So mány addresses, so little time.


A new storm is passing much north of here and it’s just as bad as the previous ones were. But this time it’s much further north they say but I could have sworn we had it too 🙂 The wind is howling and my little Mazda made it home in record speed 🙂




I’ll just write a short post today because I have several Yule cards to send over seas tomorrow and need to write down the addresses. For once I think I actually have saved all addresses and that must be a first 🙂 Two years ago almost all cards disappeared and only two reached their destination. last year I think all reached their destination but then I was early sending them. I hope I have the same luck this year even if I am a bit late by now. Strange really since I’ve had the cards for weeks now 🙂 I will also post it here in my blog on Christmas eve as a Christmas greeting for all of You.




Today I’ll have rice porridge 🙂 I’m making it on my fire heated stove and I have problems finding the right spot on the stove between boiling like mad and simmering 🙂 It should take 50 minutes to get ready but as it looks now I think it’ll take more than an hour 🙂




It’s time to go and stir it again so it won’t burn. If it does it’s inedible. I’m wondering if I should have rowanberry jam or gooseberry jam and if I chose gooseberry jam should I have the one with ginger in it or the one with cinnamon. Oh the problems I have 🙂




Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “So mány addresses, so little time.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Too much snow.
    Oh! the sunlit swans against the sky that is that lovely tender blue that you only see when it’s bleeding cold outside. 🙂
    The photos are all lovely today but, yeah, too much snow in them.

    We are expecting some. Or none. Or a lot. The National Weather Service is not sure.
    I wouldn’t care but I am going to a Christmas party on the day we are supposed to have the storm. Or not. It’s beginning to sound like the Swedish weather. 🙂

    I have been very ambitious today. I made chicken stock, baked cookies, did laundry, went out in the cold and got Christmas supplies.
    I still have to address and mail Christmas cards so thank you for reminding me. At least I remembered to get stamps. 🙂

    The last photo reminds me to ask if you have seen any of last year’s deer at your feeding area?

    Enjoy the porridge and the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes too much snow so that’s why I’m glad these photos are from the weekend. We have almost no snow left now and I truly like that 🙂

      No more snow on its way but rain, starts tonight some time and wikll continue all weekend they say but it will mostly be showers so I’m hoping most of it will miss us here in the village. The Swedish weather is a bit confused or it might be the weather forecasters that are confused instead 🙂

      I will have no ambition to do anything all weekend except for decorating my little Yule cypress. I was about to do it today but I think I’ll wait till tomorrow morning.

      I’ve seen Lotta and I think it was Tiny but neither Doris or the two bucks Rune and Longhorn. I did see them this summer though.

      The porridge was delicious 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer –
    I hope your rheumatism is causing you less trouble this week. Hard to believe the week has sped by so fast & the weekend is almost here. We were supposed to get the temps above freezing today, but once again the forecasters are wrong since it is almost 2 PM here and the thermometer is barely at 12 degrees. I tried to keep my containers of geraniums that were blooming covered as well as some other plants I have had for years, but it looks like the weeks of Arctic cold have turned them all to mush. I covered then back up with the sheets & plastic as I do not want to see them in their dead condition – very sad I feel like a mama gardener that failed to save her children from the sinister freezing temps. I guess I will just have to start over in the Spring with new starts. How do you keep the koi alive through the Winter? I got my Christmas tree up yesterday, but it is still too cold to be outside & get the decorations out of my attached storage room. I don;t want to move fragile items when my hands are so cold that I can’t feel my fingers & I know I’ll end up dropping all the glass ornaments I love the most. Do you put up a tree or are the lights on the tree outside enough merriment for you?Yule card. The deer looks so peaceful & sweet lying with the snow all around her. I suppose there is no sign of Dot, Tiny or any of the deer from last year. I am hoping they all are still alive & will remember where they ate so well last year.
    Your photos today were beautiful Winter scenes. Looks like the dogs were having fun in the deep snow. Your last photo of the deer lying in the snow would make a beautiful
    Stay warm & safe during your storm

    • Hi Ellen!

      It’s getting better and better so I’m hoping this weekend was the last of it for this year. We’ve had below 32F all day and it turned out it was a good thing when we were out walking. Tell You more about that in todays post.

      Geraniums can take some frost but 12 degrees is a bit too low´I’m afraid. But sometimes the roots survive if the soild never froze and then they can come back again even if it’s rare.

      My pond fish lives in my aquarium during winter, the goldfish survives outside but the koi gives up pretty early. I need to dig a bigger pond with better protection from voles next year.

      I bought a small cypress that I’ll have a a yule tree this year. The spruce I had for a couple of years before now grows in my garden. My thought is that this cypress will do that too but Orvar tends to pee them to death 🙂 It’s something with the cypress because he doesn’t do that with any other tree 🙂

      I have seen Lotta and I think it was Tiny, a bit bigger now. But no sight of Doris, Rune or Longhorn since summer.

      Yes my dogs had kloads of fun in the snow but they seemed to have just as fun today when the snow is gone 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer! i can’t believe how fast december is flying by and how much i have to do in such a short time. i hope you have word soon about your box and that it arrives safely. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Time just flies away! Only one more working week and then two weeks vacation 🙂

      I’ll tell You as soon as the package has arrived!

      Have a great day!

  4. I get later and later every year in sending my Christmas cards. Shame on me. I had fully intended to send hand made cards this year, which I really enjoy doing, but time just got away from me. Maybe next year you can count om a hand-made one from this part of the world. I so love seeing your dogs have fun in the snow. I remember the fun my Beagles used to have in it. It was always so funny to see them follow a scent in the snow and come up with big balsl of snow on their noses. We had a small incline in the back yard and they would slide down it like the otters in the zoo. They bring us such joy, don’t they? When you mention rice porridge, do you mean like a cereal, or like a rice pudding? Either way, with preserves sounds wonderful. We used to have a breakfast cereal called Cream of Rice but I cannot find it anywhere anymore. I never cared for the Cream of Wheat so of course, that is still available. Most of the time I settle for plain old-fashioned oatmeal, or when I don’t mind standing and stirring for 30 minutes, then I made the steel cut Irish oats. I must dig out that recipe to make oatmeal in a slow cooker so I could start it the night before. We have more snow coming Saturday, with ice coming at the end. Glad I do not have to be out in it.

    • Hi myroseindecember!

      I’m sort of every second year when it comes to send my cards in time 🙂 Last year I was early, the year before late and this year I’m just about to be late again 🙂

      Yes what would life be without dogs 🙂 But even I plan for one year without dogs so I can travel some too. That won’t happen for many years though since both Sune and Nova are so young so plans might change if another dog would beed a new home 🙂

      It looks on photos I found on Bing that rice pudding and rice porridge is the same thing. We usually have milk or fruit sauce with it, some think the milk it’s boiled in is enough. But always cinnamon 🙂 At the same time I found Cream of Rice on the net too and that was described as rice porridge 🙂 So I guess it’s somewhere close to both then 🙂

      Oatmeal is never wrong and I often have that for breakfast but I like rye porrige even more. Tastes much the same as oatmeal but is a bit firmer. No more snow here for a while but we’ll get rain instead.

      Have a great day!

  5. Till att börja med får jag önska dig en riktigt TREVLIG LUCIA!
    Själva “firar” vi inte Lucia något speciellt. Tror inte vi har gjort det sen jag var tonåring och bodde hemma faktiskt. Istället ska jag ägna mig åt att trilla köttbullar som sen ska frysas in till julen och så fortsätta med juldekorationerna. Det tar sin rundliga tid när man har så mycket som JAG har – för gubben min har inga alls! Han skulle nog helst se att jag glömde att ställa fram dom, men jag bara ÄLSKAR att dekorera. Och jag tror att han egentligen tycker det blir fint – och framförallt trivsamt – men han skulle aldrig erkänna det. Fast just tomtar kanske inte är mina favoriter heller TROTS att jag har ett helt litet vitrinskåp med små sådana! (Jag “gömmer” dom där. *fniss*) Men det finns ju annat…..
    Ser att ni fått snön tillbaka, här är det än så länge perfekt vinterväder. Tre grader plus, strålande sol och GRÖNT PÅ MARKEN! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Trevlig Lucia till dig med 🙂
      Fast jag firar inte heller mer än kaffet, glöggen och kakorna på jobbet idag.

      Visst är det vackert när det är dekorerat men för det mesta tycker jag inte det är värt allt arbete. Cypressen skall dock få sina ljus och dekorationer men det räcker nog med det i år. Julkänslan vill liksom inte infinna sig.

      Inte har vi fått snön tillbaka, bilderna är från helgen. Det är så mörkt redan när jag åker från jobbet att det skulle vara klönlöst att ens tänka på att fotografera på eftermiddagen 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  6. Christer, it seems most folks run short on time to do everything they want to this time of year or perhaps the list of to-dos keeps getting longer? I am in the process of writing and mailing Christmas cards, which take me a week or so as I write a message in each. To my thinking, if I am taking the effort to send a card, it should include something personal inside. But, I also realize that it’s hard for everyone to find the time to do all they want to for others. Hoped the snow doesn’t cause too many problems as far as driving. It still is lovely to see as we have none to share, now.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      Yes I think You’re right. But I have barely anything on my to do list more than sending cards and decorating my yule tree 🙂

      My handwriting is so bad looking that I don’t want people to suffer through reading too much so I rarely write anything but the greetings 🙂

      The snow is long gone already, these photos were taken during the weekend since it’s pitch black already before I leave work 🙂 So the roads are amazingly good right now!

      Have a great day!

  7. Whoa, what’s up…no picture of porridge with gooseberry jam?! I love hot cereal in the winter time and often eat it at night. The ultimate comfort food for me.
    The snow is all softened up and smushy but this morning has a sheet of frozen rain over all. I’m watching the little dark-eyed juncos chipping their way through to the seeds. Nothing to be done about it, even a blow dryer wouldn’t make much dent in this. On we go. Stay warm. Dee

    • Hi Dee!

      I have never posted a photo that shows my food, sort of not my thing to do. If I would do that I would have to make it look nice and tidy, that’s not my thing either 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Almost all snow is gone here now and the little that’s left is covered by a thick ice sheet. Even I could walk on it 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Cindi!

      Yes, one is towards the bitter sweet and the other one towards very sweet 🙂 But I made enough porridge so I could have both 🙂

      I just hope my cards make it over the ocean 🙂

      Have a great day!

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