I got a bit surprised.


I have to admit that I got rather surprised when I looked out the door this morning to let the dogs out and saw that we had gotten around 8cm (a bit more than 3 inches) of snow! I also hate to admit that my first thought was, so beautiful 🙂 But I think I was thinking like that because I was pretty sure it all would melt away during the day. It didn’t. But it will pretty soon because we’ll have rather high temperatures in the coming week.






To morrow is the day! I’ll take the day of from work because first I’ll drive to the garage with my Mazda to buy the other car. When I’ve done that I’ll drive my little Piglet to the junkyard and I do get very attached to my cars so that will be a sad moment. When that’s done I must take the bus back to the garage to pick up the SAAB. After that however I’ll do my weekly grocery shopping. I’m not sure I’ll be home before I usually would if I had worked 🙂






I know that both SAAB and Volvo is seen as luxury cars outside Sweden, the second car used for shopping and stuff like that. When I worked at Volvo they always had surveys that showed who bought the cars and Volvo was a big hit amongst gay people, I have no idea what kind of people bought SAAB though. Bot cars are Swedish so over here they are the average person’s car. Everyone has a Volvo and before SAAB went bankrupt it was the third most bought car after Volvo and Volkswagen. They have actually started to build SAAB again but just a few yet.






It looks as if the snow will stay until tomorrow so if there’s any light when we’re taking our morning walk I’ll take some photos. But now it’s time for that pot of tea and something to eat. I bought some persimmons today so I’ll have some of those and all dogs but Hector loves to eat the peel, he on the other hand loves the peel from kiwi fruits 🙂





Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “I got a bit surprised.

  1. oh no…piglet goes to the junk yard? that is sort of sad. but it will be a distant memory when you drive your new car home! we are in for high winds and thunderstorms all day!

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes it’s time to say good bye now. But as You say, the memory will be short lived 🙂

      Thunderstorms this time, well at least Your weather aren’t boring 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. No snow here…nothing in our mountains which means they have to make snow for the few skiers that arrive. The clock is ticking for any Winter weather. Spring can be cool here…but not too likely. Even Northern California is needing rain but at least they get a wee bit.
    You can’t sell Piglet? Help it find a new home? Did you decided not to have it fixed afterall? Well, Christer, all good things must come to an end. I have no idea when I will ever give up my Toyota pickup. It’s wonderful. NO repair bills..and it’s now 14 years old or will be soon. People still try to buy it. Interesting.
    Snow is always beautiful..and you didn’t get enough to make your life miserable…so.. enjoy!:)
    Can’t wait to see your new car!

    • Hi Mona!

      It has been so warm here that they haven’t even been able to make snow for the slope in Falköping and this isjust too liottle to make any difference.
      You’ve goitten way to little rain this winter and I guess spring is just ariound the corner where You live. Is there any hope for some spring showers?

      No use in tryingh to sell Piglet, on March first it’s forbidden to drive it since it hasn’t gone through the inspection. So off to the junkyard it is.

      A car with no repair bills is something to hope for 🙂

      I almost chocked myself by thinking it looked beautiful with the snow 🙂

      I think I might have photos of the car already tomorrow, otherwise it will be on Saturday.

      Have a great day!

  3. Här har vi klarat oss från “vacker” snö – som tur är – för idag så jag MASSOR av vintergäck på väg hem från inköpsrundan i Hemse! 🙂 Tyvärr hade jag inte tid att stanna, men å andra sidan hade jag inte kameran med mig heller så det gjorde inget. Men det ser inte ut att bli någon snö här inom dom närmaste dagarna, så jag hinner nog med att ta några tidiga vårfoton!! 🙂 🙂
    Kul med “nya” bilen – du har nog snart glömt bort din gamla. I alla fall om du och djuren blir nöjd med Saaben….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Snödroppar är det som syns här,till och med i min trädgård och de kan slå ut vilken dag som helst. Vintergäck bara dör här.

      Jo, vi blir nog alla glada i Saaben 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hi Christer,
    Blue photos. Haven’t seen those for a while. 🙂
    We had surprise snow yesterday too. Nobody was pleased and nobody was saying it looked beautiful. I think we were all saying some very bad words.

    Bye to the little Piglet. I get attached to my cars and I’m always sad when they have to go. I let one car sit at the bottom of my driveway for a couple of years because I just couldn’t bear to part with it. I think my cousin finally came and took it while I was at work.

    That is very interesting about Saabs and Volvos. They are (or were) expensive cars to buy in this country. Income bracket was the determining factor rather than sexual orientation. 🙂

    It was sunny and in the 50’s Fahrenheit today. Rocky and I sat on the top step several times soaking up the warm sun. It’s going to rain later on so all the snow will be wet and heavy.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      And I did my best to get rid of the blue but not even photoshop fixing the photos itself could get rid of it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I think most people over here just sighed when they saw the snow, we all know we have plenty of winter left before it is even any meaning hoping for spring.

      I tend to keep on repairing my cars even if it costs a fortune just because I like them so much 🙂 I think tghis is the first time I actually stopped in time 🙂

      I have no idea how they did these surveys but it was actually the American market they were doing them. It was gay people and mostly women that drove Volvo in America. Over here everyone bought them, even though they are a bit expensive.

      Quite a wonderful day here today despite some rain but it’s warm 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. OMG! that made me laugh. I don’t think there are specific cars that are driven by people that are gay here in the US!
    But I have noticed how different races tend to lean towards certain cars. but I’m not going to go into that!
    Ha! In the US everyone with money likes to big a car as big as my house.
    It snowed a lot here the other day and now it’s in the 40’s and the back play area here at work is a HUGE pond.
    Next week it’s supposed to drop to single digits again! Grrr.
    Do you remember the post that I did about my sisters van and how her daughter, my niece Lily was in an accident and they had to scrap it? Yep, a sad day indeed.

    goodbye little piglet.

    • Hi Cindi!

      Those surveys were actually made in the US 🙂 🙂 They showed that it was mostly gay people and women that prefered Volvo.

      Over here most people buy Volvo and after that it’s Volswagen but rich people tend to buy BMW or Mercedes or if they are trendy a Mini Cooper 🙂

      It’s just the roads that are muddy here and there are some fields with huge ponds or lakes now :-)It will stay warm here the coming week and the temperatures will rise to spring ones for a few days 🙂

      Yes it is hard to leave the old car and I so understood when I read that post.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jim!

      I have to admit that I tried to stay away from Volvo for as long as I could, even though I worked there I still rather bought a SAAB 🙂 But when my resistance finally broke I came to like Volvo a lot! I’m a Citroen fanatic really but I see myself as a sober alchoholic, as long as I don’t sit down in a Citroen I’m fine and won’t buy one 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’m glad You like them 🙂

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