Nights are chilly though.

This morning.

This morning.

Isn’t it typical, as soon as we start work after the weekend the wind clams down and almost dies out totally 🙂 At least my dogs had a nice day outside 🙂 I think my neighbors had a tough night with the new-born, she came back from a walk when I drove to work 5:30 this morning.




Rune with two ladies!



I’ve nothing much to say today, most things have worked as they should and the day has passed fairly quickly. I had stuffed cabbage for dinner today and this is one of the few things they actually know how to make in that restaurant we order our food from at work. I often wonder if they are forbidden to use any spices when they cook there, they can however be very generous with salt 🙂






Hector might have over done it on our walk today, he ran around like a puppy for a long while when I came home. Well as good as it is possible with rather stiff joints 🙂 He wasn’t that jumpy when we came home after our walk but now he can rest until tomorrow again. He shouldn’t behave like that but who wants to stop a happy dog from being happy and jump around.






The tea is ready and I need something to eat. All dogs and cats have already had their food and I’m the last to get some, like always 🙂 The fire is burning in the stove because even though it has been warm all day night are now rather cold again, I had to scrape ice from my car windows this morning and will need to do that for the rest of the week. But who cares if nights are a bit chilly as long as the days are warm and nice.



This one has spread from my garden out into the forest 🙂 It’s a Lungwort.



Teodor climbs up two meter on my front door and scratches badly when he wants to come in 🙂


Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Nights are chilly though.

  1. Kul med kattklor! 😦 Men det känns ju skönt att du inte gjort som en del i staterna jag läst om, opererat bort klorna – och stämbanden på hundar så dom inte kan skälla. Har man problem med sånt ska man nog inte ha några djur!?
    Här är det just nu +4 och vindstilla – och så luktade det vår när jag var ute alldeles nyss. Fast turen blev inte lång, Hemglass var någonstans inne i Eksta och det ljudet gjorde att Santos tvärnitade och ville hem.Han är harig….. 😦 😦

    • Det är skönt att leva i ett land där sådana operationer är förbjudna! Lite repor får man ta för sin katt 🙂

      Jag förstår Santos så väl 🙂 Det är ett fruktansvärt ljud men numera hör jag det sällan eftersom de kommer hit mitt på dagen då jag jobbar 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. that is so funny about teodor! i don’t care how good a cook is if they don’t know how to season food it ends up awful. i have lungwort throughout my gardens. a big storm is headed this way but i bet we won’t get much. i think it will go south of us. one of teddy’s pads has a bad crack on it and she is limping and holding it up. it’s been like this for a month. i put salve on it but i can’t puch it into the crack because it is too painful for her. she won’t let us take her to the vet so i don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Joyce!

      I’m amazed that teo the really fat cat actualkly can climb that high 🙂

      I guess they need to make food everyone can eat but it tastes just nothing! A good cook should know how to use spices so that everyone can eat it but it still actually tastes something 🙂

      Lungwort is a weed here and no matter how many I dig up I still have loads ogf them 🙂

      I’ve read about that storm here and the last thing I saw was that it will hit the east coast bad.

      Have You tried olive oil? It gets in to that crack easily and it should help it to heal. I do that when ever my dogs ahe a crack in the pad, thankfully that doesn’t happen often though.

      Have a great day and try olive oil.


  3. Hi Christer,
    That’s funny about Teodor climbing the door. When my old cat Monster Man was a kitten he would climb the horse hair plaster wall next to the living room doorway and he would hang by his front claws from the highest point of the archway. I was not amused. He got too big to do that after a year or so.

    I was cleaning up the side yard where Rocky does his thing and I noticed an envelope next to the remains of the big snow pile. I wasn’t going to pick it up but decided I should since it was near the sidewalk. It was a card from one neighbor to another and it was postmarked December 2013. Apparently it had been under the snow since then and had just melted out. I delivered it to the addressee. She laughed. When I came back to my house I saw a yellow envelope in the grass that turned out to be the money I left for the paper girl last week. The money was still there so I stuck it back in the mail box for her.

    One good thing about animals is that they have no regrets. 🙂

    I don’t know how much snow we are supposed to get. The last I heard was 1 to 3 inches around here but it could be 6 to 12 a bit south of me. I’m don’t have to be anywhere until Thursday so I will just take what comes and not worry about it. It’s wicked cold right now but the week end will be warm and the snow will melt. Right? 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      When he was younger and much lighter he could climb up to the second floor to scream through the window to let him in 🙂 I’m surprised he actually can climb as high as he has 🙂

      Amazing that the envelope still was in one piece, most would probably have gotten destroyed by the melting water.
      We don’t pay those delivering the paper that way, Just as well we do it that way because I’m pretty sure someone would nick that money during the night here.

      They only have regrets if we catch them in the act 🙂

      It turns out we’ll have a nasty low pressure here too on Wednesday but the winds might start already tomorrow, they say that after that however we’ll get sunshine and no winds, I guess I believe that as much as You believe Your predictions 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. How I miss having a cat! At this late stage of the game of life, I won’t push the issue as I don’t want to leave any of my animals behind if I can help it! Every time I see a picture of Bertil, I wonder what he is thinking. He doesn’t laugh a lot, does he? :):) Another neat picture!
    Warm days and cool nights are perfect. Our weather predictions are pretty accurate. Or were. Seems every announcement of rain seems to just go right past us. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow but it will surprise me if it happens. Our drought continues and the price of food continues to go higher and higher. I won’t dispair, things could be worse, Christer. Like..for instance…a war with Russia?? 😦
    Do take care.

    • Hi Mona!

      I wasn’t going to have another cat here but then the big rat came for a visit 🙂 My dogs didn’t care that it almost walked right over them 🙂 And then I was supposed to only have one cat, Teodor but the ones that was supposed to have Bertil changed their minds and it was moving to me or die that was his faith, so he came along too 🙂

      Bertil ios a very serious cat and now he’s been in a fight again, his chin is swollen but I’m nopt allowed to check it, yet.

      It was a bit too chilly this morning but otherwise I do like cool nights. Summers here usually are very cool, around 50-55 degrees no matter how warm the day might have been. Drought is rare here even if we had a long one last summer. But yes there are worse thing in life, like a war. But I doubt there will be a war with Russia, we all have too much to loose. If there should be one it’s the poor peoplke in Ukraine that will pay the price because it is there it will happen if it does.

      Have a great day!

  5. I woke up to snow this morning.
    It’s back down to 21 degrees.
    I’m very tired.
    I might go to bed before 7, I doubt the dogs will let me though.
    Tomorrow is my work anniversary.
    12 years.

    • Hi Cindi!

      It looks like the snow have missed us today, still some time left until the day is over though. At least it’s over 33here now.

      Some days are just like that, early night seems like the best one can have 🙂

      12 years! not bad! I have mine April 4th and that will be my sixth year 🙂 We might not like it all the time but at least we do have a job!

      Have a great day!

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