Winter will return, or maybe not?


Winter will return the newspapers screamed from the news stands and the online weather predictions showed temperatures down to -14C (6,8F). Lots of snow was going to fall as well. This is what many of us have feared but hoped wouldn’t happen. Just before I started writing here I checked the weather predictions again and now it looks very different. Mostly rain and above 0C (32F). Now they all show that we’ll have another storm coming in again. It’s very difficult to take any predictions seriously when they show that huge difference in just a few hours 🙂




I had hoped that it was time to stop feeding the deers, not because I don’t like it but with weather like what we’ve had so far they should be able to care for themselves. I also had hoped that it was time to stop buying fire logs. Even if it won’t be that cold I think I need to continue with both for another week or two, just in case we actually will get winter again 🙂


Just a few photographs are taken today, it still gets dark pretty early here.



I had also hoped it would be possible to place some of the small trees I’ve sown outdoors now, I need that space for other trees that I want to sow right now 🙂 Well I’m not sure sow is the right word because they have been placed in the fridge for quite some time and now those seeds have germinated. They need pots with soil and rather soon I would guess. I have also taken two cuttings from my Osage orange just now and now I can’t find any place to put the pot 🙂 I guess I must place lots of pots down in my cool cellar for a while and try to remember watering everything down there, something I tend to forget 🙂




I had to go down to the cellar to check if I had to water the plants since I wrote that I tend to forget it 🙂 I had to water and many things have started to grow again down there. Several mock oranges had new leafs and my apricots had big buds. It never got especially cold down there this winter so spring sprung early in my cellar 🙂 Most trees and bushes outdoors seems to react on the length of the day more than to how warm it is so even if it will get cold again most of tem will survive without any damages.




The coffee is ready (yes I’m out of tea 🙂 ) and now it’s time for a sandwich or two. I’ve had to scrape ice from the car windows almost every morning this week and I doubt that tomorrow will be different. I don’t care if the nights are cold but I really want it to stay warm during days now.

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Winter will return, or maybe not?

  1. Hi Christer,
    It’s about 19ºF here. The sun is showing weakly through a thin cloud deck and the wind is blowing really hard. There was snow this morning. Now there is ice.
    You have my Spring. Please send it back. 🙂

    There’s plenty of food in the bird feeders and quite a bit on the ground but the birds are practically killing each other out there even so. The English sparrows are particularly aggressive which makes me think they are very close to nesting. They’ve been bringing in material for a couple of weeks now. They are even chasing off the grackles which are not known for being nice-mannered birds.

    Your mentioning the root cellar reminded me to check my herb planter. It has little green things sticking up. I know what I planted in there but I don’t remember where I planted each thing. Good that it’s all edible. 🙂

    Enjoy the coffee and sandwiches.

    • Hi Caryn!

      That’s cold! As it looks now we won’t go down that much here but it seems they change their predictions by the hour 🙂 I have to admit that I prefer snow before ice but can’t say I like either 🙂

      Here it’s the tiny bird Blue Tit that always is the most aggressive bird. Doesn’t matter if they are close to nesting or not 🙂 The English sparrows never seems to be aggressive, perhaps they had to be on Your side to be able to survive after the move to America? We don’t have Grackles here but I think they look beautiful and slightly mean 🙂

      You’re like me in remembering where planting what 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Nej, det får inte bli så kallt och snö igen! Jag vägrar att acceptera det….. *fniss* Idag har jag nämligen planterat en massa penséer och visserligen tål dom några frysgrader , men det får vara lite måtta på det!! 😦

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det verkar som om det inte blir vinter trots allt 🙂 Om jag tittar på prognoserna nu ser det betydligt behagligare ut, kanske går det längre norrut? Att det blir kallt på nätterna stör mig inte speciellt men nu vill jag ha det hyfsat varmt på dagarna när man äntligen kan göra saker ute efter jobbet.

      Ha det gott!

  3. I just admire the cow photos so very much, they are such a strong breed of cow, we don’t see that breed here, I hope winter does not return to you but I would surely love for it to leave us!! Its cold here an still lots of snow,

    • Hi Laurie!

      I do like the Highland cattle! We can see them everywhere here now days but I remember the first time I saw them because I couldn’t figure out if it was a sort of cow or something else 🙂

      Shouldn’t spring have sprung where You live if this had been a normal winter? I hope it will arrive soon to You too! It looks as if winter won’t come after all 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. hi christer! it was 12 degrees here today but tomorrow will be 52. weird weird weather! i am working on a new garden project which i will start to post about soon. i am excited to have something new in the garden to think about and it makes me almost happy to have winter end! did i really just say that? joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      That’s our normal temperatures this time of year. How odd it is that we have Your spring this year when You have our winter! But that is a quick change of temperature 🙂

      New garden projects are always fun, it looks like I finally will build that greenhouse of mine this year 🙂

      It looks very strange to see You write that You want winter to end 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. My yard is in full bloom and I’m really enjoying it. My little Fairy Gardens are getting prettier by the day!
    I don’t blame you one single bit for being ready for warmer weather and being outside and being comfortable during your walks. It’s been lovely here and coffee on the front porch with neighbors is becoming ..well..already is nearly an every morning thing. Squirrels are back in the neighborhood, I heard this morning. Since our favorite big squirrel with his family, was found dead, life has not been as interesting on the front porch. I miss him.

    WHAT in the world did you do to my cat that made him give you the “evil eye!” LOL 🙂 He is so funny. I love his “don’t mess with me!” look! Thanks for snapping that picture of him. It’s a great one, Christer!

    • Hi Mona!

      Crocus, scilla and snow drops are the flowers we have here everything else is still asleep. But it looks as if the winter will miss us after all, the predictions show warmer again 🙂 The rain has started to fall and it’s much better than snow 🙂

      The squirrels are way to shy to go this far from the forest but we do see them when we’re out walking every now and again and they show they really don’t like us 🙂

      It’s actually an injury just below the eye that gives him that extra look of evil 🙂 It’s muc better now than it was a few days ago. He’s so well now that I’m not allowed to check it any longer.

      Have a great day!

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