It’s a bit tricky this time of year.

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I’ve hung my trousers by the stove so they can dry up. It’s raining outside and walking through high grass isn’t something to recommend if one wants to stay dry 🙂 It’s a bit tricky to walk around here now since it’s hunting season and because the castle owner has blocked some crucial roads because of the cattle.

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I can’t pass those gates as long as there are cattle close, panicking dogs and curious and perhaps furious cattle is not a good combination. It’s tricky to walk in the forest as well since I don’t know where the hunters are or where. But there’s this little part of the forest where the hunters only can get in from one place and I couldn’t see any cars around so we walked in there this morning.

I love to walk around in this little forest. There are usually lots of different mushrooms there but this summer has been very dry and it's hard to walk outside the old road after the thinning. They didn't take many trees but they left all branches on the ground (as they should) so it's hard to walk there even on a sunny day.

I love to walk around in this little forest. There are usually lots of different mushrooms there but this summer has been very dry and it’s hard to walk outside the old road after the thinning. They didn’t take many trees but they left all branches on the ground (as they should) so it’s hard to walk there even on a sunny day.

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That part of the forest, completely surrounded by big fields used to be the only place they never hunted, a sort of safe zone. But the castle owner bought that part too, as he has most other areas around here, so now there’s no safe zone left. But as I said, they can only get there from one direction so it’s easy to see if they are there.

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The rain will continue to fall most parts of the day and we really need it so I won’t complain, strange because if there’s anything I always complain about it is rainfall 🙂 I have loads of dvd’s I haven’t seen so I think I’ll watch some of those today. I also have the laundry to do and I think I’ll need a little nap as well.

I took some photos on our walk to the bog yesterday. Our hunters weren't there so we could walk around as we pleased.

I took some photos on our walk to the bog yesterday. Our hunters weren’t there so we could walk around as we pleased.

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But firstly it’s time to make a pot of tea, nothing to eat though because I’ve already had my breakfast. I think it’s best to do the laundry after that, it’s no fun and so easy to ignore until it is too late to start 🙂

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I was almost sure that this little spruce growing on the old barn ruin would have died this dry summer, but it looks better than ever.

I was almost sure that this little spruce growing on the old barn ruin would have died this dry summer, but it looks better than ever.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “It’s a bit tricky this time of year.

  1. Ja, man får verkligen välja sina promenadstråk den här tiden på året! Tur att du åtminstone har en liten skog där du vet om jägarna är där eller inte!! 🙂
    Igår valde vi därför en gjord “naturslinga” runt Dalhemsån – för där vet man att inga jagar – men i skogarna runt om så sköts det vilt. 😦 Jag antar att det är rådjur dom jagar nu…..för älg det har vi ju inga här – som tur är! 🙂 🙂
    Vi har bara gått den här stigen en gång förut med Penny, men den var faktiskt riktigt fint iordninggjord. Sist fick man klafsa lite i lera och det är ju inte så kul precis. Dessutom hade dom gjort nya spångar och broar så t.o.m. jag som är höjdrädd kunde känna mig säker! *fniss* 🙂 🙂
    Idag kanske vi åker till en annan å lite närmare oss där det också är gjort ett promenadstråk. Den ån är faktiskt vackrare men vi har aldrig gått runt den – och vända gillar vi egentligen inte. Vet därför inte hur lång sträcka det är, den igår var precis lagom, c:a 5 km. 🙂

    Ha nu en skön innesittarsöndag!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Så här illa brukar det bara vara denna första veckan, sedan brukar jägarna på slottets marker ge sig av till nya platser. Jag vet när våra är ute så då kan man vandra mycket friare tack och lov.

      Vet man bara om innan att det kan vara lerigt och dant bryr jag mig inte, stövlar är ju lätt att ta med sig. Men det är inte kul att bli överraskad när man sjunker ned i dyn 🙂

      Ja fem km är ju perfekt! Hoppas att ni får gott väder, här har det dessutom börjat blåsa rejält nu, så jag kommer att hålla mig inne hela tiden tror jag 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Seeing that there is still moss on the old barn ruin, I would guess that it’s moist enough there for that little tree. Evergreens can retain water longer than broad leaf trees because they don’t have as much surface area on the needles for transpiration. It’s a tough little spruce, though. I bet it has a really deep tap root. 🙂

    It’s probably a good thing that the castle owner owns all the land around and likes to have hunters. Maybe he’ll keep it wild for that reason. Really, the only way a piece of land is going to stay the way you like it is if you own it. 🙂

    About the battery candles; I have two at each door. One goes on at 7PM and the second goes on 9PM so there is a light there until 2AM. These particular candles can be set for 5 hours with automatic shut off and on or they can be on 24 hours. I keep looking around for some with a 12 hour program but so far no luck. I would leave them on 24 hours but then I have change the batteries more often. Life can be so hard, sometimes. 😀

    A graveyard full of candles in the darkness of winter is a beautiful picture.
    Except for the part where you have to remember to replace the candles every 7 days. It should just work by magic, I think. 🙂
    Over here, you often see small solar powered lamps on the graves.

    I think it’s going to be sunny and seasonably warmish today. The sun’s not up enough to tell yet.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      So true but I really don’t mind him owning most land here, just that he cuts of the roads. He could have made it easier for us by making the distance we had to pass between the gates much shorter. Now he’s done just the opposite and that I don’t lika at all. Normally I think he’s great and he is the first castle owner here in ages that actually cares about the area, he renovates houses that can be renovated and tears down those when all hope is gone. That however doesn’t mean I like it when he cuts of roads like that 🙂

      I’m still surprused about that little spruce still living since big trees ahve dried to death this summer. Well this one grows closer to the bog but anyway, it’s so small. I planted my little potted spruce in the garden this summer and actually remembered to water it too 🙂 Its roots would probably not help much a summer like this. It looks much like it has died and come back to life again 🙂 🙂 but it is alive 🙂

      I must see if I can find that kind of battery candles here. It’s no problems with the real ones either but it would be easier with the other ones in the long run.

      It seems as if most people gladely goes to the graves once a week to replace those candles. I have no grave to visit here so I can’t say what I would think about that 🙂 But it is very beautiful at nights. Magic would be what I prefer 🙂 I’ve seen a few solar powered here but the risk of snow cowering them seems to be enough for people to still use those candles.

      Still raining here and now the wind blows as well. Not a weather I like to go outside in. My dogs will have to do with justn the garden today. They are outside for five minutes and then they hurry inside again 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Robin!

      It’ll be easier already next week, it’s always the first week that is important for the hunters. They’ll still be out there but then at least I’ll know where and when.

      I’m amazed that it still lives after this summer 🙂

      Well, it has to be done. I can’t afford to buy new clothes every week 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. i would be so scared of those hunters. hunters here shoot when anything moves. we are having another nice fall day. i cooked all day for the shelter’s dinner tomorrow and now i am about to relax and watch football!

    • Hi Joyce!

      If this had been twnty years ago I never would go in to any forest during hunting season. Back then many were drunk and shot anything that moved around or even sat absolutely still. Every year someone shot a hunting buddy. But they have shapened up really good and now days none of them are drunk but still one or two get shot every year. Mostly by half blind slightly senile men that think orange is a common color amongst what ever they are hunting 🙂

      But “our” hunters are very careful and there’s usually someone standing on the road to stop eventual walkers. I would have preferd that they put up a sign bon the road before the forest so It was clear already from when I started walking.

      Cabbage rolls wasn’t it? Lots of work to do lots of them 🙂
      I hope the game was good!

      Have a great day!

  4. Christer,
    Laundry seems to be a general topic of conversation. We all hate to do it. Mine sat in the downstairs hall a long while as did Caryn’s.Mostly I hate to fold it and haul it upstairs.

    We need rain badly. I was outside watering the few plants I put in this fall. Even the ones on my deck have had to be watered. They say maybe rain on Wednesday, and they say the cold air comes in then. That’s the first Worl Series game so I hope the rain comes in the daytime.

    I’d be really nervous walking Gracie in the woods during hunting season. Heck, I’d be nervous by myself in the woods with hunters around. Stay safe-you and the pups.

    Have a wonderful evening!!

    • Hi Kat!

      Yes I saw that 🙂 I usually just let it hang where I dry it until I need it 🙂 I don’t have a dryer so I hang it in the bathroom and keep the radiator going.

      It is pouring down outside now and it will do so tomorrow as well, the entire wek if some predictions are right.But that won’t still be enough because we had a draught for so long. But the autumn is still young 🙂

      I’m not nervous when it comes to our hunters and those hunting on the castles property is high profile people that can’t afford to kill anyone 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve heard we’ve had a lot of Swedish celebreties hunting here this year.

      Have a great day!

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