Problem solved.

We're having cold nights but warm days at the momenbt.

We’re having cold nights but warm days at the momenbt.

Bertil came in by himself last night, to my big surprise and he was kind as well so I knew he felt miserable. It looked as hid head was twice as big on his right side and I realised I had to do something myself and not wait for a vet appointment. Β So I lifted him up, no arguing from his side and placed him in the bathroom sink, still no arguing from him.






I started to feel after some kind of eschar and found one tiny spot that most likely was one. I then picked up my work knife, the kind that really is a razor blade and started to scrape on the dot and every now and again I poured hydrogen peroxide on the spot. Still no arguing from Bertil so I understood this must be very painful. I was about to give up when I suddenly saw the wound open up and blood mixed pus came running out of the wound.




The willows are flowering and the tree tops are full of bumblebees now.

The willows are flowering and the tree tops are full of bumblebees now.


OH THE SMELL!! It was so nasty and the pus just kept flowing out. I kept on pouring hydrogen peroxide on it and I have the strong kind that actually hurts if poured on a wound and still no reaction from Bertil but the peroxide boiled like crazy. He didn’t react until I had to press on the skin to get as much as possible out from there. He hissed but didn’t bit and he pressed his paws on my hands but without using claws. I kept on pressing until no more came out and after that the dogs took over πŸ™‚Β 



>It isn't often one sees an Arctic hare now days but we have a few around here. They are smaller than the other one we have and theyb turn white during winter. This one still has some white fur on its head.

>It isn’t often one sees an Arctic hare now days but we have a few around here. They are smaller than the other one we have and theyb turn white during winter. This one still has some white fur on its head.



I think they took turns to lick him clean all night so now he has a big bald spot on his cheek πŸ™‚ The skin looks just as light as it should so it doesn’t look like there’s any infection any more. I’ll keep an eye on this just in case and the dogs won’t leave him alone until they know he’s ok again πŸ™‚ I’m not welcome close to him any more so I guess that’s a good sign πŸ™‚




The smell of smoke hang heavy over the bog today and the air was a bit hazy too. I have no idea where the fire was burning though. Perhaps someone just burned of some grass somewhere.

The smell of smoke hang heavy over the bog today and the air was a bit hazy too. I have no idea where the fire was burning though. Perhaps someone just burned of some grass somewhere.


It’s time for a pot of tea and something to eat and then it’ll be an early night, I’m so tired it hurts and I can just hope I’ll get used to this time change Β faster than I usually do.






Have a great day!


In my garden right now. The Haquetia flowers.

In my garden right now. The Haquetia flowers.


10 thoughts on “Problem solved.

  1. When I was little, we had a family cat that my father refused to have neutered. As a result, the poor cat came home often with abcesses like Bertil’s. He spent a lot of time at the vet’s having them opened and flushed. I hope Bertil’s comes along okay, I’m sure you will keep an eye on it. Peroxide can be very damaging to soft tissues, you could even rinse it off after you are done killing germs. (It will cause vomiting if too much is ingested)

    I saw a picture on Pinterest that looked very much like your picture number 13, looking through the dark forest to the sunlight beyond. If I ever see it again, I’ll grab it and see where it links to.

    I never heard of haquetia flowers, very strange looking!

    We finally got some warmer weather, snow is melting, birds are chirping! YAY! Spring may come after all!

    • Hi Wendy!

      The odd thing is that Bertil is neutered but he just loves to fight I guess πŸ™‚

      I guess the dogs took care of any dead tissue and it is better the wound stays open for a while so all that nasty stuff comes out of there. I would like to keep him inside but I know he will punish me, he has peed in my shoes several occasions when I haven’t allowed him to go outside πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I think Haquetia is fairlky new in gardens, perhaps a decade or so but I do like the odd looks πŸ™‚

      They say it will be very warm in ten days here but I’ll believe it when it happens πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  2. oh poor bertil! i am glad he let you help him. it’s cute that the dogs are taking care of him. i guess they view hom as part of the pack? i am waiting for rain to arrive!

    • Hi Joyce!

      That’s the only time he accepts me, when he needs help πŸ™‚
      Yes I’m definetaly sure they see the cats as prt of the pack, they are prehaos strange pack memebers but still a part of it πŸ™‚

      We were supposed to get rain this weekend but they seems to have postponed it πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  3. I’m so glad Bertril came to you, it never ceases to amaze me how clever animals are, they know who to trust, I had a pet rabbit with a wound that the dog helped keep clean after I cleaned it, they know what to do.I hope he ( Bertril) now recovers to good health, the time change here is an unwelcome time for us , it takes for ever to become use to it! Take care of yourself,

    • Hi Laurie!

      He always does when he needs me to make him better again, this is not the first wound πŸ™‚

      Bertil is back to his nasty seklf and I’m not even aloud to come close more than during feeding time πŸ™‚ The dogs make sure the wound stay open so the last of the yuk can come out, he does love his dogs πŸ™‚

      It will take at least a month for me to come back to normal and I’m still a morning person πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  4. HI Christer –
    Sorry to hear about Bertil’s infrected wound. When I lived in an apartment, I had 4 cats who came & went outside. A very mean & nasty male cat started coming around & eventually beat the crap out of all my cats multiple times. This cat was so mean that I probably would have killed it in the right circumstances. And you know what a cat lover I am. I never understood why a person would want this animal for a pet and not bother to have it neutered. Instead they let it roam day & night hurting other people’s cats. None of my cats ever had a wound get as bad as Bertil’s did, but when I took them to the vets they had to have a drain placed to prevent the tissue from closing up & walling off any remaining infection. Antibiotics are always recommended for these kind of abscessed wounds, especially after they have been drained. Please consider getting Bertil some antibiotics rather than risk a secondary infection. If he won’t let you give him oral antibiotics. he could get injection, it just wouldn’t be as long acting. Bertil may not be a sweet lap cat, but I know you wouldn’t want to lose him for lack of antibiotics. I hope he is doing OK.

    I think I had mentioned to you that I had finally ordered Sleep Doctor and was looking forward to reading it last weekend. Of course, it did not arrive in time for the weekend, so I decided to watch Hunger Games on Netflix since you said you liked it so much. I guess I had not considered watching it, thinking it would be somethings awful like that Twilight series. So I watched Hunger Games Saturday night and I really liked it a lot. It had a great cast and Jennifer Lawrence is such a good young actress. The elite society that hosted the Hunger Games certainly had been brain washed to believe that children murdering other children was great family entertainment. I am hoping that some of the questions that were not answered in the first movie are revealed in the second film “Chasing Fire”. I really want to know what Donald Sutherland’s character is really wanting the games to accomplish for him in terms of power & control of people. Sutherland appears to despise both the impoverished people of the 12 Districts, but also the wealthy elite of the Capital that he mingles with, yet obviously despises. I really like Woody Harrelson. He has not played such a good role in a long time. Lenny Kravitz’ was really good as the stylist mentor also. The clothing worn by the wealthy people at the Capitol reminded me of what people dressed like in Alice in Wonderland liked to dress in. Did you like Chasing Fire? I hope Netflix has it available soon. If not, I can watch it on cable TV.

    I spent last weekend looking for a new cell phone and have to say I enjoyed it about as much as you enjoyed trying to figure out Windows 8. Too many choices and they all seem to have conflicting reviews/ratings. Then after hours of trying to narrow the choices down, I started noticing that most of the companies that offer cell phone plans, had tiny notices saying that they were going to be changing their services to only offering 3G & 4G service plans. There are so many choices to be made about almost everything we buy, it drives me crazy. I think I would prefer fewer choices & have less of my time consumed with researching what I will buy. Life is too complicated at times.

    This week has flown by & Friday is already here again. I’m sure you are happy to reach the end of your work week. Your plants & trees in your yard have been looking great & doing well in the mild spring weather. How are your fish doing? We are having lots of rain, but next week is supposed to be sunny & the warmest temps of the year in the low 70s. It will feel like a heat wave with no time to gradually adjust to those kind of temps. I planted a few hanging baskets full of flowers today. The humming birds have been yelling at me about the lack of flowers to drink from so I planted lots of little trumpet shaped flowers that they like so much. Also, found some nectar that does not have preservates or artificial dyes in it, I will fill their feeder tomorrow and they should be happy until all the flowers come out for them to use.

    Have a greay weekend – Ellen

    • Hi Ellen!

      Some cats are just mean and Bertil is one of them, he loves the dogs and they make sure that wound won’t close up until he’s free from yuk again. I’m not allowed close to him any longer πŸ™‚ But I will keep an eye on him just in case it turns bad again. This is not the first fight he’s been injured in anmd I can’t understand why he loves those fights so much, he is after all neutered.

      I won’t say anything about Catching Fire more than that it is even better than the first movie! A bit more Donald Sutherland and he’s just as good as ever even if he actually doesn’t do much he still plays fantastic. I’m sure You won’t be disappointed with that movie either πŸ™‚

      I really dislike getting a new phone, they allhave their advantages and disadvantages. All new phones here are 4G and the rest is on sale, still not especially cheap though πŸ™‚ I think I’ll get a Sony Xperia again but one that can keep dust out from its inside, a good thing if one works with powder paint like I do πŸ™‚ I’ll tell You all what I’ve decided as soon as I’ve done that πŸ™‚

      Nights have turned cold here but days are just wonderful but we’ll soon have clouds and rain (no snow thankfully). So far very few plants have been damaged by the frosty nights but we can have frost until the first week in June so there’s plenty of time for that yet.

      I wish we had hummingbirds here but they only excist on Your side of the ocean. But we do have cranes, around 23 000 at the moment they say, it’s a new record. I think we have butterfly feeders here but I believe we fill them with sugar water. I don’t think they sell nectar here. I’ll look for one this year, one can never have too many butterflies in the garden πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  5. Your life sounds like mine as far as the animals are concerned. So many times things happen on the weekend and I end up taking care of it myself. I agree with Ellen about antibiotics but I know you will watch out for him. I’m so lucky that I am able to get those meds so easily and without an appointment or a vet trip. In fact i just brought home a shot for Ruby, to see if it will help with her upper respiratory issues. If that’s what’s going on now…she’s breathing raspy and she had a “fit” this morning and bubbles were coming out of her nose. But then a little while later she was acting fine. I swear, I need a shot of another kind as I deal with this. It’s hard on my heart too…if you know what I mean and I know that you do.

    I’m loving my new phone!
    I read your blog post while at work but haven’t figured out how to post a comment so I had to wait until I was home to do that! It’s so great to read as I was doing the dog towel laundry! LOL!

    • Hi Cindi!

      I do know what You mean, it’s never easy is it.

      Bertil is just beside me right now eating his breakfast and I don’t think I’ve seen him eating like this before, like a hungry wolf πŸ™‚ I guess it wasn’t much eatingwise when it hurt. I wonder what he would do to me if I gave him a shot when he didn’t think he needed one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ But he is an odd little charcter because I am allowed to give him anti worm pills but then again he probably feel ill and knows that pill will help him.

      I’m so glad You like Your new phone πŸ™‚ I surf the net too at work, reading blogs too but I rarely comment because my phone is set to Swedish and auto correct has a load of work trying to change all English words to Swedish and it’s usually impossible to understand anything I’ve written πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

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