It is the season to start feeding.

She was leaving my garden when we went out for our morning walk.

She was leaving my garden when we went out for our morning walk.

The fire has been burning all day in my stove, not because it has been especially cold because it has stayed around 0C most of the time. No it’s because of a weak but oh so nasty cold wind that sort of crawled in everywhere both in my cottage and the clothes when we were out walking. It also managed to sort of stay in the body long after we had come home. Still it could have been much worse, this winter is so far very mild and I like it that way 🙂




I finally, with the help from Caryn, found a way to reduce the size of all photos at the same time. I wish I would have checked in to the comment part of my blog before I edited all the photos I took today, around 80 🙂 If I haf I would have saved at least an hour from reducing the size of each and every photo 🙂 I still don’t know how big they really become after I’ve changed size on them, my computer shows them just as big after as they were before 🙂  I also found out how to watermark them, not that I feel it is very important to do so but since I can why not. I’ll start doing that on the photos I take tomorrow.

The gates to the big cow pasture was open so we walked in there during our walk. Long time since I was there the last time, it used to just be an open field.

The gates to the big cow pasture was open so we walked in there during our walk. Long time since I was there the last time, it used to just be an open field.



I started to feed the deers yesterday and they start coming here early, long before it gets dark. Today two does visited us during the day and I guess there are more out there right now but it’s a bit too dark to see them now even if the lights shine in my apple tree. I had the lights on a timer so they would turn off at six am but something must be wrong with it because only a quarter of the ´lights stopped to shine and the rest sort of worked on half speed. I don’t like when electric things doesn’t work as they should so I removed the timer and will turn them on and off myself (until I buy a new timer that is 🙂 ). There will be photos of both the deers and the lights tomorrow.



The part of the creek You can see in these photos is downstreams from the beavers.


I thought I should go on telling You about our mythical beings and I have already mentioned the Mara and believe it or not but she is actually a part of a word in English too 🙂 A Mara is Your worst nightmare because she creates Your worst nightmares 🙂 She crawls up on the chests on sleeping people and squeeze so hard that they lose both the air out of their lungs and the viability. It’s impossible to keep her out of any home because she can pass through the tiniest hole in the wall. Fortunately the Mara suffers from obsessions 🙂

On our morning walk.

On our morning walk.



So an easy way to stop her is to put lots if cow hairs in a hymn book because then she stops and counts them all. Another thing one can do is to pour out seeds on the floor around the bed because then she feels she must count all of those too 🙂 She could also be interested in horses and it was easy to see if she had been riding the horse because it would be totally exhausted in the morning and its mane would have braids that would be impossible to remove. One way to protect the horse was to mark the stable with a hexagonal mar cross, looks like a pentacle but I guess more three-dimensional.




No one really knows where the Mara comes from but one way was when a woman used magic during childbirth, she felt no pain then but the daughter (the Mara is always female, if the woman got a son he became a werewolf instead) got cursed instead. Another theory is that it was the soul of unmarried women or that normal women had been cursed.  It was however possible to remove the curse. When the woman transferred from a Mara to her human form one could loudly say that she was a Mara but it was important that she had transformed totally otherwise she might lose a part of her body that wasn’t transformed.




It’s time for a cup of cocoa now, I’ve already had a couple of pots with tea 🙂 But before that I’ll go outside so I can take a photo of the lights in my apple tree. It isn’t beautiful but much better than previous years 🙂

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “It is the season to start feeding.

  1. hi christer! i am glad i don’t believe in the mara! our mild weather is about to end. we are going to be 10 degrees tonight. i guess i finally have to turn my heat on! i keep my house very gold. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      She is a nasty piece of work that lady 🙂 But I wouldn’t say she’s the worst of them all 🙂

      10! That’s rather cold 🙂 We’ll stay around 32 and that’s cold enough for me but I know we’ll get much colder later on, if not before so at least when February comes.

      I like to have a cool house during nights but warm during the days.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    I’m glad that link was helpful. I can never tell how big the photo is after I resize it either. It looks just the same on my computer. Probably there is a pixel count somewhere in the info tab. I thought I saw that Elements will show the print size somewhere among the menu options.
    After reading about watermarks, I decided not to bother. They’re easy to remove from photos anyway. The suggestion I saw that might be best for you is to make the watermark a discreet link to your blog or website.

    I’m trying to figure out how one draws a three dimensional hexagonal cross on a flat surface like a barn. 🙂 Sounds like it’s time for a google search.

    It’s windy here and mostly sunny with high clouds. It would be reasonably warm if the wind were not blowing. Rocky and I went for a walk early this morning. I did not dress for the wind chill but I didn’t feel it until I was a long distance from my house. The last part of that walk was rather chilly. For me. Rocky didn’t care. He has fur. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I found that place to click on but it was unclickable 🙂 It took me a while to figure out how to make it work and now Iä’ve forgotten it again 🙂 🙂 I’ve also found the place to click for hiow big the photo is after resizing it but it makes no sence 🙂 When I do it shows a tiny photo, so small that it wouldn’t show at my blog at all 🙂 🙂 But as long as we can see them in the blog I’m happy.

      To be honest, the watermarks is barely visible 🙂 🙂 🙂 and if it should do any use I think it must be bplaced in the middle of the photo 🙂 🙂 I’ll see if I can do such a watermark as You suggest, I don’t think I need it anyway since the quality I put in my blog is so low that it really isn’t printable.

      I was thinking just the same about those crosses 🙂 🙂 🙂 The ones I found on google was more like ordinary pentagrams.

      The wind got stronger for a while but then it died out. It’s just as cold outside now as it was this morning but it feels rather nice now when the wind doesn’t blow.

      Have a great day!

  3. It’s in the twenties here today. I hate to think what it will drop to tonight!
    I had to chip at the dog poop because it was frozen to the patio. Brrrrr.
    That’s scary about the Mara, hmmm I need you to send me some cow hair!
    I’ve been thinking about watermarking my art work. Someone left me a comment on Facebook that I should be doing that. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll come back here and ask you! LOL!

    • Hi Cindi!

      Strange, it’s suddenly warmer here?! Can’t say I don’t like that 🙂

      I just had to clean the fkloor in my shower becayse one of the cats decided it was a great place to puke at and then he pooped there as well 🙂 Smells like h.. here rtight now 🙂

      You could use seeds on the floor too, poppy seeds are small and just a teaspoon full will keep her occupied all night 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Do You mean watermarks already in the paper or what material You use when making Your art? If it is on photos read Caryns coment to me about that.

      Have a great day!

      • I was thinking of just watermarking the photos of my work so that no one can just print it out or use it but I’m not sure that it would be worth the trouble. But maybe I will. Still thinking about it. :/

      • It was fairly easy to do when I understood how 🙂

        It is great as a signature if You are thinking of printing.


  4. I don’t know how you will sleep at night with all these scary myths flying around in your head!!! I think women get a bad wrap in the myth department, although I kinda like the power element of it all, I’m really enjoying the history!

    • Hi Laurie!

      No problems at all 🙂 But these myths were just a way to explain things they just couldn’t understand. They had no scientiffic answers so this was just as logical to them as anything else. Today people worry about aliens and abductions, cancer and swineflu instead 🙂

      But it’s rather equakl between men and women when it comes to bad wrap 🙂 I’ve just started and to be honest, I doiubt it would be fun to get a curse to become a werewold or bearman either 🙂 🙂 Most of these beings are neither bad nor good, just a bit whimsical 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer –
    All I can say about the folklore so far is that people really had a lot of time on their hands when they thought of all those wild details. Counting cow hairs and horses braided manes. It is funny that the Mara even has symptoms of obcessive-compulsive disorder I now wonder if many of the people who added to these myths over time had one thing in common – drinking too much crazy brew!
    I saw the first Christmas lights up in my neighborhood last night. Most people will have them up the day after Thanksgiving, We are having cold weather for us, but at least the days are going to be sunny all week. A good thing after many days of being fogged in. I get so much more done on a sunny day than on the dark & dreary ones. I should buy some of those special light bulbs they sell that are supposed to prevent seasonal affective disorder. I don’t get depressed during the Winter, just lazy, so maybe they would not help someone like me. I need to go to the grocery store today since the refrigerator is completely empty except for a bottle of ketchup. I was thinking of making some hearty soup for dinner. Maybe a beer cheese soup with potato & sausage.. I know it sounds rather on the heavy side, but I use a lot of chicken stock instead of cream and I use a bit of flour to thicken it right before it is finished cooking. Do Swedish people like to eat soup during the winter months? The cold weather must be making me crave something hearty & warm. I have even run out of coffee and that a very serious problem. since coffee is needed to get my brain going every morning. I used to like going to the grocery store, but now I get there & few things look appealing to me.
    Did you solve your problems with the computer printing this randomly with capital letters? What a pain to have to go back & edit them out. I am going to stick with Windows 7 until I have no choice. I did switch my browser from Explorer to Google Chrome last week and it really is much faster. So at least I have made one change that was a positive step. When my last laptop lost it’s motherboard I bought a new computer rather than pay hundreds of dollars to repair it. It wasn’t until later that I realized all my software came installed on the 1st computer and the new laptop did not come with any software. So I lost Photoshop, Elements and a word processing program which was a pain.
    Can’t wait to see the Christmas lights you “threw” on the apple tree. I’s sure they make your cottage look festive.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Ellen!

      I think these beings just was a way to explain why people got sick and died. They had no idea about science and what kind of diseases that were going around. I actually believes these stories helped them to not go totally insane when bad things happened. I also guess that these stories got embellished when they were toild at nights in front of the fire 🙂

      Yes the problems were solved by the help from blog friends 🙂 It was so confusing when I reread the text and lots of capital letters showewd, letters I know I didn’t write 🙂

      I rareöy get anything done during winter no matter what weather we’re having 🙂 My home is a mess until spring arrives again. Well I might clean up before Christmas but that’s it.

      Soup is very common here during autumn and winter. There’s nothing like a yellow pea soup on a cold winters day, usually we mix in some pork in it as well 🙂

      That’s always a problem when changing to a new computer but I have to admit that they had removed almost everything on this version! But I’m learning the new photo editing program and I think I even might like it after some time 🙂 but they sure make them lot more complicated than they need to.

      I rarely drink coffee at home but loads of it at work 🙂 It’s almost always make tea here at home unless it’s cold outside, those days I sometimes make cocoa instead 🙂

      I like going to a few grocerystores and two super markets but late¨ly I haven’t bought especially much to be honest. I guess I’m building up my need to buy until Christmas arrives 🙂

      Have a great day!


  6. Jaså, du har redan börjat tända julbelysningen! Redan innan 1:a advent!! 😦
    Men jag kanske inte ska säga nått, jag och min f.d. granne från Stockholm som är här på besök, har varit på två julmarknader redan. En igår och en idag. Alldeles för tidigt egentligen, men det var trots det väldans trevligt och jag kom naturligtvis hem med en massa totalt onyttiga saker. 😦 😦
    Det blev en mössa – jag har flera tidigare! Det blev ett par “halva” handskar – praktiskt när man ska fota! Det blev ett par tjusiga skinnörhängen för hål i öronen – som jag inte har! Det blev en urdyr fotoalmanacka över Eksta – man måste ju gynna socknen! Det blev några små juldekorationer – har redan ett helt skåp fullt!
    Min väninna lyckades köpa 2 frp med “syrat smör” som hade vunnit pris i en mattävling, 2 frp med Gotländsk citronhonung och 2 frp med ramspesto samt några små huldekorationer. Så vi var nog riktigt trevlig besökare….. 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Ja inte helsike vill jag ha det såhär totalmörkt längre. Att kalla det för julbelysning är ju bara dumt, vinterbelysning är ju ett bättre namn på det. Nu kan jag se rådjuren där ute och så slipper jag överraska dem när jag släpper ut hundarna. Jag skiter fullständigt i traditionerna om jag skall vara ärlig.

      Men det är ju det som är meningen med julmarknader, att komma hem med an massa totalt onyttiga saker. det nyttiga har man ju hela resten av året på sig att köpa. Mössor kan man aldrig får för många egentligen, ju fler juldekorationer man har desto mer kan man alternera. Man behöver ju inte ha framme alla varje år 🙂 Syrat smör däremot vete katten om jag skulle köpa, om inte annat låter det rätt snaskigt 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  7. The story about the Mara clears up a happening in our home one night. I was sleeping when my daughter, then about 17, woke me and was frightened. She crawled into bed with me shaking. She told me she woke up with something sitting on her chest and she couldn’t move and could hardly breath. Finally she drifted off to sleep. I had two grandchildren spending the night and they were on the other side of me. (husband worked nights) I dozed off then woke feeling really thirsty and crowded. I got up and headed downstairs for a drink. As I passed my daughters room I saw her empty bed and forgot all about getting a drink, and decided to climb in her bed and get some sleep. Oddly my feet and legs were freezing so I remember tucking them up close to me. Finally I warmed up and stretched out on my stomach and fell back asleep. I woke suddenly with something sitting on my back..or at least that was what it felt like. For a moment I (half asleep) thought my husband had come home and was sitting on me…which was crazy. I said his name and tried to get up but the pressure got worse and worse. I panicked and began to struggle but I was pinned down. All of a sudden I was shoved right up against the headboard with a clunk, and the weight was suddenly gone! I scrambled out of that bed and ran back to my own room and climbed into bed over the top of my daughter.
    She woke up and asked if I was alright. I said yes. Fine. It took me a long time to sleep and by then it was getting light. I lay there remembering her telling me that something had sat on her chest and to be truthful I was frightened. I always have and still do leave a nightlight on in every single room. So…hmmm… 🙂 could that have been a “Mara” clear over here in the good old USA?? Just thought I would share that story with you…and I do NOT drink! Nothing stronger than an asperin in our home. I know it’s all just Fairy Tales, but sometimes you wonder where those stories started. Probably from incidents such as what happened to us that night. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!! 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      I guess You all had a visit f´rom the Mara that night, the description is just as described. Lots of Scandinaves moved to the US so I guess one of them was a Mara then 🙂 and isn’t it so that as long as at least one person believes in something it exists? I have never had a meeting with the Mara thankfully but I have seen thing out on the bog in the evenings that is hard to explain.

      I’ll tell You more about these beings every now and again 🙂

      Have a grerat day!

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