I have packages to look forward too :-)


Much the same weather today as it was yesterday but perhaps a bit more windy. The laundry is done and I have very little left that is a must do thing. I could of course vacuum the cottage and mop the floors but that can wait another day.




I’m almost finished decorating around the tree but I know I have some thing somewhere I still can put up around it. It’s strange, I only have one closet still I manage to put things so I can’t find them 🙂 Some things might be out in the garage but the only place I’m sure I can’t find them is down in the cellar. That’s where I have my potted plants that needs a cool but not cold winter.




I have been thinking about what to give myself as a Christmas present and yesterday I finally decided what it should be. I’ve ordered season 1-6 of Big Bang Theory. I don’t have the channel they show it on but last easter they had a month when they let everyone see lots of channels for free. Naturally they wants us to buy those channels but to be honest most of them are pure crap and the others are just plainly bad 🙂 But I did get a chance to se half a season of Big Bang Theory and I loved it 🙂




I hope they’ll be able to send it to me before Christmas but this is the season to buy stuff on the internet so I think I might have to wait until the week after. But I have another package to look forward too as well, I got a note from the post office late on Friday afternoon that I have a rather big package waiting for me there. It says Import on the note so I guess it’s the package I know is on its way from Joyce 🙂 I look forward to that package like a tiny kid 🙂




It’s time for a pot of tea and then I’ll go upstairs to watch a dvd or two. The weather won’t change towards the better and the dogs are mostly sleeping now anyway.


Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “I have packages to look forward too :-)

    • Hi Cindi!

      I’ve only seen a few episodes but loved it 🙂

      It’s Orvar and for once he didn’t do something strange or turn around so I could take that photo 🙂

      Have a great day!

  1. Hi Christer,
    You have greenish landscape and I have frozen white and grey.
    I think I have weather envy. 🙂

    I would go out and photograph but I just finished shoveling a crap-ton of frozen snow and don’t want to see the beauty right now. I just want to be warm.
    Besides, there is no sun whatsoever and the white crap loses all its charm when there is no dancing crystal light all over it.

    Lovely photo of Orvar. He’s very straight and square and he has lovely brown eyes. 🙂

    I bought myself a Christmas present today, too. A somewhat expensive place setting of Lenox china with a Christmas decoration on it. And I got Rocky a matching bowl. Just because. It should come before Christmas so we can have our Christmas meals with them.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Was the storm as bad as they predicted? I can’t say I klove rain but it’s so warm and nice outside so it doesn’t bother me 🙂

      It’s impossible to want to do anything after shoveling loads of snow 🙂 and You’re right, there’s nothing forgiving about snow if the sun doesn’t shine 🙂

      Now I must check if I can find Lennox china wiuth christmas decorations on the net 🙂 It’s always tricky to order things this time of year since this is the season to send packages 🙂 I hope it arrives in time!

      Have a great day!

      • We got 9.5 inches so about 3 inches more than they predicted.
        And, around 5AM the snow turned to rain and then back to snow so the top couple of inches are ice. I saw the kids up the street skating down the road to church this morning and they weren’t wearing skates. 🙂
        The sun made a half-hearted appearance about 30 minutes before sunset so there was a tiny amount of sparkle for just a little while.

        You will find plenty of Lenox with Christmas decorations of all kinds. They have several styles.
        I ordered the china from Amazon. If it’s in stock, it’ll get here next week. They’re pretty good.

        I’m actually more concerned about getting the two can openers I ordered. My battery one died on Friday just when I needed to open two cans for party food. Fortunately I remembered that I had an electric one stored in the cellar that I had considered throwing out but didn’t. So, I have ordered a new battery can opener and a completely manual can opener just in case I have no electricity and no batteries and all my cans are ones with no pull tabs. 🙂

      • I sort of like snow when it has a crust that is hard enough to carry me 🙂 Bad for the deers means good for me 🙂 But I can do without the icy roads though 🙂

        Yes I did find a lot :-)I hopoe You’ll get it before Christmas!

        I never find my can openers when I need them. As soon as I don’t need them I find them everywhere 🙂 But I don’
        t think I’ve ever seen a battery driven one, I guess we must have them though. Electric ones I like a lot but can never find a good spot on the wall to place one 🙂

  2. Christer,
    I always laugh out loud at least once, usually many times, when I watch The Big Bang Theory. My sister got me hooked on it. How neat you’ll get to see some for the first time! Enjoy.

    What a wonderful picture of Orvar! He looks so beautiful in the light and so majestic in his stance. Gracie is on my bad list as she got loose out the front door yesterday and would not come to me. She stood in the middle of the street twice, looked at me and then kept running. My neighbor came out, and she went right to him. I could have killed her.

    I know I’ll end up decorating my trees despite my bad back. I love lighting them at night.

    Have a great evening!

    • Hi Kat!

      I did too those episodes I’ve watched and I think I’ll have lots of laughs ahead of me 🙂

      He is majestic looking, at least when he wishes too 🙂 Mostly his posture sort of sinks together totaslly 🙂

      It’s amazing that we don’t get insane when our darlinghs behave like that 🙂 At least Nova alweays either run home or back to me after a while. I’m glad Your neighbor came out at the right time.

      It is hard to let a tree stand undecorated 🙂 I had decided to wait one day too but ended up decorating the same day anyway 🙂

      Have fun 🙂

  3. I would love to have the dvd’s of the big bang theory, thats a great gift, we watch them all the time! That is so sweet of joyce to send you such surprises, she has a heart as big as Texas!!!!

    • Hi Laurie!

      I thought so too 🙂

      Joyce is spoikling me and I love it 🙂 People at work talks about this package too now 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Hey Christer –
    I love BBT too. It is the only comedy that I have enjoyed watching in years. The writers for the show have a sharp sense of humor & are very witty. I know I really love a show when I find myself laughing out-loud. Most comedies are written for people with that are so low functioning that they need the obnoxious laugh track to tell them when something is supposed to be funny. Hope you find a great deal on the DVDs. I buy quite a bit on Amazon & eBay. The other day I found a site called camelcamelcamel.com that is a price tracking site where you can make a ist of the items you are looking at and it gives you the pricing history so you can see what the lowest price has been. Then you can have the site email you when the price drops even lower. I wish I had known about it earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time comparing prices one by one.
    You are so lucky to be getting box from Joyce. She is am amazingly generous person & the most outrageous cook. Every morning when I read her blog I am salivating over what delicious thing she is making that day. Sad that she blew out her ovens with all the industrial cooking she has been doing for the shelter. I sort of expected it as it is hard on home appliances to so the work load of an commercial kitchen. Hopefully it does not slow her cookie baking down too much. Are you going to wait until Christmas to open your package or will you be unable to control yourself. Something tells me there will be all sorts of goodies & interesting things in there.
    I finished decorating my tree today and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself. My mantle is also finished with lots of lights and dancing reindeer. Now I just need to stop by a place that sells Christmas trees and gets some fresh cuttings to make the house smell like it would if I had a real tree. I need to find some holly branches too. Until recently I always lived where there was a holly tree and I could clip as much as I wanted, now I have to think about where I will get some. I love the bright red berries mixed with the juniper that I put in a Waterford crystal pitcher each Christmas. It is a bit fancy for my taste, but it was something I inherited from my Grandmother and so I love it because it reminds me of when I would see it at her house as a kid.
    It was nice to see a photo of Orvar from the front end. Usually we only see him from the rear or side, so I am glad he decided to pose for you.
    Hope you have a good week & that soon vacation will arrive for you.

    • Hi Ellen!

      I don’t kniow a single person that doesn’t like BBT 🙂 Sheldon was trying to learn sarcasm in the episoides I saw and I did get lots of loud out laughs 🙂 I have to admit that there is very few sitcoms that I like now days. It feels like the writers have taken a break for a couple of years now.

      I always buy dvd’s from a business called Ginza, they usually have the lowest prices but their compatitors isn’t that much more expensive to be honest. The good thing with Ginza is that it’s very close to here so I could just have driven there and bought it over the counter 🙂

      Yes Joyce is spoiling me and I love it 🙂 This one is heavy 🙂 and I have no problems letting it stay unopened until Christmas even, our big Christmas day here. I’ll write more about our christmas traditione closer to the 24th. We are very, very conservati´ve about a few things during Christmas. We have a special place in our hearts for Disney and much of our tradiotions evolve around a special program from Disney 🙂 🙂

      I’m amazed that her ovens worked as long as they did, it can’t have been many hours they had to cool down 🙂

      Holly doesn’t grow naturally here and only the hardiest manages to survive a winter here where I live, they also have to survive the deers 🙂 It seems holly leafs are delicious and last winter they finally killed my big holly. I need to protect the ones I’m going to buy next summmer.

      I do miss the smell fromn the spruce I used to have, a cypress doesn’t smell much unkless one crushes their twigs. I thgink I’ll find me a new spruce or perhaps a pine to have as a yule tree next year.

      Only four more days till vacation 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. I år har jag inte köpt mig någon julklapp själv, annars är det en riktig trevlig idé! Det blir så bra grejor….. *fniss* 🙂
    Jo, jag köpte faktiskt ett par jättesnygga “halvhandskar” på en julmarknad. Dom är i svart skinn med skinndekorationer och snoddar och tofsar, men så kom jag på att jag kommer aldrig att använda dom – dom var alldeles för tjusiga för mig här ute på landet. Jag har ett par snygga “halvvantar” i grått med pärlor, det duger alldeles utmärkt när jag går ut med Santos. Så nu har jag packat in dom “tjusiga” och skickat dom till min kusin. Vi är som syrror, så man vill ju gärna ge henne något lite extra! 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Visst blir det bra presenter när man köper dem själv 🙂

      Det är ju bra att man kan sända sina presenter vidare nä man köpt för fina saker 🙂

      Ha det gott!

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