Sven is hitting the country.


Sven has blown in over the southern parts of the country and he’s in a nasty mood. The steady winds aren’t that bad yet but the gusts are nasty. It has the kind of force that makes drizzle hurt when it hits the face while being outside 🙂 The rain will be more intense during the day and later tonight it will turn to snow and the temperatures will drop below 0C (32F). It will continue blowing hard until tomorrow evening so driving to work tomorrow will most probably be rather exiting, if possible at all.




Lots of people will lose power now and they say we should have lots of candles at home and water too just in case. We rarely lose power here but almost all of us have a fire heated stove so no one will be freezing even if the power dies out for a while. It isn’t the winds that will be the big problem, it’s the snow that will fall. Some places can get up to 40 cm (16 inches). We’ll not get that much but since I don’t like snow any snow will be too much 🙂




I had to do some things today so I stayed home from work. We were out walking while it still was drizzling and Bertil followed us like always. We were walking to the bog when Bertil started to protest, he really didn’t want us to go there and he went as far as to standing in my way to prevent us from getting there. Well I’m not the one that disobeys Bertil so we turned back home again. He didn’t calm down until we had walked quite a bit from the bog and he kept on looking back all the way. I do wonder what was out there?




I can see the branches moving on the apple tree and the gusts hit even my cottage sometimes so it must be blowing rather hard out there. I have the fire burning in the stove and I have a cup of tea by my side. I like the sound of storms and don’t mind them especially much if they come from the right side 🙂 As long as it comes from south and turns towards south-west, then west and then north-west it won’t hit my cottage at all 🙂 My neighbor’s house takes a lot of the wind, so does his garage and then the forest takes the rest 🙂




It’s time to go outside to feed the deers and fill up those bird feeders at the same time since I’m out there. After that I’ll just relax for the rest of the evening.

From when we walked to the bog last weekend. This ditch is the border to the Forbidden Forest. and it looks like much of the forest will be thinned out this winter. Lots of colorful plastic stripes could be seen on that side of the ditches.

From when we walked to the bog last weekend. This ditch is the border to the Forbidden Forest. and it looks like much of the forest will be thinned out this winter. Lots of colorful plastic stripes could be seen on that side of the ditches.

It looks like there has been lots of stone fences in this part of the forest. The forest is just around 50 years old, this was just open fields before that.

It looks like there has been lots of stone fences in this part of the forest. The forest is just around 50 years old, this was just open fields before that.

The end of the road and after that it's just a thin path to the bog.

The end of the road and after that it’s just a thin path to the bog.

Have a great day!




P.S. I just came in after feeding the outdoor pets 🙂 It’s nasty out there and now it’s snow in the rain too.



14 thoughts on “Sven is hitting the country.

  1. Hi Christer,
    It’s nice to have a guard cat watching out for your well-being. There were probably trolls or bog ladies up ahead.
    Or the more likely but less interesting threat of boars.

    If they thin out the Forbidden Forest, do you think it will feel more threatening afterwards or will it be subdued until the remaining trees recover from the trauma? You could test it out, if they thin enough trees. 🙂
    The only forest I have been in where the trees had menacing vibrations was one that had been logged about 70 years before. In the normal course of events, it would have been thinned out a few times over those years but it had been transferred to National Park status and would not be harvested at all. Forests have long memories but probably wouldn’t get that they have had a change of status from commercial woodlot to protected woodlot. 🙂

    I wanted to comment on your laptop complaint from a few posts ago. I have the same problem. The thing is constantly opening up little navigation or text windows when I type. Sometimes it flings the page to the top/bottom or refuses to do something when I tap it. It’s because I rest my wrists on the keyboard while I’m working.
    Apparently the track pad has so much multi-gesture technology that one cannot rest wrists on the thing anymore or it will read it as a gesture and do something or become confused because it’s being told to do two conflicting somethings.
    It’s a passive aggressive way to make us be ergonomically correct because we really aren’t supposed to rest our wrists on the keyboard. 🙂

    The day is comparatively warm but grey and rainy with a possibility of snow by tomorrow morning. Maybe. You weather sounds dreadful. Stinging drizzle with snow in it is the pits. Stay warm and dry and enjoy listening to the wind from a cozy place by the fire.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I don’t have my wrists on the keyboard but I do have my finger tips there 🙂 I’ll try to keep them elswhere and see if things change 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

      I too guess it’s a boar or several but I’ll go for the trolls or bog ladies 🙂 He really didn’t want us to go that way but the dos didn’t seem to care at all.

      I doubt things will change if the trees are cut down, I think it’s the area itself. We’ll know better when the trees are gone and I can try to walk there again. I’ll feel pretty fast if things has changed or not.

      The wind must have changed direction because I can’t see any movement at all in the apple tree and the rain doesn’t hit tye cottage at all. Still, it will reach its peak sometimes at midnight they say. It’s even hard to think snow will fall during the night because it’s rather warm outside now.

      Have a great day!

  2. i think sven might be coming here too. but he will give us ice. as much as i like winter, i don’t like ice. it is just too darn dangerous. i wonder what bertil knew was in the bog? that is pretty scary!

    • Hi Joyce!

      Snow is bad enough, ice storms are just awful and they are very rare over here thankfully. I would definetily stay at home tomorrow if Sven was an ice storm.

      I have no idea what he wanted us to avoid but he showed that it was best to stay away and he did all he could to make us stop. My dogs didn’t seem to care about something dangerous though.

      Have a great day!

  3. Oh no, listen to the animal and live to explore another day!
    We did not escape the Arctic storm here, 4 inches of snow and bitter temperatures today. 6F over night and a daytime high of 19F. Crikeys. I fed the squirrels and the chilly little birds. No relief until next Wednesday… Stay warm. Dee

    • Hi Dee!

      Yes I thought that woukld be the thing to do 🙂

      Sven is still furious here and I can’t go to work since they haven’t plowed the village road. That’s strange because he’s usually out there very early. But I guess it’s for the best, stroing winds and snow is no good combination 🙂 I walked up to my mailbox and there are snow walls higher than half a yard 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Myroseindecember!

      Sven is here and he’s angry 🙂 I can’t drive to work until the village road is fixed and I can’t see him anywhere here in the village. The wind just makes things worse by creating walls of snowdrift too high for my little Mazda to go through. In between those walls there’s almost no snow at all 🙂

      So I’ll be sitting here and wait until the road gets plowed and then I’ll see if the weather is any better.

      Have a great day!

  4. Sven har slagit till här också, med elavbrott igår kväll precis när vi skulle titta på TV-programmet om Alice Babs. Typiskt! 😦 Men vi har många värmeljus utplacerade och ficklampor beredda, så det gick ingen nöd på oss direkt. Men det var så pass blåsigt att jag inte fick gå ut för gubben, han gick min runda med Santos och sen fick jag ta den sista då Santos bara får gå ut på tomten och kissa inför natten. Men då var det nästan otäckt lugnt… det gick över, så idag blåser det hemskt igen! 😦 😦
    Så ni har fått massor av snö, här har det – än så länge – inte kommit någon alls och jag hoppas det håller i sig- Jag är inte heller speciellt trakterad av det “vita lappmöglet”! *fniss*

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Vi hade det där lugnet här också ett tag och jag hoppades att det betydde att de haft fel i sina prognoser igen. Tyvärr hade de rätt denna gången 🙂 Snödrevet gör att jag inte kan säga hur mycket snö det egentligen kommit, men det ligger ungefär 30 cm där det varit lä hela tiden. Dreven är upp till meterhöga och hundarna älskar det :-)Inget elavbrott här dock, tack och lov är det sällan vi ar det.

      Ha det gott i stormen!

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