It’s a bit too predictable, isn’t it?

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It’s a bit windy but the sun is warming rather good even if the sky is covered with see through clouds most of the time. It was a bit different early this morning when we started our morning walk, not far from frost and foggy. Perfect weather to walk in really, especially since the fog grew thicken and thinner without the help of any wind.

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We walked down to the creek and all the time I talked rather loudly with my dogs, I really didn’t want to surprise that mother moose 🙂 Of course that scared off all other animals so no deers or beavers could be seen either. I did hear mother moose calling for her calves after we had passed the forest, I could hear her very well but it was impossible to say from what direction the sound came, sort of creepy when walking in fog 🙂

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If the high speed lead poisoning will occur amongst the beavers my guess is that it happens during the moose hunt that starts the second week in October. No one would react to the sound then.

I was only going to take a short nap after we had come home and I napped for almost four hours 🙂 I’m not surprised though, I still have that cold in my body, the one I got the last weekend. I feel just fine and has no fever but yesterday my voice died and then the coughing started so I didn’t sleep much last night. Now I feel even better after this little nap, my voice is almost totally back again and I’m hoping the coughing will stop today because that’s more exhausting than anything else really.

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They started showing Defiance on Scifi night yesterday and I’ve heard so much good about it. Well it is very predictable isn’t it? I came to think of old western series but in a more modern way. The hero, very reluctant of course has a heart of gold and adopts his enemies little daughter. They come to this village where the sheriff gets killed and he, very reluctantly gets the job. Of course he falls in love with the Mayor, or is it her daughter the Madame on a brothel? She too has a heart of gold even if money mostly comes first 🙂 🙂 Well I’ll give it another chance before I totally dismiss it 🙂 Oh! and let us not forget the Romeo and Juliette love affair between the two children from enemy families! That’s a classic 🙂 I don’t think they’ve missed a thing in this series 🙂

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It’s time for something to eat and a walk, after that I’ll start looking at my new laptop to see how that insane Windows 8 works 🙂

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Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “It’s a bit too predictable, isn’t it?

  1. hi christer! i love the foggy pics. it almost looks like snow…i guess i shouldn’t say that yet! it must be fall because today i start making ketchup! it’s meatloaf and ketchup weather! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      It actually does look like smow, that kind of snow that makes it in to every spot clothes don’t cover properly 🙂 But it is too early even for us to get snow yet, I don’t think it has started to snow even in the most northern parts of Scandinavia yet, but it is just a matter of time.

      I have too many tomatoes now but not enough to make ketchup. A nice problem really 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Last photo is the best. Autumn colors warmed by the sun AND a shaggy pony to boot. It’s got it all. 🙂

    Most stories are variations on one or more of those classic themes. It is a bit much to hit them all in one program, though. It begins to look like a spoof.

    Have you found where the beavers have made their dam and lodge? If the water isn’t threatening anyone’s property, there should be no reason for high speed lead poisoning. Other than the thrill of doing something one isn’t supposed to do of course.

    Do you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1? Apparently the .1 makes a huge difference because it’s formatted to work on both PC’s and tablets. You get the worst of both worlds, perhaps? 🙂
    I looked again for The Missing Manual in Swedish but I can’t connect to where it might logically be found.
    Amazon,com gives me Swedish language grammar books and a lot of Kurt Wallander in English. 🙂
    Google says it’s available in Swedish in both paper and ebook formats but I can’t get there. My Google-fu fails me today. 😦

    Time to take Rocky for a walk and then have some iced coffee.
    Enjoy playing with your new toy. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn!

      I like that one too but I think I like the fifth photo even better.

      I think they also kicked in some Lady Macbeth, the Aliens wife plotting in the background 🙂

      They have stopped the water from running where the gravel road goes over the creek but I can’t find their lodge. There’s no space for that at the same place. I think they live somewhere in the forest though. If the water rise any further it will start to cover huge fields and the forest, the ground is flat for miles around the creek and that is reason enough for lead poisoning. I did hear someone shoot somewhere in the region but it could also be a deer that lost its life.

      Unfortunately I have 8. But I haven’t come that far to check the computer yet 🙂 I have been support watering some plants in my garden and then I watched the rerun of Grimm and soon it will be night again 🙂 I haven’t come that far to check Amazon Sweden either 🙂 This seems to be a day when nothing much is completed 🙂

      Have a nice walk!

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