A delicious coffee!

The lake that was was gone again yesterday morning when I went down to the creek again.

The lake that was, was gone again yesterday morning when I went down to the creek again.


The weather is perfect for us with animals today, this last day of the year. It’s grey, windy and it will most likely start to rain later tonight. That means there will be a minimum of firework in the air tonight. Well officially it’s forbidden to have fireworks here where cattle goes outside all year long but some farmers seems to think they can ignore that since they own animals themselves. Hector get afraid but if he’s allowed to stay in my bed behind me close to the chimney he usually calms down pretty fast.


The odd thing was that there suddenly were lots of gravel on the side towards the pond, despite the water flowing there. So I could easily walk right over. A few days before there was nothing at all there except for the grass and its roots.




So we passed and it was still way to much water to go the usual way, so in to wild hog land it was.



Oddly enough Bertil didn’t complain at all. He usually doesn’t like to walk there at all.


I had actually forgotten it is new years eve today πŸ™‚ but then I saw all well wished for the new year on Facebook. I’ll take it easy as usual but it will be a busy night for the beavers I’m afraid. The land owners finally dug up the entire road and the water started flowing again. It won’t for long though since they don’t seem to have a wish of getting rid of the beavers πŸ™‚ But several low pressures are on their way and now all the water created big problems (if one is a land owner that is) far from the beaver pond itself. It would have become a paradise for the wild life though, I can just imagine how many mosquitoes would have hatched there πŸ™‚


Well, he had to show off of course and climb way up in a pine πŸ™‚



Thankfully there’s an older path just above the one we usually walk on. The water had flown so fast it tore away the soil around the tree roots in some places.





I was thinking that they had could put in some carps to keep the water open later on when the beavers would have moved upstream and then we might get more herons and other fish-eating birds here. Well I don’t own the land so that’s never going to happen. But to be honest, they are all hunters so they would have gained on that too πŸ™‚


Even though the water level must have sunken with almost half a meter (much the same as half a yard) this old bridge still touched the water.




The pond here is gone as well, so much easier to walk upstream as well now.




I don’t know if You noticed that I got two packages with coffee from Joyce this Christmas, They are from Downtown Smicksburg Amish Country and I’m brewing my first pot right now and it smells heavenly. The one I’m brewing right now is called Pumpkin Pie. I’ll let You know what I think of it before I’ll post this. It will take lots of time to post all photos and it will soon be ready to drink. It’s funny really, I rarely drink coffee at home but I live on coffee at work πŸ™‚


He had to show off again today πŸ™‚ Just as I was taking this photo Sune had to pull the leash!




That’s where I fell down πŸ™‚



The beavers had filled the tube with lots of twigs and branches, So even if they had pulled apart the concrete parts still no water ran throw them πŸ™‚



Still plenty of water in the creek and I guess it will take a few days for the beavers to repair the damages. They are at least still alive πŸ™‚


I wish You all a Good End of this year and a Good New Year!


Some seeds needs to be kept moist already from the minute they are harvested, so these seeds always comes packed in vermiculite. When they do I never try to remove the vermiculite, I just pour out it all on the cloth.



Most seeds however comes like this, as these Cercis canadensis (no it isn’t snobbery to use the scientific names, some plants have more than hundred common names so if we use them no one will know of what plant we’re talking about πŸ™‚ ).


Then I just fold the cloth around the seeds, put the package in a plastic bag and toss them in to the fridge. I’ll take a look at these in a month or so.

The coffee didn’t just smell wonderful, I wish I could say it smelled just like pumpkin pie but I have no idea what pumpkin pie smells like πŸ™‚ it tasted soΒ delicious too πŸ™‚ Thanks Joyce!



16 thoughts on “A delicious coffee!

    • Hi Joyce!
      Yes I sure am πŸ™‚
      That was really a nice coffee and it smelled wonderful, sort of Christmasy πŸ™‚

      Have a good end of this year and a good new one πŸ™‚

  1. I almost forgot that it was New Years Eve as well, Facebook also reminded me! That method of seed sprouting is great!
    Take care in your travels, Happy New Year to you, , great shot of Bertril I love how cats can act so silly and then become so serious again, ahhh, the life of a cat!

    • Hi Laurie!

      Having vacation sort of make me forget what day it is πŸ™‚

      Yes it is an easy and good way to make seeds germinate. It’s easy to remove bad seeds and so easy to just plant the seeds directly where they will grow later on (unless they start germinating too early. If they do they need to be put in pots yuntil it’s time.

      Bertil has his moments πŸ™‚

      Have a good end of this year and a good new one!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Bertil must be feeling playful. Or as near playful as a mean cat can get. πŸ™‚

    If the beavers are around long enough, fish will get there eventually. I imagine that a beaver pond is a fairly unstable thing in the beginning.

    It’s freezing cold but sunny out today. I actually had to wear my second most warm winter jacket instead of my usual sweater and down vest combo. I expect that I will have to go to my down parka that is supposedly good for temperatures down to absolute zero. I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t be going out in weather that cold unless I had absolutely no choice.

    Pumpkin coffee does not do anything for me but I bet it smells wonderful as it is percolating. πŸ™‚

    It’s New Year’s Eve so Happy New Year!
    Enjoy the coffee and the rest of the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I guess it can be practice until he needs it too, one never knows when a fox turns up. Or he is just showing off πŸ™‚

      There are small fish in the creek already but carps aren’t natural here to be honest. they live in many lakes anyway and mostly they want people to release them if they catch them. They are fantastic in keeping lakes and ponds vegetation free and open.

      Windy but fairly warm here but no rain for once. I wouldn’t go out in that cold weather either unless it was an emergency πŸ™‚ First time for me to have pumpkin coffee and I really liked it. I have another kind I’ll try later.

      Have a good end of this year and a good new one πŸ™‚


      • There are some mighty big carp in my lake. It used to be weedy but now it’s just full of algae instead. The town blames it on the geese and dog walkers but they really know it’s all the run off from lawn and garden fertilizers poured all over the the very expensive properties on the uphill side of the lake shore. Nothing will be done about that because those homes pay big bucks in property taxes and money shouts much louder than anything.

      • So true! Money shouts much louder than anything else and it is so easy to blame geese and dogs, isn’t it πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jim!

      It wasa really nice coffee. I don’t think we have any that is called the same here but it did make me want to go to the coffee shop to see what different kinds of coffee they have there πŸ™‚ Long time since I bought flavored coffee.

      Have a good new year my friend!

  3. Hi Christer –

    I am hoping the beavers outsmart the farmers. Beavers are pretty difficult to locate & shoot. The landscape sure changed quickly with the new lake disappearing. So funny that the beavers filled the drainage tubes with sticks & twigs as soon as they were put in place. I think the beavers will just continue to build their damn and enlarge their territory. I like your idea of letting the areas of water expand and letting more of the land be taken over by birds & wildlife. How dumb are the farmers too shoot off fireworks and frighten all the animals. Maybe if a frightened bull ran into them they would think twice about using fire works around animals. The cats used to be terrified of the long 4th of July fireworks. They are set-off just a couple of blocks away, in a park by the river and some of the explosions shake & rattle the whole building. Tonight will hopefully be not too bad since it is a weeknight and raining. A few fore crackers should be all that happens. Toby’s deafness is a help with the noise, but she still runs under the bed when she feels the building rumble. Poor Hector, I hate the thought of him cowering in your bedroom. Now, I have a special place for Hector knowing he is a special needs dog with his autism.

    I enjoyed seeing how you would spend the lottery. No one ever knows what the future,but I agree with you that none of my siblings would get a penny. I am planning on leaving anything I have to the cat shelter & animal shelter. If you die & leave them money they promise to find good homes for any pets you have when you die. Since I was diagnosed with heart failure I have been debating whether to adopt a couple of new cats, but it is hard to decide to go ahead with that since there is a good chance they will be around longer than I will. it doesn’t seem right to take in animals that may have to go live with someone else, but as you say, no one knows what will happen so I will not make a final decision for a while. Today is Toby’s 22nd birthday and she will be getting a can of people tuna for dinner & a new string. She never liked toys, but every night before she goes to sleep, she demands that I play with her using an old nylon boot lace that she loves to chew on. It is getting so old & worn, but she will not accept a new piece of lacing or string, so I keep washing it as it falls apart. It is such a ritual for us & she enjoys the attention for 5 minutes. She has been with me half my life & so I hope she continues to have good health for a while longer.

    So you liked the pumpkin coffee. When they say it like pumpkin pie it just means that it is flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg & a bit of ginger. Those are the spices you put into the pumpkin puree when making a pumpkin pie, The pumpkin filling we buy is actually a variety of squash & not a pumpkin at all. Pumpkins usually do not make a good filling for pie because the are too fibrous & the meat is very tough.

    Sometimes in the Winter if I brew a pot of coffee, I will add some cinnamon and orange zest in with the ground coffee to add flavor. Other times, I add a spoonful of cocoa mix. When I drink coffee I need to add cream. I would never be able to drink it black or use those harsh acidic french roasts. In reality, I guess I am not really a big fan of coffee, but I like to drink something hot & I’m not a tea drinker. Mostly I need the caffine to give me some energy.
    Thanks for showing how you wrap the seeds in the baby wipes, I am going to give this a try. I’m surprised the soap in the wipes doesn’t bother the seeds or maybe you rinse that out first? it looks better than the paper towels I have used in the past that go moldy so fast.
    I loved seeing Bertil climbing trees in the forest like a wild beast. Hope he doesn’t get sap on his feet. from the fir trees. He is one tough cat.
    Have a quiet & uneventful New Years Eve. Keep Hector close just in case it gets noisy. I hope 2014 brings you happiness & peace, especially at work, a fantastic gardening season, good health & less computer related stress. I wish all the dogs & cats good health & many good walks with you. Happy New Year Christer!

    • Hi Ellen!

      I think they want the beavers to stay, at least until next summer or so and perhaps even longer. But we have to look at this from the land owners perspective as well. The water could destroy much of the land they grow food for the cattle on one side of the creek and on the other it wouldn’t be safe for the cattkle to walk aroun at either, it would be so soft the animals might get stuck in the mud. The wild life wouldn’t have any problems but cattle has lost mostof tghe know how to survive in anything but good conditions. Cattle don’t even understand how to remove snow so they can feed on the grass beneath it. So this was a way to let the land around it dry up before the beavers build up their wall again πŸ™‚

      I don’t undrstand how those farmers think either but I guess it’sfun as long as it isn’t their own animals panicking. We did have a few fireworks here but it wasn’t that bad. Hector didn’t care about the first ones but around 10:30 but he didn’t like the ones around 12 so he came up and stayed in my bed with me and since he jumped up in my bed so did all the others πŸ™‚

      Well, we never know how we would react to the big lottery winning do we πŸ™‚ But I sure hope I do as I plan, it would be sad if I started to look for food in the garbage bins πŸ™‚ :-)It is hard to guess when it’s time not to have pets, I mean I can crash in to a moose on my way to work next week and die but then again I might live till I’m hundred πŸ™‚

      Those wraps are soap free, just a thicker paper that holds so jmuch better than ordinary paper twoels. So if You’ll try this either rinse out the soap or find soap free. But to be honest, I don’t think soap would disturb the seeds at all.

      I rarely drink flavored coffee, mostly because I would need to go to a coffee/ tea shop. There’s one in FalkΓΆping (the town I showed yesterday) and I usually go there to buy tea. So I’ll see what kind of coffee I can find next time I’ll go there.

      Have a good new year!

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