Sometimes I’m just too quick for my own good :-)

DSC_0108 kopiera

I accidentally erased all photos I had taken today when I was removing all old photos so today I’ll show You some of the photos I have in my National Geographic album. It was of course master pieces that I erased and now they’re lost for ever 🙂 It looks as if winter will miss us after all but they did predict the rain we’re having right now very good. It’s a nice spring rain and it wouldn’t be awful walking around in it if it wasn’t for the really strong winds.

DSC_0068 kopiera

But since the winds come from south-west it never reach my garden so it’s quite nice there now.  I guess all the plants out there like it and the ground is getting fairly dry in my garden so I won’t complain about it at all. I have no idea where winter will go instead of here though, I guess it will go further north or perhaps it just changed its mind and thought we deserved spring even if it still should be winter up here 🙂

DSC_0103 kopiera

There is of course nothing to watch on tv tonight so I might watch the last episodes of Big Bang Theory that I still haven’t seen or I might watch the dvd I bought on my way home after work, the second film on the Hunger Games series. I have been looking forward to this so it’s most likely I’ll watch that. I’ll buy all books as soon as all films are made, I always think it’s best to read the books after seeing the movies instead of the other way around. I quite often don’t like how the movies have been made if I have read the book first.

DSC_0044 kopiera

It’s time for another pot of tea and then upstairs to watch whatever I decided to watch. My cats are sleeping in the livingroom, two dogs sleeps upstairs in my bed, Sune sleeps beside me here in the kitchen and Orvar close to the cats. My home is very quiet right now.

DSC_0023 kopiera

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m just too quick for my own good :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    When I scrolled past the first photo I thought WOW that one belongs on Nat Geo. Then I wondered if you had an even better version posted over there. And then I read the opening paragraph. 🙂
    Of course they were all masterpieces. The lost ones always are.

    It’s 27ºF outside now and windy too, but it’s probably 72ºF on my glassed front porch. It was nice to sit out there this morning and read. The snow still covers everything.

    Enjoy whatever it is you decide to watch.

    • Hi Caryn!

      🙂 Yes they were all masterpieces and now no one willever see them 🙂

      I wish I had a glassed porch, perhaps one day in the future when I have won the lottery 🙂

      Rather warm here but the wind is furious and the rain heavy, I’m happy I don’t need to go out tonight!

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Joyce!

      I do like the one with Sune but I think the top one or the one with the little spruce is my favorite of these.

      The wind is furious right now and it’s combiened with heavy rain, not a weather to take walks in 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. A couple of your photo’s here are some of the most beautiful you have ever posted…most especially the first one and the third one. All are wonderful but those two are as in a dream.
    My home is quiet all the time now that my little ones are all grown and gone..the grands have all grown up and all of our dogs and cats and bunnies and guina pigs and white mice, etc. etc. have all gone to heaven to live. 🙂 Only Mele remains and one little Canary who is as old as the hills. Sounds very peaceful and with rain falling …PERFECT.
    Went “plant” shopping to day and bought some perrinials and some annuals. I will get them in by tomorrow. We have to beat the terrible heat here so that the poor plants can take root and establish themselvers before they get cooked!
    Your Winter was SO mild this years compared to others I’ve seen you go through. I ‘ve planted so many tree’s now and they are all getting so big that I no longer have “forest envy” like I used too. Well..maybe still a little. I will probably always long for a cottage at the edge of a forest. By the time these trees get fully mature..I will be gone.
    Darn!! :):)

    • Hi Mona!

      I usually post the photos I think is best in the NG album, my two favorites are number one and two but to be honest I like all of them today 🙂

      I can imagine how quiet it must feel after having all those children and their pets and their friends at home and then they all have moved. I
      ‘ve always had it quiet around me so this is just how it usually is here 🙂

      The rain turned it to sleet and the storm changed direction so now it’s anything but calm and quiet here 🙂 it’s warm though so the snow in the sleet won’t stay for more than a second or two 🙂

      I’m just about to sow some perennials, I don’t buy them any longer because the risk of getting the Spanish forest slug. It has no natural enemies here and they eat anything and everything. I have friends that kill over a thousand every day!!! stil they see no result. I guess that’s the reason I prefer trees and bushes now days because those are a bit too tough for those slugs.

      Yes this has been an unusual winter indeed! I do envy how fast trees grow over at Yours, here it takes 70 years for a spruce to be seen as fully grown 🙂 Your Redwoods would have been fantastic here but they tend to die every winter. But every now and again I try one or two just in case we actually would get more winters like this one 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • HI Laurie!

      It’s so typical me 🙂 I forgot what date it was and erased all photos except for those I have in my NG album 🙂

      The wind changed direction and the showers became even heavier so it was anything but a quiet night 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Jättetjusiga foton! Men det bör dom ju vara med tanke på var dom kom från. Har alla varit publicerade? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Trösta dig med att dom du tog som du råkade ta bort förmodligen var jättetråkiga – även om dom var snygga! 🙂
    Här är det storm just nu – men snöbyar. Men…snön smälter så fort den landar på backen, det är +2,2 och det räcker tydligen. Men det ska vara “dåligt” väder ett par dagar nu, vilken egentligen är riktigt skönt. Jag (vi) har hunnit med den första rensningen i trädgården och nu kan det vara skönt att få vila sin värkande kropp ett tag! 🙂
    Jag har också hunnit med att plantera MASSOR av penséer, vet ju att dom klarar upp till -5, så nu kan jag sitta inne och titta ut på dom. Inte dumt! 🙂 🙂

    Precis nu hördes ett brak utifrån, det var en jättestor gren från den enormt stora lärken i kohagen bakom oss som blåste ner innanför vårt staket. Vi har tjatat på bonden att han ska ta ner den här lärken, för faller den så ramlar den på huset. Men han svarar bara: “Det blir besvärligt…”
    Så gissa om det känns lite nervöst just nu…man får dock trösta sig med att det är ljust så man ser vad som händer! 😦 😦 😦


    • Hejsan Susie!

      Ja dessa bilderna gillar jag. De har bara visats på Ng:s hemsida där väldigt många har egna album. Några av mina bilder har dock varit med i tävlingar där de blivit utplockade av den som styr och ställer med de fotoalbumen.

      Ja jisses vad det blåst det senaste dygnet. Jag hade tur med att grannens stuga tog all vind 🙂 De sade att hela stugan skakade i stormbyarna, jag hörde bara dånet. Dessutom vräkte regnet och snön ned hela natten men det var såpass varmt att det inte låg kvar någon snö på marken.

      Jag går mest och småpillar i trädgården just nu men har planterat en forsytia som jag glömde sätta ned förra hösten 🙂 Vintern har varit så mild att den klarat sig helt utan skador!

      Hörde en knall som från ett gevär när vi var ute i morse men det var ett träd som brast på mitten. Hoppas verkligen att ni inte får några problem med den där lärken!

      Ha det gott!

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