Summer Time or daylihgt savings time.


It was our turn to change our clocks last night, we call it Summer Time, and I truly dislike this change every time it happens. Doesn’t matter which way we turn the clock I still dislike it. It will take weeks until I’ve gotten used to it and then it won’t be long until we change back again. I know they started this because they thought we could save money by doing this but it is kind of useless up here in the north, soon it will be daylight here for over 18 hours a day anyway 🙂 Further north the sun won’t go down at all during summer but we all pay for this during winter when we have very little daylight at all.






We walked in to the village like we often do on Sunday mornings. -6,4C (20,5F) and not especially much heat from the morning sun. I could hear all the cranes down by the lake and they are so many now that it is anything but a nice sound, it’s more like a deafening wall of sounds that could be anything noisy to be honest. I’ll go down there some day to take some photos but there are still way too many tourists there at the moment, probably more of them than there is cranes :-), so I’ll wait for a while more.






I could see that they already had torn down what was left of the building after the explosion and they will put up a new wall on the barn just beside it because it too started to burn but they managed to stop it before it was too late. Give it a day or two more and I wont be able to see that anything has happened there, I’ll just see the empty space where the building once stood. I’ve hard that they do this as fast as they can because there’s just too many curious people coming to see how it looks, good idea!






I’ve put up a fence around the vegetable garden so the dogs hopefully will understand that it is no good place to dig in 🙂 They love Dandelion roots and dig them up as soon as they find them. I know there will be Dandelions in that patch sooner or later so I’ll at least try to stop the dogs from digging there 🙂 My neighbor the farmer is out cutting down last years grass, they never cut it down last autumn, I guess they already had as much hay and silage as they needed. So they cut it down now to make it easier for the new grass to get some sunlight and start growing faster. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to mow y lawn next Friday, the grass here never seems to need anything much to start growing 🙂


Not the best of photos but unlike Cranes Herons never make a sound while flying.

Not the best of photos but unlike Cranes Herons never make a sound while flying.




I’ve a pot of coffee ready and after this I’ll go outside to my patio to have a cup or two. I don’t think I’ll do anything in the garden today because Sundays are my laundry days and I think I’ll vacuum the cottage too. But then again, it is a shame to waste a day indoors when it finally is wind free and sunny 🙂






Have a great day!


I used some of the lilacs I cut down last year for the fence. Perhaps not stylish but it works.

I used some of the lilacs I cut down last year for the fence. Perhaps not stylish but it works.


10 thoughts on “Summer Time or daylihgt savings time.

  1. hi christer! beautiful photos as usual! why do the dogs like dandelion roots? i wonder if there is something in them that is good? it is 20 degrees here with snow and very windy. i too hate daylight savings time. we have it for 8 months and it is just stupid. it’s my daughter’s birthday today and i am making a big brunch so i guess i should get started cooking! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Thank You, I’m glad You like them 🙂

      I have no idea what it is they like about them. During WW2 they used to roast dandelion roots as a coffee substitute (they actually still sell it in some shope here) but I coubt it tastes anything like coffee for the dogs 🙂

      Way over 50 here now and it’s getting warmer still 🙂
      I can’t see anything good in daylight savings time at all!

      Busy morning for You then! Congratulate her from Sweden 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    It doesn’t look much like Summer Time in your photos with all the frost on everything.

    I love the photo with the goat on the box. He looks like he was inspecting the electrics or trying to get in the building through the window. A farming friend of mine always complained that goats never stayed where you put them unless you tethered them. Maybe so. But her goats stayed in the barn. It was her Tunis sheep that were always escaping through sheep shed windows. 🙂

    My father told me that when he was in England right before D-Day they had double daylight savings time. I assumed he meant that they jumped forward 2 hours but I don’t know if it was done all at one time. I’m okay with the spring forward/fall back one hour shift but I think I would have a problem with a 2 hour jump.

    It’s 6AM and really dark here. The rain is pouring down. I can hear it beating against the windows. I guess it’s supposed to do that all day. Precipitation that isn’t snow or freezing rain is a refreshing change. 🙂

    Enjoy the day. Love the lilac fence, by the way. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn!

      It didn’t feel like it either but now it’s very warm and nice here 🙂

      I guess goats always are up to no good 🙂 These stay where they are so far and I do hope that I’m not the one hitting them with my car when they finally decides it’s time to see more of the neighborhood 🙂

      Double savings time!! I would definitely not like that at all 🙂 I guess they did it all at once, it’s bad enough doing it once so just imagine doing it again just a short tim,e after the first one 🙂 🙂

      For once the realy good weather arrived for the seekend, it will stay sunny a while longer but the temperatures will drop again they say. No rain in sight so far but those predictions do change by the hour 🙂

      It turned out quite well.

      Have a great day in the rain!

  3. I am shocked that you will be cutting grass so soon! We still have three feet of snow or more, yuk! Its sunny today though, in the plus celcius for once, plus 4 to be exact!!!

    • Hi Laurie!

      I’ma bit surprised myself 🙂

      That snow will melt away quickly as soon as the warmer weather finally starts but it aint funny seeing it this time of year. Warm here during days but a bit too chilly at nights, this is April weather normally so I wonder how April will be like 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Tonight we have the wind that you no longer have. We had to take down the 2 porch flags again after just putting them back yesterday. First we had snow on Monday, then very windy days, then 2 days of rain and now windy again. This weather is very odd.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      It is nice that it is blowing elsehwre for once 🙂

      It seems to be odd all over the northern parts of the world but this and worse is what we have to expect now when this little planet of ours are gettimng warmer.

      Have a great day!

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