I’m afraid their time soon will be over.

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It rained so much yesterday and during the night that I just had to go down to the creek to see how much the water level had risen. I know this is the day the hunters go out but I also know that they always are quite late so I had plenty of time to go there before they even were thinking of getting up from their beds 🙂

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The Forbidden Forest.

The Forbidden Forest.

Bertil has been hesitating to follow us these last days and today I learned why, the new neighbor have gotten two cats from a friend whose children gotten allergic to them and I think that both Bertil and Teodor have been adjusting to the new situation. No hesitation today though and I think I know why too, one of the new cats sat way up in a tree and my guess is that the two brothers done their best to put some respect in the new ones 🙂

DSC_0017 (530x800)

This is how it looked on Friday.

This is how it looked on Friday.

This is how it looked this morning.

This is how it looked this morning.

I could see already when we came down to the creek that the water level now is on a critical hight. It’s so high now that the path we always walk on was covered by the water now. In fact it is so high that I couldn’t pass the ditch I always pass when going out to the fields, we had to walk 100 meters (much the same in yards) up that ditch in to the wild hogs realm to be able to come out to the fields at all 🙂

DSC_0019 (530x800)

DSC_0022 (800x530)

DSC_0025 (800x530)

So I guess that if the rain doesn’t stop falling soon the time of the beavers will be over quite soon. I know that they still are there though because I could hear splashes from their tails when we walked along the now river out on the fields. Just as we came home the sun started to shine and the hunters drove by to the forest. 

The small wooden bridge couldn't be found at all :-)

The small wooden bridge couldn’t be found  🙂

DSC_0030 (530x800)

This is what I usually walk on when going out on the fields.

This is what I usually walk on when going out on the fields.

Now thick clouds cover the sky again and soon the rain will start to fall. I doubt I’ll get those lightchains up in the tree today, I simply refuse to do it when it’s pouring down 🙂 Instead I’ll make a pot of tea and watch some dvd’s I think. But firstly I’ll do the laundry and then perhaps I’ll take a small nap.

Today it looked like this :-) It's 20 cm (8 inches) below water.

Today it looked like this 🙂 It’s 20 cm (8 inches) below water.

Mud everywhere.

Mud everywhere.

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Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “I’m afraid their time soon will be over.

  1. Nej, idag vill man inte göra mycket ute precis! Vi som trodde att det skulle bli fint idag. Morgonen var det i alla fall, men nu är det grått igen. 😦 Så det blir ingen långprommis för Santos idag heller. Ja, jo hemmavid förstås men det är ju inte riktigt lika kul! 😦 😦
    Sen hade vi också tänkt oss ta bort stenarna som ligger under den smala delen av altanen. Det är där den lilla poolen ska byggas in så då behövs det inga fina kalkstenar där. Dom hade vi eventuellt tänkt lägga under trädgårdsboden för att skyla att den bara står på cementstenar. Men regnar det så tänker inte jag kånka runt sten, inte gubben min heller. Vi får väl se framåt eftermiddagen.
    Sen skulle vi också spärra av baksidan med hönsnät så att Santos inte kan springa där när “poolkillarna” kommer och förmodligen lämnar grinden öppen när dom jobbar. Dom brukar ju göra så hantverkarna….. 😦
    Man kan tro att dom aldrig sett en grind förut och verkar inte fatta att den ska stängas när jobbet är över för dagen. När dom grävde för bredband i fårhagen som gränsar mot oss längst bort, då hade dom lämnat grindarna öppna där så alla fåren gick mitt på vägen. Man undrar vad en del av dom tänker med….. egna djur verkar dom inte ha i alla fall! 😦 😦

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Ja för bara några dagar sedan skulle det ju bli solsken hela dagen här, men det blev ju som vanligt lite fel i deras prognoser 🙂 Men är har det faktiskt inte börjat regna här som tur är.

      Nog är det konstigt det där med att inte stänga grindar efter sig?! Här gjorde dock jägarna på slottets mark lite annorlunda. Istället för att öppna grindarna för att komma fram till sina jaktområden körde ma helst sonika över andras marker med sina stora tunga bilar, för det är ju jobbigt att behöva gå ut ur bilarna 🙂 Att det sedan blir fula skador är ju inget de bryr sig om?!! Man slutar aldrig med att förvånas!

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Too bad about the beavers. I hope the hunters don’t get them. The hunting platform is leaning at a bad angle and is surrounded by water. The hunters can’t have that happen.

    • Hi Caryn!

      If it just could stop raining for a while so the water sinks down a bit. But it isn’t the hunters that is the problem here to be honest, soon the entire area will be flooded if the water lever rises any higher and then the land owners and the ones renting the land will lose money. I think that looking at it from a hunters point of view it would be better if the land got flooded, more animals would probably like to be there then. Unfortunately mosquitos, horseflies, moose fliesd and deer flies too 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • First it was too dry and it was thank you to the beavers because the fields by the beaver brooks were still in good shape. Now it’s too wet and it’s damn the beavers because the fields will flood.
        Silly beavers just can’t get it right. 🙂

      • Life is tough if one is a beaver 🙂
        But I actually think they could remove some of what is stopping the water so the water level drops some. It shouldn’t be too hard since the water is lead through a big pipe beneath the road. Someone must get down there anyway if they decide to shoot the beavers so why not try to save them by removing what ever they have placed there?

  3. haha…new cats on the block. i am sure your guys will whip them into shape in no time at all! i guess the rain is better than snow? we are in for a couple inches on tuesday and i can’t wait!

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes they and the ten cats that live up on the farm will 🙂 Poor new cats 🙂

      Yes I guess it is and it wouldn’t help much if winter would arrive and the water froze either. The water level would sink a lot but rise again as soon as it got warm again.

      I’m glad that You’ll get snow since You like it 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Laurie!

      Yes they are so I’m hoping we won’t get any more rain for a while now.

      Bertil didn’t like walking in that mud but he had very little choice there 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Seems you did find a bit more to say today, Christer, than yesterday, but some days are like that. Sometimes, it seems I have several post ideas in my head and at other times, there are none. Your weather does look very dreary indeed and we have not had much rain in quite awhile. Hope that Bertil and Teodor don’t have fights with the new neighbor cats if any are trying to establish their territory.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      well the morning was so much nicer yesterday than the day before 🙂 I guess I can’t cpomplain after a summer like we had this year, sooner or later all that rain will fall down anyway 🙂

      I really should write down different ideas I get so I can pick one every time I can’t find anything to write about. But usually those ideas pop up when I’m at work and don’t have the time to write them down 🙂

      They will most likely have fights with the new cats, it’s important to show who’s the boss around here 🙂 As long as they know that they won’t have any problems walking around as they please, there are just too many cats around here to make a big territory for their own.

      Have a great day!

  5. Do you have to worry about being flooded?
    Will the water rise that much?
    I hope it stops raining soon.
    I hope those news cats have their shots just in case your boys get into a brawl with them.
    Jeez, lots to worry about!

    • Hi Cindi!

      No, no risk of flooding here, too far away and a bit higher than the creek. If the water rose that much the entire area wood be flooded and wery deep down 🙂

      Too few cats have any shots around here, most are feral that just moved in to the different farms in the area. But I have to say that it’s rare that they get sick here. I can’t remember that it has happened even once here that any disease has spread between the cats living here.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jim!

      She certainly has but I’m afraid she’ll lose this time too. This area was more or less marshland before they dug ditches all around here and if mother nature was alowed she would make it look the same once again. The animals would love it but not the farmers I’m afraid 🙂

      Have a great day!

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