They are here!

Why not strt with this one again now when more flowers are open.

Why not start with this one again now when more flowers are open.

Flocks of cranes are flying over my cottage and I love that sound. But they won’t stay for long by the lake unless the weather turns bad again, they are in a hurry to Norway to find a good nesting place. Yes the cranes landing by the lake continues to Norway unless they are staying here of course. The ones staying in Sweden rests by a lake further south in this country. I hope “our” cranes are amongst those coming now, I do miss having them in the field outside my home.






Have You ever thought about how the first sentences in a book can set the mood for an entire book. If they are badly chosen the entire book sort of feels bad but a good beginning can actually make the book better. I’m no writer but I have been thinking of this on my way to work several morning and I have come up with a few good starts on books that I would love to see how they continued after the beginnings I’ve thought of. Like ” Eulalia Lumbens was a woman who immediately caught everyone’s attention when she entered a room. It might have been her huge front teeth or the big hump on her back that did it but I’m not sure.” 






“Malvin McFlee had it all. He was intelligent, successful, rich, funny, handsome and humble. I doubt I would have killed him if he at least had had the courtesy of being stupid” or “Have I ever told You about my mother? She was incredible in all ways. Totally insane of course but incredible” or perhaps “My grandmother made delicious cookies, too bad that so many died after eating them.” I know that those openings at least would get my attention 🙂 If anyone out there can come up with a story for any of them feel free to use them as You wish, just write Christer You have always been a great inspiration in the dedications 🙂 🙂 🙂 That’s how I spend the time on my way to work early mornings 🙂






Once again the wind blows like mad but since it brings cranes and not snow I won’t complain. They have gotten snow further north and yesterday they had over 40 accidents in our capital because most people seems to have forgotten it still is winter despite the temperatures and already had changed to summer tires. My neighbor and I still have our snow shuffles outside because we’re afraid we might jinx it all if we return them in to storage 🙂 






More cranes are arriving in the dark and I’m pretty sure I would be able to hear the Blackbird if it wasn’t for the wind. I heard it this morning and that song means spring to me. It’s time for a pot of tea and something to eat.






Have a great day!




14 thoughts on “They are here!

  1. the cranes always make me think of prehistoric birds, they fly past us here with their haunting cry, your photos are beautiful, I agree about the first few lines of a book, they make or break it for me everytime,

    • Hi Laurie!

      They do have a special sound 🙂 I wonder how the old dinosaurs sonded, perhaps it was something like the cranes?’

      Yes if the beginning of a book is bad usually the rest is too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. i guess i never realized the cranes flew on to norway. do they stop by you on their way back. where are they all winter? it is cold and windy on our first day of spring here. i also hear we will have arctic cold here next week again.

    • Hi Joyce!

      I think we all got a bit surprised when they told us that 🙂 Yes they do stop here on their way south too but not as many at the same time as now in spring. Some stay in the Netherlands but most fly down to Spain I’ve heard.

      I read that You’ll get colder again! next week. It will stay muchg the same as it has been here lately but Poland and Germany will have sumer temperatures already tomorrow they say.

      Have a great day!

  3. What do you mean, you’re not a writer? Those opening lines were great! EXACTLY how my mother used to talk! You continue one of those into a book and I’ll be the first to buy it! Just don’t bake me any cookies… 😉

    The cranes are beautiful flying in formation, I can’t imagine what they must sound like.

    The pictures are beautiful, amazing that you have flowers blooming outside! The orchids are a gorgeous color, they are much better more fully opened. A very bright spot in a very dreary season.

    We have had a little melting of the snow on the ground and temps near 40 F., but the wind makes my forehead freeze and that makes my bwains fweeze nda hten it etgs hrad to tawk………. 🙂

      • We don’t have any of Your Blackbirds, just the european one. It is the one You can hear on the Beatles song “Blackbird singing in the dead of night”. Ours is completely black with an orange beak.

    • Hi Wendy!

      I wouldn’t have the patient to complete anything 🙂 But I do feel I got those first lines wery well 🙂 But are You sure You don’t want any cookies 🙂 🙂

      They do have a special sound, not really beautiful at all but since they arrive with spring we all love it. Perhaps not four in the morning when they are standing just outside the bedroom window though 🙂

      I’m so glad nature decided to mess things up this year 🙂 I’m enjoying every second of my very early spring 🙂 But I am getting tired of the wind, it never stops!

      Have a great day!

  4. There is so much green in the photos today, Christer, and very timely for the recent St Patrick’s Day. We have a lot of brown still even though the little snow we had on Monday is long gone. Our daffodils are struggling after being frozen and still have buds, but none have impend. Perhaps that will get warmed up enough to bloom after a warm spell this weekend. But, then it is supposed to be colder and rainy next week again. Those flowers much really be confused by now.
    I agree that the opening of a book can set the mood for whether or not I will continue reading. Usually I do give it at least a chapter or two, sometimes less. And, if I do not pick the book up for several days then it gets returned to the library. There’s always another one to read. I did like your openings too!

    • i Beatrice!

      Too bad we don’t celebrate St. Patrick then 🙂 But it is mostly garden plants that show leafs yet. The ones in the nature are much smarter and waits until it is safe 🙂

      Yes the opening is important but some books that I’ve loved has been soo boring the first pages that I almost gave up reading them. As You say, give it a chance but if it doesn’t get better there are plenty other to read 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Yes, I flip open a book and first I read the inside cover flaps. If that sounds interesting then I read the first page. If the first page is boring, I don’t check the book out. Very important indeed.
    Now I want to know why the woman has a hump on her back and also, why did you kill that guy? LOL!
    Seriously, you should write more, it sounds good to me, I mean I would check that book out of the library.
    Do you ever listen to books while driving back and forth to work?
    I do all the time. If the first disc doesn’t pull me in, then I return it right away to the library.
    Right now I’m listening to a book (on the 3rd disc) but I’m getting bored and might return it too.
    So many books, so little time!
    First day of Spring here! No cranes of course just …starlings? I think that’s what they are.
    They are small dark little birds in massive groups that titter and twet up in the trees behind work.

    • Hi Cindi!

      But I have read a few books that got really gooid after a few chapters but that rarely happens I’m afraid.

      Isn’t it annoying when it looks like some people have it all 🙂 and it annoyes me even more when it is impossible to find anything wrong with them, not even being stupid 🙂

      I can’t listen to a book and do something else at the same time. My mind drifts away and suddenly I’ve missed a few chapters 🙂

      Over here starlings are loved but I know that they can be real pests elsewhere since they eat all seeds they can before leaving in autumn. I had one that nested in my neighbors chimney and it sounded like a cuckoo clock 🙂 They are great imitating sounds. The males are blackish with tiny spots all over them.

      Have a great day!

  6. Älskar början på ditt inlägg, alltså det här med den viktiga början på böcker. Där har du så rätt! 🙂 Jag läser väldigt mycket och många gånger så är början så seg att man får tvinga sig att läsa första kapitlen. 😦 Men så lossnar det och boken kommer igång och visar sig vara helt fantastisk!
    Ett exempel jag kommer på just nu är den rosade boken; Män som hatar kvinnor” av Stieg Larsson. En världssuccé vars första kapitel var så sega att jag funderade på att sluta läsa den, trots att det var i en genre jag gillar och trots att jag visste om allt beröm den fått. Men början var inte kul….. 😦 😦
    Här är det jättefint väder, fast blåsigt vilket är lite jobbigt när man är tvungen att – återigen – räfsa efter stormen förra lördagen. Jag tror att jag ska satsa på att rensa i en rabatt istället. Dom grejerna blåser inte iväg lika lätt! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Visst är det så men som du säger ibland kan böcker hämta sig efter ett kapitel eller så. Men jag har köpt några böcker nu som definitivt bara blir sämre allt eftersom 🙂

      Fint här idag också men vinden blåser något bedrövligt! Som tur är står stugan och trädgården min så att det oftast är lä här 🙂

      Ha det gott i trädgården 🙂

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