I need those hours I’m afraid.

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We’re having a sunny but cool day today and I stop working already at 1pm on Fridays so I’ve been able to enjoy it. The days get shorter and shorter now and soon it will be dark both when I go to work and when I come home again. In summer we have almost no dark hours at all and when winter arrives we have very few hours with daylight. Some say it helps when the snow comes because it’s white but that’s only true if the moon shines. It’s just as dark as it is without any snow if it is cloudy.

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Sometimes I can see something reflecting the sun in the Forbidden Forest. I'm curious to what it might be but I'll never go in there again.

Sometimes I can see something reflecting the sun in the Forbidden Forest. I’m curious to what it might be but I’ll never go in there again.

I had decided to change to winter tires tomorrow but a water pump changed those plans. Not the water pump in my car or to my own water here in the cottage but a water pump in the huge washing machine at work. A water pump in those sizes is nothing that any company has lying in some storage because they are nasty expensive and one has to wait almost four weeks if one orders a new one! Thankfully they found two old ones nearby so we could start working again after two days.

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Bertil wasn't comfortable at all walking around by the creek. Every now and again a stench reached us and I guess it most likely is hog poop but I'm saying it's trolls :-)

Bertil wasn’t comfortable at all walking around by the creek. Every now and again a stench reached us and I guess it most likely is hog poop but I’m saying it’s trolls 🙂

Unfortunately that means over time. Well I need those hours for when I’m going to the hospital again so I really should be glad that there is some over time. So now I’m hoping the weather will be just as fine on Sunday as it’s going to be tomorrow so I can change the tires then instead. I have a tendency to wait for too long and it’s really no fun changing tires as it is and when I have to do it when the snow is falling it’s down right nasty 🙂

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My dogs will of course follow me to work and after that I think we’ll take a walk in my old neighborhood since I lived not far from this factory when I moved to the country side. My work friends all think it’s wild hogs that walks around my cottage and makes my dogs want to stay indoors, I guess their right but I still blame those trolls 🙂 It’s time for a pot of tea and something to eat, today it will be yoghurt, sliced apples and a sliced banana, cinnamon and some ginger.

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Hector learned painfully that there's electricity in the fence now. I have no idea why because there's no cattle in the pasture?!

Hector learned painfully that there’s electricity in the fence now. I have no idea why because there’s no cattle in the pasture?!

Have a great day!

The ols crab apple tree by the dog yard and its seedling. Strange how different in colors they are.

The ols crab apple tree by the dog yard and its seedling. Strange how different in colors they are.

P-S. Beatrice! If You haven’t read my answer to Your comment in yesterday’s post please do so.



10 thoughts on “I need those hours I’m afraid.

  1. Vad är det för litet djur på den 3:e bilden? Ser ut som en pytteliten griskulting! 🙂
    Att ni har det så kallt!? Här är det +15 på dagarna och runt +10/12 på nätterna så idag var jag ute och planterade några stäppliljor – men jag tömde också lite krukor. Har ju haft 60(!) stycken så man har att göra. Jag försöker bara ta några varje gång jag är ute så jag inte ska få abstinensbesvär, men nu börjar jag närma mig slutet. Fast idag tog jag t.o.m. bort en del som blommade fortfarande, man vet ju vad som väntar….. 😦 😦

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det är faktiskt Bertil, min katt 🙂

      Det finns ju inget hav här som jämnar ut temperaturen som det gör hos dig, det är därför det blir såpass kallt här. Mossen intill gör faktiskt precis tvärt emot vad havet gör, den gör det kallare på vintern men varmare på sommaren.

      Jag har bara två krukor ute som skall in nu i helgen, två aprikoser som skall få en lite varmare vinter i kalla källaren. Ingen idé att sörja sommaren som varit, vintern kommer ändå 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer,
    The golden trees are beautiful. And the creek is beautiful, too.
    Poor Bertil does look a bit distressed.

    We have coyotes and raccoons and they are troublesome to have hanging around the yard but I think I’m very glad we don’t have wild boar. They have them in the south and west parts of the USA but there aren’t any here.
    There aren’t any trolls, either.
    Well, just the internet variety. 🙂

    It’s warm and sunny here. They were saying it might rain but no rain has appeared and none is forecast for the weekend. That probably means it will pour buckets at some point. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Now it looks like either the yellow turns to brown or the leafs just falls off.

      Perhaps it’s raccoons here too, we have them here now further south and I guess they would love to live close to the creek now 🙂 Hogs can be big troubles but they are still rather shy here, perhaps thats about to change now? But I still hope it’s trolls 🙂 🙂 The internet trolls are much worse and nasty 🙂

      Sunny and sort of warmish here today but we had frost during the night. The moose flies don’t seem to care though, they are still flying around and annoy me 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. I love the light reflecting in the creek, very beautiful. The golden colors of all the trees is such a nice gift of Mother Nature. Bertil looks almost sweet in that picture, peeking through the tall grass. (yes, Christer, I know he is a cranky, bitter little cat, but still, looks cute).
    Whew, I have heard that trolls smell nasty-bad. Hope they stay far off in the Forbidden Forest.

    • Hi Robin!

      That cranky little cat was quite worried down by the creek. Now he knows there’s something very odd that loves water and splash it loudly too 🙂 Anything loving water must be suspicious in his eyes 🙂

      I’m afraid those trolls must be close during nights since Orvar and Sune refuses to go outside 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Vilka underbart vackra höstbilder! Vi har inte alls så kallt som du har hos dig (skönt:)) så vinterdäcken kan vänta lite men det är som du säger att oftast väntar man för länge:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Ni har glädjen av havet runt omkring er, i alla fall till det fryser till där med och då får ni känna på hur jag har det här 🙂

      Jovisst väntar man alltid för länge! Får se om det blir gjort imorgon 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. Hi Christer, i read your reply to my comment in yesterday’s post. Why your comments are not appearing is a complete mystery. I decided to remove the comment option that lets me reply to comments as you suspected that’s when this started. Now, I will recheck to see if any of your comments are showing and I will also check blogger help online. It’s strange that nothing has been showing up and it seems cyberspace gremlins may be to blame.

    And, these colors are so wonderful that I am now wishing we had some here, but not so much for cold weather, yet.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      I made two comments in Your latest post and I can see both of them, I do hope You can too 🙂

      Frost last night again but the moose flies doesn’t seem to care. They are still alive and happy 🙂

      Have a great day!

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