It is so long since I used my Nikon D70 so I decided to bring that one with us today.

It is so long since I used my Nikon D70 so I decided to bring that one with us today.

I had to go to the super market in Falköping today since I needed deer food. It’s a nice, clean and well organized place but I just don’t like it. Also they don’t have the brand of dog food I buy for my dogs. So first I drove to the super market, then I drove to the store for deer food and fire logs and after that I had to go to the grocery store in Gudhem on the way home to get the dog food. I would have driven to the super market in Skara if it wasn’t for the deer food because they have everything I want at the same place.


The land owner was out cutting down trees today despite the hard winds.

The land owner was out cutting down trees today despite the hard winds.



But it hadn’t at least not started to snow while I was out there driving, it does now though and it is the tiny kind of snow flake that never really builds up on the ground. Some places here in southern Sweden will get up to 15cm (6 inches) but that’s still nothing. They say that some places down in Austria will get over a meter (over a yard) of snow today. I’m sort of glad I don’t live there right now 🙂






Nothing much on tv tonight since they showed all the Star Treck movies they’ve done before the last two ones, so tonight they show Terminator 2. I like the special effects in it but not so much that >I’ll stay up until midnight to watch it. Tomorrow however is another thing, they’ll start showing the third season of Grimm 🙂 I’ve been waiting for so long to see it but I think they’ve taken the right decision to show it this long after it was shown in the US because they tend to show it as soon as they can and suddenly we’re just a few episodes behind the US and then they must stop showing it in the middle of the season. That is truly annoying 🙂






I might give the book The Night Eternal a last chance instead. So far I’m not impressed but some books just have a slow start and need a while to really get going. If it doesn’t tonight I’ll start on Doctor Sleep. I know Dune is good so if Doctor Sleep is bad I still have Dune left to enjoy 🙂 But firstly I need a pot of tea and something to eat, I’ve only eaten an apple since 5 am and now its 5 pm.






Have a great day!


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  1. Christer,
    This is a great Grimm season. You’ll enjoy every episode. When last week’s ended, I was so annoyed because the next episode isn’t until February 28th, and I wanted to know what happens next right then.

    If Sleepy Hollow shows up, watch it. You’ll really like that one too.

    Our snow is quite ugly now, filled with dirts and melting away, but I’d rather that than new snow.

    Enjoy whichever book you choose! Only one more day until Grimm!!

    Have a great evening!

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m glad I have lots to look forward to 🙂 Few series are that good that we have problems waiting for the next episode 🙂

      Now I need to check Sleepy Hollows, something in the back of my head says I’ve already checked it before. We don’t have it iover here on any channel I have.

      Yes rather ugly snow melting away than new snow!

      Yes tomorrow is Grimm time 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. I’m sure that I probably wrote this in a comment to you somewhere before but “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is the BEST book EVER. Some day you need to read THAT.

  3. Ja, inte är det mycket att titta på ikväll precis – men det var visst en film på 4:an vid nio som man – kanske – kan se. 🙂 Här har det varit både kallt, snöigt och blåsigt sista tiden men idag är det riktigt hemskt! 😦 Det har varit typ 1-varning för dåligt väder och den stämde verkligen. Vi fick vår stora infart och parkering plogad i förrgår, igår och i morse. När jag var ute precis nyss, så fick jag plumsa i snö ända upp till knäna ändå och stackars Santos gillar det inte alls. :- ( 😦 Det finns inga ställen att sätta sig på….. Försökte gå in i kohagen bakom eftersom vi köpt en ny ficklampa, en s.k. liten strålkastare så att man ska kunna se där i mörkret. Men det gick inte Santos gillar inte att gå under snö! Usch – nu får det gärna bli vår!! 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag är ju morgonmänniska så jag tror knappast jag kommer att titta på den. Reklamkanalerna tar sådan jäkla tid på sig för att visa filmerna.

      Än så länge är snöfallet ganska lugnt och vi skulle inte få så mycket som ni österöver tack och lov 🙂

      Sune har inga problem med att vandra under snön, det verkar som det bara blir roligare för honom då 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hi Christer,
    The snow looks clean and pretty in your photos. Ours is kind of dirty now. As Kat said, I’d rather that than new snow.

    Having a Kindle makes me more willing to give a book a chance. I can’t really see how much is left for me to plow through and it isn’t heavy to hold up. Somehow a thick badly written book is exponentially more grueling to read than a thin badly written book. And a thick book makes such a satisfying thunk when you finally toss it across it the room. Tossing a Kindle is too expensive. 🙂

    I was just over to Nat Geo. My photos have disappeared. My profile is there but all the photos are gone. I can’t really access anything other than my profile. Everything else sends me back to the sign in screen and the sign in screen refuses to transmit. They are affiliated with Yahoo and Yahoo has been hacked. That might be the problem. I have emailed. We shall see. Fortunately, all those photos are backed up elsewhere. I hope. 🙂
    Just got the email back. They’re looking into it. Right.

    Enjoy the rest of the day. Have something good to eat with your book.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Lucky You, I can’t even reach my album at NG 🙂 It demands me to log in all the time even if I already am logged in 🙂 I did however manage to get in to my mailbox and all new photos shows with an X but most old ones seems to be there even if I can’t reach my album, but I can see them in my mailbox. So Yahoo is hacked again! I guess it internet sequrity is a new thing for them 🙂 I have all my photos in my old computer and a few in this one.

      Yes our snow is clean and shiny white but I’d rather have it Your way 🙂

      I just place a bad book on a shelf so I can start reading it again to see if it is any better. I rarely remember to look at the book again so I would only have loads of Kindle placed all over the cottage 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • That’s what mine was doing, too, except that the sign on page wouldn’t transmit at all. It’s fixed now. Try it again.
        Yahoo mail accounts get hacked all the time. This time it was Yahoo passwords and such.
        I got a notice the other day about excessive activity on my account and they locked me out of it. New phone was sucking my contact list over from Yahoo. I went in and changed my password to something random and then I forgot what the middle part was. 🙂 I remembered.
        Yahoo owns Flickr now, too, which really screws up things. And of course everything is connected to Facebook.

        Kindles are very satisfying to remove books from. You click Remove from Device. Poof! Gone. Not totally gone, of course, but out of sight in the cloud.
        I have a shelf on FictFact labelled Abandoned and those book titles go there. Anyone who reads my page knows those books were so awful I couldn’t even finish them on Kindle. That’s bad. 🙂

      • I’ll check my album after this. Yes they are pretty lousy keeping hackers out of their system at Yahoo 🙂

        I think it is a bad idea to have everything connected to each other even if it is coveniant for us users.

        I’m so tired of changing passwords 🙂 I have so many now that I can’t remember them all and therefore never go to some places on the net any longer 🙂


  5. Hi Christer…I have a question. Why do you have to buy wood to burn when so much of it is all around you? We usually buy wood here by the cord or half cord for the Winter. Of course it’s probably damper where you are.
    Also you are probably not burning a fireplace, which takes a lot of wood. Beautiful pictures. 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      I buy these fire logs because I don’t have to work anything with them. My joints ache too much for me to chop wood or even just place all I need for one year in the wood shed. These come in packages that I can take fromn the car to my kitchen and have them all there until I’ve burned them. Otherwise, fire wood is easy to get here andfairly cheap but I need to buy at least 13 cubic yards of it at the same time. I only have the kitchen stove and fortunately for me it’s very effective.

      Have a great day!

  6. Christer, you certainly needed to make a lot of stops shopping for food for the pets and deer and fire logs for yourself…that sounded exhausting. I have come to the point where shopping in one place for everything we need, as far as food, is preferable. Unfortunately, living in a small town leaves us with fewer choices of places to shop. I have seen Grimm as we do not subscribe to any TV services, like cable or satellite and our attic antenna is sometimes useless. But, Netflix is how I watch movies and older TV shows, now I am watching British mysteries and no commercials is wonderful!
    Enjoy your weekend…sometimes I too forget what I wanted to post about…it happens.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      I’m like You, all in one place is to prefer 🙂 It wasn’t that exhausting as it was annoying 🙂

      I only have the free channels and the two biggest are commercial free and those are the ones I watch most and then I have channel Six that have commercials but all cool sahgows I do like to watch 🙂

      I’ll just take it easy and nap a lot I think 🙂
      Have a great day!

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