Lots of water now.


Yesterday I ate one small bowl of yoghurt with sliced apples and three sandwiches in total, I still felt so full after Yule eve’s gluttony of food and candy 🙂 I still do so I’m pretty sure the food intake will stay at a minimum today as well 🙂 🙂 So this is how it is to have a stomach that actually works as it should, before I always was hungry but since all those examinations and the Lunelax I’m almost never hungry, Feels very odd but I kind of like it 🙂 🙂




We went out early, well that is actually a lie, not early but before the sun should rise so I realised we actually have that blue light here even if we don’t have snow. Can’t say I like it but at least it didn’t rain and the wind wasn’t blowing so I took the chance to experience that too 🙂 We walked in to the village and then out on the fields down to the creek. Instead of following it upstream we turned downstream to the big shack I’ve shown You before. We never reached the shack because I looked down on the creek and realised I had to go up to the beavers. It’s a long time since I saw the water level that high down there.




We walked along the creek downstream when I realized that the water level was way higher than last week.

We walked along the creek downstream when I realized that the water level was way higher than last week.

I did wonder if the beaver dam had broken and what had happened to the road? I guess it’s a bit stupid to think that the beavers wouldn’t know how to build a dam because that was still as solid as ever. But the grounds is flooded and the water has more or less taken the road above the creek with it down stream 🙂 The little that’s left is so thin it’s dangerous to walk on, especially since the water goes almost up to the ground surface now. It was impossible to follow the creek upstream since I couldn’t risk a jump across the water, who knows how the ground will hold if I tried 🙂 So if the weather stays as predicted I might try going the other way today but I doubt I’ll be able to follow the creek, or now river 🙂 especially long. I’m pretty sure the water cover the path now.



Nothing much left on this side.


Nothing much on this side either. It's not even safe to stand close now.

Nothing much on this side either. It’s not even safe to stand close now.

We are back from our morning walk and I can tell You there’s no use in even thinking of walking along the creek, now river, downstream. There’s no path any longer. To be honest it was difficult enough as it was just to reach the creek at all. The ones digging the ditches had made a sloppy job but to be fair I doubt they ever thought there would be that much water in the creek ever 🙂 At the end of the road the ditches had flooded and even if it is a short distance to walk that little lake is much deeper than it looks like and it was only Sune and I that were prepared to try to walk there anyway 🙂 I can fully understand Nova, she’s a pitbull not a water dog. But the old guys wo actually are almost 75% water dogs should be able to walk there without panicking because getting wet 🙂 🙂





This doesn’t look like much to walk through but it’s quite deep 🙂 and with three dogs refusing there’s not much to do but to find another way.

At first we tries to pass the area in the forest on our right side but it shows there were lots of ditches there too with just as much water, so we had to turn back and try the other side instead. So much easier, the ground is higher there and finally we could pass that new little lake. That was when I realised walking downstream the creek was impossible. So we walked upstream instead. They fixed that road early last year and still no grass on it. If it had been my garden it would have been covered in at least weeds after a week 🙂 But I could see some old foot prints in the mud and walked there. Worked quite fine! All the rain and the beaver pond affected this area so much more than I thought it would. The creek is much bigger there too now and trees were now growing in the middle of it.


There was no use in even trying down streams.


I thought this would be way to slippery to walk on but it worked quite fine.



We had almost reached the bog when I suddenly heard lots of gun shots. Not from “my” area but I wasn’t sure if we still were in “my” area 🙂 So we turned back and I was talking loud to my dogs all the way back to where I knew we were safe. I know lots of hunters are out on Christmas day, to shoot the Christmas day hare but I’ve never heard that they are out on Boxing day. But then again, who eats hare now days? so I guess this might have been the Boxing day moose or deer as a new tradition.





I looked over the fields dow towards the creek when we were almost home and I could see the flooding is even worse now. But I doubt that anything will happen to the beavers though 🙂 None of the land owners seems to care about this, at least not until spring arrives and by then I hope the water level has sunken some. To be honest, now they need to trust that the beavers keep that wall they’ve built in good condition otherwise the flood wave that will come if it breaks most likely will drag the road with it on its way to the lake 🙂 🙂





Have a good continuing of Yule!


16 thoughts on “Lots of water now.

  1. Merry Christmas, a little late. I hope the rest of your holidays will be good. I am glad to hear your stomach is better. What are they treating you for? That’s a shame about the flooding and washing away. We have had a lot of flooding in our state the last week. Thank goodness we live up a hill. Take care.

    • Hi Debby and Good Yule to You!

      They are treating me for Irritable bowel syndrome, they couldn’t find anything at all after all those examinations so the only thing they could think of was that and it works fine 🙂

      Lots of flooding here in Southern Sweden as well but this one is far from any homes and the beavers seems to handle it well 🙂
      I live far from any threatening rivers or lakes and that’s nice winters like this 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Lots of water around your way now. It’s like some weird wildlife traffic jam blocking up all the paths. 🙂
    I think beaver dams don’t break in a way that causes huge waves of water to come flooding over the downstream areas. They break down slowly and the water behind generally leaks away during the process.
    Of course, when the dam gets dynamited, that’s a different story altogether.

    It still looks like Vermont in mud season over there. Has it been raining all month?

    Yesterday was very cold here. Today is still cold and it’s damp. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do but I guess snow is somewhere in the mix.
    I ate many things yesterday, too, and have a Boxing Day meal to go to this evening. We don’t call it Boxing Day here but A Day After Christmas meal is too long to say more than once. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Well it all depends on how thwe beavers constructed the wall, if they just have stopped the water where it’s supposed to go the water will soon carv out the mud on the sides and then there will be big problems. But hopefully they’ve built like they do when there’s only a river and no road above it 🙂

      It has except for those three days when it snowed and we got inches of snow and it all melted and rained away in two days 🙂

      Really nice here today, warm, no rain and no wind. That’ll change soon enough I’m afraid. More rain and wind is on its way.

      We call tghis day Annandag Jul, second day of Christmas. Many of us call it leftover day 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Leftover day is pretty much what it is here, too, for most of us.

        If the beaver wants the water to stay behind the dam, it will be sure to keep it in good repair. They are pretty good about monitoring the depth. I saw one that patrolled his handiwork on a regular basis and if there was leakage anywhere, he knew and would patch it all up. The property owners regularly blew up one of his secondary dams partly because it flooded their lawn but mostly because they didn’t like the sound of the water going over the top of it. 🙂 The beaver regularly rebuilt it in just a couple of days.

        I forgot to say nice shaggy ponies! 🙂 They look well insulated.

      • I’m afraid that I will have leftover days for at least a week 🙂 🙂

        I just hope they have secured their wall towards the banks of the creek/ river, otherwise it will all go away when the banks breaks 🙂 It will be a giant mud slide 🙂 These beavers haven’t even tried to stop the water going over their wall yet, perhaps they’re busy reparing it in the deep?

        Yes there’s no risk those horses will freeze as long as winter is this warm 🙂

  3. wow, we heard on the news of the flooding in Europe, I still can’t believe you have no snow, thats amazing!I’m glad you have your appetite back, on our property outside town there are a number of hunters who trespass an shoot the rabbits and deer there, even a moose was shot on our land, Garry and my son hunted rabbits, sad really, Garry no longer hunts but my son does, I was raised on venison, moose and rabbit, I avoid it at all costs now, my husband said if I was hungry enough I would eat it lol!

    • Hi Laurie!
      It’s bad down in Europe now, not that bad up here though even if rivers are flooding here too.

      Every now and again we get winters like this even inlands like here. I never complain when it comes to warm winters even though it could rain less 🙂

      Hunters usually keep to the rules and laws here thankfully, there are just too manyliving here so it’s hard to get away with it 🙂 It’s another thing further north where very few lives.

      This is how I look on hunting. The animals that lives free and never knows what hit them are far better of than the cattle, pigs, chicken and all other animals that are slaughtered in slaughter houses. They fuklly understand what is going to happen to them when they arrive, the smell at a slaughter house keeps nothing hidden from them. Also most animals at these huge food factories as I cáll modern big farms have an awful life until they are killed. So I don’t mind hunting at all, those animals have a good life till it is over.

      But then again growing vegetables actually kills more animals since they use lots of pesticides that kills not only the pests but also animals living on those insects, not to forget how many animals that get killed during plowing the fields or harvesting. Every year they kill thousands of animals with their harvest machines too. No matter what we do we do wrong to be honest 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jim!

      I’m afraid that I will have a leftover week here 🙂

      I don’t mind leftovers either as long as they don’t last too long 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Vi är ju ofta ute och går på obekanta ställen med Santos, men vi aktar oss noga när vi ser vatten. En del ställen har så dåligt med jord här – kanske bara några cm innan kalkstenen – och där blir vattnet ofta ståendes i djupa fickor så där går det inte alls att gå. Här har det dock – ännu – inte blivit så mycket vatten, men får det hålla på att regna några dagar till nu så blir det trist…..
    Igår var det härligt väder utan blåst ett par timmar – sen duggade det igen – så då passade vi på att åka ner till kusten och ta en välbehövlig långprommis. Det har blivit väldans mycket sittande, även om man får skutta upp och ner och passa upp på sina middagsgäster. Men på söndag får Santos sina julgäster (podengon Leo och hans matte Anna) och då får i alla fall han mycket motion. Dom brukar fara som skållade troll på tomten OCH inne, så man får väl stänga till vardagsrummet annars så river dom väl omkull julgranen! *fniss*

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Här brukar det vara lugnt just på den punkten, men nu är vattenståndet så högt att all mark runtikring blir instabil.

      Det var riktigt skönt här i morse, först dimmigt, sedan soligt och hela tiden vindstilla, nu regnar det och blåser rejält igen. Man får vara glad för de få minuterna 🙂
      Kul för Santos att få träffa sin kompis igen! Här är det få hundar numera förutom kina och de som finns får av olika själ inte hälsa eller leka. Tur att de är fyra här då 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. Oh! I love the photos of the horses but the rest of the post had me nervous.
    I was afraid to think of you stepping into some deep watery hole or getting shot by hunters.
    Or your dogs!
    My nerves can’t take it.
    I’m glad you made it back safe.
    (and glad to read that your tummy is better!)

    • Hi Cindi!

      I kept at a safe distance all the time, I have my tele-photo lens 🙂 The hunters on the other side was a bit creepy since I wasn’t sure if I still was in the right area. But the sounds came from far away but that doesn’t measn there isn’t any hinter nearby anyway 🙂
      Well I’m still sort of full since Christnmas eve 🙂 but I did feel a bit hungry this morning 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Time is still racing by and I’ve missed a few of your posts. The pictures of your area are great! I sort of felt the same way Cindi (above) did while looking at the pictures. I remember the last time you fell through. The bog has always worried me.. You know your area very well..we know that..so that’s SORT of reassuring. Sound like your Yule was really nice. Ours too!
    If I don’t get to visit again, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! We are leaving in the morning to go out of town so it will be awhile.
    Take good care, Christer!

    • Hi Mona!

      Yes time just run away!

      Well the bog is rather far from where I fell through 🙂 I don’t go to close to the creek (well river partly lake now), I used a tele-photo lens to come close to take the photos by the creek 🙂

      These photos are taken by the edge of the bog and I know that road very well. No risk opf falling in anyw´here there 🙂

      Have a good trip and a Good New Year!

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