Now is the time to keep the fire burning in the stove.


I’m not talking about a very cold weather, nor do I think about the strong winds that never seem to die out. No I’m talking about the Jackdaws. They are my favorite bird amongst them all even though they are black and grey and a crow relative. They are extremely fun and inventive and I’ve had a tame one once that I saved when it had broken its wing. However they have this habit of building nests in chimneys and that’s a big problem.

It looks like beavers doesn't know how to work methodically or even fast. They cut down one tree and start on another and before that one is down they start on the one just beside it. I think I want to be a beaver in my next life :-)

It looks like beavers doesn’t know how to work methodically or even fast. They cut down one tree and start on another and before that one is down they start on the one just beside it. I think I want to be a beaver in my next life 🙂

I could see something in the middle of the creek downsteram's.

I could see something in the middle of the creek downsteram’s.

I wonder if this is their previous home? or is it a kind of larder?

I wonder if this is their previous home? or is it a kind of larder?

Now, it doesn’t stop them trying if there is any kind of blockage at the top, like a net. They just keep hoping that the net will disappear  so they keep on putting sticks and twigs down the holes in the net just in case it actually would vanish 🙂 They can block the flue within days if they are determined enough. The only thing that actually stop them is if they understand that smoke will come out of the chimney every day. 




Everything is very early this year, birds sing spring songs, geese and trumpet swans fly by every hour now (still no cranes that I’ve seen anyway), Snowdrops flower in my garden and the Ussuri redberried elderberry bushes have big flower buds and the Jackdaws are looking for chimneys to nest in. This winter is so far the best thing that could happen to my Black Walnut. It looks so fine and as long as any eventual setback isn’t too cold it will have a great start of this year.




But I have also bought another kind of walnut, the Manchurian Walnut and it looks like they are germinating fine. I will never be able to have a mango tree in my garden no matter how fast the green house effect works on this little planet of ours but I will have at least one walnut tree 🙂 🙂 🙂 There are a few other species of walnut I can try if these don’t make it but I think I now have the two hardiest ones.


Reamins of old buildings. Perhaps there were both a cottage and barns here before or are they even older?


The forest to the right is more or kless an island surrounded by the creek I follow and another just like it on the other side. Between the creeks there’s a big ditch so rainy periods like this there are only two ways in, either thgis or a small road on the opposite side.


The twp creeks combien here and the water flows down to the lake.

We went out on the big fields even if the wind is as strong as ever but since it doesn’t rain I thought it might be worth it. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it was a nice change to the forest. I love walking in the forest every day but after a while it feels like I’ve photographed every stone, tree, creek or animal from all angles by now 🙂 It’s time for a pot of tea and after that a small nap I think. Perhaps I’ll put on the radio just in case there’s a chance for a medal in the Olympics today. By the way, the meteorological spring has arrived to southern Sweden now, a month or two earlier than normal.


Canadian geese.



Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “Now is the time to keep the fire burning in the stove.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I had to google meteorological spring. Wikipedia says meteorological spring starts on March 1 in the northern hemisphere. I was wondering if Swedish weather folks had just decided that today would be March 1.
    Then way at the bottom of the article there was the note that Sweden decides that meteorological spring begins when average daily temperature exceeds 0º C for 7 consecutive days.
    If we did that, spring would be a biggish chunk of the winter. Not a bad idea on the face of it but then we would be complaining about the crappy spring we were having in January with all the snow and cold. 😀

    That beaver construction seems to be a little too close to the bank for a lodge. It might be an attempt at a dam or maybe a stockpile of useful building material? I don’t know.
    Looks like a muskrat lodge to me.

    It’s not dawn here yet so I don’t know what the weather is supposed to do. Rain, I think, and temperatures in the high 40’s F so maybe some more snow will go away. I can see the crocuses by my front door. They’re sticking up a bit taller than they were before they were buried in snow. There’s a cage over them so the spawns of Satan won’t eat the few that remain. And the Cadbury mini eggs are in the store. Perhaps the Swedish weather folks are correct and Spring is come. 🙂 It’ll be well below freezing here next week so I doubt it.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      It would be rediculus to have March the first as our spring up here, normal winters it’s still deep winter here by then 🙂 Your winter is much shorter than ours, though deep freezing cold many times so March the first fits better for You.

      There are no ther space to be honest, this is how wide the creek is. But the new home is deep inside the bank so my guess is that this must be some kind of food storage, some of those twigs and vranches have no bark left. I wonder if we have musk rats here too, they are spreading from north where they came from Finland.

      I’ll know if it’s voles or moles I have in my garden as soon as the crocus is supposed to show. If I have voles I’ll have no crocuses left, they eat everything. So I would need protection from beneath instead as You 🙂

      Are those eggs already in the store! They won’t show up here until closer toi easter. I so hope this actually is the spring that has arrived, I really don’t want any more winter 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • And yet your meteorological spring has already arrived and mine is still 6 days away. So not fair! 😀

        Meteorologists (except Swedish ones) have decided that the three coldest months are Winter, the three warmest months are Summer and the rest of the months are divided between Autumn and Spring. In the Northern Hemisphere December, January and February are considered the three coldest months while June, July and August are considered the three warmest. That leaves March, April, May for spring and September, October, November for autumn.
        It’s all very logical.
        And not very realistic. 🙂

        Moles and voles abound here as well as the spawns. Sometimes, if we want to get any bulbs to stay long enough to flower, it’s necessary to make a wire cage for the bulbs and bury the whole contraption in the ground. Even then we have to contend with the deer who will eat most things that can’t run away from them. 🙂

        It has decided to be sunny for a while. Maybe.

      • Life is never fair 🙂 I can understand how they think but March can often be much colder than December up here 🙂 and our spring are usually only one month long 🙂

        Squirrels can be a big problem in cities but out here in thge middle of nowhere they are very shy, sometimes I do miss them and wish they could come this far from the forest (around yards 🙂 ) Perhaps they’ll come when I finally might have an oak growing here. But my guess is that they won’t but Jay’s will come instead 🙂 Deer usually eat everything above ground, they love my toxic hellebores 🙂 But since I’ve started to bribe them with food they have slowed down conciderable. But they did actually eat my entire holly 🙂 🙂 🙂

        We had sunshine for about a minute here 🙂


  2. hi christer! i am just about to watch sweden play for the canadians for the gold medal! it looks like spring has arrived and your place. it is still warm here today but the polar vortex and snow are on their way. my daffodils are popping up. i am anxious to see if my fish made it trough this frigid winter. i think my ponds froze all the way through so i am thinking they did not make it. it will be sad because they are 6 years old. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’ll listen to it on radio. It’s a bit odd because I think three of the judges are Canadian! But they are seen as the best in the world so I hope they are professional enough to see beyond natinaltity.

      It looks and feels like spring but smells like autumn 🙂 I do hope this will stay until spring is supposed to be here 🙂

      I hope Your fish are ok but if the pond has fozen to the bottom they are gone. I need to dig my pond to one yard deep to be sure to have live fish after a winter here, a normal winter that is 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Cindi!

      50,9F here today 🙂 But that’s one thing I’m sure will change pretty soon 🙂 We stiull have plenty of winter left up here in the north.

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer..the same thing is happening in Southern California. The tree’s just finished dropping their leaves about a month ago or so and now they are beginning to leaf out and the flowers are all in bloom already. I am so pleased..but wondering what sort of summer we will have as it is so hot here. Last summer didn’t seem so bad except for the days it reached 110 or so. I see the geese are beginning to arrive at Crane Lake. What an odd Winter we had and yet the East Coast is still having a terrible time..more storms of snow on the way.
    🙂 The birds..and their nests. I remember you mentioning before what a pain their nest building on your chimney could be. Keep those home fires burning…

    • Hi Mona!

      Strange winter this but I like it up here 🙂 50,9F here today but that won’t last for long. The problem here is that if plants strts to grow they will freeze sooner or later, we still have plenty of winter up here.

      Yes geese, swans and so far one crane have arrived to the lake now but all of them can take weeks of cold if necessary.

      Yes those Jackdaws can be a pain in the a.. with their nest building 🙂 so the fires will keep burning until they all have found a good place to nest 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. P.S. I feel the same way about my home as you do about your forest and all the picture taking. Seems I’ve photographed about as much as I can…I fear boring folks. But…I guess we all come visit partly because we just like that person. 🙂

    • We see it all the time and even if we love it it can be boring to take photos of the same things in different angles all the time. But others don’t see it all the time and for them it isn’t boring at all 🙂

  5. OK, jag vet att man inte ska bry sig om färg när man köper begagnad bil – men jag gillar att din är blå! :- ) 🙂 🙂 (Gissa vad det är för färg på vår Miata!? *fniss*)
    Här har vi haft vårväder ett par dagar nu, så idag kan jag äntligen lägga ut lite blombilder på bloggen. Vilket gläder mig otroligt. 🙂 Man har ju sett MASSOR av sådana ett tag och jag har känt mig riktigt avundsjuk! 😦 Visserligen kan det väl bli några bakslag på våren, men några längre perioder med hårt vinterväder är nog över nu!! 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Fast själv föredrar jag djupröda bilar, men denna blå får godkännt också 🙂

      10,4 grader här idag, synd att man jobbar bort sådana dager.

      Jag har några snödroppar som blommar och det är allt. Har en bild på en men den har inte hamnat i bloggen än 🙂

      Ha det gott!

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