The weather isn’t especially inviting.

It's a good thing I always save some photographs for a rainy day :-)

It’s a good thing I always save some photographs for a rainy day 🙂

The rain is pouring down outside and a strong wind helps to make it nasty out there. It was already so dark when I came home, because of the thick dark clouds, tha I decided not to take any walk. >It’s bad enough with rain and wind but to not to be able to see where one goes is just too much 🙂

DSC_0004 (800x530)

DSC_0005 (800x530)

DSC_0006 (800x530)

NOva was completely dry and clean when I came home because she has probably spent the entire day in the garage 🙂 Sune was wet but at least clean and he has most likely spent most of the day in the dog house. Orvar and Hector were both wet and muddy, no bad weather will make them go inside when it’s so nice and cool outside 🙂 Bertil had stayed at home all day and Teodor outside, still he was dry and clean 🙂

DSC_0007 (800x530)

I know it's a very dark photo even if I have brightened it up as much as possible. The doe comes back almost every night now.

I know it’s a very dark photo even if I have brightened it up as much as possible. The doe comes back almost every night now.

This is how all oak leafs look here in Sweden. I really can't separate the two different species we have here.

This is how all oak leafs look here in Sweden. I really can’t separate the two different species we have here.

Nothing much has happened today and I guess it will be much the same tomorrow. I might go to the neighbor factory to work some, I really need to be there two days this week. The job itself isn’t especially fun but I like the change and I like to have work friends on two places 🙂

This is how the oak leafs look at the tree I got those acorns. I've tried this before and even got a small plant that I killed before the summer had ended :-)

This is how the oak leafs look at the tree I got those acorns. I’ve tried this before and even got a small plant that I killed before the summer had ended 🙂

DSC_0005 (800x530)

DSC_0009 (800x530)

The fire is burning in the stove and I’m about to make a pot of tea and something to eat. I guess there’s nothing good on tv so I might look through the National Geographic that came today, I don’t have any good books at the moment. 

DSC_0020 (800x530)

DSC_0021 (800x530)

DSC_0023 (800x531)

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “The weather isn’t especially inviting.

  1. hi christer! it would be cool if you would go to that xmas festival and take pics. i always wonder what they are like in other countries. i just came back from taking 250 stuffed cabbage rolls, a vat of mashed potatoes and a huge dessert to the shelter. the stuffed cabbage leaked all over the back of my car. what a mess! my car might need to be steam cleaned. but all of the men gathered around when i showed up and they could not wait for dinner tonight so i guess it was worth it. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’ll pass the big sign on my way home on Friday so I’ll know when it is 🙂

      250!! I think it’s tough making ten 🙂 🙂 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If I ever get homeless I’ll know where to go so that I know I’ll get great food 🙂

      Yes I think steam cleaning is a must, I love the smell of stuffae cabbage but I’m not sure I would like it in my car and not every day.
      I soo understand them 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Christer,
    Gracie will go out in the rain. My other dogs would stay in the house for hours rather than get wet.

    We are expecting rain on Wednesday, the first night of the World Series. It hasn’t really rained for weeks other than a small shower so it picks that night.

    I was just outside checking the light timers, and it is a nice night. No wonder Gracie loves the yard.

    Enjoy your evening.

    • Hi Kat!

      It’s strange but when we all are in the cottage none of them seems to enjoy the rain outside but when they are inthe dog yard Orvar and Hector always stay outside no matter what 🙂

      I hope it doesn’t rain when the world series starts! No matter what sport it is it’s never fun when it rains. Today it mostly drizzled here but my old boys were still very muddy 🙂

      It was a warmer night than the two previous days during daytime. It was so nice to open the door this morning and actually enjoy it outside 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. A rainy day seems bad enough, but with two wet and muddy pets it must really get interesting. Do you let Orvar and Hector stay in a separate place until they have dried? Nova seemed like a smart female in keeping dry and cats always know how NOT to get wet don’t they? Your weather sounded like what we had on Saturday for the outdoor Watershed Festival where I was walking around to take photos. Sunday was dry and sunny, but more rain is coming on Tues and Wed.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      We do need the rain so I won’t complain 🙂
      I normally wash them outside with the garden hoose, they refuse to go in to the bathroom and I know better than to try to force them 🙂 After that we take our walk and I dry them one more time when we come home again. I have no other place to have them, except for the bathroom and that isn’t a good idea 🙂 🙂 🙂 No problems as long as it’s only water that drips from them 🙂

      Nove is a proper lady and proper ladies never get wet 🙂 🙂 Teodor however can be soaking wet during warm summer days. I think he cools down that way. Bertil would rather die than get wet 🙂

      Drizzling here today but more rain is on its way.

      Have a great day!

  4. Just noticed that my comment posted with the image I used when setting up a WordPress blog, which I have not yet used. But you may already know me by my other name of Beatrice Boyd / The Frog & Penguinn. WordPress can be so picky at times about requiring a sign-in to post a comment.

    • I remember this alias of Yours 🙂

      I’ve heard WP can behave like that every now and again. I know it does when ever someone posts a link in their comment. That I guess is for safety reasons so no viruses is spread.

  5. I LOVED the photo of the apples..AND the tree. It LOOKS cold! I don’t do well in cold weather. We didn’t go to Maine this year..neither of us felt up to the hassel of air travel.
    The countryside around you looks so unspoiled. Not easy to find places like that here. At least not in the area where I live.

    • Hi Mona!

      It was cold 🙂 Today however is nice and warm again 🙂

      It is a long way to fly from You to Main. I think it’s almost as long as to fly from Main to Sweden. There are funnier things than flying (even if I have to admit I like it rather much 🙂 ).

      Most of this area is fields and forest but I rarely show You the places where they have cut down all trees. Otherwise nothing much has ever happened here that has destroyed the area. The forest however is fairly young, most of it was planted 50-60 years ago.

      Have a great day!

  6. That dripping apple photo is beautiful! even if the photos are of dark subjects they still look good.
    My little Gwennie refuses to go out in the rain; but she adores the snow and will race out to eat it and roll around in it. Mild temp today, but cloudy. Colder weather coming tomorrow, and even that “s” word is in the forecast.

    • Hi Robin!

      I think all dogs loves snow, Nova does for a few minutes and then she gets cold and wants to go inside again 🙂 Sune and the old boys won’t come in at all if I don’t force them 🙂

      Warm and nice with drizzle here today and the wind keeps on blowing. I don’t mind as long as it brings warmth with it 🙂

      No snow here yet, very odd but I like it 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Hi Christer,
    Looks like you have a red oak. I can’t tell my oaks apart either. There is a white oak group and a red oak group of American oaks and there are several kinds in each. And then there are the ones that don’t look like oak leaves at all along with the ones that aren’t native.
    If it’s not a chinquapin then I just call it an oak. 🙂
    Good luck with this bunch of acorns. I found some horse chestnuts and I’m going to try to plant those.
    Just what I need, another tree that drops big nuts and attracts spawns. 😀

    My neighbor was telling me that the spawns are now eating the fruits from her dogwood. Since there aren’t that many walnuts or acorns around, I guess they are eating whatever they can find. I hadn’t noticed that they were eating them before. Even the birds weren’t going after them.

    Yesterday was warm and sunny. Today is warm and sunny, too. Tomorrow is supposed to be another story because it will rain and get very cool. I suppose it must since it is October.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Let us decide this is a Red Oak 🙂 Further south in Europe they have all kinds of oaks and it would have been nice to have a cork oak 🙂 I found out that the chinquapin is hardy enough to live here too, or at least almost that hardy. I wonder if they sell any around here 🙂

      Horse Chestnuts are easy to sow, just toss them out where You want them now and they will germinate next spring. But there’s a risk the spawns will eat them so You can sow them in a pot and cover is so they can’t reach it. I would like a horse chestnut too but I really don’t have the space for it if the walnut survives and the acorns germinate 🙂 🙂 🙂

      So it’s already that tough for them that they have started to eat everything. If the winter gets tough You might have very few nect spring. Over here it’s martens that keep conmtroll of them and I guess that’s why they are so shy here. Never wander too far from the home or the marten might catch you.

      Warm and drizzly here today, much better than yesterday but the wind still blows hard.

      Have a great day!

      • I think the population near me is down already. There is a black spawn that I haven’t seen around lately but that one was already a number of years old and has gone missing before.
        I noticed that there are quite a few nuts on the younger walnuts but there were hardly any on the big Old One. It had an unusually massive crop of walnuts last year though so it could be taking a break this year.
        Everytime you say something is easy to grow, just throw it in the ground, I kill that thing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Don’t forget, I can kill mint.

      • I’ve never seen anything else than red ones here, well In saw one black on tv some time ago but it seems very few of the red ones become black.

        I know that many trees stop giving seeds every year when they are closing in on their lifespan. That doesn’t mean it will die soon though, it can take twenty- thirty years until that happens 🙂 The old crab apple tree by the dog yard started behaving like that some years ago. It is full of different funguses and long cracks follow the branches. Still I think it will live for many years more.

        It takes a special talent to kill mint 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have actually never heard anyone else managing that 🙂 🙂 🙂 By the way, did those seeds I sent You germinate? I’m not sure if I have any this year but if I do I can send them to You!


    • Hi Laurie!

      Thankfully neither Hector nor Orvar smells that way. I think it is the New Foundland part of them that makes them smell rather nice actually, sort of musky. My first dog Sickan smelled bad and Sune and Nova smells rather awful though when wet 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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