Days like this.

Still a bit too dark to take any photographs when I come home from work, so these are from the weekend.
Still a bit too dark to take any photographs when I come home from work, so these are from the weekend.

There should be some kind of law that forbid people to work days like this, sunshine and 10,4C (50,9F). I was lucky to walk between factories in the middle of the day because I was working in the neighboring factory. But I have to say that it was hard going inside again after that short walk. Thos won’t last for long I’m afraid but we’ll have it much the same for two more days if we’re lucky. t will be slightly colder by the weekend though if their predictions are right.




The wind seems to keep on blowing hard all the time tough and that’s just as odd as the weather is, it has blown hard for several weeks now and it just won’t calm down. But it is the wind that brings the warmer weather so who am I to complain 🙂 My SAAB feels so much steadier in the wind than Piglet did, most likely because it weighs almost twice as much 🙂 I still haven’t found out what name it has though, this one is tough to name but I’m leaning towards a name my mother used to have on her cars back in the days when I grew up.




I think it is a mole I have in my garden, it didn’t eat the roots of the Osage orange and a vole would do that. My neighbor however seems to have voles instead, many more piles of soil on the ground and they are much smaller too. My mole has huge piles but only a few. Last summer and autumn and this winter has been good for rodents I’m afraid but that means owls and other predator birds will have plenty to feed their young ones. Well the fox will have a good time too so I’m hoping for many fox cubs this year.




It’s time for that pot of tea again and something to eat. Someone of my dogs, I suspect Hector because he was really thirsty this morning :-), reached all edible things on the kitchen counter last night. I know he wanted those shredded pigs ears I bought them as treats but he also ate all my bread!!! They normally never do anything like this and since I had mice in my pantry I tend to leave the bread on the counter. Now I need to find a higher place to have the bread, once they start doing things like this the chance of it happening again is very big 🙂




Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Days like this.

  1. uh hector in trouble? teddy can’t reach my counter tops but she would never do anything like that if she could reach them. the sponge for my rolls is a fermentation. it adds lots of flavor to the rolls. it is windy here too but also very cold. my dad always named our cars bessy.

    • Hi Joyce!

      No, he isn’t. No point in being angry when I never saw the deed being done 🙂

      Orvar and Hector had a grand mother that destroyed three refridgerators and ate everything in them including the wrapping :.-) 🙂 🙂 She also ate lots of breads, macaronies and sphagetti, flour and so on when ever she got a chance 🙂 so compared to her these boys are very well behaved 🙂

      So that’s why You mace the sponge! I did wonder what use it had.
      Bettan is a common name for cars here but this one will have a more royal name if I chose that 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. I have a CAT that will take anything even remotely edible if left out! She even opened the bread drawer (that is lined with metal) and slid back the lid!!! to get to the bread! Now we have three heavy duty rubber bands from that drawer pull to the one below and a large dog food container in front of the drawer that finally stopped her! She helped me eat a pear at lunch today, I had to stop giving her pieces, she would have eaten more! I have had cats all my life and never had one like this one! Lucky me!

    Great pictures, love the stumps with the bright green moss on them. Huge colorful funguses on that one tree. Sure wish we had your weather… we got one day of 40 degrees F. Now it is cold and blowing snow horizontally. Enjoy it while you have it!

    • Hi Wendy!

      My cats are thankfully rather choosy when it comes to edible things. They only eat one kind of cat food and they eat whatever they can catch outside. But my kind of food is unedible to them 🙂 🙂 🙂 They do however love tea without milk or sugar in it so I always need to place my cup high, I really don’t want to risk gettinmg anything wormy or diseas ish from them 🙂 Your cat sounds a lot like my old dog Viran, she was terrible in that way. Perhaps I shopuld write about her again 🙂

      I love how the light sort of makes the moss and lichens glow now, it never looks like that during summer. I will enjoy as much of this as I can, I know it won’t last for long.

      Have a great day!

  3. Christer,
    We have the cold back again. It was 36˚ today and tonight is even colder. I filled the bird feeders today as there are many coming every day.

    You reminded me of a story about Duke, the Boxer I grew up with and the reason I always have boxers. My mother put a roast on the counter to defrost and Duke grabbed it, something he never did either but what dog can pass up a roast? My brother and I managed to get it from him and we had to smooth out ll the teeth marks so my mother wouldn’t know. She never did find out

    Have a great day!!

    • Hi Kat!

      Almost as warm here today as it was yesterday, how odd that You have it that cold! There’s plenty of food in the feeders when I come home so I won’t fill them for a few days now, lots of seeds are also spread on the ground 🙂 But the deers are hungry and come here every afternoon so I’ll keep on feeding them untilk the grass starts to grow again.

      I love that story and I have no problems imaging how You two felt at that time 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. That’ funny that you name your cars.
    I never have.
    I kept my bread inside the microwave, safe from hungry mouths
    or else in my refrigerator.
    I have no desire to be outside. It’s currently 4 degrees with a windshield factor of 15 below.

    • Hi Cindi!

      We have always named our cars in my family, well perhaps not my grandfather the military but then again he was also a gardener so who knows 🙂

      I could use the microwave because I never use mine 🙂 My neighbors gave me the one I have because it was too big for them so there’s lots of space for bread in it 🙂

      That was really cold! We had a really nice day here, much warmer than they had predicted.

      Have a great day!

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