The package.












The wind isn’t howling and it feels strange 🙂 I guess it’s jut a matter of time until it starts again because the clouds fly over the sky as if they were a cat chased by a big dog. To be honest, I’ve never seen a dog chasing a cat, not even my own but I can imagine how fast the cat would run 🙂

The Christmas present beside my little cypress. It's just as big as the tree :-)

The Christmas present beside my little cypress. It’s just as big as the tree 🙂

In that big box there were lots of smaller presents :-)

In that big box there were lots of smaller presents 🙂 I can see a spider web on the chimney, sort of fits with some of the presents 🙂


Spider webs fit fine with the Halloween things I got like this cool sign! I guess it’s a raven and we have lots of them here.


I know how I will carve my pumpkins next year 🙂

So I opened up my Christmas present from Joyce yesterday to see if anything had broken but everything looks just fine 🙂 For You that wants to know exactly what was in that huge package I have to disappoint You some, most of it is wrapped 🙂 So You’ll have to wait until Christmas eve to see what most of it is 🙂 But there were a few things I can show already now. I‘ve been looking forward to this package like a little boy since I knew it was on its way  🙂 🙂


Joyce knows I have a soft spot for the Amish people. I could never be one myself since I probably would be in conflict with each and every one of them after a while. We do see different on how to interpret the bible the Amish and I 🙂 🙂


I laughed when I saw this 🙂 I wonder if I dare give it to “my” deers 🙂


It makes a sound 🙂


Delicious! I had never even heard about this before it came in a package from Joyce.

Only three more days till Christmas vacation (one of my favorite movies by the way, I always look at it on Christmas day 🙂 ) and we all need it at work. Conflicts are hanging in the air and it’s hard to have a conflict with a bunch of people who are afraid of conflicts 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m not by the way so it’s easy for me to be the bad guy if I raise my voice just a little. So instead of dealing with the problems we have they all avoid them and the tension just builds up. Two weeks away from each other just might do it so we can build up more tension until easter saves us 🙂 🙂 🙂


I’ll make pancakes on Friday 🙂 Just love it!


Looking forward to taste these, the ones last year were so yummy!


My first Christmas stocking! I’ll put some of the smaller presents in it and hang it somewhere safe from my dogs. After taking these photos I packed it down all again because I do love my dogs but don’t trust them for a second 🙂 🙂 🙂 I need to take a photo of the box itself too, it is very beautiful.

The fire is burning in the stove and the heat is slowly spreading here in the kitchen. It’s warm outside so I won’t have to have the fire burning for especially long until the entire cottage is warm and cosy. I’ll make myself a bowl with yoghurt, apple slices and some cinnamon and cardamom in it too.




Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “The package.

  1. hi christer! wow…i gave you your first stocking!!! we sure love stockings here. i think packing your xmas present this way is best. they aren’t wrapped too pretty but they made it intact which is the most important thing. glad you are already having fun with it. that magic deer food wouldn’t feed one of your deer! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes my first stocking 🙂

      I agree, it may have been kicked around some but it was still in one piece and nothing had broken.

      I’m saving the magic deer food until IO need to fly away somewhere 🙂 One usually never need a lot of magic food to make it work 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Christer –
    What a fun treasure trove of treats Joyce sent you. I love anything made with real maple, but maple cream is heavenly on scones or toast. Even of you spread it on cardboard it would make it taste delicious.
    Your new stocking is like a work of art & will be beautiful hanging by your fireplace. Hopefully no with 4 feet thinks it would make a good chew toy. I am jealous because my stocking is only a fraction of the size of your stocking,but it is still able to hold quite a few lumps of coal which is what l I am likely to find in it on Christmas morning. I am surprised that this is your 1st Christmas stocking. I always thought the tradition of ganging stockings by the fire on Christmas Eve was a very old European tradition.that spread to other parts of the World. I will have to look up the history of Christmas stockings & see when that tradition started. When I was a kid, we were allowed to see what Santa had left in our stockings as soon as we work up. Since I was usually awake at 5 AM I think that was basically a bribe so my parents could get a few more hours of sleep before all the present craziness started. There are 6 kids in my family so it did get pretty chaotic. My father (Mr. Manners) always made us open our presents one at a time so everyone could properly ooh & aah over each gift & you had to thank the gift giver (except the ones from Santa). I never experienced one of those crazy Christmas where everyone rips they presents open all at once. That always looked so fun & spontaneous compared to our organized approach.

    your Yule tree look very festive. I see you have not put your lights on. Are you still searching for an extension cord?.

    It is awful to see that Lottas’ eye is looking so poorly. Too bad you do not have one of those guns that would shoot a dose of antibiotic into her in it is infected. Tiny is looking good at least. Do you think that Lotta is her mother? It would seem odd that they stick together for so long if this is not the relationship. I wonder if the deer poke their eyes with tree branches or shrubs when they are scared & bolt through the forest? I hope she eats well & it heals like Ruins did. I am happy to see the familiar deer have returned to your garden. They remember where good food is served all Winter. I’m glad you now have some emergency food to carry with you in case you run across a very hungry reindeer this Winter.

    Sorry to hear that a conflict is brewing at work. This kind of thing used to happen at the office I worked, That kind of behavior went on periodically in the office where I worked. Just about everyone at work liked being avoidant rather than face the issue & discuss it together. I prefer to tackle an issue as soon as I become aware of it and stop things from getting our of control. Over time I realized that many people do not see any difference between being assertive & being aggressive. Sometimes if you speak up & try to resolve a work issue, you are suddenly the bad guy & those who are timid & passive aggressive personalities see you as the aggressive troublemaker & being helpful is not worth the trouble it causes you..

    Good thing vacation is coming soon for you. Maybe if everyone at work had to watch Christmas Vacation together they wouldn’t be able stay grumpy. I pulled out my tape of Christmas Vacation a couple of days ago so I wouldn’t be madly searching for it on Christmas. I taped it many years ago, but so far it has held up fine. I guess I could by a DVD, but if it still works – why fix it. It is one the funniest Christmas movies. My favorite scene is where the squirrel goes crazy in the Christmas tree,. On Christmas Eve I will watch my favorite version of A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. Of you have not seen it, it is worth a look.
    Take care & don’t eat the reindeer food by mistake 🙂

    • Hi Ellen!

      That stocking is so beautiful so I need to find the perfect spot to hang it. I’ll fill it with some of the presents I got from Joyce and perhaps the BBT dvd’s if they arrive in time 🙂

      Stockings isn’t any tradition up here in Scandinavia but perhaps it is down on the continent. I know the British people have them but I’m not sure if any of the others have. I’ll check that too 🙂

      I belong to one of those familiues where everyone opened up all the presents in chaos. Lots of OOh’s and AAAh’ and who gave You that and I don’t know’s too 🙂 Some families write Christmas rhymes on the packages and all must be read before anyone is allowed to open up thgeir presents. I’m useless in rhymes and am so glad that my family never had that tradition 🙂

      I’ve forgotten to buy a new extension cord, must remember that tomorrow. I was thinking about it this morning but then I bought the Christmas ham instead and forgot about the cord 🙂 Lotta is most probably hger mother from two years ago, she ios still rather small Tiny but lots bigger than last year. I hope Lotta will recover quickly but I doubt that eye ever will get better. She’s here every day and eat some and look healthy otherwise. Rune looked very well this summer but I’m not sure he survived the hunting season. But then again, this winter is so mild yet that they have very little need for the food I put out. They might all come back when winter really starts.

      That’s exactly how it is at work! They might whine about it every now and again but no one wants to deal with the problem and if I sound irritated or even worse angry they all tend to avopid me for as long as they feel is necessary 🙂 The problem is that when they finally do get angry they sort of loose it totally instead. Why not just solve the problem directly??

      There are so many momebnts in that movie 🙂 I think my favorite one is when the cat chews on the cord and of course tghe squirrel insident 🙂 But the trurkey on thanksgiving is hilarious too!

      I’ll save the magiv deer food until I need to fly somewhere, a broom is just soo uncomfortable 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer,
    I love the pumpkins!
    I think I know what is in the package that is supposed to hang on the inside doorknob. 🙂
    Joyce’s packages are always fun to see.

    It snowed here again yesterday and last night.
    I just looked outside and it’s stopped. My plow guy has already been to do the driveway. He must have come in the middle of the night. Okay by me. I hope he comes back later and shovels my walk, too, as I asked.
    It’s very cold outside. 16ºF. I can’t wait for the “warming” trend that is coming in at the end of the week. It might get to be 30ºF. 🙂

    Enjoy the day and may you avoid any work quarrels. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn!

      They are just soo cool! Heavy too.

      I think I know what’s in that package too 🙂 The thing is that we don’t have door knobs here, we only have door handles so I need to have a stop on the handle so the thing doesn’t fall down.

      It’s great when the plow guys are early and I hope he came back too, it’s no fun shoveling by hand 🙂

      It will stay warm here for at least a week with the exception for the nights, like last night. Black ice on all roads but thankfully a work friend texted me and gave me a warning.

      My brain might implode but I will stay calm and cool for the rest of the week 🙂

      Have a gret day!

      • Yes, plow guy came back and someone did the walkway, too. Probably my next door neighbor. I think I should have invested in that cordless electric snow thrower. 😦
        Rocky and I went to the lake because it is sunny and warmer. No pathways are shoveled there so I waded through the snow. Poor Rocky was chin deep in it but he didn’t care. He was too busy finding new places to pee on. It was pretty and completely covered in 9 inches of snow. There were some weird tracks all over the place, not dogs, not squirrels. Maybe geese. I don’t know.

  4. Wow – så många fina julklappar du fått! Och det stora paketet var jättevackert!! 🙂

    Det svåra med att få klapparna i god tid är att vänta till julafton innan man öppnar dom, så våra från vännerna i Stockholm står kvar i gästrummet där väninnan som hade med dom ställde dom. Vågar inte “fuska” ens och klämma lite på dom….. 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi Christer! There will never, ever be another Joyce! She has really added to your Christmas (Yule) pleasure!
    You sound so pleased and I know that makes her happy. She touches so many lives, even halfway around the world! Your tree is PERFECT for your little cottage. It’s lovely..very woodland and cozy. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule.

    • Hi Mona!

      So true!

      I am very pleased 🙂 and I love being spoiled like this 🙂

      I wouldn’t mind a bigger tree but just have no space for one and I’m pretty sure Orvar would lift his leg towards it too 🙂

      Have a good Yule!

  6. That big present is so awesome. I can’t hardly wait to see what she has sent you. She always has the most amazing things. She really knows you and what you like. 🙂
    I like “Christmas Vacation” but I HAVE to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” or it’s just not Christmas for me. (I always cry in the end, I just can”t help it) but it’s a good kind of cry.
    We have A LOT of conflict here at work. I hate it. Lots of mean back-stabbing. I thought it was only women that did that to each other but apparently not. I usually can stay out of it but since my niece has started working with some of them, it’s hard to remain neutral. Personally, I usually just act ignorant as if I don’t have a clue what they are talking about and that usually works. But once, someone was trying to blame something on my Nora and OMG, they saw the ugly side of me. I got right in their face and asked what they were TRYING to say and when they gave me a lame answer, I asked again “WHAT are you trying to say!?” then I marched up to Office Manager and gave her the facts and told them that they better get their facts straight and to shut up until they do.
    yep. you can mess with me but not my critters. 😦
    anyway….glad you finally got a stocking!
    I got your Good Yule card yesterday! Thanks so much!
    You will be getting yours…well, not to soon because they aren’t mailed out….
    er….ok, not even made yet but hey! you can call it a New Years Card!
    or maybe a Valentine or St.Patricks card….
    I’ll try to get it there before May Day! 😀

    • Hi Cindi!

      It is 🙂 and I have an amazxingly strong character right now so I haven’t opened a single package yet 🙂 🙂

      I must admit that “It’s a wonderful life” is one of the worst movies I know 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just can’t stand it and always wish he just could have jumped from that bridge 🙂 🙂 🙂 People tend to get angry with me when I say that 🙂 🙂

      I’m one of those that scares people at work since I have nor problems telling them what I think straight to their faces 🙂 I just can’t stand this thing that they believe problems will go away if they just shut their eyes and talk about other things. I don’t mind if they talk crap about me behind my back though, we all do and how boring would I be if they didn’t 🙂 🙂

      Yes my first stocking and I’ll fill it with the presents I got from Joyce 🙂

      Not everyone likes my kind of humor when it comes to my Christmas cards. I remember when I started sending cards like this one, well being odd was the kindest thing they thought about me 🙂 But when I stopped sending them aftyer ten years exactly the same persons thinking me being odd got really angry because it turns out my cards were the ones all their friends were taklking about 🙂 🙂 So I thought it was time to start that tradition again 🙂 Why not make Your cards a Happy January card? I’ve never gotten one of those before 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. I liked your card very much! I love that it’s totally unexpected!
    I’m not angry that you don’t like “It’s a Wonderful Life” but…you MUST like “A Christmas Story”!
    LOL! 😀

    • Hi Cindi!

      Doesn’t my card just shout Christmas 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I haven’t seen that movie. I had to check it on the net and if I found the right one it’s about a boy wanting a BBgun? I read the plot and I ca’t say I felt like it was something I wanted to see I’m afraid 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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