To town I went.

The editing program edited this photo by itself, it was so dark outside that it woukld have been impossible to see anything at all otherwise.

The editing program edited this photo by itself, it was so dark outside that it would have been impossible to see anything at all otherwise.

I went to town this morning to get deer food, sunflower seeds, shampoo and things like that and actually some food for me too. I also changed my lottery numbers while I was at the super market, the ones I had didn’t bring me wealth and fortune at all, as best they gave me my money back 🙂 Thankfully I never remember the numbers I have but I tend to have a few I never change, like number 13.  I also bought a bunch of paper wash cloths, You know the kind one has for babies because I’m about to sow the seeds I’ve bought this winter.


I’ve always wondered why this house has that huge chimney?



On my way to the town square in Falköping.

A cafe now days called Grannies Pantry. It used to belong to a work friend of mine.

A cafe nowadays called Grandma’s Pantry. It used to belong to a work friend of mine.


Some of You might now wonder why I bought those if I’m going to sow seeds? Well it’s because it works even better than sowing in soil and I have better control of what is happening with the seeds. It’s possible to use this method for any kind of seeds but if they are tiny, like the ones many annuals have, it’s easier to do it the old way in pots with soil or directly on the spot the plants are supposed to grow at.


This is a florist’s shop but I couldn’t see many flowers to be honest 🙂






One can use common paper towels of course but they tend to either become a mush or mold easily, the wash cloths for babies usually stay in one piece for the entire time. The seeds I’ll sow later today is mostly from trees or bushes and up here most tree and bush seeds need a cold period to germinate. So I make the cloths moist but not wet, put the seeds in the middle of the cloth and folds it so the seeds are completely covered. Then I put the cloth in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge. Normally it takes at least three months until the seeds germinate but it’s best to start checking if anything happens after three or four weeks. Sometimes it takes several years and then it’s best to change the cloth every now and again.



I left the town square and took some photos of the different appartement buildings just outside the square.

I left the town square and took some photos of the different appartement buildings just outside the square.



 At the moment I have five Persimmon seeds (Diospyros virginiana) that has been in the fridge twice since I bought them almost a year ago and now finally they all have started to germinate. The climate here is on the border to what it can manage but since I have an Osage orange living here I thought why not try 🙂 I wasn’t sure if these seeds would germinate so to be sure I bought five more 🙂 It looks as if I might have plenty of small plants to swap at the plant swapping day 🙂 I can take some photos of how I do if You like, just tell me in a comment  down below.





Well, this pink one is actually a bank so I doubt there are any appartements in that part of the building.


I also went down to the creek and took lots of photos and for a while I wasn’t sure what photos to show, some from the town and some from the creek? All from the town or all from the creek. But I thought that You see the creek all the time so the photos from town it is today. Lotta is back 🙂 She came before it was too dark yesterday and I got two photos of her. Besides the eye she looks just fine. Tiny however didn’t come at the same time, she turned up a bit later all by herself too.







The fire is burning in the stove but not for too long since it’s rather warm outside, I don’t want to boil while sleeping 🙂 I have a cup of tea by my side and after this I’ll have a big bowl with yoghurt and sliced apples. I’m still not really hungry after the Christmas food 🙂






Have a great day!

Bertil followed us on our walk when I came home again.

Bertil followed us on our walk when I came home again.


30 thoughts on “To town I went.

  1. Beautiful old buildings, quite a departure from your usual! Love the Yule decorations.

    I would love to know how you came to have an osage orange. Are they native there? Does it produce any of those brain-looking fruits? I bought five tiny little osage orange saplings about ten years ago and to date I have one left alive and it is still about a foot tall. It is strange to see you have many of the same plants we have here in the US.

    I’m glad for you that Lotta showed up. I have a trail camera and one year I got many pictures of a doe with twins, that had a big swelling under one of her eyes. I got bigger and bigger and finally I got a picture of her with the swelling down and goop dripping out of the hole where the abcess ruptured. She did very well after that and it seemed to heal up. I guess they have very good healing abilities. Many years ago, I had a doe come to my deer food that had had a broken rear leg and it had healed rather badly, seeming to compress down onto itself, so it was shorter than the other rear leg. But come spring, she showed up with a fawn in tow! Amazing animals.

    • Hi Wendy and welcome to my blog 🙂

      Yews, even I have to leave the bog and my village sometimes 🙂

      I bought the seeds from a seed firm called Gardens North. It isn’t native here and it shouldn’t survive at all really 🙂 But this little one seems to have adapted to our short and cool summers and long dark winters. It’s still too small to have any fruits and I think I need one more to get those fruits. I had another one but my dogs sort of peed it to death 🙂 🙂 It does grow very slow but is one of the few plants that deers doesn’t seem to like 🙂

      I like to try other plants than the ones we usually can buy here so I buy seeds instead, especially from Gardens North that specialises in plants growing in harsher climate zones. I also have some Pawpaw’s but I don’t dare planting them outside yet, perhaps when they are a bit older I’ll try a couple out there.

      Deers are amazing, especially the small roe deers that comes to my garden. I’m glad Lotta did turn up looking so good, she’s not the only one eyed deer here, The one eye Rune, a buck, came here all winter last year and he even chased away younger rivals even if he only had one eye. But I haven’t seen him since summer. But I hope that the deers not showing up this winter just doesn’t feel it’s necessary because there’s plenty of food still in the förest.

      Have a great day and welcome back 🙂


  2. Hi Christer,
    Town is lovely with all the Yule lights! Your Stop signs and Parking signs look just like ours. 🙂
    Why does the building have a huge chimney? Maybe it used to be some kind of factory.

    I’m glad to hear that Lotta is still around. Is that her in the photo? It’s hard to tell what the eye looks like. But if she is looking healthy then it must not be too intrusive.

    The baby wash cloths that we have here are already pre-moistened with something that would probably not be good for the seeds. I think they are not made of paper but are actual cloth which is probably why they stay together better than paper towels.

    It’s grey and getting colder here. We are heading into an arctic air mass for awhile and there is snow forecast for later in the week. One of the local weather guys Tweeted that he had to rub his eyes when he saw that one of the models was predicting 4 feet of snow. I hope that model is just broken. 🙂

    Enjoy the day and I can’t wait to find out if the road is still there. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes Falköping is a nice little town, boring but nice 🙂

      Yes some signs do look the same, especially the stop signs. But itis fun to see how different signs can look all over the world 🙂

      Yes Lotta is back and looking healthy too and it is her in the photo. The eye looks just as bad as before but it doesn’t seem to disturb her.

      Many of the appartement buildings seen in my photos are actually in old factories that were transformed to appartements. So I wonder if that little house might have been the blacksmiths place?

      We have those baby wash cloths too but I could find the old fascioned paper ones, without any chemicals 🙂

      It seems to always be grey, cloudy and windy here now days. But as long as it doesn’t snow I won’t complain 🙂 So please keep the arctic air mass ver at Yours 🙂 All models are broken 🙂 Lets just hope You at least don’t get more than 4 feet 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer! did you eat all the food i sent you in one day? i loved seeing falkoping! what time of the day were you there? the streets look deserted! i always love seeing pics of bertil. he always looks so serious. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’ve eaten almost allcandy and pastry now 🙂 I’m just about to start with the soups 🙂

      I was there around 9 am and was surprised over how few people were out walking! It seems most people have vacation this week too so most of them were probably still asleep 🙂

      Yes he does tend to look serious but every now and again he just looks mean 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Så vackert det ser ut i Falköping, de gamla husen och juldekorationerna ser väldigt mysigt ut:) Jag har bestämt mig för att inte så några perenner i år/nästa år ska möjligtvis så lite ettåringar senare i år men jag får se. Jag önskar dig ett riktigt GOTT NYTT ÅR så hörs vi nästa år.

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Visst är det en fin liten stad, tråkig men fin 🙂

      Det blir några träd och buskar och en perenn i år. Faktiskt också Narcisstobak, den har jag alltid gillat nämligen.

      Ha et gott nytt år 🙂

  5. I have been enjoying your blog and finally getting around to commenting. I liked seeing the pictures of the buildings in the town as it gave me more of an idea of your area. I always like the ‘nature’ pictures. We live in a rural area but close enough to a major highway that we really don’t see all that many wild creatures any more.

    • Hi Joyce in KS and welcome to my blog 🙂

      Falköping is a beautiful little town and what You see is just a tiny part of it. But most of it looks just like this. The town is around 1000 years old and so is most of the other towns in this area too.

      But I prefer to walk around here in my tiny village at the outskirts of the world 🙂

      It seems that many of the wild animals here have adapted to cities so now days we can see most of them even in towns and cities. No problem if it is the smaller animals but a moose or bear have a tendency tio create chaos 🙂

      Have a great day and welcome back 🙂

  6. thats a lovely town, I really enjoy the older buildings, I have never heard of germinating seeds in this manner, I will have to try! You need snow, I will send some, lol!!!!

    • Hi Laurie!

      It is a nice little town and fortunately they saved most of the old buildings, something many other towns and cities didn’t during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

      That way of germinating seeds isn’t that common yet but it works really well. It’s easier to keep control of eventual diseases and pests.

      I would be so happy if You kept Your snow on Your side of the ocean 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Christer-
    How nice to get a tour of the city so nicely decorated for Yule. Loved all the diffferent kinds of architecture. It looks like a nice clean place to live & visit. As for the big chimney on that one house, I thought it looked like a crematorium smoke stack. Are you sure the place is not a funeral home? If it is just a residence, they must have a heck of a big fireplace.
    Happy to hear you caught sight of Lotta and she is OK. Also, I would like to see how you do the seed germination. It sounds interesting & I never would have thought of using the baby wipes instead of paper towels which seem to go moldy on me.
    I never play the lottery. I feel I may as well burn the money. Some immigrant in NY found a lottery ticket when he was working to clean up the debris from Hurricane Sandy and he found a ticket. He won over a million dollars on the last day to turn the winning ticket in. It was nice to see someone who really needed the money win. Sometimes I see people who are already millionaires winning & it seems so unfair. The big lotteries here raised the amount you can win, but they say you now have much less chance of winning because of more people buying tickets for the giant prize, The odds against you winning are now double what they used to be. There is a TV show that shows what happened to regular people who won the lottery and almost every person ended up going bankrupt and doing really dumb things with the money. If I won I would get a good attorney and do everything I could tp keep people from begging for money. That would be the worst thing. I would only want to give to charities I select and I would wait to see how friends & family treat me for about a year or two when I give them nothing. People who stay nice get a reward, snarky people who get mad & jealous get nothing. I would invest most of it and never have to worry about paying bills or what I normally buy. I would buy a new modest house & definitely a new car. What would you do of you won?
    I have to go get some blood tests done today. No my favorite thing since I have terrible veins for poking. I better get going as I can’t procrastinate any longer.
    Take care

    • Hi Ellen!

      It is a nice place a bit boring but nice 🙂
      During the late 1960’s to the late 1980’s lots of towns and cities torw down all buildings and now they look like crap. Unlike most countries the politicians thought we should get rid of the old and build new houses instead and actually believed people would like it. The biggest problem areas we have in this country are those “new”places with modern architecture. But thankfully there were places that refused to do so and renovated the old houses instead and Falköping is one of those places. Yes there are modern hoses too but it doesn’t dominate the town at all.

      Yes, that’s the only thing I’m sure of 🙂 The crematorium is placed elswhere and I doubt that they would have made appartements in an old crematorium :-)But I have to admit that I thought that too in the beginning.

      I am actually on the plus side when it comes to the lottery 🙂 I’ve never won much but since I only do the lottery and for little money, the money I’ve won will make me stay on the plus side until I’m very old 🙂 I’m not rich though, I paid off all my debts when it happened and have gotten new debts instead 🙂 I never believe that I will win the big money but it is nice to have the chance no atter how small it is 🙂 every now and again I win back the money I’ve spent, at least for that week.

      But what would I do with the money. My family wouldn’t get a single penny, well that is the genetically family. We aren’t close at all. But I have a step son that would get lots of it directly and what’s left when I’m gone. There are a few charities I would give money too and I think I only would savce that much that it woukld last for the rest of my life. My life may be very short but I’m planning on a long one 🙂 That’s what I think I’ll do with the money but one never knows what happens. I might just end up having all the money in the babk, walk to town and go through all the garbage bins looking for food and stop washing myself 🙂

      It was nice to see Lotta and in such good health, besides the eye. I’ll take some photos of my sowing today, I still have a few seeds to sow. It is easier in the long run wioth these cloths but it does work well with paper towels too since they are placed in the fridge.

      Hasve a great day!

  8. Hi Christer! WOW, do you ever live in a beautiful part of the world! The town pics you shared are just fantastic! That house with the massive chimney is beautiful, but I too wonder why such a big chimeny. It looks like it should be on a warehouse instead of just a house. Thank you for sharing. I wish we were having your weather – we are under dangerous wind chills tonight. -50 celcius. Not happy about that!

    • Hi Dianna!
      -50C That’s just awful!!! Cold temperatures isn’t that bad as long as there is now wind but the wind dioes make it intolerable! I sure hope no one will lose power when it is that nasty cold. How cold is it without the wind?

      It is a nice little town and I like that hose too but I do wonder what it once was 🙂 my guess is that it once belonged to a black smith.

      Veru windy here last night and the wind is still roaring out there. I sure hiope it will calm down some before we take our morning walk 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Hello again! Well, it didn’t quite make it to -50 celcius, but with the wind this morning it was -47 celcius. I think at that temperature it doesn’t matter. with no wind it was sitting at -31 celcius. More dangerous winds tonight – we are staying in for new year. Not safe to go out! Have a happy 1st of January ! 🙂

      • Hi Dianna!

        Just -47, that’s nothing 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I’m gklad You are staying in when it is that nasty cold! If something would happen the odds of making it are slim to none.

        Have a good continuing of the new year!

  9. Hej Christer!
    Jag tittar alltid på dina bilder. Jag gillar dem, du är en duktig fotograf!
    Nu undrar jag över bilderna från Falköping. Inte en människa i sikte på någon! Hur lyckades du med det?
    Hälsningar Kerstin

    • Hejsan Kerstin A och välkommen hit 🙂

      Tack skall du ha 🙂

      Jag blev faktiskt förvånad själv över hur lite folk det var ute då, klockan var strax före nio och jag såg bara tre personer som var ute 🙂 Antagligen var det väl så att de som var lediga låg kvar och sov medans de som jobbade redan var på jobbet. Först vid tiotiden såg jag hyndägare ute med sina hundar men inte mycket annat.

      Ha det gott och välkommen tillbaka 🙂

  10. Again, thank you for throwing in a picture of my cat! 🙂 He had that “don’t mess with me” look on his face! I loved the pictures of the town! That is always something that interests me a lot.
    I hope your Christmas was nice. It sounds like it was..and a new year is upon us once again! Happy New Year, Christer, if I don’t get back over here.
    I was pleased to see Lotta had showed up again, and I know you were happy to see her and know she was alright.
    I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the streets of your little town. Where were the people? It must have been a day when everything was closed?
    See you next year! 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      He stopped following us for a while when the new cats at my neighbors arrived. But it looks like he has shown them who’s the boss and now he follows us again 🙂

      I like these old towns even though they have their share of problems too.

      I had a very nice Christmas but it pass just too fast doesn’t it 🙂

      It was nice to see her and it looks like it’s just an injury and not a disease that messes up her eye. She looks very healthy otherwise thankfully.

      It must just have been too early, it’s a normal working day but many of us has taken vacation during these two weeks so I guess those that didn’t work just stayed longer in bed 🙂

      Have a good end of this year and a good new one 🙂


  11. Vackra gamla hus – fast jag tror jag bott klart i sådana! Men dom är mycket fina att titta på och jag är tacksam för att folk gör i ordning och renoverar dom!!
    Kul att Lotta är tillbaka, men varför tror du att dom numera håller sig för sig själva!? Kan det bero på den kommande brunsttiden?
    Ha en skön kväll – utan smällare – och njut av tystnaden!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Visst är de vackra och väldigt bra renoverade inuti också. Växte själv upp i gamls Landshövdingehus so de kallas och tyckte nog att de knappast kunde vara bättre. Klart bättre än betongskiten jag bodde i senare.

      Brunsttiden är över sedan länge, rådjur fördröjer dräktigheten ett halvår tror jag det är. Men det kan ju vara som förberedelse till att de får nya om några månader. Kan inte komma på något annat skäl faktiskt.

      Här är blåsigt och muklet med regn på väg in har jag hört så det blir nog lika lugnt som alltid 🙂

      Ha ett gott slut på detta året och ett gott nytt år!

  12. I’m so glad that Lotta is back!
    That town looks very nice, probably a nice place to live.
    Yes, please show how to germinate seeds in a baby wash cloth!
    I will go to the Dollar store and stock up on washcloths!
    It’s very cold here today. When I left for work it was 14 below.
    I’m done with Winter! 😦

    • Hi Cindi!

      I am too 🙂

      That town has its problems, drugs are unfortunately common there and for a while it was the center of the doping trade.

      I have, just look at newer posts 🙂

      Warm and nice here even though I am a bit tired of the wind and rain by now 🙂

      Have a great day!

  13. Thanks for the tour. I love seeing homes and buildings in countries that I will probably never see in person. Interesting about the seeds. We call these baby washcloths baby wipes………we use them for all kinds of things. Usually sticky little hands. Happy New Year.

    • Hi Debby!

      It happens that I bring my camera when going to town 🙂
      I love to see the differences in other countries. Mostly it looks the same byt very´different if You understand how I mean 🙂

      I don’t know who it was that found out those cloths works great when sowing seeds but I’m glad she/ he did 🙂

      Have a great day!

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