Hector my special guy.


I love all my dogs and cats but Hector is my special guy and has been since the day he was born. I think I’m correct when I say that he is slightly autistic and his mother sensed already from the beginning that something was different with him and didn’t like him at all, not until a year or so before she died.





If any of his siblings did something they according to her shouldn’t she bit Hector and if Hector did something she didn’t like she bit him again. He was allowed to feed but that was it. His siblings wasn’t that happy about him either because he really doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs. I guess it didn’t help seeing him being treated badly by their mother either. They all turned their backs to him when he tried to play with them but monthly he kept to himself.




The only one that actually seemed to understand him was his grandmother Viran, they never played together but stayed close most of the time. With time Orvar learned how to deal with him and finally Hector had someone to play with, well mostly it was Orvar that chased him or let him take the stick when I threw one 🙂 He doesn’t get it when Sune and Nova plays though, he mostly stands beside them sort of jumping around but never gets involved.




He’s very much in to routines and we have several that he and I go through every day. One is when he has finished his meal (after trying to steal some of Orvars food, Orvar never says anything but I do 🙂 ). He them walks to the stairs and stops waiting for me to come to him. He doesn’t like to be hugged even if I am allowed to do it, so instead I press my head towards his and then I scratch him on his back or behind his ears. We can stand there for a few minutes, it all depends on if he thinks it is too much.




So I let him go upstairs when he feels like it, some days however he wants more, so down he goes and then he makes sure that I know it so he can stop at the stairs one more time 🙂 He doesn’t like it if the other dogs sleep too close to him (even though he sometimes doesn’t care if it is in my bed he sleeps 🙂 ) but he never minds if Bertil stays close to him. He can get very confused if I put down the food bowls in the wrong order, a normal dog would just eat from what ever bowl would be placed in front of him, not Hector though. He can just stand there for several minutes looking at his bowl 🙂




Most of our routines are done for the day so now I’ll make myself a pot of tea and something to eat and then I’ll go upstairs to watch some tv. By the way, I got a text message today that said my Big Bang Theory dvd’s are on their way 🙂 I hope they come already tomorrow! Only one more work day and then vacation 🙂



Isn't it typical! I didn't have a single photo of Hector in this computer :-)

Isn’t it typical! I didn’t have a single photo of Hector in this computer 🙂

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Hector my special guy.

    • Hi Dee!

      I think he’s quite happy even if he doesn’t seem to understand the world in the way the rest of my dogs do 🙂
      I’ll tell him.
      Have a great day!

  1. Hi Christer,
    Whew. I thought you were going to say something terminal had happened to Hector. So glad to find that he’s your special guy in so many ways. 🙂
    When I get to the bottom of your posts there are related titles from former posts. The first one today reads “Now he’s grounded, for ever and ever :)”. And after all that praise, too. 🙂

    I love the picture of the hand pump with the bucket hanging off it. It reminds me of the lakeside cottage we had years ago when I was a kid. There was running water in the cottage but outside there was a hand pump that we kids had to use to wash all the sand and dirt off ourselves before we could go inside. It was fun sticking one’s head under the pump and having that lovely cold water splash all over.

    The creek still looks very high. Are the beavers still around or are they hibernating? Do beavers hibernate? I forget. They don’t do much in the winter, I know that.

    It’s sunny and relatively warm here today. It’s going to get warmer but it’s going to rain, too. I guess we can’t have everything. 50ºF in December is good enough, I guess.

    Enjoy the rest of the day. Give Hector a head butt from me and Rocky.

    • Hi Caryn!

      No nothing bad has happened o him. But I have to say I’m surprised he’s still around since he have had such joint problems. But his medicine works great most days.
      I remember that post and why he’s grounded 🙂 But I tend to push those memories way back in my head some days 🙂

      That enbtire property is idyllic and sort of how every Swede think a small farm should look like. They even still use the old outhouse all year round 🙂 I’ve seen pumps like that in a few properties here in the village and I’ve had some myself in cottages I have rented.

      The creek was very high last weekend and I think it might tear away the road completely if the water level doesn’t sink fast 🙂 I haven’t heard that anything has happened to the beavers so I guess they still are there. I’m not sure they hibernate though, not as long as the creek isn’t frozen anyway. I do however guess that theyt must have small ones in there niow 🙂

      No sun in sight here, only wind and clouds but I don’t care as klong as it is warm 🙂

      I just gave Hector a head butt 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer –
    Boy, for a minute I thought you were giving a euolgy for Hector, I am happy he is doing fine, I think you are absolutely correct about Hector being autistic. In my job, I worked with many autistic kids getting ready to complete high school & preparing them for jobs in the community.& all of the behaviors fit perfectly. Dogs may have different genetic sequences, but I would think they are just as vulnerable to mutations or defects just as humans, People with autism usually seem to have one person or an animal that they seem to allow to come into their personal space & It sounds like you & Bertil are exceptions. It is sad to hear how his mother & siblings treated him, I think that there dogs that would kill an offspring that they sensed was not normal, so at least she was willing to feed him.. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on the other night and Hector reminds me of how he was treated by the other reindeer. At least Hector did not run away with an elf because of how his siblings treated him. Hector is very lucky to have found a home with you. I guess he is a special needs dogs and you have gotten used to providing his therapy, I think if anyone else had taken him home they never would have been insightful enough to understand what the issue was and how to make the relationship work, Hector is what I know as “high functioning autistic” meaning he will do most things the other dogs do, but with his own spin on it. Can you use a memory card or flash drive to transfer the photos you have off of your old computer or do you have them saved on a hard drive?
    I had to rush my old cat Toby to the vet yesterday. She woke me up yelling in pain. She did not even want me to touch her, but she was barely able to walk she was so shaky. Toby has had trouble with
    her teeth all her life & many of them have gradually been removed or fallen out. I was going to take her to have one removed in January. The vet & I thought maybe a tooth had shattered and sharp fragments were embedded into her gums. Her labs were find which was a relief. So I came home with some pain medicine that will end up spit all over me because she has never allowed me to give her pills or liquid meds. Of course, she will quietly do anything while at the vets. I was mostly worried about her wonky walk. When we got home I noticed that she seemed to have hurt one of her back legs & hip where the bad arthritis is. I think she most likely fell or hurt her leg jumping down from the bathroom sink where she has insisted on bathing & drinking her water, That was fine when she was younger, but at 22 she is too arthritic to make the leap to the toilet and then jump onto the counter. I was able to get a syringe of pain med into her this morning and she is resting by the space heater. I will she how she does and if there is no improvement by tomorrow I will have to take her back for an x-ray. At least she is still her. I don’t think I can stand to lose a third cat in a years time, So that is how I ended up spending the money I had been saving for a new TV, but since there is hardly anything to watch on TV anymore I don’t know why I was bothering,
    In your photos of the creek, it looks like all the melted snow has caused the water to rise fairly high.We are supposed to get some snow & ice tomorrow, but it will disappear quickly as next week it is going to warm up to about 50 which will be nice after all these weeks of freezing weather. The ducks & geese were very angry this morning because the pond was frozen solid. Finally, they all flew to the river which is only a few blocks away. Too bad they woke me up at dawn before deciding to fly off for the day.
    Only one more day of work & you are free. Hope Friday passes quickly & your DVDs arrive. Did you have any kind of Yule party at work or is everyone still too grumpy to socialize.

    • Hi Ellen!

      I had an autistic boy with me an entire year when I had my garden centër so I can see it clearly to be honest.

      Well natuyre is cruel most of the time and I doubt he would have lasted long if he was a wild dog. But he is very intelligent so he might have made it anyway as long as he had passed the puppy stage. Hector was born here though so he never had to find a home 🙂

      I’ll have no problems with saving the other photos thankfully, the old cvomputer might have its ideas but it still works 🙂 I’ll buy an extra hard drive so I can save them there.

      I hope Your cat feels better now and just the fact that she still jumps around at the age of 22 shows that she’s a strong one 🙂 Too bad about the tv money but as You say, there’s really nothing woth watching now days.

      The water level in the creek is dangerously high, dangerously for the beavers that is and for the road too. Not much rain since the snow melted though but the road above the creek is so undermined that it won’t hold much longer and they have no plans on repairing it until spring/summer next year.

      No ducks and geese left here now, only trumet swans and they rarely make lots of noise.

      Today passed really fast but the mailman hasn’t been here yet so I’ll have to wait and see if the dvd’s is with him 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Poor Hector. It makes me so sad to hear how his Mom and siblings treated him. Poor, poor baby. I am so glad he has love from you, and someone who will play with him, on his terms. I had never thought of autusm in dogs but it certainly sounds like that and I guess his mother sensed it. Had he been born in the wild, I guess he would not have survived. I am glad he did, even if the world is a little difficult for him. I am sure he appreciates the love from you, even if it seems to make him uncomfortable. It sounds like you understand him and give him the space he may need and that is a sign of a good owner. Just like some dogs are special needs dogs because of physical problems, I feel sure that there are some who get their “wires crossed” in their brains and may seem,more aloof than others. My second rescue Beagle wanted nothing to do with any other dog, but he would accept cats completely. That poor baby wanted nothing in his life but me and food (of course food – he was a Beagle!). I am not sure if you can find it in the format needed for European DVRs, but see if you can find the DVD “Fluke”. It is one of my favorite animal movies. I cried the first time I saw it, and depending on my own mood, it can still make me cry.

    • Hi myroseindecember!

      I think You’re right, he would most likely never have survived in nature.

      Yes Hector and I are best buddies and it’s best to just let him be himself. He usually wants to meet aother dogs but just for a short while and then he sort of stands beside. He works fine with his sister and her pack too but they rarely meet, once a year or so. But her owners have a huge house and a huge playground for the dogs so he can be himself there too. It sort of looks like he’s with the others but he runs beside them and never really interact with them. But he’s happy and that’s what’s important 🙂

      It’s fun but dogs tend to love cats but not always other dogs, perhaps it’ the independence the cats have that the dogs like?

      I’ll check out that film, I’ll see if I can find anything on YouTube.

      Have a great day!

  4. oh my gosh it brought tears to my eyes, the poor love, he has had a rough time, he is so lucky you have him, I never thought of dogs being Autistic but I imagine they can, we have a four year old grand daughter who is autistic, I think its wonderful he sleeps with bertril, our dogs and cats slept together too, sometimes there was no room for us in the bed, I really enjoyed the photos today, we have so much snow, there are high banks everywhere.I should send you some!

    • Hi Laurie!

      I always had to keep an eye on hius mother just in case she thought someone had to be punished for something. She wasn’t a nice dog to be honest but she was my little girl 🙂

      He’s not that fond of Teodor though, I think it’s because Teodor is a bit more clingy. Bertil just don’ty give a da.. if anyone likes him or not 🙂

      I’m so glad we don’t have any snow 🙂 I would be glad if You kept Your snow on Your side of the ocean 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. There must be so many great smells for your dogs to enjoy when you take them out walking. What great lives your dogs lead..AND the cats!! Bertil must be SO wildlife savy to have survived so close to wild animals! He would probably chew them up and spit them out if any creature were to bother BERTIL!! 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      I hope they like it here 🙂 Well they have no choice since I do so they better enjoy this place 🙂 🙂

      Bertil is a tough little cat and so unlike his briother Teodor 🙂

      Have a great day!


  6. Visst är våra husdjur – och förmodligen andra också – helt otroligt olika. Både i utseende även om det är samma ras, temperament och sätt. Och jag skulle inte alls tycka det var otroligt om en hund kunde vara lite autistisk eller ha någon modern bokstavskombination. 😦
    Det där med olikheten är riktigt kul, speciellt nu när man fått en så vansinnigt snäll hund. Men…sen han kom hit har han – naturligtvis – fått lite olater. För det första så har han börjat skälla och vakta vårt hus. Fast om det nu verkligen kommer någon så gör han inget för han är ganska harig. 🙂
    Likaså verkar han gilla alla andra hundar och försöker aldrig trycka ner någon och ta över – vilket är riktigt bra. 🙂 🙂
    Sen har han nästan börjat matvägra, men det beror på den “äckliga” dietmaten för det här med hans konstiga urinstenar. Han fick först en sort som han gillar, men den visade sig vara för fel sorts stenar. Den här sorten kan stå framme till framåt tio på kvällen när han är så vansinnigt hungrig att han vräker i sig den! Och det är ju helt OK!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Men…innan dess så tigger han något så vansinnigt att man till slut inte står ut utan att man ger honom det halva tuggbenet han får varje kväll EFTER maten! 😦
    Han har naturligtvis lärt sig att vi inte orkar ha honom hoppa upp och ner i TV-soffan under nyheterna, pussas och krafsa på en. Men om det är det enda negativa så står vi helt klart ut med det – och när han väl fått sin lilla godbit då är han lugn igen. Ja, ja – man har den hund man förtjänar…..

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag är stenhård när det gäller tiggeri 🙂 Nog försöker Sune alltid men det är ingen idé 🙂

      Det är ju trist att hans dietmat skall vara såpass trist men nu vet han ju att tuggbenet får han när han vill 🙂 Som du säger, man får den hund man förtjänar 🙂

      Men han har ju allt det andra som talar till hans fördel 🙂 Det är så skönt när hundar inte absolut måste visa sig som herre på täppan, de kan bli så vansinnigt irriterande! Mina får inte vara i soffan heller men Orvar sover där gärna på nätterna har jag märkt, så länge det bara är han får det väl gå och dessutom orkar jag inte traska upp mitt i natten bara för att se om han ligger där 🙂

      Ha en god jul!

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