      Yes the air blowing in here must have some humidity and I’m glad that it isn’t the other kind of radiation 🙂 That only exists in Fukushima and Tjernobyl 🙂 Yes one is allowed to joke about that 🙂

      Nice tomorrow again and most probably on Sunday too but rain and lots of it will come next week.

      Yes one hour can feel like half a day and half a day does feel like a whole day 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hello Christer –
    I awoke to a wonderful cool & cloudy morning. Wonderful considering we have been having a run of close to 100 degrees this week. The TV weather guy said that we were hoter on Thursday than Phoenix, Hawaii, Texas or Florida. Absolutely crazy for this time of year. We are supposed to return to 85 degrees C tomorrow, but being able to get a good nights sleep and actually need a blanket was a lovely break. We used to always have cool evenings in Summer, but this year they have stayed in the 60s & 70s with no chance of cooling the inside of the house for the next hot day. Oh well, things will have to change at some point, but I am now convinced I will have to save up for air conditioning next year as global warming is not likely to change the trend for weird weather everywhere.
    The photo of the two calves with their mother is so cute with only the big ears poking up through the grass. When I was a teenager we went on a trip through Wyoming and Montana and at Yellowstone Nat’l Park I got up close & person with a moose calf who was fine with being photographed – his mother was not and came running extremely fast for a hefty animal and I as soon as I spotted her I ran faster uphill than I have ever moved in my life. I think she gave chase at full speed until I found a couple cars parked up the hill. I hit the dirt & rolled under one of the cars where I could see & hear the moose mom snorting and digging her hooves into the dirt. I am pretty sure she could smell that I was around, but she gave up after a minute & returned to her calf. I think I laid under that car for another 15 minutes before I dare get up. Everyone thought it was very funny, especially when they saw that I had accidently snapped a picture of the moose charging at me as I was turning to run. I now give my highest respect to moose & give them plenty of distance. I hope your three stay where they are safe from the hunters. Have you had any recent sightings of Rhune, Dot or Tiny? I hope they all made it through the Spring & Summer.
    The Sci-Fy channel is having the season premiere of Haven tonight. Have you ever seen this show about a small Town in Maine where the citizens have stranges powers they call “The Troubles”. It is a pretty good show that I found on Netflix & caught up on the past several seasons.
    When I purchased my last laptop I purposely bought it before Windows 8 was the only OS available. It really had nothing I needed or would use. At some point I suppose I will be force into changing, but I will wait until I have no option. Sorry to hear you lost your photo editing program. When I bought a new laptop rather than paid to reapir a burned out motherboard, I didn’t even think that I would be losing Photoshop & another progam on the older computer until I went to use it. Computers here have become very reasonably priced, but that is because all the software that used to come loaded on them no longer happens. Now the hardware is inexpensive & the software is costly. I guess they figured out they were not making enough profit giving the software away. When I get frustrated with a tech problem, I just have to walk away from it for a while. The best one is when the computers freeze & you are told to contact the company by email. I guess they think everyone has more than one computer or can immediately summon one to your home. Not in my World.
    Have a good weekend – Ellen

    • Hi Ellen!

      I think that the worst with a really hot day and warm evenings is that the house won’t cool down at all.It just feels like it’s getting hotter and hotter. I have a cool cellar but Nova refuses to go down there and the other dogs are unwilling too. Otherwise that had been perfect until we all had warmed up that place too 🙂 Even though we aren’t even close to Your temperatures we too have an unusualy warm autumn.

      I have to admit that I laughed out loudly when I read about the moose incident 🙂 but that was probably the best thing You could have done!People tend to think that just because a moose isn’t a carnivore they never would attack. They do and last year a person died here.

      I haven’t seen Rune in a couple of weeks and I haven’t seen either Doris nor Tiny all summer. I have however seen Lotta and her young one just a week ago 🙂 From what I know none have been here to hunt roe deers so they should be safe as long as they have avoided the lynx.

      Haven is showed on a channel I don’t have unfortunately, I’ve heard lots of good things about it though. They now show the second season of Grimm though, the one I missed most of. They never tell when they do so one must always check the tableau every day 🙂

      Much the same with computers over here I guess the harware is so cheap because underpaid children in east Asia builds them. I got lots of apps though, apps I really don’t care about 🙂 I wold have been happier without them if I only had gotten the old Windows photo editing program! Most of these apps can be downloaded for free anyway 🙂

      Yes that’s the absolutely best one 🙂 Thankfully I can do that via my mobile phone. I actually think my mobile is more advanced than my new computer 🙂 and it always works too! The only problem is that everything is so small and my fingers so fat 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. such beautiful photos, I know too well how an angry mother moose can be, we were once chased by one, we were in the canoe! Have a wonderful weekend, my father would trap those beavers, poor things, lol

    • Hi Laurie!

      I do like fog photos 🙂

      I nthink that’s the first time I’ve heard about anyone being chased while canoing 🙂 Yes they can be terrifying and those aim very good with both the front and hiund legs!

      Other times but Your father did ehat he could to support his family and he did a great job!

      Have a great day!

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