Could it have been Doris?

DSC_0002 (800x531)

This morning was much warmer than the two previous days. I opened the door for the dogs to go outside and the cats to go inside and just couldn’t leave 🙂 The wind is still strong though but my neighbor’s house takes most of it 🙂 Too bad I had to go to work but then again, I do need that money 🙂

I can see a cow so no use in going that way.

I can see a cow so no use in going that way.

Towards the forest and the bog instead.

Towards the forest and the bog instead.

DSC_0007 (800x530)

This has been one of those days when time just passed without me noticing it. I got surprised when I realised that it was time to go home for the day. Normal Tuesdays are slow as fudge and I can feel how life slowly slips away and there’s nothing I can do about it 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be working at the neighbor factory and those days always pass fast. It’s impossible for me to see any watch and since I can’t take of the overall I can’t watch my mobile phone either.

DSC_0008 (800x528)

DSC_0009 (800x531)

DSC_0010 (800x530)

The old boys were full of mud when I came home, even though it mostly drizzled here today. Once my dog yard was perfect with gravel that stopped the water from staying on the ground but digging dogs tend to destroy that by mixing the sand below with the gravel 🙂 So I blame Nova for this. She however was dry and clean as always 🙂 even Sune was that so I guess he mostly has spent the day in the dog house.

DSC_0011 (800x530)

DSC_0013 (800x530)

It was so dark outside that I had to brighten up all the deer photographs. It's hard to see which ones these are but I think it was one eyed Rune and Doris.

It was so dark outside that I had to brighten up all the deer photographs. It’s hard to see which ones these are but I think it was one eyed Rune and Doris.

We didn’t see any moose today but we did bring home one moose fly, it doesn’t exist any longer. I saw one deer running over the road but that’s it. But there were two deers in my garden instead 🙂 I didn’t unleash my dogs before we went in to the garden like I always do, instead they had to follow me leashed in to the cottage. The deers (I think it was Rune and Doris) ran out but came back after a few minutes so I could get some photos of them.

DSC_0017 (800x531)

DSC_0019 (800x530)

DSC_0025 (800x530)

It’s time to make that pot of tea and something to eat, after that? I have no idea. Perhaps an early night?

DSC_0026 (800x531)

Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Could it have been Doris?

  1. I forgot to tell you that a deer walked through the bottom of my yard on the last day of my vacation!
    She walked through were I had cleared everything and didn’t stop. She just walked onto the patio next door.I have no idea if it’s the same deer but i think it was. I’m kinda doubting that she will come back unless it’s for the flowers because everything else is gone!

    • Hi Cindi!

      I’m pretty sure it’s her and now when You cleared that part grass will mostly startvto grow there and then she’ll have plenty to eat, that is if it gets warm again and the snow melts away 🙂 and flowers are always nice to eat 🙂

      Have a great day!


    • Hi Joyce!

      I wonder how many of them that still are around though. I hadn’t seen Doris all summer so that was a nice surprise 🙂 I’ll buy deer food as soon as the snow starts to fall, for now they can eat all apples instead 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Robin!

      A Monday still has some weekend feeling left and Wednesdays are in the middle of the week. Thursdays are almost Fridays and Fridays are weekends but Tuesdays!! It has nothing 🙂 🙂

      I don’t think they even feel the mud, or any water either. They are a big part New Foundland with that thick fur and nothing wet goes through that!
      This does help Nova looking like a good girl even if she actually do dig her way in to the garage, which she knows she isn’t allowed to do 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!


  2. Hi Christer,
    It’s nice to see Doris and Rune back at the old feeding station even if there’s only apples.

    No rain here yet but it’s gotten very cloudy and much cooler. I’ll have to close the front door soon. No warmth left out there.

    Rocky and I went to the lake earlier while it was still warm. I only brought my cell phone because I wasn’t planning to go there at all. Rocky was happy, though. He likes to get in the algae water and splash around. Yuck. 🙂 At least he doesn’t smell funky when he gets done.

    Monday was my Meh day. No leftover weekend feel about that day at all. It was the start of the work week. By Tuesday I was back in stride. I had every Friday off so Wednesday was practically Thursday by then. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      It was nice to see the both again, especially Doris since I haven’t seen her all summer. I checked the original photo where she stands outside my garden and I’m pretty sure there’s a rip in that ear so it must be her 🙂

      Cloudy and warm here, in fact ist’s so warm that I won’t start a fire in the stove today!

      The worse the water is the better dogs love it 🙂 Sune would love to jump around in that water, Nova would probably walk just beside it and the old boys far away from it 🙂

      My Friday at work is so short that it almost feels like Friday on Thursday 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag kollade på originalfotot och förstorade upp det rejält och nog ser det ut som en reva på ena örat, dessutom stämmer de vita tecknen på henne också. Så det måste vara hon och Rune 🙂

      Det verkar som om de tar det lugnt med rådjursjakten i år, har faktiskt bara hört några enstaka skott i år. Men det kan ju ändra sig om de inte får den där älgkalven de har tillåtelse att skjuta.

      Ha det gott!

  3. Christer,
    Good to see our old friends back to munch on your garden.

    Gracie has dug another huge hole under the deck. She comes in with her face covered in sand then shakes her head and the clumps of sand go everywhere. I fill in the holes, and she digs them again. I think it keeps her amused.

    Hope the rest of the week speeds by!!

    Have a great day tomorrow.

    • Hi Kat!

      Yes it is and this year I’öll protect some of my plants that they just couldn’t resist last winter 🙂 Strangely enough it was the most bitter ones they ate:-)

      Gracie and Nova could have a digging competition 🙂 But I’ve noticed that Nova digs just enough for herself to go through. Sune could of course but I’m not sure she allows hiom to.

      Today ran away and I hope tomorrow will be just the same.

      Have a great day!

  4. It’s just so easy to hop over here from Joyce’s blog..I love it! 🙂
    It’s still warm, warm, warm here in Southern California! But..this morning I was pleasantly surprised to get up to a real FALL morning finally. It has gotten cooler but but only down to 50. It even rained last night and I didn’t have to water today. Just the patio plants.
    I saw all those apples out there for the deer. That’s just wonderful for them and gives you a close up of them. Do you do anything with the apples? I’ve been thinking of making a pie lately. I can’t let October pass without making at least one apple pie. We buy them by the flat so have plenty.
    Those are great photo’s of Bertil. I get such a kick out of that cat and am always so pleased when you post pictures of him. He is such a favorite of mine. A true TOM cat.
    Take care, Christer, and enjoy your no snow weather while you can.

    • Hi Mona!

      It’s rather warm here too right now, not like in California though 🙂 AStill autumn here and the snow that was predicted naver came 🙂 We’ve gotten rather much rain lately so noo need for watering here at all 🙂

      I used to save some but my cold cellar is a bit too cold sometimes and sometimes it’s just too warm there so lots of the apples got spoiled and I rarely make apple sauce, these apples doesn’t work well for that I’m afraid. But I do the occasionla apple pie now and again

      Everybody loves Bertil and he does work good on photos.

      Have a great day!

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