April weather.


We experienced something on our morning walk that we haven’t in I don’t know how long. The wind didn’t blow at all, it was absolutely calm! Unfortunately that has changed a lot since then and now the winds are strong and a bit annoying again. But the sun is shining so if one can find shelter from the wind it’s quite nice out there.

Long time since someone cared for this place.

Long time since someone cared for this place.



We’ll have April weather for a while now, some nights will be rather cold but days will be rather warm, other days it will be cold enough for snow but it won’t stay for long. This is of course unreliable long-term prognosis so it could change quickly. Just a few days ago winter was going to return and after that it was going to be really warm and now we’re somewhere in between that 🙂



I found these growing by the side of the road.

I found these growing by the side of the road.

I saw perhaps a hundred cranes by the lake on my way home on Friday after work and this morning I could hear them shout so I guess there must be a couple of hundred by now. They are quite loud so when there are over 15 000 of them its possible to hear them indoors when windows and doors are closed. 




I’ve vacuumed the floors and soon I’ll deal with the laundry too. It looks like we’re going to stay indoors most of the day despite the sunshine, the wind just makes it awful out there. It is days like these I wish I had a glassed-in porch, I remember the one we had in our summer cottage and I loved sitting there having breakfast cold mornings when the sun had made it warm enough in there.




It’s time to do that laundry and after that a walk. After that I might have a small nap or just find something to read.

The Portal.

The Portal.


The Stone circle hill.


Have a great day!


22 thoughts on “April weather.

  1. the wind sure can be nasty! it was sort of warm here yesterday but out in the wind it was freezing. it’s cold again here which is good because we are about to head out to another maple syrup festival! woohoo! maple milkshakes and maple cotton candy are being offered. i’ll take lots of photos!

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes it can and it was much the same here, the wind destroyed a day that could have been so good!

      Oh! another maple syrup festival! Is no one of them making maple ice cream? Everything must taste delicious 🙂 I’m looking forward to those photos!

      Have a great trip!

  2. Wow, you may have SNOW? In SWEDEN? What ever is this world coming to!!! You are getting spoiled! The exposure here is very open and up high, so we have constant wind also. Our house is set back from the open field, into the woods and a little higher, so we don’t have quite as much wind on our house. But when the heat and humidity and flies come in the summer, there’s no wind to be found! 🙂

    That abandoned farm looks like it would be fun to dig through the ruins of! A greenhouse! Very interesting stuff.

    Not to be too nosy, what is that structure in the pasture with that brown bull/bullock? There is wood inside, could it have something to do with a well? Love the two goats, very luxurious hair on them, do you know what breed they might be? What is the Stone Circle Hill? Some kind of ancient ruins?

    Great picture of the deer peeking over the hill, good catch! The deer there grow their antlers very differently than the whitetail deer here do. What are they called?

    Have a great day, your own self! Try to keep out of the wind, I hear it will make you go out of your mind! LOL! Not too far to go? Ha!

    • Hi Wendy!

      Yes we might 🙂 But since it is long-term predictions it can just as well be rain instead. I love gettimng spoiled and don’t miss that snow for a second 🙂

      My cottage is protected from the wind from all directions except for one, north east. Isn’t it strange that when we really need that wind as protection against biting insects it just dies out 🙂

      That house was left some years ago, the owner still lives but have moved to town and is too old to take care of it. It would have been better if they had sold it as soon as they could. But I guess they wanted to much for it and rather had it falling appart. I’ve never understood that kind of reasoning but it is rather common over here.

      That structure is an old root cellar, the new land owner never cared to make a secure path to it since the house it belongs to never got rented or sold.

      I think the goats are Svensk lantrasget, I can’t find any name in English but it should be something like Swedish countryside goat breed. It was often motives in old Swedish christmas cards. That goat and a gnome says Christmas to all Swedes.

      I call it stone circle hill because there are stones placed in a circle up there. I can’t say if it is an old tomb or if the stones just were placed in a circle by accident. I can’t fuind any info about it unfortunately.

      That deer is a Roe deer, the smallest one we have. But we also have Red deer and Fallow deer here and the moose is actually a deer too.

      🙂 The wind either calmed down or chganged direction so I won’t go out of my mind today anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Very interesting about that goat breed, although most answers were in Swedish. Seems that it’s breed is threatened; “Cheese making also means a better chance for survival for the indigenous breed of goat, the Svensk lantrasget…Once tens of thousand soft Svensk Lantrasget could be found in Sweden, but now it is considered a threatened species and less than 2500 survive today…” It surely is a beautiful goat.

        I guess places like the Stone Circle are so old, or numerous, that they just never got recorded. I wonder if National Geographic would ever do a story on old things/places like that…

        Do you ever see the other types of deer? I know you have pictures of the moose, what about the Red and Fallow? I have seen a fallow in a zoo type place, very beautiful deer! Actually it was very friendly, allowed to have people walk around it, even when it was lying down. It did not feel threathened and did not get up!

        How near to you is the Crane Lake, do you ever go there and take pictures?

        Hope you had a great weekend, back to work now!

        Sorry to ask so many questions, it is just so interesting!

      • Hi Wendy!

        Yes it is a threatened breed and I think they get some kind of contributions from the state if they have them. I do think they are beautiful even if they are goats 🙂 The goat is a big Christmas symbol here abnd it is this breed that is the model for that.

        This area have tombs and graves all over the place but they are usually quite good in recording all these places. This is concidered to be the cradle of Sweden. I guess they do stories about places like this but mostly it’s from more spectacular places that are more famous.

        Yes I do see red deer hinds and fallow deer hinds but rarely any bucks, they seems to be more shy. The Fallow deers in zoo’s are usually a bit smaller than what they are in the wild. They are anything but trusting in the wild anbd are hgard to find, one must surprise them 🙂

        I’m not that far from tghe lake but there are two well trafficed roads in the way so if I go there I always go by car. I really don’t need to go there since the cranes walk around here in the village but I go once a year to take some photos. But most of the cranes I photograph are walking around close to my cottage.

        IU can’t complain abot my weekend even if it felt too short 🙂 I love questions so keep on asking 🙂

        Have a great day!

  3. beautiful photos, the last one had me stumped ( my poor sight) , thats an odd one, lol, looks like a deer’s head on the road! Its standing in a ditch??

    • Hi Laurie!

      🙂 The road is going down rather steep there so it’s a deer standing where it is as lowest 🙂 At first I thought it was a hare 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Hi Christer,
    Hey, can you make an offer on the greenhouse frame? Maybe you can offer to remove it from the property, if they let you have it for nothing or really, really cheap. Ready made green house that you only need to find glass or plastic for. Or pseudo glassed-in porch off the kitchen door.

    Is that Longhorn peeking up above the road?
    I noticed quite a number of animals peeking around things in today’s photographs; peeping shaggy ponies, peeping chickens. The goats are quite brazenly standing out in the open.
    The photo of the almost symmetrical puddles is my favorite.

    It’s sunny but cold here today. The wind is blowing, too.
    The little green things in my herb planter are growing rapidly. I figured out where the chives are but the rest of them are a mystery. I bet the parsley is in the bare spot, though. 🙂

    Rocky and I might take a ride to the marsh even though it’s really cold.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I doubt that the frame is in any good condition. I’m pretty sure I would have to deal with all the garbage inside it too 🙂 But I’ll start building my green hose this year. As soon as I have decided to do something I’ll do it, I just need a few years to take that decision 🙂

      I think itis Rune because the antklers look just like his but I couldn’t see the other eye som I’m not sure. Nova found one of Longhorns old antlers in my garden, I’ll take a photo of it and show it here.

      My favorite photo of today is the one I put in my NG album 🙂 But I do like the one with the puddles too.

      The wind did calm down rather much so it was quite nice being outdoors after a while. How about the mint? Parsley is a biannual as best, so it might not have survived the winter. It self sows rather good though so if it flowered last year You might get a zillion small plants this spring 🙂

      Have a great trip to the swamp!


      • I just had a thought that you could get the frame for free if you promised to take the ugly lawn ornaments, too. 🙂

        I took an Elbow Shot early this morning. It turned out to be rather interesting so I fiddled with it a bit and posted it on FB. My elbow does good work. 😀

      • There is a limit to what I would do to get that frame and the lions is way passed that 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Yes sometimes my elbows takes better photos than I do myself 🙂

      • I haven’t been over to check the mint. It wasn’t looking good the last time I saw it. All the leaves were brown and frozen. There was a bit of green underneath but I don’t think it was mint. We shall see.

      • Mints are like perennials so I don’t think anything shows yet. Your winter has been bad but mints usually survives most things 🙂

  5. Christer,
    Nothing is worst that the wind. An otherwise nice day is turned nasty and cold, and we’re all stuck inside the house. We have a small breeze today so it isn’t all that bad. Gracie was even sunning herself on the deck earlier.

    I originally wanted some of the deck covered with windows and screens, but it was too expensive. Now I’m happy with the deck.

    What a lovely surprise those flowers were!!

    Have a great day!!

    • Hi Kat!

      A strong wind can destroy an entuire day but it calmed down after a while so it was quite nice outside, the wind won’t stay away for too long though they are warning us for very strong gusts tomorrow.

      I would like a real porch but my patio works fine without glass around it. It is way to expensive to buy that glass even if we do just those glasses at work. But even with my discount it would cost so much that it’s better to buy another cottage 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yes it was a nice surprise. Those snowdrops aer what we call garden escapers 🙂 They have escaped the garden not far from where their relatives are growing.

      Have a great day!

  6. Christer, it sure looks like spring has arrived, except for the winds. We are forecast to have a wintry mix which could mean a bit of snow for Monday. But, the weather forecasts are not entirely accurate and when it’s predicted here it often comes as mostly rain. It was raining earlier tonight as we drove home from friends. We velebrated an early St Patrick’s dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes. We cooked it in our home and delivered to their home as it is harder for them to travel because of health issues. We have done this before and it really is easy as dinner is already cooked and ready to be enjoyed.

    Thanks for your comments on Grenville’s post about our recent fraud alert and potential scam regarding our house sale. We don’t expect to be hearing back from that person, but the. It would make for another post!

    • Hi Beatrice!

      It sure looks like it and the retyrn of winter they had threatened with last week seems to have missed us 🙂

      I remember that we often had corned beef when I was younger but I have to admit that it’s long since I had it. But since i like it and love cabbage I might make that this spring

      Just imagine what great things humanity could do if they put that energy to do something good instead! It would be fun though if that operson was interested in Your house.

      Have a great day!

  7. OMG! I was so excited when I saw that second photo! I see that Caryn has the same Idea too.
    If I lived near you, I would drive over with my van and off we would go and tear down that greenhouse frame.
    You got the windows right?
    Maybe it doesn’t look so great in person but the photos make it look doable.
    anyway….just a thought.

    • Hi Cindi!

      My windows are much too big and heavy for that frame 🙂 I’ll start building my greenhouse this year and when You see it You’ll understand what I mean 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • yeah sure. hahahahahahaahahahaha!
        whatever you say.
        Or as my Dad used to say “I’ll believe it when I see it!”
        😀 😀 😀

      • I’m sure I will start this year 🙂 It always starts around late January when I think of a project I have in my mind. If I think “this year I’ll do this or that” I will do it. It was the same with the pond. In late January I started to think about it and one day I suddenly started to dig. So You’ll see 🙂

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