Saint Lucia’s day.

The pig isone of the most important Yukle symbols here. This one is made from marzipan. It's totally hand made from making the marzipan to shaping it as a pig. It's a work friends daughter that makes them and she has put her personal touch on it. The ones one buy in the store look more like how a pig actually look.

The pig is one of the most important Yule symbols here. This one is made from marzipan. It’s totally hand-made from making the marzipan to shaping it as a pig. It’s a work friends daughter that makes them and she has put her personal touch on it. The ones one buy in the store look more like how a pig actually look.

Today is Saint Lucias day here in Sweden and Saint Lucia is the only catholic saint we Lutheran protestant people celebrate. Like most of our traditions it origines in Germany but has taken its own course up here. But I think I might write more about that tomorrow, today we look more at Lussi, an evil female demon that could punish people if she so wished. She existed here long before they even had heard about Saint Lucia here so there’s no connection between them even if the names are similar.

The sun was on its way down when we came out for our walk even if I stop working early on Fridays. The sun went up at 8:46 am today and went down at 3:14 pm.

The sun was on its way down when we came out for our walk even if I stop working early on Fridays. The sun went up at 8:46 am today and went down at 3:14 pm.



December thirteenth was believed to have the longest night of all during the year and today especially many beings were out walking so one had to be very careful about what one did. Today all preparations for Christmas should be done or Lussi might come and punish us. She came riding in the sky with her helpers Lussifreda and if children had behaved badly during the year she simply went down the chimney and took them with her on the ride and they never returned again. In some parts of the region I live it was a male demon instead called Lussegubben.




But tonight was a night when it was best to stay indoors all night since lots of things were out there, like giants. They are ancient and existed long before humans. In the nordic mythology they were the sworn enemies to the ancient gods of Asa together with something called Rimtrusarna, the giants of frost and the fire giants. Now days I’ve never heard of Frost or fire giants though.

The whole I made when falling through the ground has become much larger now.

The whole I made when falling through the ground has become much larger now.

The water now goes all they way upp :-)

The water now goes all they way up 🙂


They are of course gigantic and very rare now days since this country was christened. They don’t like the sound of church bells, it’s like knives in their ears and drives them to madness. So they have been known to throw huge blocks of stones towards the churches but so far I’ve never heard they ever hit a single church. Some people say that those blocks of stone were transported there by the ice sheet during the ice age but we all know better 🙂 They aren’t known for being smart but most of them are very kind, mostly they’ve been good friends to humans. But every now and again some of them get a taste of human flesh. But if they should hurt or kill a human it’s mostly because they are so big that they can’t see the human 🙂




The water level is so high now that we wouldn’t have been able to walk there at all if the ground not had been frozen!

It’s time to make a pot of tea and something to eat. I’ve decorated my little yule tree but I need an extra cord so I can plug in the lights. I’ll give You a taste of what it will look like in the end of this post. I was thinking of writing something else too today but You know how the brain sort of just erase some things 🙂


I think this is Lotta and her right eye seems to be a mess! I hope it isn’t any disease because even if it should be damaged by an injury she still would have a good chance to live on, like Rune did (does?) with his one eye.




Have a great day!

A taste of what my Yule tree will look like :-)

A taste of what my Yule tree will look like 🙂


16 thoughts on “Saint Lucia’s day.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Lussi doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to meet on a cold dark night and neither do her friends.
    Is Ste. Lucia the same as Ste. Lucy who had her eyes plucked out for being a Christian?

    I’ve heard of Frost Giants. They are in Norse mythology. I think they fight against the Odin and the other Norse gods at Ragnarök.

    Poor Lotte. That side of her head looks dented in as if there is muscle atrophy along with whatever is wrong with the eye. I hope it’s just an injury and not a disease.

    I love the photos of light on the snow but am glad they are in your part of the world and not mine. I will have enough snow tomorrow and Sunday, though.

    Is that sinkhole from beaver activity? Good thing there was enough daylight for you to see it.

    I’m doing Christmas cards. Almost done. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      No she is quite nasty to be honest 🙂 The children she abdukted had to serv her as her slaves until they died 🙂

      Saint Lucia and Saint Lucy must be the same person, we use her italian name here. There are loads of stories to what happened to her but I guess the eye story is the most known.

      I must have missed that part during religion in school :-)So You call it the Norse mythology, tried to find the name on google tranlsate but it was our name for it that turned up. We call them the Asa gods and Asa mythology

      I have a better photo of her eye and it looks much like it did on Rune. So as long as it isn’t any deadly disease she will make it, she won’t starv anyway since she is the first one to come here every day :-.)

      I don’t think the sinkhole is due to beaver activity. It’s more likely that it is the dtaught during summer that caused it. The concrete tubes moved when the ground dried out and the rains started. Now however the beaver activity makes it all much worse because the water level is so high that it now pours out fromthe beaver pond all over the place. I’m glad I fell down when the water level was so much lower 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Some of the gods were called Aesir and some were Vanir. They fought with each other, made treaties and exchanged hostages. I think Odin is Aesir. Freyr and Freya are Vanir but hostage to the Aesir.
        It gets complicated after that and they all get lumped under Aesir (or Asa) but there is lots of Germanic stuff thrown in there, too.
        Loki was neither Aesir or Vanir but some other clan that I don’t remember. He was never worshipped by anyone and that’s probably why he was so nasty and tricky. All that rejection doesn’t make you a nice guy. 🙂

        By the time all that gets over on this side of the Atlantic, it just becomes Norse Mythology.

      • It’s fun to read their names in anything than the Swedish way I learned them 🙂
        Yes there were loads of different gods back in the days. I think Loke or Loki’s parents were giants and was in some kind of sworn brothership with Oden and his gang 🙂 Loke might have another name too, Lodur and if he is the same he’s also brother to Oden (Odin)which is a bit odd since he was a giant and Oden wasn’t 🙂 they are usually very complicated those relationships 🙂 🙂 🙂 There’s one problem though, Lodur was a positive person, something one can’t even pretend Loke is 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. wow christer..i have more snow than you do! and more is on the way for us tonight. i can’t wait. you have some very scary yule traditions. poor lotte…i hope she is not too badly injured. that sink hole is scary too! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      We have very little snow left and no more is due to come for a very long time 🙂 We will get rain though and I’m noit sure I like that especially much either 🙂

      Yes it seems that most of our old traduitions and myths are quite nasty 🙂

      As long as Lottas eye just is injured she will make it through winter, she won’t starv because she’s always the first to come here during the afternoon 🙂

      That sinkhole is more scary now than when I fell down into it 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Thank you for the glimpse of your Yule tree. Do you have a Dala horse on it? I live in a senior complex and we are not allowed to have live trees which is a real shame because they smell so good, but management thinks they are a fire hazard. Last year I bought the sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree by Hallmark – one lone branch with a single ornament. Poor Charlie Brown. I hope the poor deer’s eye is okay. The animal kingdom is not kind to its own when they are hurt. That is quite a hole you fell in to. I am so glad you were not hurt.

    • Hi myroseindecember!

      There will be more as soon as I founf an extension cord so I can light it up. I need a few decorations around the pot too because it doesn’t look nice at all 🙂

      No Dala horse 🙂 Not even a Bull from the Dahl (a less known realtive to the Dala horse). It’s mostly straw figures and some light weight plastic baubles.

      My Cypress is a potted plant so I think You could say it’s a potplant if those are allowed. Dry old spruces is definitely a fire hazard but since we now days can but those LED lights which doiesn’t even get warm I think You should be allowed to have live trees if You so wish.

      Yes that is a sad tree 🙂 He never really managed to be successful Charlie Brown, did he 🙂

      Lottas eye is most probably lost now but she will manage to survive well if it’s just an injury, she’ll get food enough here in my garden since she usually is the first one to come. You are right, nature is a cruel place if the animals aren’t 100% well.

      The hole wasn’t that big when I went down 🙂 But there’s so much water now that it tears the road with it on its way towards the lake.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Cindi!

      Could be 🙂 But I think only the giants toe would fit in there 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Well as long as she isn’t sick she’ll do fine. She’ll have food enough here to last through the winter 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Har aldrig hört talas om dom här väsen du skriver om, men å andra sidan är jag varken religiös eller skrockfull så det kanske beror på det!? 🙂
    Däremot är jag en stor vän av traditioner, så idag var vi tvungna att köpa en ny adventsstjärna till vardagsrummet. Den gamla – som hade blivit lite ful med åren – var vit med blått runt ljushålen, den här är härligt sammetsröd! 🙂 🙂
    Sen köpte jag också två “röda” hyacinter och så två stycken amaryllis fast jag hade tänkt att skippa dom i år, en liten och en stor. Fick nämligen en bok igår som jag tydligen vunnit för min blogg!? När, hur, varför har jag inte en aning om, så det var bara att tacka och ta emot – och så ge sig ut och leta efter några “roliga” sorter. vilket jag alltså hittade till slut….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Men jättar har du väl hört talas om? Det är några få av de jag skrivit om här som jag inte hört talas om förr, men jag har alltid varit intresserad av folktro så jag har ju haft öronen öppna 🙂

      De enda julblommoir jag skaffat i år är två julstjärnor som jag till min förvåning fortfarande har i livet 🙂 De har inte ens tappat några blad trot´s att jag haft dem i snart två veckor.

      Grattis till boken 🙂

      Ha en trevlig helg!

  5. Åh vad roligt att få läsa din blogg översatt. Jag har saknat den svenska, var ju härligt att få sig ett gott skratt där några ggr i veckan. Svenskan som översatt är så där….. men jag kanske inte kan få allt. Härligt att ni fått så mjt snö, jaja jag vet du är inte lika förtjust. Men hundarna ser ju nöjda ut. Det var ett våldsamt hål i vägen, akta så det inte slukar dig. Ditt julträd ser väldigt vackert ut, nu vart jag impad.
    Ha det gott.
    Kram Lotta

    • Tjänare Lotta!

      Hur sarkastisk är du nu 🙂 Jag måste skaffa ett google konto ifall jag skall kunna använda deras översättare och det vill jag inte. Bing är jättedålig, som google var i början 🙂 Men jag letar vidare.

      All snö är redan borta tack och lov 🙂

      Det fanns inget hål där förrän jag gick igenom 🙂 Gissa om jag blev förvånad 🙂 🙂 Men det växer lite hela tiden och snart tror jag att skiten rinner iväg. Det är nog inte långt borta för det regnar ju här dessutom.

      Mitt julträd är elegant 🙂 Men det var nog sista gången jag har en cypress, grenarna är allt för veka och orkar knappt med halmfigurerna, men jag har ju ´lite binderigrejor kvar så det hjälper 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  6. Well, I’m going backwards in my have already seen your Yule tree! Which is VERY nice!
    I get so so so far behind in my visits..drives me crazy.

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