The BBC is after all the BBC.


It was supposed to be a bit chilly today but it wasn’t that much colder than yesterday. It rained some however but not even enough to make puddles on the dirt roads. I don’t mind though, I hope we’ll get a dry spring like last year so the mosquito larvae dies. I rarely wish for any animal to die but I wouldn’t mind if we got rid of all mosquitos and horse flies and deer flies once and for all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




Lately I’ve been thinking of perhaps getting one more tv channel, BBC Entertainment but the problem is that if I get that I need to pick out at least seven more. I really don’t need to have seven more channels I don’t watch πŸ™‚ I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but here in Sweden we can’t just pay for one extra channel, they come in packages. At least now days we can choose between several and not just get the ones they think we should have. I could og course chose BBC News too but there are still six more I need to pick πŸ™‚ So even if it only should cost me 129 Swedish kronor/ month the first year ( that would be around $20 US) I’m not sure it’s worth it. But the BBC is after all the BBC πŸ™‚



Rheum palmatum, The >Turkish Rhubarb.


My Osage Orange, Maclura pomifera. It’s almost half a meter (half a yard) high now.

I took soe photos on our walk when we came home but it just took too long to answer all comments today :(which I like) so I’ll show You some I took during the weekend instead. It’s time to make that pot of tea and something to eat. I really should start cleaning my cottage too, the big dogs shed their fur now but that can wait until tomorrow πŸ™‚


Tree peony.

Tree peony.

Lung Wort.

Lung Wort.

Have a great day!



18 thoughts on “The BBC is after all the BBC.

  1. Hi Christer,
    You forgot the moose flies. They need to be on the death list. πŸ™‚

    That cat from yesterday looks like a tricolor or calico so it’s most likely a female.

    We got snow this morning. Surprise. It melted later on but the ground is still covered with old snow.

    I have a few more things growing but nothing like what you have. No budding trees or peonies. Just bulbs that are sticking up green fingers to test the weather. A couple of them seem to have pushed themselves up out of the ground (with or without help from the spawns).

    Rocky is shedding out now, too. I combed off a bunch of hair this morning. The sparrows will be happy. They take it for nesting material.

    Time for a nap, I think.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Yes how could I forget those! They are the most truly horrid fly of them all even if they rarely bite me πŸ™‚

      True, didn’t think of that. But I have actually met a male one but they say they are sterile if male cats get that color. Good that it’s a girl because they always stay around and I like that one πŸ™‚

      How odd that You have snow and we don’t πŸ™‚

      Still very few crocus though but the tulips are comming fine now.

      None of the birds here take the fur I place outside for them?? After all that fur is great if they want a warm nest, my boys are a big part New Foundland πŸ™‚

      Soon time for bed here but I do need something to eat, I haven’t come around to that yet πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

      • I did use some of Rocky’s fur on top of where the spawn of Satan was digging up and eating the crocuses. He stopped after I did that. I guess he didn’t like how Rocky fur smells.

      • I think Bertil have a more effective fur for things like that πŸ™‚ seems that all animals loves my dogs since they never chase them πŸ™‚

  2. Yep, you have to get packages here also, don’t think we can pick and chose what goes into a package though. If you really have to have a particular channel, you get whatever comes with it, like it or not. I wonder, what happens to that price after a year is up?

    You have a tree peony? And regular peonies, I see. You will be sure to post pictures of the blooms when they come along? My osage orange is half that size and probably ten years old! I bought five of them, they sent six, and I planted them out in the field in front of my house. All are gone now, but for this one little stick tree. I put it inside a wire cage years ago to protect it from the voracious deer, but it just refuses to grow. Maybe I should dig it up and move it somewhere else. Pot it up and hold it until the fall planting time.

    Great picture of the dark forest with the sun on the other side. Looks like a cool spot on a hot summer day. Duck in there to get away from the horse flies, only to be eaten alive by mosquitoes!!! LOL!

    • Hi Wendy!

      Now days they at least let us chose amongst several channels, before it was the package they wanted to sell or nothing at all. It would be better if we just could chose the one we want or some from all the channels that company has. The price goes up to around 31 us dollars. Not especially expensive either but I’m not sure it’s worth it anyway evenb if it is BBC I get πŸ™‚ I’ll have to think about it for a while.

      I think I have three tree peonies right now, two are not hardy enough so they only flower after two mild winters but the one in the photo usually gives around five or six huge and beautiful flowers. I’ll take photos of them when they open up. For some reason it always comes huge showers when they do and the flowers get destroyed πŸ™‚

      I don’t know why my osage orange even survives here πŸ™‚ It isn’t even close to be hardy enough πŸ™‚ But I bought seeds from Gardens North, a Canadian business and she always sell seeds from the hardiest plants she can find. I had two but my dogs dug up the other one and then I walked over it too πŸ™‚ I’ve read that it is possible to take cuttings from it so I’ll try that this year, I just don’t know when it’s the best time to do it.

      Yes it’s always a bit cooler in the forest during summer but there are also milions of mosquitoes πŸ™‚ But to be honest, mosquitoes are much better than horse flies πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  3. Christer,
    It is the same here-you have to buy packages to add premium stations. I have them all and the size of my cable bill reflects that, but I do love all those movie choices.

    The paper today had an article about how the cold winter has killed off so many evasive insects. In some case 90% did not survive the winter. Now I’m looking at the cold in a less negative light.

    Almost no snow left now-just small piles from the plows.

    The day is now grey and cloudy.

    Have a great evening!

    • Hi Kat!

      I wish we just could piuck those station we wanted, the packages never seem to have all those channels I actually could think to choose. We have one Scifi chanel but if I want that I need to get a satelite dish. The problem is that I would have to break down my neighbors cottage because it stands in the way πŸ™‚

      Our insects are used to cold weather so they always survive winter but dry springs and summers kill them off pretty good πŸ™‚ I must gratuklate You on having less invasive insects this year πŸ™‚

      I’m off to bed with a comic magazine πŸ™‚
      Have a great day!

  4. hi christer! we have so many TV channels i can’t keep up with them. and the programming now is better than going to the movies. most of our best movie stars now do TV series and one is better than the other. you would have been in heaven at the sugaring off festival. except for at my house, i have never seen so much excellent free food before. these people knocked themselves out preparing everything they could offer made with maple syrup. they were so happy to show off their operations to the visitors. they did offer their products for sale and i bought as much as i could just to compensate them for their efforts. i bought a gallon of maple syrup that was still warm at the first shack for 35.00. what an exceptional price for such a large amount. it was quite an experience! some will be coming your way next xmas! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      To be honest, I don’t watch tv that much but I usually like what BBC shows. Your top quality programs always turn up here too, usually on channels I don’t have πŸ™‚

      Yes I’m pretty sure I would love gong to that festival πŸ™‚ and free food neverr hurts πŸ™‚ That was a good price! Last time I checked here it would cost three times as much πŸ™‚ I was thinking that maple syrup must be a great thing to use when making ice cream instead of ordinary sugar. But I guess it would be a bit expensive but that ice cream would taste heavenly πŸ™‚

      I am already looking forward to next christmas πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  5. such beautiful photos, its a breath of fresh air everytime I visit, its the same here in Canada, you cannot just buy one channel, we wanted the BBC channel but had to buy the package it was in, ( several others), we pay 180 Canadian dollars a month for TV and internet and telephone, my husband said we can’t save money, they get us coming and they get us going ( although sometimes his language is much more colorful) πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Laurie!

      I think You pay slightlΓΆy more than I do. We pay a tv-license for our public service channels (they are the biggest and most popular channels too) and I pay for two phones and my computer. I think I would reach Your cost if I got the other channels too.

      The only way to save money is to do nothing but breathe πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  6. just to correct something, it is not the same WEATHER here, lol we are still buried in snow minus 34 celcius tonight!! it is the same with purchasing channels,

    • πŸ™‚ I read this comment first so I undewrstood what You meant πŸ™‚ Winter is coming back for a visit already this weekend they say.

  7. Hi Christer, we do not subscribe to any cabe or satellite TV packages for most of the reasons you stated…stations we would not be interested in watching and especially the cost. We hear so many people complain that “there’s nothing worth watching on tv” and while we could get some reception with our attic antennae. We have a Netflix subscription (streaming only) and have been working our way through a lot of British murder mysteries via Netflix. The cost at under $10/month currently makes it well worthwhile for us.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      It would be much more expensive for me to use netflix. I would have to change my internet subscription to a rather expensive one and then pay for the netflix service. But I’m still not sure I’ll get more channels, I hardly look now as it is and I’m not sure it’s worth getting more for just a few more programs to watch πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  8. That Turkish Rhubarb kinda looks like a heart!
    I don’t have cable, just an antenna for over the air channels.
    I wasn’t getting good reception so I bought this Mohu Curve antenna off of Amazon for $50 and while it’s not prefect, it does bring in enough channels for me. (including the BBC).

    • Hi Cindi!

      Not for long though. It’s one of my favorite perennials and this rhubarb is not for eating, at least not if one wants to see another day πŸ™‚

      No cable here either, just the antenna and I have good reception here. But I need that extra little computer card to be able to see any more channels than the free ones I have now. I’m leaning towards not getting the BBC or any other channel after all. Perhaps when winter arrives again πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

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