Suddenly we stood there, just watching each other.


It actually looked like we could get some sunshine, this first day of the year,. It still does but I doubt the sun will get a chance to look through those clouds. They are thin but I can’t see any rips in them where the sun would get an even slight chance to shine. The wind is blowing like it has this winter, steady and hard so I thought it would be nice to walk in the forest this morning.




We went down to the creek but since it is impossible to pass it so we can walk homewards again we started walking upstream instead. Bertil seems to have stayed the king of this road so he has started to follow us again on our walks. He didn’t for a while but my neighbor says his new cats refuse to go outside unless he’s with them. I’m not sure it is Bertil’s fault but I di suspect it 🙂





The water level has now sunken with an extra meter (much the same in yards), still there is plenty of it in the creek. I might go down later to check if the beavers have started to repair their wall by now or if they’ll wait until the water calms down. Anyway, upstream we walked. It must have been colder down there during the night because I could see ice on the puddles but the road was perhaps more muddy than usual. Or perhaps I should say more soft than usual, I guess all that water that has run down in to the creek instead of filling the road must have made the road more spongy.



I was a bit surprised to see this birdhouse out in the middle of nowhere.



My plan was to follow the creek all the way up to the bog and perhaps get a glimpse of the lake. We had already walked two thirds of the distance when Bertil started to complain, not much but still. I couldn’t see any tracks anywhere and my dogs were all over the place as usual. Both Nova and Sune were leashed because Sune has a tendency to take a bath every now and again and I really didn’t wish to have to shower him as soon as we came home.  Suddenly Bertil just stopped and looked ahead, very quietly.



I turned around and looked straight in to the eyes of the biggest boar I’ve ever seen 🙂 He stood around 50 meters (much the same in yards) in front of us. I have to admit that he was magnificent! Suddenly seven or eight sows passed him and slowly started walking towards the bog. Did I get any good photos? I feel like an idiot, why didn’t I just keep the camera going? I didn’t get the chance of adjusting my camera at all and the few photos I got of them demands a rather good imagination to make them look like photos of wild hogs 🙂 I let my editing program edit the photos as good as it could but I could have gotten great photos if I just had used my brain!!!



Suddenly he stopped and started to look around.


And then he stopped and just stared.

I couldn’t see any piglets which was a good thing I think. The hogs walked away slowly in their direction and we walked away slowly in the opposite direction 🙂 All the way home I cursed myself for not taking better photos when I had the chance. That boar had huge tusks or should I call them fangs? He was soo much bigger than Orvar and Orvar isn’t small at all :-), the sows however was in the same size as Orvar which makes them rather big anyway 🙂



Sorry but this is the best I got. Seconds before it had stood there just watching us and here he had started to back.


The fire is burning in the stove and I have a cup of coffee by my side. I’ll bake a bread later on and even if I know it won’t help being cranky for not using the camera while I had the chance I still am, I’ll never get a chance like this again I’m afraid.


Ididn’t think it wouldbe a good idea to follow them so we turned away and walked homewards again.




Have a good continuing of the new year!


20 thoughts on “Suddenly we stood there, just watching each other.

  1. wow christer, that would have been a great photo! i’ve never seen a wild boar before. glad everyone parted peacefully! you sure are still having a very mild winter. we are waiting for a snow storm to arrive. i sure hope we get lots of snow! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      It would have been but I guess I just was so surprised that I just didn’t think of the camera. I can tell You they are big! Still ours are small compared to the ones down on the continent. Wild bores have been known to attack without any obvious reason lately so I am glad they just turned around.

      I do hope You’ll get lots of snow this time especially now since Teddy likes it too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    How frustrating! I sympathize. I’ve done it many times, too.

    I don’t kick myself too long over those “lost” photographic moments, though. I’ve decided that those are the moments when I am to live the experience instead of documenting how it looked.
    You could look at it this way; you were given the privilege of seeing the boar and his harem close up and you were allowed to live to tell us about it. 🙂
    And you did get some photos.

    Of course, Bertil could have been sending threatening kitty thoughts with his stare and that’s why the boar backed away slowly. 🙂 Maybe you should give him some extra special treats today.

    It’s wicked cold here this morning, 17ºF, but it’s sunny. Rocky and I are going to a New Year’s Day house party. He has his formal bow tie collar all set to go. He’s the only dog invited so he has to look his best. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Caryn!

      I know, it doesn’t help being cranky any longer time 🙂 Buit I sure was mad at myself while walking home. I’ll most likely never get a chance to come this close and not getting killed again 🙂
      It was soo cool just to stand there watching that huge bore and his smaller but still big sows 🙂 Too bad it’s impossible tro see what it is on the photos though, could just be big footor perhaps a Swedish variation of it, big toe 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yes mighty Bertil told them he would rip out their eyes if they came closer 🙂

      Still above 34 here but if the clouds go away the night might be cold, but it doesn’t look that way right now.

      Have fun at the party 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Guy!

      No I’m not and I would most likely be arrested if I had any weapon with me 🙂 Our laws are very strict when it comews to weapons (we aren’t even allowed to carry a knife in towns when going to forinstance stores). I could wear a knife in the forest of course but that would most likely not help at all against an angry hog.

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer,
    I was surprised to see you on a Wednesday. I came to catch up with your life and found a great story. I’m glad they just went in the opposite direction, none of you needed to tangle with a boar, tusks and all. Gracie would have chased them which is why I keep her on a leash when we go out-she is a runner.

    I’m glad you are all safe!

    Happy New Year, Christer, and all your animals!

    • Hi Kat!

      I just had to tell You 🙂

      I’m glad too that they went the other diretion and I guess it was because they had no piglets. Normally it’s almost impossible to see wild hogs in the wild (except in some towns where they have understood that they can walk during the day amongst humans and not get hunted:-) They are smart too 🙂 ) so I think they were just as surprised as I was 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!

  4. Happy New Year, Christer (and critters). I can see the boar so do not beat yourself up over not adjusting the camera. Here in the US wild boar are quite ferocious. I would imagine they are worldwise, also, best to be avoided at all costs. My son-in-law hunted javalina in Texas and said even for their smaller size, they were quite nasty. I am glad you are all safe. We are expecting some snow tomorrow and rapidly dropping temperatures over the next few days, with no relief until Monday. The amount of snow expected still seems to be up in the air. Regardless, I do nt have to go out for a few days so I can just enjoy looking out at it. Be well! Nancy

    • Hi myroseindecember!

      Normally we never see them at all, as soon as they know humans are around they run away but it has happened that boars have attacked without, as we know anyway) having any reason to do so. But even wolves avoid them unless they really has to.

      Still no snow in sight here and that makes me happy 🙂 I hope it won’t fall to much of it where You live, even if it is nice to look at 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!


  5. Happy New Year Christer & Company –

    What an exciting adventure you had this morning in seeing the bore & his harem. I would have been frightened out of my boots (to put it nicely). I am surprized at the size of the bore. There might not be a lot of definition in the photo, but the size is easy to see. I wonder if Bertil started complaining when he got wind of the bores scent? He was pretty intent on staring at them & brave not to bolt and run all the way home. Although he has probably come across them before in his wanderings. Forget about not using the camera. I think it was better than you just kept your eye on them in case they charged you. Good thing Bertil has such good tree climbing skills with beasts like that lurking in the forest. I think those hogs could inflict significant damage to you & the dogs with lightening speed if they chose to. I would probably start carrying something that could make a really loud noise to scare them away if needed, but them I have been chased by large animals before, but the teeth of those bores can be razor sharp & are made for shredding food tougher than people. I think they are scarier than the any of the mythical figures you told us about. Fortunately, they continued on their way. Are these animals protected or can they be hunted? Your heart must have been going pretty fast when you realized what Bertil was staring at. Did the dogs bark or were they not aware of the hogs. Surely they smelled them. A very exciting way to start off the New Year.

    Thank you for posting the tutorial of how you wrap your seeds for germination. I will look for the least chemical wipes I can find when need them.I wanted to ask what some of the seed varieties you have had the best luck with germinating in the refrigerator? Are there certain seeds that will germinate in under a year that you could suggest I try? I don’t know that I have enough patience to wait 2 years for germination. Are the seeds you use collected from existing plants/flowers or so you order them from a catalogue or buy at a nursery?

    New years Eve was totally quiet this year. Not even a single fire cracker or people making a lot of noise while they walk home drunk. I actually fell asleep on the sofa reading around and did not wake up until 12:30 AM. Toby was so mad that I was not going to bed that she was jumping on my head trying to wake me up.

    It’s nice that you have another whole week of vacation. I’m surprised that you have not gotten much snow by now. The mountains here are badly behind in snow pack. All the skiers & snowboarders are very bothered that they could not ski for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. If it does not start snowing now there could be real problems come Summer. All of Portlands drinking depends on the snowpack. Here in the valley we had less than 1/2 the normal rain and the farmers are worried about their crops, esp. the wine growers. It just continues to be foggy and dark clouds, but no rain. If it is going to be so dreary outside, I would just as soon that it did rain.
    Take care – Ellen

    • Hi Ellen!

      I actually didn’t get afraid, it all happened so fast. To be honest I just thought it was cool even if I did look around to see if there was more behind us 🙂 I let them walkk away first before I turned and walked the other direction 🙂

      We all had the wind from our side so I guess he must have felt something on the ground and that can be the reason Sune and Nova were all over the place following the hogs scent. Perhaps I should get me one of those horns they have on hoickey games, that should be loud enough to scare anything if they never have heard it before 🙂 None of the dogs barked, they almost never do, and all of us was watching those hogs 🙂

      Now days I almost only buy seeds and only from Gardens North. I never let the seeds stay more than four months in the fridge, aftyer that I bring them out and place the bag somewhere room warm. That’s usually when the seeds start to germinate. If they haven’t after four months and hasn’t molded I put them in the frige for another four months. Most seeds germinate after three months but there are some more difficult like peonies and some tree seeds. Magnolias are fairly quick to germinate though.

      Very little fire works here, I think I heard four or five of tem but that’s it. Not even Hector got especially stressed by it.

      We too are surprised about not having snow but we are all very pleased 🙂 But we’ve gotten the rain instead and we did need that after this summers unusually long draught. Summers here are usually cool and rainy with the occasional sunny day. The last time we had a summer like the one we´just had was 1994 🙂 I wouldn’t mind some of Your fog though, I wish we could trade 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!

  6. Efter att ha sett hur stora såna galtar kan bli, så förstår jag verkligen att du vände! 😦
    Vi brukar ibland åka till ett ställe på andra sidan ön där en bonde föder upp vildsvin. Dom har ett jättestort område att gå på och det är naturligtvis elstängsel runt om. 5 kablar varav det lägsta är precis i marknivå – ändå har det tydligen hänt att dom tagit sig ut. 😦 😦
    Oftast håller dom till ovanför en liten bäck med en lersluttning och en massa liggande containers med halm i. Den lilla skogsvägen går precis förbi där och dom är helt orädda, så man kan verkligen studera dom ordentligt. Och vi sitter alltid kvar i bilen – man vill ju inte utmana ödet!Usch, träffa på dom vilda i skogen det vore en mardröm!! 😦 😦 😦
    Idag har vi inte varit iväg någonstans alls, man får ju ta de lugnt så här “dagen efter”. Visserligen hade vi ingen fest igår, men man drack ju lite skumpa precis runt tolvslaget. Så lite trött har man ju varit….. Men nu är allt tillbaka till det normala igen efter den här långa helgen och det är skönt! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jo den var riktigt stor! Fast våra är små om man jämför med dem nere på kontinenten 🙂
      Jo de är skickliga på att bryta sig ut, det är därför vi har dem i naturen igen 🙂 Fast jag hade nog gått ur bilen om de befann sig bakom ett staket 🙂 Men allt gick så pass fort där ute att jag inte hann bli rädd, bara fascinerad 🙂 De är riktigt vackra och imponerande.

      Inget firande alls här, gick och lade mig långt innan tolvslaget, är ju morgonmänniska och kände väl att nattsömnen var viktigare. Dessutom blir jag så trött och grinig dagen efter om jag är uppe för länge 🙂

      Ha en god fortsättning på det nya året!

  7. I think the photo is quite good enough! I have heard that wild Boar are very dangerous. I think you did the right thing to walk quietly away. Fantastic photo’s of Bertil!! 🙂 LOVE that cat! As far as the neighbors cats..well..who wants competition in the neighborhood. Bertil is possibly just letting them know who runs the area. IF it is even him. :):) I mean, it could be the wild boar that has them all is a tizzy! 🙂
    Hope your first day of the year was peaceful…and I’m glad you made it home from your walk with no more of a problem than not taking a clear enough picture. Happy New Year.

    • Hi Mona!

      They could have been so much better if I just had used my brain 🙂 But I’m glad they trotted away the other direction 🙂
      I thought You would like those photos of Bertil 🙂

      One of the other cats had a nasty wound, but Bertil doesn’t have any. Son it might have been the fox that scared those cats. Bertil fear nothing 🙂 well he might not like hogs but he doesn’t fear them 🙂 🙂

      Can’t complain about anything these first days 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!

  8. Good thing you had your protection cat along… Would have loved to have seen the boar and his harem, but I sure understand you not thinking too clearly at that moment. I once saw a bobcat, from inside my house, and barely got any pictures of it! I sneaked out onto an upper deck when it went behind a shrub and when it proceeded towards my house I about fell off the deck! My heart was POUNDING! And that was just a little kitty cat compared to a herd of wild pigs!

    I have to ask, what are those mounds in two of these pictures? Surely not anthills???

    Hoping you have a wonderful, picture-ful New Year!


    • Hi Wendy!

      He is actually great when it comes to warn about wild hogs 🙂 He’s done it before but this time I have to say he was a bit late 🙂

      I was so amazed to see all those hogs so the camera was not, unfortunately, something I thought of at all 🙂 Would have been great to see a bobcat! We have them around but I think it would have to be dying if I should be able to just stumble upon one 🙂 🙂

      Yes those are ant stacks 🙂 I thinbk the biggest ant stack vere meassured here was over three meters high (much the same in yards) so these still have a few years until they reach that ´hight 🙂

      Have a good continuing of the new year!

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