Much the same today.


Nothing much has changed since yesterday, the wind keeps on howling and it’s around the same temperature as it was yesterday. I’ve also taken a long nap, like I did yesterday. The only difference is that the sun hasn’t shown and for once we walked by the fields in the village again and I regretted it as soon as the win hit us. But I had the scarf I got from Joyce wrapped around my head so the wind had no chance what so ever to cool me down 🙂




I’ve done the laundry and I’m about to give my dogs their food and later on the deers, birds and me too. There’s nothing worth watching on tv so I guess I’ll watch some episodes of Big Bang Theory today too and then go to bed early and read the book. Or perhaps I’ll stay up since I want to feed that fire in the stove for as long as possible. It’s just too much work trying to get up from bed when I have at least three dogs and most possibly a cat there too 🙂




Four acorns had germinated in the fridge so I planted them in pots today and that is about as exiting the day has been 🙂 Well, I better start feeding all those animals so I can get something myself too.




Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “Much the same today.

  1. hi christer! i am so gad that scarf is still doing it’s job. my husband wears his when he takes teddy out and he swears it keeps him very warm too and his is much smaller. it is freezing here and about to start snowing! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      It sure keeps me warm 🙂 I think it is impossible to be cold wearing it 🙂 But I don’t know if You remember that You also gave me a shorter one? It’s much shorter but just as warm and I always have it in my car during winter just in case anything would happen with the car. I don’t know why but those two scraves keeps me warmer than any other scarf I’ve ever had!

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Well, it’s 20 degrees colder today than yesterday and the wind is blowing strong for the added windchill factor.
    But the sun is shining. It’s not warming anything but it is shining. I have to go out and get a new phone because I dropped mine and the screen is broken. There are two text messages on it but I can’t see anything to read them.

    I love the photo of the window in the barn wall. Subtle color and texture.

    Enjoy the day and stay warm.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Those temperatures really go up and down! It’s more even over here but I do long after warmer winds again. I would be happy iof it stopped blowing at all 🙂

      I saw that on FB and suddenly I got the urge to get Your number and text a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I like that one too and the one of the barn, those two are my favorites today.

      Have a great day!

      • That would have been bratty.
        But funny. 😀 😀 😀
        Two dozen messages from Christer. What?!?

        I got a phone. The first thing I did was try the camera but it was not intuitive. I couldn’t figure out where the shutter button icon was. After a lot of fumbling about, I stumbled across it by accident and managed to take a lovely shot of the speedometer of the jeep.
        The next thing I did was order pizza delivery.
        These two things are the most important phone functions you know. 🙂

      • I would have had so much fun doing it 🙂

        I hate getting a new phone! It’s never even remotely the same as the old one and t akes forever to learn how the new one works. But mine was very easy to understand how the camera worked.
        What a nice first photo 🙂

        I haven’t easten Pizza in over two years now I think 🙂 I like it but rarely have it. I don’t count those almost pizzas I make here at home that actually are more like hot sandwiches.

  3. Southern California is still unseasonably warm. A light sweater is the most you need..and even then not for long if you are active.
    Your dogs are just beautiful. So healthy looking.
    You are not the only one that has not had anything exciting going on…except for the garage sales yesterday. Nothing great but a few things to keep me interested. Some went to 🙂
    I have a couple of afghans with material that is similar to the scarves that Joyce sent to you. You are immediately warm when you throw them around your shoulders or put them across your legs. Lovely! 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      It’s actuaklly warmer here than usual too, just a bit colder than in California 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yes those scarfs are really warm!

      Yesterday was just one of those days but I didn’t feel bored, I just sort of slid through the day without doing anything 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Great photos.
    That 2nd one just blew me away! LOVE it!
    Right now there are 40 mile an hour winds and it’s snowing.
    My niece is at the boarding kennel and just called me. She’s worried about driving home across the river in this.
    I told her that she could sleep at the clinic, there’s a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and she could raid the frig. I told her that the clinic cats would probably cuddle up with her. But she ended up calling her parents and they went over there and her mom drove her car home and her Dad is driving her back.
    The TV keeps scrolling all the schools and churches and events cancelled and closed.
    Jeez, this winter really sucks so far!
    I really dread going to work tomorrow…I will have to leave extra really and when i get there, none of the dogs will want to go out.
    oh well…. 😦

    • Hi Cindi!

      I do like that photo too!

      We seem to have much the same wind here today and even some snow every now and again. Not nice being outdoors at all!

      I would have stayed at the clinic 🙂 I stayed at my garden center quite often, it’s fantastic sleeping in a big green house 🙂

      Schools rarely close here but it happens the school buses won’t go so very few kids turn up anyway 🙂

      I drive a bit early every morning now so I can take it easy on my way to work. I feel it’s better to drive a bit slow and reach work than drive fast and not get there at all 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Christer,
    I just got back from my friends’ house, and it is just so cold and the world has turned to ice. I took small, careful steps so I would’t fall. Luckily I made it safely home.

    I love the pictures today especially the cattle and the white one posing perfectly for the camera. The window picture is my favorite-fantastic shot!

    I hope your weekend was a good one!

    My best,

    • Hi Kat!

      The wind has polished the snow and ice now so I almost fell twice no when I was out feeding the birds and deers. I had one big bag with sunflower seeds, one big pan and one big pitcher with deer food in my hands but I managed to not drop any of it 🙂

      That whitre bull is my favorite one, that and El Diabolo, he’s huge and black. I do like that window shot too!

      It was a giood but slow one, I stayed indoors as much as possible because of the wind.

      Have a great day!

  6. Ja, inte är det något speciellt kul väder precis – och det är faktiskt ännu tristare idag än igår! 😦 Det både blåser virvelvindar och snöar, så Santos ville hem direkt efter uträttat ärende i morse. Lika skönt det i och för sig, vore ju hemskt om han ville gå en långprommis idag! 😦 😦
    Nej, idag får man sitta hemma och drömma om varmare tider – och det gör jag verkligen. Vi fick nämligen hem vår glasfiberpool i lördags,den ligger nu bakom garaget. Och så fort det blir mildare väder så skulle jobbet påbörjas. Istället för att komma hit med en liten grävare, så skulle det komma två gubbar och gräva för hand. Allt för att det inte ska förstöras nått i trädgården. Vilket man tackar för! 🙂 Den ska inte heller ner så mycket, utan den ska ligga lite upphöjd i trädäcket på altanen. Men nu längtar man….. 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nu drar vinden på till och med mera än innan! Lite snöfall i morse på väg till jobbet och lite på väg hem men det är allt tack och lov.

      Så hyggligt av dem att gräva för hand! Fast det är ju tyvärr ett bra tag kvar även för er på Gotland innan någon vår är på väg. Men den som väntar på något gott!

      Ha det gott!

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