The worlds most boring tv program.


So far the morning is a bit too chilly, well it is 3C (37F) but there’s a weak but steady and bitterly cold wind destroying it all. Without that wind it would be rather nice outdoors. We met a villager on our way round the village, we actually meet him every time we walk there. He’s one of the few that still run a small farm, the kind we usually see in children’s books and we all would love to live in 🙂 We had lots to talk about today since I haven’t walked there for long because of the stormy winds we’ve had.




We talked about the fact that many who signed to get that municipal water and sewer system perhaps might regret it now because the sewer treatment plant in in the town doesn’t work properly so they might need to build a new one and that will of course rise the water and sewer bill. There are other problems too but signed is signed. I could tell him that my neighbor had gotten a child. To be honest, I didn’t even know she was pregnant and they haven’t told anyone. I just saw her walking by with a baby carriage one day 🙂 🙂 🙂




He then told me that my newest neighbor might buy the cottage he rents. He rents it from the castle right now and he was willing to pay the price offered as long as they dug a new well for him, he doesn’t want anything to do with that water and sewer system either. The price is way too high but if he manages to get that well dug I guess that would compensate for the high price. I knew he wanted to buy it and to be honest, it did sound as if he already owned the place last time I talked with him. I’m glad if he does, he might not have any idea on how to prune trees but he has more or less the same ideas of nature preservation as I do 🙂




Today the biggest Xcountry ski race is taking place in Dalarna here in Sweden. It’s supposed to celebrate the old Swedish King Gustav Vasa when he fled, on skis, from the Danes to later on take power in this country and happily slaughter everyone that helped him to that power. There’s an old tale that describes how he bravely tried to get people to fight the Danes and almost being captured a couple of times. The thing is that he didn’t know what skis are 🙂 In a letter he has written he asks the question what the pieces of board was that people used on snow 🙂 He also fled in the opposite direction than the competition is held. This is probably the most boring tv program there is in the entire world 🙂




But they break the program every hour to have an update on what is going on in Ukraine. It looks as if the Russians once again will start a war to show the world they are powerful. No one can of course do anything about it, after all it is a country with nuclear weapons. So the Russians will do as they please and the Ukrainians are the ones paying the price. It’s time for a pot of coffee this time. After that I’ll go outside to clean up in the garden and perhaps prune the last of that hand-held fan-shaped apple tree of mine. I managed to get my foot in my work shoe so I guess I just as well get that ladder and prune that tree.




Have a great day!

New neighbors in the village. I can't say I like goats, mostly because I quite often almost hit some on the road to work. That goat owner just don't get it that goats can escape any fence :-) Thes two are just beautful though.

New neighbors in the village. I can’t say I like goats, mostly because I quite often almost hit some on the road to work. That goat owner just don’t get it that goats can escape any fence 🙂 These two are just beautiful though.


14 thoughts on “The worlds most boring tv program.

  1. Håller med om att Vasaloppet är enormt tråkigt, därför tittar jag aldrig på det. Men…vad sägs om den otroligt tråkiga mellon!? 😦
    Kan ett “underhållningsprogram” bli tristare – och segare. 😦 😦 Och det blir faktiskt inte bättre för att man drar ut på det. Att uttagningen både visas under en massa veckor och så den helt vansinniga omröstningen igår, otroligt! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Jag orkade i alla fall inte se det hela till slut…..
    Däremot gillar jag den engelska serien efteråt; Breathless. Där kan man snacka om kvalité på underhållning!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nä inte skam orkar man ha på vasaloppet 🙂
      Jag kikade överhuvudtaget inte igår, sämre år för melodifestivalen har vi väl aldrig haft? Dåliga skämt och de flesta av de som uppträder kan inte sjunga 🙂 🙂 🙂 Det är nog dags att ändra på hela programmet från grunden igen!

      Britterna gör alltid bra program, de borde köpa in mer därifrån!

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer! Glad to hear your weather is staying somewhat decent! This morning we are at -29 celcius but with the wind we are -43 celcius. I am impatient now for spring to start. Doesn’t look like it from this weather! Glad to hear your foot is starting to behave and you can wear your work shoe now! That’s good news. That white goat is very majestic looking! Have a great day!

    • Hi Dianna!

      You have temperatures that I normally have in February. Well it happens in March too but not that often. I doubt even my big boys would go outside in those temperatures and they have that same under coat Nwe Foundlands have.

      I even saw sunflowerseeds germinating in the lawn today! Odd! Very odd!

      Yes it was nice to get tyat foot in to tat shoe again 🙂

      Yes I agree, it is a really beautiful goat. The kind we often see in Christmas cards over here.

      Have a great day too!

  3. Is that third photo up from the last, your cottage?
    I like how it looks, with the flowers hanging.from the roof.
    Or is that the neighbors?
    I hope the farmer gets that land, sounds like he would be a good person to owe it.
    Great photos, especially the goat one, but you know I like it already from FB.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really do appreciate your opinion.
    You know better than many others because of your garden center.
    I just have to work on not getting so easily distracted! LOL!
    and…I’m jealous of your weather.
    It snowed again least night and now I have to shovel…maybe, or just stomp on the gas and hope I can get through it!
    Jeez, I’m going crazy in this weather! AAARRGGH!

    • Hi Cindi!

      I’m very happy to be able to say that no, it isn’t my home. This house is falling appart 🙂 But it is beautiful in its decay so to speak. You would never see any plastic flowers even close to my home either 🙂 🙂 🙂 This house is rather close to mine but no one has lived in it for several years and they didn’t sell it in time either. To bad because now the roof is giving up.

      He’s actually not a farmer, I think he works with people with drug problems or something like that. I must admit that I didn’t really like him in the beginning but he has grown in my opinion since he massacred the apple trees in his garden. When that happened I honestly must say I thought he was really bad 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It’s so easy tio start with something else just because one is tired of one project at the moment or sort of walked in to a wall and have problems starting again. Sometimes it actaully is fear of success that keeps us doing that over and over again. But to be focused on one project at a time is a must.

      This is a weather worthy of jealousy 🙂 I can’t remember if we ever have had a winter like this!

      We have some snow flöakes mixed in the rain but they never seem to reach the ground, thankfully 🙂

      Have a great day despite the crazyness 🙂

  4. Christer,
    I love that goat picture.

    It looks a bit foggy out and a bit damp. You still have winter trees and grass so the warm weather hasn’t tricked the trees into thinking it’s spring. I have some green shoots which are a long way from blooming but just seeing them gives me hope.

    Today I am driving to Falmouth which is on the other side of the cape. It is a luncheon of former Peace Crops volunteers. We get together every now and then. None served with me, but it is still fun. I’m bringing my camera in case I see stuff along the way as I don’t go to Falmouth often.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Kat!

      I do like that photo too!

      It has been a perhaps not foggy but more hazy day here and certainly very damp 🙂 But as long as we were out of the wind it was quite nice evenb if it rained some. Some trees asre actually shopwing small leafs now but they know this really is winter. I’m more worried that some of the bushes and trees I have in my garden that comes from southern parts of europe and USA will believe that this is spring and no setbacks will come 🙂

      Sometimes we need no shared memories because many have the same experiences so it’s fun to meet anyway.

      Have a great luncheon!

  5. Hi Christer,
    Having lived and worked on small farms in my distant youth, I know there is the ideal of small farm and there is the reality of small farm and rarely do the twain meet. 😀
    I’m glad I was only a worker and not the owner. Dealing with crops and animals is not much fun if you have to make some kind of living from them. If you’re just one of the people being paid or housed to take care of them, it’s still a lot of work but a bit fun too, because no worries.

    It’s nice to see the shaggy ponies. They look like they have had an easy winter, too. The goats are cute. Are these different goats from the ones that lived next to you? Are they goats with a commercial purpose or are they there to mow the lawn? 🙂
    I’ve only known two goats. William was a very large goat that could pull a pony trike. That was fun except he didn’t steer too well. The other goat was an old miniature guard goat. Her horns came just about to knee height which was advantageous to her fighting style. She was like one of those cats that lets you pet it for three or four strokes and then shreds your arm. She would prance up to people and act all friendly and cute and let them scratch her head for a bit and then she would hook them in the knees with her horns and run off. If she already knew you, she’d just prance up and hook you. Little witch. 🙂

    It’s 34ºF here. Tropical in comparison with what has been and will be again tomorrow. The snow has gone farther south. I’m not sad about that. No sun, though.
    The English sparrows are bringing nesting material into the arbor vitae beside my house. Looks like they’re getting ready for spring.
    Glad to hear that your foot fits into your work boots again.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      You are so right! This one however works fine and they have no problem living on what the farm gives. But it is hard work and I’m glad I’m not a farmer, how quaint it is 🙂

      Yes allthe horses have had a nice and good winter, some of them even look a bit fat now 🙂 I know absolutely nothing about these goats. This was the first time I saw them. But I guess they just are pets. There’s no fence around the garden (no land follows witrh the house that they rent from the castle) so I have no idea where these will walk around. These ar however different goats from those living down my road.

      Goats are tricky and eat just anything, including fingers 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m not a fan opf goats at all to be honest 🙂

      Almost as warmn as here then 🙂 Thankfully it will be much warmer during our days again 🙂

      I think most birds here are collecting nesting materials right now because very few visiot my feeders and they really don’t like the new seed mix I bought this time 🙂

      Yes back to work tomorrow, just as well because I didn’t win the lottery this time either 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. hi christer! i see you still have mild weather. you have my winter and i have yours this year. it is snowing right now and my husband is out with the snow blower. what cute goats! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes this year itä’s the opposite to normal and I love it 🙂

      We had some snow mixed with the rain but it is too warm for it to stay or even reach the ground right now.

      Yes they are cute, at least as long as they stay behind that fence 🙂 There’s a farm on the road to work that never seems to be able to keeptheir goats behind the fence and it’s enough to almost hit them when they are out on the road.

      Have a great day!

  7. I’ve always been afraid of goats. Not sure what happened to me as a little girl but they terrify me…especially the billy goats with the horns. There was a video here on aol news showing a billy goat at some fair or something..just running around knocking people down..I mean hurting them. Chasing full grown big men around cars when they tried to stop his roll of terror. They can be dangerous. Yep..afraid of those critters! Nice photo’s Christer! But then they always are.

    • Hi Mona!

      I’m pretty sure goats never done me anything bad but I do have a hard time liking them 🙂 There is something sinister about them but I do like them behind high fences 🙂 and perhaps as a dinner too 🙂

      Have a great day!

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