The thermometer says -7c (19,4F) but it doesn’t feel that cold. I’ve heard that the wind blows hard south from here but can’t say it’s especially strong here. I must admit that despite the cold air and all the snow that has been falling since yesterday it feels rather nice outdoors. The snowflakes are mostly tiny so even if it soon has been snowing for 24 hours it still isn’t more than five cm (two inches) on the ground. The plow guy hasn’t even bothered to plow the roads and I understand him. I’m just glad that I don’t have to shovel away those piles I always get when he’s been here 🙂






The snowfall was so intense this morning that I never thought the hunters would go out but surprisingly they did as soon as it slowed down some. We were already on our way home so there was never any danger that we would get caught in the hunt. I met my neighbor and an old man who barely could walk in the snow and told them about the meeting with the wild hogs last week and that I thought they might be around since I had smelled the nasty smell of the hog urine. It does smell nasty 🙂 It was so fun to see how different the two reacted. The old man seemed to be interested to walk to the place where I had met them and I have to say I hoped he wouldn’t because if he actually managed to reach that place he most certainly wouldn’t be able to go back again 🙂 My neighbor however only worried that the hunting dog might get injured by the bore.If I understood things right one hunting dog already had been hurt by that bore.






I’ve been looking at the long-term weather prognosis and it looks like this cold weather won’t stay that long, they change it every now and again but they show mild weather more often than cold now and the milder period might start already as early as Friday morning. But I think it’s too much to hope for warm weather for the rest of the winter, after all February is our coldest month and we are still only almost half way through January.






I’ve made some rice porridge ´just now and I’ll have some right now and the rest tomorrow morning. I think I’ll be needing that energy when I’ll dig out my car from all the snow that covers it 🙂 I’ve also poured out the deer food and I’ll fill the bird feeders as soon as it gets dark otherwise they’ll eat it all before tomorrow and then they’ll have to wait until I come home again long after the sun has sunken. I have also ordered two horror books and they will arrive here sometime late next week.






Have a great day!




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  1. I’m not sure I would spend nearly as much time walking in our forests everyday if we had wild hogs, they are such nasty creatures, I would fear for my dogs as well, there’s a Reality show in the U.S all about hunting wild hogs, I have never watched it but from the commercials it shows the hogs fierceness, also lots of pretty young women in low cut tops and short shorts, lol, what ever sells I suppose, lol, We have wild hogs out in Western Canada and they known for their predictability of being vicious! We always had a love hate relationship with the plow man, loved to see him finally come to plow our road but hated the mounds he left, he actually did try not to plug our drive way after Garry became ill, I loved him for that, lol, I hope the plow leaves no piles for you, have a great Sunday, We are having pancakes today with plum jam, just the ticket for a dreary January dday,

    • Hi Laurie!

      Those hogs usually hear us long before we even come close so the time I actually ranb in to them is the exeption to the rule. As long as they don’t feel threatened or are cornered they usually are very peaceful. But hunt them or corner them and they can be very dangerous.

      Isn’t it odd that tose girls in low cut (usually very busty too 🙂 )tops and short shorts are so interested in hunting 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Our plow guy is fantastic and I wouldn’t want anyone else. He plows my road even if he has no obligation to do so. Can’t but love people that does that 🙂

      I used all my milk for the porridge so I couldn’t do pancakes 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. hi christer! i know you hate it but the snow is gorgeous! i would not want teddy to run into wild bores!!! i would not want to run into them either. we are still having mild weather. i am fine with it since i still have running pipes which won’t be fixed until next week. stay warm! joyce

    • HI Joyce!

      I must admit that it is beautiful with snow, as long as it only excists in photographs 🙂

      Those hogs almost always hear us long before we even come close, last weeks encounter was the exception to the rule.

      Yes warm weather is much better, no risk of frozen pipes 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. I love the snow. But like my husband says, “You wouldn’t like it if you had to drive in it everyday.” The wild hogs really scare me. Just asking but do you take something with you to protect yourself and the dogs on those walks.
    How are your stomach problems doing. I am asking because I have so many unexplained issues with mine. ake care, stay warm and stay away from those hogs.

    • Hi Debby!

      Your husband is so right 🙂

      Nothing I would bring could help me if a hog decided to attack 🙂 But I think hogs are like dogs, they don’t see the size but the numbers. If they see me and my four dogs and angry cat Bertil they see that we outnumber the bore, not that it is big enough to kill us all within seconds 🙂

      My stomach is much better now when I drink Lunelax. It feels strange to have a stomach that works 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Vi har också fått snö – fast precis som hos dig är det inte mycket, så någon plogning har inte skett. Rolle var däremot ute nyss och skottade bort det som låg på ingångsplatttorna, det blir så isigt om snön smälter och om det sen fryser på. 😦
    Idag har jag beställt mina 20 plantor hos B´Ströös Träd & Buskar. Dom ska vi hämta i slitet på april och sen ska dom ner på yttertomten som ska bli vår “park”. Men oj vad svårt det var att välja – och att begränsa sig! Man vill ju ha allt!! 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det har kommit lite mera snö nu men jag tror inte att någon plogning behövs. Här smälter nog inte snön förrän mot slutet av nästa vecka.

      Jag håller mig till frösådder, risken att få hit spanska skogssniglar är obefintlig då, i alla fall från mig och min trädgård 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. Hi Christer,
    The bull looks like how I would feel about that snow. Harrumph. 🙂 At least it was slow snow. The kind that seems to be falling thick and fast but doesn’t really add up to much. Just enough to make the old dirty snow look good again.
    I love when the new snow sticks to the branches and makes them stand out as if they had been outlined with pen.

    I was out playing with my new lens this morning. Of course, because I had a lens that could see far didn’t all the squirrels decide they weren’t afraid of me and sit too close? One hopped right by my leg and sat in front of me calmly eating sunflower seeds. After a couple of minutes it suddenly went OMG! Human! and scampered off. 🙂
    The birds just hid in the thick bushes and I couldn’t see them with or without the camera.

    It’s warm today but the breeze is still strong. The sun is out for awhile and then heavy clouds come over. It goes back and forth.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      🙂 but I think it’s a cow to be honest 🙂
      The same kind of snow is falling right now and it will continue most of the night they say so hopefully I won’t noticew much on the ground tomorrow morning.

      I like tat too and since the wind rarely reach this place it stays like that for days.

      It is so trypical 🙂 🙂 That’s the only bad thing with a tele-photo lens. You would have gotten fantastic photos if You had used the old lens 🙂 🙂 🙂 I need to stay indoors if I want a photo of the birds by the feeders, as soon as I go outside they vanish totally 🙂

      Warmer right now than it was this morning, thank god! Not especially nice out there anyway.

      Have a great day!

  6. So the snow starts to melt here and then you get snow! Ha!
    Todays temp was in the 40’s! I probably should have gone outside and picked up dog poop or taken my vehicle to the car wash but I did neither. 🙂
    temps are suppose to drop again starting tomorrow.
    I find myself using any excuse not to go walking in ths weather and wild hogs? I would never leave the house!
    Please be careful!

    • Hi Cindi!

      Hopefully we’ll get warmer weather by the weekend but the prognosis change every hour. Sometimes it shows nasty cold and sometimes way over 32F. I so hope for over 32 🙂

      My dogs get so stressed if we don’t take our walks so they are impossible to have indoors 🙂 🙂 So for all our sake I’ll walk around no matter what weather we’re having 🙂 But it is so rare to even come close to those hogs that they are the least thing I would worry about.

      Have a great day!

  7. Hi Christer –

    I hope your headache is improving or better yet gone. I wondered if being on vacation for those 2 weeks and getting out of the work routine may have brought on the tension headache. It only take a few days for our bodies to forget physical routines.
    The photos of the snow today are beautiful. It almost looks like some of them were taken with black & white film. I always love the photos with the contrast of the snow on the dark backgrounds the most for some reason.
    It was interesting to hear that the nasty bore actually attacked one of the hunter’s dogs. Hopefully, the older farmer will not attempt to go into that area of the forest on his own.
    I’ve been reading up on the beavers. A few articles said that they do not build loges or bank dens in water less than a meter deep. They may be using the creek to transport branches & other food sources to where they are living. I read that one of the signs to look for are muddy slide areas about 20 inches wide on the banks of the creek where they slide into the water. Also they make mud pies out of mud, twigs, leaves and a stinky oil they produce called Castorium. They place this stinky clumps throughout their territory. For some reason, probably watching cartoons as a kid, I did not know they are mostly nocturnal. I have seen a couple in the daytime, so that is not 100 % true.
    Remember the photos you showed of the culvert pipes where the road is being repaired and how the beavers had filled the end of the tube with twigs? One article said that when the beavers see these culverts, they fill them because the beaver see the hole the same way they would a hole in their lodge or den and are compelled to “fix” the unwanted opening. It was interesting to learn that the sound of running water is what triggers their need to build a lodge or den. Since they are pretty inactive during Winter and January – March is when their kits are born, I am not surprised you haven’t seen them lately. One book said that if you happen upon a beaver on land they will stand on their hind legs, make loud blowing noises & hiss at you. This sill be followed by the beaver lunging at the person and inflicting savage bites to them. I have now put beavers on my list of things to be very afraid of.
    Speaking of being afraid, what kind of horror books have you ordered. I am a fan of the good Stephen King stories and similar scary tales.
    I am still holding out hope that Doris, Rune and Longhorn may show up when, and if, Winter weather arrives and dumps enough snow for food to be in short supply. Our big wind storm came & went with lots of old fir trees falling on houses & cars along with power outages. Luckily I had no problems. The wind gusts were about 60 MPH here, enough to rattle the windows & chimney,
    Have a good week at work.

    • Hi Ellen!

      It seems to be gone now and I have this all the time as long as I need to paint those lockers. I had just got rid of the pain after two weeks vacation so I knoew it would come back but I had hoped it would take a couple of weeks. So today I’ve been stretching every hour and it feels rather good in my neck and shoulder.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did that, he would get there but I could see that his condition wouldn’t allow him to come back again 🙂 But the bore isn’t really nasty to be honest, he just takles care of his harem when a dog start to chase them. To be honest, he was realy cool 🙂

      I think the water is around 1 meter deep now when they removed the road, we know ehere it has its den too but I couldn’t see any signs of them moving arounds. I guess Caryn is right that they most probably won’t do anything until thewater level is too low and with all that water in the grounds that won’t happen for long yet.

      I had a teacher that loved beavers, they weren’t especially common when I grew up, so she taught uis everything about them. I have to admit that much is gone by now though 🙂 But I won’t be afraid of them, if we should meet any when it is on land we’ll stop and slowly back off. I can imagine how nasty a bite would be and I read about a beacer attacking a man in the US. The beaver had rabies so that made it even nastier.

      I ordered Doctor Sleep but I can’t remember what the other horror book was called. I think it was a Spanish writer. The third book is the old science fiction novel Dune.

      I too hope they willturn up now when the weather is a bit nasty. I hope they come in the weekend so I can see them in day light. They might be here already but itis so darl since I had to turn of my lightchains so I can almost never see them after 5 pm.

      No more storms herev lately but more of a steady wind. I’m glad we didn’t have anything like 60 MPH 🙂

      Have a great day!

  8. Christer,

    The snow really does look pretty but it causes so many problems on roads and with pipes and such. There are a couple of small patches left from the last storm a couple of weeks ago but today’s rain should put an end to them.

    We are i a warm spell for which I am thankful after th deep freeze. I wish, though, we’d have some sun!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    • Hi Kat!

      Yes it does on photographs but I sure don’t think itäs pretty when I have to drive in it. It has been snowing all dasy but still avery little on the ground, that is the only kind og snow I like 🙂

      They predicted warmer weather but as usual they now predict a long period with cold weather instead 🙂

      Have a great day!

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