I’ve never seen any of those there before.


It is a rather nice day here with temperatures just above 0C (32F) and sunshine. The wind is still blowing around but not as hard as before and slightly warmish too. I could actually feel the sun giving some heat while walking and some birds, especially the Big Tits sang spring songs today. I won’t even start hoping for spring yet, it’s after all only the beginning of February, normally the coldest month of the year and winter can hang on all through April if we’re unlucky. But hearing that bird song sort of gave hope of a warmer future.


It looks as if they thinned out the forest so they can use hthis hunting tower next season.

It looks as if they thinned out the forest so they can use this hunting tower next season.


We walked down to the creek and walked upstream’s today. I know You’ve seen lots of photos from there lately but I didn’t trust the weather to stay good for very long and the wind to stay calm at all so I didn’t want to go out on the fields. Bertil followed us again, something he hasn’t done for a long time but it seems that de-worming pill made wonders with his mood so now he follows us again. He was quiet most of the walk until we came close to where we met the wild hogs last time. I had been talking loud all the way so I wasn’t worried that we would stumble up on them today. We could hear how the hogs walked through the forest away from us as soon as Bertil started to complain. We also scared away a moose, the size of its hooves (tracks in the snow, we never saw it only heard it running away) were quite small so I guess it was a calf from last year.




On our next walk we went to the bog and I could hear drops of melted snow falling down from the pines and spruces. The roads are now filled with something looking like snow but it’s just a thin layer of snow and beneath it it’s slush. I have to admit that even if my feet got wet in it I still enjoyed knowing this awful snow was melting away 🙂 We went out to the peninsula as always and when I stood there I saw something move at the corner of my eye. Something small was running on the ice of the creek and at first I thought it might be a water vole.




But it turned out to be a tiny stoat 🙂 I’ve only seen stoats a few times in my life and one of them was a dead one on the gravel road. This one was very much alive and it came running towards us, most likely looking for mice to eat as dinner. They are bloodthirsty little animals and very successful in their hunting. They also look adorable when running around since their legs are short and bodies long in comparison. It didn’t seem to know we were standing not to far away so I decided to walk away before it came to close and the dogs would have scared it.




The laundry is done and I’ve put out food for the deers, the birds will get their feeders filled later tonight so I know they won’t empty them already today. From now on it’s just waiting for the workday tomorrow, I didn’t win the lottery this week either so of to work it is 🙂

Can You see it?

Can You see it?

Easier now?

Easier now?



I cut out lots of the photos so You would be able to see the stoat better.

I cut out lots of the photos so You would be able to see the stoat better.


I only wish I had had the old camera so I could have used autofocus. Well these photos are much better than the ones of the wild hogs 🙂

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “I’ve never seen any of those there before.

    • Hi Cindi!

      European kings liked to have the fur of stoats made in to mantles. I think they had to kill over 100 to make one mantle. Beautiful but blood thirsty little animals 🙂

      Have a great day!

  1. so I just went and looked them up, kinda like a weasel or a ferret. Then I found this Youtube video. So cute and funny…until it gets that rabbit 😦

    do I need to worry about Bertil?

    • No risk what so ever for Bertil. A rabbit is one thging, cats are predatiors as well and very capable to defend themselves against smnall stoats.

  2. Hi Christer,
    Bertil must have had some serious words with those hogs. They just clear off when they know he’s in the hood. 🙂

    I found the stoat in the first picture. Cute but blood thirsty, as you say. There are supposed to be stoats and ermine here but the only weasel I have seen is the least weasel. It’s very small. I thought it was a chipmunk until I realized it had no stripes. I’ve seen mink but I’m not sure if they are in the weasel family. Must google it.

    It’s another lovely day here. 51ºF with hazy sunshine. I think I need to turn on the air conditioner. 😀 Rocky and I sat on the front steps this morning. We’ve seen all his summer-time doggy friends as everyone is outside for almost the first time this winter.
    Today is Ground Hog Day. Punxutawny Phil saw his shadow, as he does every year, so there will be 6 more weeks of winter as there is every year anyway. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Perhaps it is his protests that warns the hogs about us 🙂

      The least weasel and the stoat are very similar, I just looked at photos on Bing 🙂 I thought this one was a tiny squirrel at first but it didn’t behave like a squirrel. This one were all over the place while squirrels usually run between trees. Very cute and very bloodthirsty 🙂 Yes minks belong to the weasel family too, like the wolverine too.

      How I wish we could get 51 here too but I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for quite some time before that happens 🙂

      We have no animals predicting winter here and if they did this early they most likely always would predict six more weeks of winter and be very true 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • I had to google mink but I knew about the wolverines. The weasel I saw was much smaller than a regular grey squirrel (AKA spawn of Satan). It might even have been be smaller than the red squirrels. It’s really small. I couldn’t believe it was that small when I finally saw one in the wild. They’re so vicious that I had pictured them as being mink sized. Little and mean like Bertil. 🙂

      • Stoats are tiny so I thought it might be a baby squirrel, we only have the red squirrel so the colors matched for it. It’s just as blood thirsty as its bigger cousine the ferrit, those are even harder to find and see. Minks however is more easily seen and really aggressive too. My dogs and I have been chased away by an angfry mink once 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Jag har sett några sån där i verkligheten. I Stockholmstrakten, dock aldrig här på Gotland. Tror faktiskt inte det finns några. I alla fall hoppas jag det för alla rabbisars skull! 🙂
    Idag skulle vi som vanligt ta en långprommis i naturen med Santos. Alltså åkte vi ner till Ekstakusten för det har kommit så vansinnigt med snö så det går inte att gå i skogen. Och vad hände där!? Jo, det visade sig att det inte gick att köra heller!! 😦
    Det slutade med att vi satt helt fast på en liten kort öppen sträcka. Bilen låg ovanpå den hårdpackade snön så hjulen fick inget fäste hur vi än bar oss åt. Nu är det här en vägslinga med massor med turister, så trots det trista vädret kom det en snäll dam efter en stund. Hon stannade en bit bakom oss där det inte hade blåst upp så mycket snö och försökte sen dra loss oss – gick inte! 😦 😦
    Sen kom det en stor fyrhjulsriven bil från andra hållet som vände och sen försökte dra loss oss, gick inte det heller!! 😦 😦 😦
    Då ringde vi till vår “hustomte” Erik och bad honom komma med STORA traktorn. Han åkte direkt och sen tog det c:a 15 minuter innan vi till vår stora glädje såg traktorn dyka upp. 🙂 🙂
    Innan han kunde dra bort oss var han dock tvungen att ploga rent en sträcka på 20 meter bakom oss så att både traktorn och vår bil skulle få ordentligt fäste. Sen gick det som på räls! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Allt som allt hade den här fastkörningen tagit en timme, så gissa om man var frusen. Det var bara att åka direkt hem igen för att värma sig. Så stackars Santos fick ingen prommis, förutom att han och jag gick hem dom sista hundra metrarna. Så vi får nog ta igen det i morgon…..men vi aktar oss noga för oplogade och/eller igenblåsta vägar! *FNISS*

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag har sett ett par stycken men aldrig ute vid mossen. Jag tror faktiskt att kaninstammen skulle må bra av en hermelin eller två, då skulle risken för att de drabbades av harpest och andra smittsamma sjukdomar minska drastiskt.

      Min bil är såpass låg att jag aldrig chansar med oskottade vägar 🙂 Jag hade ju problem i somras med vägen här när de lade på nytt grus. Spoilern fram drog igenom det nya gruset som en plog i snö 🙂 Skönt att ni kom loss till slut och att det trots allt “bara” blev en timme ute i kylan. Det är efter sådana äventyr jag älskar en stor kopp med cacao och en ostmacka eller två 🙂

      Ha det gott!

    • Hi Joyce!

      They are very beautiful and fun little animals, even though they kill anything they find that is edible 🙂
      I can imagine that Teddy would love meeting one of those but she would most likely get a few bites before the stoat ran away, they are surprisingly fast 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Christer –
    Sounds like you had some nice walks with the crew today. I loved seeing the pictures of the stoat. I had never heard that name before, but I could tell it was in the same family as weasels and ferrets. I dated a guy that owned a ferret and it had the nastiest temperament always snapping his razor sharp teeth and biting you when you least expected it to. Even though they are sold as pets, I don’t think they can actually be tamed. people are fooled by their cuteness & tricks.
    I am happy to hear that the cat, former;y known as the formerly as” Evil Bertil” is now in a changed cat since he was treated for worms. Poor Bertil, I cannot blame him for peeing in Theodor’s basket and other bad acts he was blamed for since he was probably being driven mad by all his intestinal turmoil. If I felt parasites moving around in me I would be cranky and acting out too. I guess you will need to treat him periodically as long as he continues to eat other critters, but at least he will be happy & healthy. Have you been keeping the stove burning evenly the way he likes it, 🙂 Those death ray stares weren’t a symptoms of parasites & are unlikely to go away now that Bertil is in a good mood. Death stares are a “cat thing” and used by all persnickety felines to put their humans in their place.
    I don’t think I would like to have people hunting so close to my home like you do. If I saw them getting their hunting tower ready to use, I might be tempted to saw through a couple of legs. I normally don’t approve of vandalism, but I think that having such a height advantage over your prey is unsportsmanlike. Why not go to one of those hunting farms where you can pay to shoot an elderly tiger the second it is released from a cage and then brag about what a manly hunter you are. Your deer hunters are not in that class of idiots, but sitting that high up in a tower does seem to give an unfair advantage to the person holding the loaded gun 😦

    Today many people are gathering to watch Superbowl madness.Personally, I cannot stand football so I will only watch the commercials and the half time show. I hope you enjoy watching the new season premiere of Grimm. I gave up trying tot follow it last year because they would show 2 new episodes and then show repeats for a few weeks and then not be on for weeks at a time, I am hoping Netflix will get all the seasons and I can start over from the beginning without the commercials or interruptions.

    We are supposed to see some of the freezing Arctic temps. for the next couple of weeks with Snow late in the week. That will be quite a change from the 55 degree days we have been having since Christmas. I just say you need to keep your shorts and your parka side by side, ready to wear depending on the weather of the day.
    Have a good week at work.

    • Hi Ellen!

      Ferrets do tend to bit if they can but some never do I’ve heard. They tend to smell rather badly as well if they aren’t nutered 🙂 They are quite popular as pets over here now days. To spread fresh manure from them around a home is a good way to keep rodents away 🙂

      Oh, Bertil isn’t that changed to be honest. He’s still just as mean and nasty but since his stomach came back to normal he now think it’s fun to go outside again and to follow us on our walks. He’ll never stop loving the heat from the stove though 🙂

      The hunting season is over here now so they are preparing for next season. It’s always the same people hunting here, You can’t just get a hunting license and start hunting over here, You need to belong to a hunting team. So I always know when they’re out there and feel no worries about being shot. However I do feel worried when I might have passed this hunting team’s area and perhaps walked in to anouther team’s area 🙂 These guys are so lazy they rarely shoot anything 🙂 They go out too latre in the morning, make lots of noise so most animals are already warned somethings out there 🙂

      I’ve never unbdertstood the hunters that are proud killing a deer or moose. They sit there with a gun far away from the animal doing very little. It would however be another thing if they ran up to the moose, wrestled it down and killed it with their bare hands. That would be something to brag about 🙂

      I’ve never understood American Football, I’m more of a baseball guy but we rarely see that over here since it’s a tiny sport. Channel Six that shows Grimm over here is an odd channel but they don’t show reruns between the new season programs. Unfortunately they do have commercials and I’m afrais I’ll have to live with that. Niormally I watch our PBS channels, our biggest channels and they never show commercials unless it’s a show showing the funniest commercials in the world.

      It will stay around and up to this week, it won’t last but I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

      Have a great day!

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