Steady she blows.


I’ll just write something little today since I really need to start with the yule card that is going to addresses here in Sweden. It’s strange, I’ve had the cards since early November but still I haven’t been able to send them yet 🙂

Lottas eye does look really bad.

Lottas eye does look really bad.




It seems that if we’re having warm weather we also always have storms. Today is no exception and my little Mazda was tossed around all over the roads so no one dared to pass me 🙂 I was driving up the mountain to get to the post office and if I thought the wind was strong down below it was nothing compared to what it was up on the mountain 🙂



DSC_0005 - andra promenaden

I went to the post office to get the rather heavy package from Joyce 🙂 It is as always beautifully wrapped and You’ll be able to see it in tomorrow’s post. Around the actual present there was lots of newspaper too and that is something I like 🙂 It’s fun to see what newspapers from the other side of the world is writing about and the different ads in them is interesting too. Fun really since I never read the ads in m,y own paper 🙂




The fire is burning in the stove, the wind is howling outside and I have a nice cup of tea by my side, life could be worse.


Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Steady she blows.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I love to see what Joyce has sent you. It’s always fun. As good as getting a package myself. 🙂

    Lotte looks well even if her eye is bad looking. I think Rune’s eye looked worse. But, then again, we haven’t seen him around lately. At least Lotte can come to your yard for extra food. It will be a big help.

    After the big snow we had, I filled the bird feeder at the end of the driveway which is the only one I can reach at the moment. I also threw a lot of feed out onto the snow. The birds all went to that and ignored the feeder. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw a Spawn of Satan had figured out he could sit on top of the mound of snow that the plow left and hog the backside of the feeder where he couldn’t be seen. I went out and emptied the feeder onto the ground with the other stuff. Now he will have to compete again.

    The sun is shining brightly today but it is bitter cold. It will remain that way until the week end. There is another storm coming in tomorrow afternoon but it will only leave about 6 inches of snow. Only. :/

    I have one blossom on the old Christmas cactus and a few more buds. It’s been a while between flowering for the old guy. He’s about 40 years old and had been at death’s door several times over the years. I forced an amaryllis bulb, too, this year. It has two stalks over 2 feet tall with buds on each. One is opening, slowly slowly. I hope they live for a bit.
    Perhaps my brown thumb is shading towards light tan? That mint is still green under the snow as is the Mexican oregano. Something is not right. 🙂

    Enjoy the unwrapping and the rest of the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I’ll open it up after this, it’s a beautiful package in itself and I’ll show photos tomorrow.

      Yes Lotta does look to be well except for the eye. Rune did all summer long too but I haven’t seen him since then. I guess the weather isn’t as bad as it was last year and they said that the food the deers eat didn’t last longer than early November last year. This summer did a lot of good that way because they have lots to eat out there still.

      🙂 Poor squirrel 🙂 I think he will be a bit reluctant to stay out in the open so the birds will probably get lts more then the poor one 🙂 I would love squirrels here but perhaps it’s best that they stay shy in the forest so I still can feel that they are cute and nice 🙂

      Warm and windy and it will stay that way for quite some time, at least until Christmas. I like the warm and show free weather but am a bit tired of the striong winds now. But I have to admit that I always sleep very well when the wind howles. I think any weather is better than snowy weather 🙂 But six more inches is nothing 🙂 🙂

      I must buy a Christmas cactus this year, I only have an easter cactus and it won’t flower until early spring I think. I don’t have any amaryllis either, I sort of got tired of them during my garden center period 🙂 But I’m still surprised that my poinsttias actually still lives 🙂

      So You didn’t manage to kill ther mint 🙂 🙂 Yes something is happening 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Inte dumt att ha vänner lite här och där som kan skicka en spännande paket! 🙂 Och dessutom slå in dom snyggt!! 🙂 🙂 Och precis som dig så älskar jag att läsa dom medsända packtidningarna, man hittar så mycket roligt i dom.
    Väntar med spänning på att idag få se vad det är i paketet.

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nä, inte kan man klaga 🙂
      Hon är en mästare på att slå in snyggt men förra året hade de antagligen använt paketet som fotboll så i år var det stadigt inslaget.

      Visst är det kul att läsa de tidningarna!

      Ha det gott!

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